Recovery Pt. 05


I wanted to give a big thanks to all the readers who have given me support and productive criticism through the first 4 parts of this tale of Peter and Dottie (looking at you Comentarista82 and honybipola!). All the feedback, positive and otherwise, has hopefully produced a story that is fun to read. I’m really thankful that so many of you understand this is not just a story of a brother and sister boinking but a love story, the aspect that is most important to me. I really want readers to finish reading and think, “Holy crap, that’s love.”

Disclaimer: As always, anyone involved in sexual situations is 18 or older.


Dottie and I were afforded about four hours of sleep when my phone alarm alerted us that we may want to consider possibly thinking about the prospect of potentially getting out of bed. Maybe. If it wasn’t too much trouble. I pushed the snooze button and lay there, basking in the wonder that was the love of the beautiful creature sharing my bed. She was still cuddled up with me, her head lying on my chest, snoring softly and drooling. It was actually a pretty funny sight but, my god, she was gorgeous.

We had really tested the engineering and structure of my bed last night. It was the most physically and emotionally fulfilling night of my life. I was happy to find out that Dottie was very orgasmic and that apparently she could speak in Tongues. That’s what it sounded like anyway. Despite my pledge from earlier in the day, we did not have sex in every room in the house plus the backyard; we never made it out of my room. We simply couldn’t be bothered to move. Next time, maybe.

When we could go no further, completely spent and exhausted, we passed out in a big, sweaty heap. I actually woke up an hour later to find my soft dick in Dottie’s mouth, although she was snoozing away. She was proving, from a small sample size, to be insatiable. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to keep up but it was going to be fun trying.

It was good that I woke up that first time anyway, not just to pee, but I remembered that we had left the front door open. I ran downstairs to find the door wide open, the foyer covered in water. That was a problem to face in the morning.

Dottie startled me out of my reverie. “Your bed is really gross right now.”

I chuckled, replying, “I know. I’ll change the sheets later.”

She shifted slightly and wiped my blanket across my chest. “Ew. Sorry. I drooled on you.” She giggled softly. “You’re beds a mess. You’re a mess. I’m a mess. Is it like this every time?”

“No, I think tonight was exceptional. But you are very inspiring.”

“I don’t know what’s come over me.” She began lightly running her fingers across my chest. “I know I’ve been horny for a long time but I had no idea sex would be this awesome! Mollie never made it sound like this!” She paused. “Would you believe, even after the crazy sex we had last night that I actually dreamed about giving you a blowjob? I think I may be a nympho.”

“Actually,” I replied, “that wasn’t a dream. I woke up for a minute and my dick was in your mouth.”

She laughed. “Oh my god, I’m knob-gobblin’ in my sleep! What have you done to me, Peter?”

“Well, I can tell you it’s not nearly as much as I’d like to.”

Dottie raised herself up on her elbows and kissed me, then looked away. “Sorry, morning breath.” She pecked me again and lay back down and cuddled close.

We stayed there on my bed for awhile and just enjoyed each other’s company. After a moment my alarm went off and I pushed snooze again.

Dottie reached down and began rubbing me on my stomach, legs, hips and chest, everywhere but on my cock. Just lightly and lovingly caressing and exploring. “Peter?” she said quietly.

“Hmm?” I was feeling pretty euphoric.

“Am I your girlfriend?”

I was very startled by that question. “Girlfriend?”

She stopped caressing me and brought her hand back to my chest. “I know, I’m your sister. But that doesn’t seem adequate. I love you so much more than a sister can. I also know that I can’t just go out and say, ‘Hey, have you met my boyfriend-brother, Peter?’.” She grew quiet. “I wish.”

“You are my sister and you are my lover. I can’t believe I can love someone as much as I love you.”

“But I want to be your girlfriend. At least inside this house.” She pulled herself up again and pierced me with her amazing gray eyes. “Can’t I be both?”

I met her look and dropped into character. “Dottie, I think you’re really pretty and nice. You also are really smart and a snazzy dresser.” I was really laying it on thick. “So… I was wondering… Would you be my girlfriend?”

She caught on quickly, as she always did. “Gosh, Peter, I don’t know.” She was chewing on her bottom lip, a habit of hers that drove me wild. “Mollie really likes you and I don’t want to make her mad. She is my friend, you know.”

“Well, gee, Dottie. Can’t we just do what we want and not worry about her this one time? gaziantep ofise gelen escort I think you like me, too, don’t you, Dottie?”

