To honour and obey


I’m trying my hand at some fiction (first time writing erotic fiction), but if you want to check out my blog
This has my true experiences.


I was in love. I’d met a beautiful man, a regular customer at my coffee shop. He ordered a flat white everyday. Smiling at me. My long red hair felt lightly on my shoulders, I’d flipped it anxiously as he’d flirted with me. I was pretty and used to men watching me. My slender frame and size B breasts meant I rarely wore a bra. I often was flirted with. My sharp green eyes had attracted some attention. I was now twenty seven and married to William, the tall, flat white ordering man I’d met.

He’d come in and watch me for a while before ordering. It’d taken a year before he’d asked me for my phone number. We’d dated for six months, engaged for a little under a year and a half. Then we’d married.

Our marriage was a beautiful traditional marriage. A white dress, marquis, peonies in my bouquet. My auburn red hair was pulled back in twists, his dark brown hair and big brown eyes had filled me with confidence as I’d walked down the aisle.

We’d said I do, honeymooned in a Balinese resort, and scarcely left the bedroom. We’d spent our honeymoon making hot passionate love on our private beach. His big hands had run over my milky white thighs as he’d spent hours pleasuring me with his tongue. His caress had been gentle and kind. William had booked a month long honeymoon, and was having renovations done at our house. After a month of lovemaking, kissing, moonlight walks and a plane ride home, we’d flagged a taxi.

I thought we were going to spend the rest of our lives with rose petals on our bed, making love under a bright moon, gazing into eachothers eyes.

I was wrong.

When we got home, our house looked the same from the front. I teased William about it. “Accidentally give the contractors the wrong address?” I’d asked. He was unimpressed. “Shut it” he hissed. I was surprised. He never snapped at me. I shook it off since it was unlike him and smiled reassuringly. The taxi driver helped us bring our over-weight luggage to the door, up the path of our well presented three bedroom home. It was a tidy neighbourhood, so our house blended in. It was by no stretch a flashy house, but its neat garden beds, stone path, and rambling rose arch in front of the door made it home.

Standing under the arch as I fished for the keys in my hand luggage, William said “I have something for you”. A black velvet box. Not a ring box, but a large square box. I sighed, “You shouldn’t have!” “I know, but it’s important.”

I kissed him lightly, but he didn’t move a muscle. I opened the box, inside it was a chain with a little heart shaped padlock. The chain was heavier than anything I’d ever wear. It was also a fairly short chain. More of a choker than a necklace. Set in the middle of the box was a tiny key made out of the same beautiful silver. He reached in and took the key and opened the padlock. Opening the necklace, he slipped it around my neck, and clicked the tiny padlock into place, escort haberleri then tucked the key in his pocket.

I looked up at him. “William, how on earth will I ever get this off?” “You won’t” he replied. I was a little confused, but he took my keys from my hand, and opened the front door and tucked them in his pocket too. He took my hand and lead me into the kitchen, pulled down two beautiful glasses and popped a champagne cork. Tipped some into each glass. He asked “Darling, can you please pop into the lounge and put some music on? I’d love to dance.” I flitted out of the kitchen, forgetting all about the slightly too tight chain around my thin throat.

He met me in the lounge, placing our glasses on the table. We danced to a few songs, and sat down and shared our wine. We were chatting peacefully, when I started to feel very tired. I felt Williams warm soft hands catch me as my head started to droop.

I awoke on a bed. Not our bed. Our bed was thick and lush with pillows. This was more like a doctors bed. I reached down to wipe my sleepy face but couldn’t move my wrists. They were bound, arms pulled back over my head, my wrists secured together and to the table. My ankles were in stirrups, like in the gynaecologists office, except they were pushed together.. A rope was wrapped firmly around my stomach. I was completely naked.

William was standing next to me. He stroked my milky cheek.
“You look so beautiful”
“Bill, honey, William. I don’t understand”
“Of course you don’t, Alissa. Of course you don’t. When you promised to obey me in our wedding vows, this is what I had in mind.”
“You want me to be a… a… sex slave?” I was a speechless.
“Not want, you are my sex slave. I mailed your resignation letter to the café. You’ll have a full time job here pleasing me.”

He walked to the head of the bed, and wound a crank that adjusted the angle of the bed. I could see more. There was an assortment of racks, and chains and ropes. There were gags and blindfolds and an assortment of sex toys. Before I’d met William I’d had a small vibrator, but I’d tossed it as soon as we’d started sleeping together. The magnitude of his “renovation” was starting to hit.

“As your boyfriend” he said “there were so many rules. You hated giving oral sex, you never did anal sex, and you made me wear a condom. I understood. You’re my wife now, and these things need to change. We’re going to work on teaching you how to be a proper wife.”
“I don’t think I want to do this William, this isn’t funny. Let me down.”
He laughed, winding me back to an angle that had me on my back, walked around to my feet and moved my ankles apart, securing my legs wide open, my pussy spread, he reached under the table, and dropped away the end panel, which meant my ass was barely on the table.

He bent down and licked my pussy, gently. I was a fraction turned on. He was so assertive and clear; it was hard not to like a man with this much authority. “See, I knew you’d come around” he laughed.

He picked up a bucket of warm water, dipped a razor in and gently escort hikayeleri shaved me bald. I was speechless and too surprised to move. A little embarrassed too. Once I was clean shaven he told me he wanted it to always look like this.

