Relieving my Mom


Story of a mother and son who care very much about each other’s needs.

Just a quick and simple story I wrote in an hour or two. Very basic, nothing fancy. Hope you like it!

Contains incest, lactation. All sexual interaction involves 18+ adults.

Relieving my Mom

“How was class?” my mother asked without taking her eyes off the road.

“The usual, can’t complain,” I replied as I dug through my bag.

“Whatcha lookin’ for?” she glanced over briefly.

“Just my phone charger, I lost the other one,” I answered, finally feeling the charger as I dug through the bag.

“Got it?”

“Yep. And thanks for giving me a ride today,” I added.

“Absolutely, it’s just too bad about your car.”

“It’s just a flat. Probably ran over a nail or something,” I suggested.

The conversation stopped abruptly. My mom was breathing these slow deep breaths as she remained devoted to the task of driving. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed her chest rise and fall in sync with her breaths. The breathy silence was something I had grown to recognize quite often.

In fact, it was unmistakable. She was in one of those moods.

“Any girls you’re interested in?” she finally asked.

“None at school,” I replied after a moment’s thought. This answer was either acceptable or required deep thought. Regardless, she remained silent the rest of the ride home.

She wasn’t worried about asking me. It just seemed like some kind of challenge she set out for herself. To resist the urge as long as she could. Be as strong as possible before finally giving into something so primal.

Was it to preserve some semblance of dignity? She should know by now that I won’t judge her for it. There was little either of us could do to harm our relationship in any way. We were about as close as a mother and son could get.

As we pulled into the driveway and parked, she put her hand briefly on my thigh. Just to make absolutely sure I knew her intentions and what she wanted to do. If it wasn’t too obvious already. I gathered up my stuff as she stepped out and walked toward the house.

I locked and shut the car door and carried my belongings into the house. I admired my mother’s figure as she walked. She had short brown hair, and though she was hardly an athlete, she carried all her weight very well. Her hips were wide and plush with a firm motherly ass to accompany them. It bounced slightly in her tight yoga pants with each step.

We reached the door and she turned her keys to let us in. She stepped inside and I followed behind. My mom dropped her purse on the kitchen counter then made a beeline for the hallway. She walked swiftly with excitement and a purpose.

“I’ll Onwin see you in my room in a few minutes,” she said nonchalantly.

It wouldn’t be that long. I dashed over to my room to put away all my college supplies then looked myself up and down in the mirror. Average height, dark brown hair the same shade as my mom’s but shaved short, the same brown eyes, and I was built fairly well thanks to a few years in the gym. Mom always made sure to compliment me on that.

My jeans bulged at my crotch with a very obvious erection. I’d learned to stop hiding those from her. Deeming myself ready, I walked out of the room and down the hall to my mother’s room. I knocked at the door and she opened it to greet me.

“You look nice,” I complimented as I took in her change of wardrobe. Or rather, lack thereof. She was wearing the same yoga pants as before but now she was missing the sweater and undershirt she’d had on moments ago. The woman was wearing only her purple bra to cover her breasts.

She said nothing, just smiled and grabbed my hand to lead me over to her bed. Her hand gestured at the bed, indicating for me to sit. My mother liked to be in charge of such occasions, no matter how big and strong I was. I had no complaints.

I obliged and sat at the edge of the bed. Even now, her head was only just barely level with mine. She was a very petite woman and it was difficult for either of us to believe that she’d borne me. Mom looked into my eyes and smiled before rubbing my jaw and forehead.

“Look how much of a man you’ve become,” she admired.

My only thought was how much of a woman she was. My eyes were constantly drawn down to her breasts. They were not massive but they were certainly large and looked very nice crammed into her tight bra. Veiny, mature, engorged. Her erect nipples pushed even further at the stretched fabric, demanding immediate release.

Before I knew it, her breasts were in my face. My mom had leaned in to hug me and now had her head wrapped around my own. Her hands moved in soothing little circles over my shirt as she rubbed my back. I could see little other than her breasts.

Now that she was this close, I could smell all her motherly aromas. The scent of fresh milk and sweat coming from her chest. Her sweet fragrant shampoo in her hair and the musky scent of lust emanating from her womanhood. She hugged me even tighter and gave me a kiss on the neck. I could hear her deep breathing and even her rapid heartbeat as she purposefully mashed her breasts into my face.

“Mommy’s gonna need some help,” she whispered.

She was like this. She just had these moments where she was… in heat, and she needed some relief. I could certainly sympathize and understand. After all, sometimes I would become needy. Painfully so.