She put her finger to her chin, feigning deep thought. “Well, golly, Peter, I don’t know…” Then she turned to me and smiled. “I guess I like you a little bit. Okay, I’ll be your girlfriend.” She kissed me chastely on the cheek. “Now, then. How about a blowjob?”

I groaned. “Yes. No. Both.”

She laughed and lay back down. “You know, you cum like a porn star.”

“Yeah? And how much porn has my sweet, naïve sister watched?”

“Well, just that stuff Mollie showed me. That was gross. They were like fire hoses opened up. So maybe not like a porn star. But you sure filled me up. Twice. Plus in my mouth and on that pillow that I threw off the side.” She glanced over the bed. “You might want to get that in the wash, too.”

“Your mouth and the pillow were the same time. Still, that was my first time going three times. So that’s pretty good.”

“Won’t be the last. Tonight we’re trying for four.”

“Oh, god, Dottie, you’re going to kill me.”

She laughed and sat up. “Speaking of hoses, I need to go hose myself off and get started on this day.” She swung her legs off the side and stood. “Unlike you, the rest of us have to go to school.” She stopped at the door and turned to me in all her naked glory. She put her hand on her hip and smiled gloriously at me. Oh my god, she was beautiful. “Peter, I love you. Thank you for loving me back.” She didn’t wait for my reply, just spun on her heel and headed to the bathroom.

I stayed in bed for a bit longer and reflected on the fact that I was one lucky bastard. The most beautiful girl in the world, with a perfect body, awesome personality, and sharp as a broken stick, loved me. She didn’t just love the sex. She loved me. Most men, I think, would have jumped at the opportunity with Celeste that I had last night. But they wouldn’t have Dottie waiting for them. She was just for me. It was an easy decision.

Just then a text pinged on my phone.

–Good morning Peter I want you and Dottie to dome over for dinner tonight @ 6:30 okay–

–*come over lol–

I set my phone back on my night stand. Oh lord, I was not prepared for Aunt Dorothy.

I climbed out of bed and walked to the bathroom. Dottie was already in the shower, scrubbing away and humming some inane pop song. The shower door was clear glass and I just stood and watched her wash her hair. She had her back turned to me and I couldn’t help but stare at her butt. It didn’t matter that I had seen it naked many times in the last few days and had my grubby paws all over it, I couldn’t get enough of its beautiful, round perfection. It had no cellulite or dimples; it was round and smooth and tight, the ‘bounce-a-quarter’ kind of tight. Her skin was flawless. She was everyman’s ideal.

She turned her head to catch me looking. “Are you looking at my ass?”

I smiled. “I’m looking at the whole thing. I can’t believe how perfect you are.”

“I’m hardly perfect, Peter,” she said with a grin. “You’re blinded by love.” She ran her hands over her breasts and tweaked a nipple. “My tits are too big.” She slid her hands down her body. “My hips are kinda narrow, I look like a boy.” She ran her hands down her backside and cupped her butt cheeks. “And my ass is too fat.” She glanced down at my inflating cock. “But I see you disagree with me.”

She tapped the shower door with her finger and it popped open. She stood expectantly. “I knew you’d come for me.” She stuck her finger in her mouth and chewed on the tip.

I stepped into the shower and was immediately startled by how hot it was. “Oh my lord!”

Dottie giggled. “Yeah, it’s hot. I was extra dirty this morning, needed extra hot water.”

I stood in front of her and embraced her, wrapping her in my arms. She reached down and ran her hands across my butt. “You’re so busy staring at my butt, I don’t get the opportunity to tell you how gorgeous and kissable yours is.”

“Ha! No competition. God made yours and said, ‘Well, that’s the acme of ass development, boys, give everyone else whatever’s left.'”

She smiled into my chest. “I love you so much.” She paused and brought her hands to the back of my head. “Is this forever?”

I leaned down and kissed her. “It won’t be easy but one way or another, it’s forever.”

She kissed me firm on the lips and snaked her tongue in. Then she dropped to her knees. She grabbed a washcloth and ran it up my happy dick and used it to gently massage my balls. “There. Nice and clean.” She leaned forward and took me into her mouth. With more than half of it in her mouth she looked up at me, then pulled slowly off. “I’m getting better.” She bathed the head with her tongue and turned her head sideways to plant kisses up and down my full length.

“Dottie, this feels amazing but you’re going to be late for gaziantep öğrenci escort school,” I said between gasps. She had a very talented tongue and a mouth that my dick just seemed to fit perfectly in.