He pulled his hard cock out of his pants, and rubbed it up against my pussy which with all the touching was now wet. He was just on the edge, right about to push in, and stopped, like he’d thought better of it.

He walked over to the toys, and pulled out a strange shaped toy. It was just small around maybe a little thicker than his thumb, but about 15cm long, with a long lead coming out of it. He reached down and picked up some lubricant. “Since it’s your first time, we’ll let you have some lube.” It took me a moment to realise he meant to put it in my ass. My ass had never had anything in it. Not so much as a finger. I was stunned. He whispered “Since you weren’t a virgin when we met, I have to get your pussy tight enough to pretend some how” I was embarrassed. I didn’t know what to say. He pushed this firm rubber toy against my ass. “Breathe, Alissa, it will hurt.” I started to protest. “I was hoping you wouldn’t make me do it like this, but since you can’t shut the fuck up…” he walked up to my head and pushed a ball gag into my mouth. I felt my jaw click trying to accommodate this large intrusion. It was hard rubber, and I could feel my teeth digging in as he strapped it around my head. He pulled it hard, so I couldn’t open my mouth even a little, then gave it an extra hard tug before buckling it tight.

My green eyes were wild, he ran his finger over my virgin asshole, then touched the black toy to it. He slipped the tip just inside my ass, then pulled it out. He looked up at me, seeing the slight discomfort. “Don’t worry baby girl, it’ll hurt more when it’s my cock. Think of this as prep”. Then he started to slide the toy in. Centimetre by centimeter. He watched the toy disappear all the way up to its flat base. My asshole was on fire. It was sore and uncomfortable. I’d never wanted to try anal certainly not like this. He lifted his hand up and showed me the bulb connected to the lead coming out of my ass. He gave it a firm squeeze. I felt my ass fill up more. It hurt. He watched the look in my eyes as he inflated it. Every squeeze made my ass stretch and stretch. He was finally satisfied, and gave the lead a little tug. He slipped one finger inside my pussy. “There, THAT is nearly worth fucking”

He pushed his cock up against my pussy, I could feel him. “You dirty little cunt.” He sounded impressed “you’re actually wet.” He was right. As much as my ass hurt and as much as I was confused, I was turned on by him being in control. He slipped his cock into my pussy. Just the head. It felt like I was going to break. My ass had expanded so much my pussy could barely fit him in. He moaned. Pushing in further and further. His big cock pushing deep inside me. I had tears flowing down my cheeks. I’d never been filled like this before.

He started to slam my pussy. Hard. He’d never been that rough with me. He grabbed escort ilanları the rope around my waist to give him some extra leverage. With each pull down, my arms ached more, my shoulders being stretched.

I started to come. I was blushing. Embarrassed at my orgasms. Humiliated that I’d let him tie me up, shove things in my mouth and ass and now fuck me. He realised I was coming and “there’s a good girl. I knew you’d like it”. He started to breathe deeply, digging his nails into my stomach. Sliding his cock in harder and more roughly, he came in my pussy hard. He pulled out, and pushed my legs together in their stirrups.

William walked away from me for a moment as I caught my breath. He untied my wrists and lovingly kissed my sore arms. He released my ankles, he lifted me up and dropped me on my knees on the hardwood floor. He let the air out of my ass plug and slowly pulled it out of my ass. I felt relief.

He hooked his fingers through the back of my padlocked choker and walked me on my knees over to a box. He pushed my face down onto the floor and secured my wrists to my ankles, tying all four together. I was using my cheek to support me, my ass in the air. He gently lifted my cheek and slipped a small cushion underneath. “Wouldn’t want to damage that pretty face”. He slipped my ball gag off. “You know what. I want to hear you scream with my cock in your asshole. I want to know how much it hurts.” I was stunned. So gentle with my cheek, yet so harsh with the rest of my body.

He spat on my asshole. I could feel my cheeks flush again with humiliation. He Pressed his cock against my ass. I knew this would be different. Not thin going in, but 8” of solid rock hard cock. Thick the whole way down. I started to whimper. He spread my ass cheeks further apart. He rubbed the head of his cock against my asshole hard, then in an agonizingly slow movement, he shifted the head of his cock in and out. As if enjoying waiting to feel that pop as the head slipped past my ring. He pulled all the way out. Delaying. Waiting for my asshole to be as tight and sore as possible. I realised he was torturing me. He pushed in again, teasing me with the head. I was whimpering pathetically, then with one swift move, hands in my long red hair, he slipped his cock in past the head. I let out a cry of agony. “That’s it baby, it’s ok. You can scream for me.” He started to push in further and further. The tears rolled down my cheeks as I sobbed. His cock hurt far far more. I could feel my ass trying to relax around him but it wouldn’t. I could feel my near-virgin ass stretching around his cock. “You’re a whore now, your asshole will never feel the same again. And every time you do this it’ll get a little looser and it’ll hurt less.” I whimpered, trying to quiet myself. He slapped my ass, riding it harder and harder. Me hopelessly tied on my knees, as he rode my ass as hard as he could. The pain was excruciating and humiliating as I came. His come leaking from my fucked pussy. He pulled out of my ass and stood up and jerked off, leaving a sticky trail straight down my back.

“I love you Alissa, I’m so lucky I married you.” He smiled. He untied my sore ankles and wrists and carried me to the shower. We washed together. He pressed me up against the wall of the shower, breasts against the cold tiles, and rubbed my clit slowly until I came. “I’ll take care of you, my love” he promised.

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