It’s like scratching an itch. An itch that burns you from the inside. It’s become as normal to us as the changing of the seasons or the riding of a bicycle. Her needs have been increasing lately, but I’ve been more than happy to step up and help.

“Mommy’s so full, and she’s burning,” she gasped. She continued to hang and press her clothed breasts into my face. They were warm to the touch and my face felt quite nice when my nose or lips met with her flesh.

Finally, she stepped back and began to unclasp her bra. She pulled it off and examined it, while her grapefruit-sized breasts bounced. Relieved to be free. Mom tossed the bra aside and smiled as she stepped back toward me.

“Still pretty dry,” she commented.

I backed up further on the bed and pulled a pillow behind my head to rest on. My mother was completely naked above the waist. Her waist thinned out and bordered a slightly pudgy belly. My eyes continued up until they reached her breasts.

They had dark blue veins. Large dark nipples and distinct areolae. Her tits pointed ever-so-slightly outward and threatened to put someone’s eye out. Just like every other aspect of this woman, they were motherly.

My mother climbed up onto the bed and straddled me. Her tits hung down over my stomach while she pulled my t-shirt up to my shoulders. My stomach and chest were now exposed. I couldn’t see it but I was certain that she was drooling.

Mom’s fingers felt up my muscles. She tickled and brushed at my nipples. Every time we did this, she was just as excited to explore my body as I was hers. The small woman was growing so aroused and when that happened…


My eyes caught a small pearly droplet fall from her breast onto my stomach. Mom tends to leak milk when she’s turned on. She’d kept her milk in. Lactation is enchanting to her and she did not wish to lose this precious ability. Mom had all the more reason to maintain her small but respectable supply after I turned 18. Her milk was mine once more.

“You’re leaking, mom,” I commented.

Without looking at me, she lifted her left hand and began to silently squeeze at her breasts. The flow was slow at first. A few droplets of milk formed atop each nipple. Eventually they grew large enough for gravity to yank them down. Not long after, she had small thin sprays of milk raining down onto my toned abdomen and chest.

She continued until there was quite a bit of milk coating my skin. It was warm and comforting. Mom loved to nurture me and help in any way she could. She needed her baby to feel good just as much as she did.

“Ohhhhhh, my big strong baby boy,” she moaned as she ran her hands up and down my muscular chest. My mother was rubbing the milk into my skin, as if to fill every pore with herself.

I reached up to cup her breasts while she continued massaging me. Her tits were quite firm. They gradually loosen up as they empty but she still had a while to go. I squeezed at the base of each nipple and was immediately rewarded with fresh cream. My mother soon stopped her groping and massaging.

It was getting to be too much foreplay for her. She needed something now. I continued to milk her, and she pulled her yoga pants over her butt and down to her knees. As she had so many times before, she then unbuttoned and unzipped my bulging jeans to free my cock.

“You’re excited for mommy,” she looked up to smile. I nodded.

I let go for her breasts for a moment as I pulled my jeans and underwear down a bit. My cock was standing straight up. My mom’s pussy hovered over it. Both were eager to make contact with the other. I carefully guided my penis into her while she lowered herself down.

Once my mom was impaled, she leaned forward and began to ride me. Her breasts dangled once more in my face while her pussy clenched tightly at my dick. Her hips raised up and down and each time her ass landed on my thighs like a cushion.

“Drink up,” she urged.

I grabbed one of her breasts and hoisted the nipple up to my lips. I began to suckle her which caused her to whimper and moan with such excitement. Her milk was always warm and sweet. She loved to feed me almost as much as she loved to fuck me.

“I’m glad there’s no girls at school that you’re interested in. None of those slutty daddy-issues bimbos for you. You’re too good for them, you deserve better,” she told me once.

It’s true. There was nobody at my college who could compare to her.

“You make mommy feel like such a beautiful young woman,” she whispered.

My own hips began to buck. We met halfway with each thrust. Mom leaned in to kiss the top of my head while I continued to suckle. Her pussy only clenched harder and harder. This is it. I groaned and shot cum all up inside her. It leaked out onto my crotch as she continued to ride.

I was still semi-hard which was good enough for her. The cum only exhilarated her further. I switched breasts after emptying the first. My right hand felt her waist before grabbing a handful of her plump ass. Soon after that, she herself came.

Mom collapsed onto me for a moment and kissed my cheek as she panted. We both worked up the energy to clean ourselves. After we were done, we laid back in bed together on top of the covers. I put my hand around her hips and she clutched my head close to her chest. Her fingers grazed through my hair and we chatted to pass the time before round two.

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