“It’s okay. I’ll just have to skip breakfast.” She smiled and kissed the crown of my dick. “Or maybe I won’t have to.” She ran her tongue across the head and smiled.

“Dottie, I’ve cum three times in the last few hours. This may take awhile.”

She sat back on her heels and pouted. “Oh poo. I don’t want you spending all day with a hard-on. Some other girl might want to take care of it.”

“Well, me either, but I’ll be working all day in an auto-parts store selling oil filters to old, greasy men who haven’t washed their bib overalls in two months. Chances are I won’t be too stimulated.” I looked down to where Dottie still kneeled, gazing up at me with a smile and continuing to stroke my dick. “Of course, with this image in my brain, you may be right.”

“Well, we’ll have to continue this the moment you get home from work.”

“Actually,” I began, filled with renewed dread, “I just got a text from Aunt Dorothy. She wants to have us over for dinner tonight.”

Dottie stood and hugged me. “Uh, oh. Looks like she’s forcing you into a conversation. But don’t stress too much. You know she’s cool.”

“You’re not the one fucking her sweet, innocent 18-year-old niece.”

“True. But, honestly, she doesn’t know that part. When she and I talked, we hadn’t done that yet.”

I was less certain. “Maybe but Aunt Dorothy is a very smart woman, as you know. If she doesn’t know for sure that we’ve had sex, she surely suspects it strongly. I think if we spend more than a few minutes around her, she’ll figure it out.”

Dottie stepped out and grabbed a towel. “Yeah.” She began drying herself off, causing her breasts to jiggle and sway in a very delightful way. She laughed. “I think you’re right. If she sees you looking at me like that, she’ll know for sure. You might want keep your eyes in your head.”

“I can’t promise anything.”

“Well, at the very least, you might want to keep that thing strapped down,” she said, pointing at my rigid cock. “No way we could explain that. Even Carlie would notice that and she’s not exactly the sharpest crayon in the box.”

As we left the bathroom, I said, “You know, one time Carlie asked me if she could see my dick.”

Dottie was stunned. “What? When did she do that?”

“About two months ago. I guess Anna told her she should ask. I don’t know if it was a dare or what.”

“Omigosh, what a bitch. Why would she do that? She’s our cousin!”

I stopped and grabbed her shoulder. “Um, do I really need to point this out?”

Dottie’s eyes dropped to the floor. “Touche.” She grabbed my hand and we walked to her bedroom. “But you’re mine.”

“Yes, I’m yours. And you know Carlie’s not a bitch.”

As I sat on the edge of her bed Dottie went to her closet and started sorting through her clothes. “I know but that makes me so mad! You’re my dream guy and I can’t keep our own cousin’s hands off you!” She set a pair of jeans and a T-shirt on the bed and began to look through her underwear drawer. “How does that even come up in conversation? ‘Hi, Peter, come on in, I’ll go get my dad for you, do you want a soda, show me your cock.'”

“It was nothing like that. I came over to listen to some records of Aunt Dorothy’s and Carlie came in the room. She was looking really nervous and I asked what was wrong. She said, ‘Nothing really,’ but that she had a date with a guy and she was nervous that he might want to have sex with her. She said she was kind of afraid of sex and thought she might run away if she ever saw a dick. They seemed really scary to her, for some reason.”

“Yours would probably scare the crap out of her.”

I laughed. “Nah, not so bad. Anyway, she just asked if she could see it so she wouldn’t be so scared. I think she thought if she saw mine it wouldn’t be so bad for her, and I would be safe. She was very matter-of-fact and clinical about it. She didn’t seem aroused or anything. I think Anna probably convinced her to ask.”



“Did you show her?” She walked toward me holding a pair of blue cotton panties with red lips on the butt. She kneeled in front of me and began stroking me. “Did you show her this wonder of nature?”

“What…” I gasped. “What do you think?”

She wrapped her full, moist lips just around the very tip and sucked softly. “Mmmm,” she purred, pulling off and rubbing my dick across her lips. “I’ll bet you wanted to, huh?”

“She’s not you,” I panted.

“She’s very pretty, though. You can’t deny that.” She resumed stroking, not taking her eyes from my face.

“But she’s not you. I love you.”

“It wouldn’t be hard, though,” she said seductively as she kissed the head of my cock, “to close your eyes and imagine her, would it?” She oğuzeli escort plunged her mouth down as deep as she could, her tongue dancing across my shaft.

The sad part was that she was right. I could easily imagine it was Carlie’s ever-present blonde ponytail whipping back and forth as she bobbed on me. “Why…” I was breathless. “Why are you saying this?”

She looked up at me again. “I’m trying to be sexy. Is it not working?” She stood up and straddled my legs. Reaching underneath her, she grabbed my cock and slid it easily into her. She was so wet. She settled all the way down until I was buried completely in her. Her breasts were right in my face and I sucked a nipple into my mouth. She just held still, not moving on my cock. She had the most beautiful and content look on her face.

“Don’t move,” she said. “I just want to remember this feeling when I’m at school today.” She didn’t move but she did lightly, perhaps unintentionally, squeeze my dick with her kegel muscles. She reached around and hugged me tight. “I’m sorry if I teased you too much. I know you love me as much as I love you. I probably shouldn’t have brought Carlie up.” She pulled back and looked squarely at me. “Actually, you brought up Carlie, didn’t you?”

She pulled off me and stood up. “I have to get dressed now, naughty boy.” She looked down at my glistening, hard-as-granite erection. “Promise me you won’t do anything with that until tonight. I’m going to be thinking about it all day.” She pulled her panties up her legs. “I should probably bring an extra pair of panties today. Think I’m going to ruin these.”

I leaned back on my hands and just watched as she dressed. She reveled in it, taking her time in putting her bra on and pulling her jeans on with her back turned to me so I could see her mouthwatering butt bounce. She put her shirt on slowly so I could fondle and caress her body for as long as possible. And at every step, she asked me what I thought about how she looked. I could only answer with the truth: she was perfection.

Too soon, she was completely dressed, faded blue jeans with holes up one thigh and a white T-shirt with red lips and tongue on it that read ‘Stones Tour 1972- Cleveland, OH’. It wasn’t authentic but still pretty cool. She was also wearing her black Chuck Taylor’s and topped everything with a blue beanie. “It matches my panties,” she said. “I’m accessorizing.”

It occurred to me that Dottie was now completely dressed and I was still completely nude and still at full salute. “I guess I should get dressed also,” I said, stating the obvious.

I still had nearly five hours before I had to be at work so I went to my room and threw on some shorts and a T-shirt. I sat down at my desk and picked up my guitar and pulled out the sheet music Steve Bender gave me. The song his brother had written was called “In a Different Light” and was fairly complex. He only jotted down notes about the bass lines but they looked like they were a bitch. The guitar part was basically just four chords and a solo of about 20 seconds; in fact, at the point where the guitar solo was supposed to fit, he had written “wing it”. Very bass and drum heavy. Fine with me.

Dottie stepped into my room and I immediately noticed she was wearing glasses. “Why?”

She smiled shyly and said, “I know, it’s silly.” She took them off with a look of embarrassment. “When I was younger I always wished that I needed glasses. I always thought Meghan looked great with them and I wanted to be just like her.” She fiddled with them and said quietly, “I wish I remembered her better.”

“Me too.” I grabbed her hand and held her fingers loosely, then pulled her down to my lap. “You should wear them. You look hot.”

She slid them back on and smiled. “They’re not real. They’re just plastic but I like them. Do I look scholarly?”

“Very erudite.”

She pulled the glasses to the tip of her nose and said, “Very good, Mr. Harper. I expect you to work hard today and keep your nose in the…in the…” She smiled brightly. “Well, we’ll figure someplace good for you to keep your nose tonight.”

Dottie giggled, then stood up and led me downstairs. I followed the perfect sway of her butt into the kitchen, where she made some toast and we chatted about what to expect at Aunt Dorothy’s tonight. She was much less nervous than me about this dinner.

“Don’t stress so much, Peter. It’s going to be fine.” She walked close to me. Outside we could hear Mollie’s Camry pull up. “She can’t make me stop loving you. She wouldn’t even try. Just occupy yourself with other things.” She grabbed my hand and brought it around to her butt. “Just think about this.”

There was a sharp rap on the front door which made both of us jump slightly.

She grabbed the front of my shorts and squeezed my dick. “And I’ll think about this.” She pulled me to her and kissed me passionately. Then she stepped away and opened the front door.

Mollie stepped quickly in. She was dressed in jeans and a cute, form-fitting, yellow top that dipped down just enough to show a hint of cleavage. “Hey, Harpers! Let’s do this thing! Quick, Dottie, we gotta get to Poppy’s quick! I need about a quart of coffee, stat!” She glanced over at me and looked quickly up and down. “Hey, Peter. Going extra casual today?” An inquisitive expression crossed her pretty face. “Are you okay? Something on your mind?”

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