Trip to Yellowstone – Complete

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Trip to Yellowstone

Chapter 1

I had decided to take a few weeks and head out west to Yellowstone Park, originally I had planned on a nice quiet trip relaxing and getting away from it all. I do a lot of photography and love to fish and hunt, so I figured I could at least get in two out of the three this trip. I packed up the motorhome, stocked up on food and water and hit the road. Things went great leaving Ohio and over to Illinois. I stopped outside Chicago for fuel and to grab something to eat and as I was pulling out of the parking lot something happened that changed the whole trip.

There were two women standing by the stop sign with a cardboard sign that said “WEST” in big black letters. Both were in Shorts and tube tops with a shirt over them with just the shirt tails knotted over their flat stomachs. The smaller of the two, (AMY) I found out later was 5’ 3” or so, pretty with reddish hair, medium sized firm looking breasts, and very nice legs. The second was (CINDY) looked to be maybe 5’ 6 or 7” very shapely with blonde hair, fantastic cantaloupe size breasts, very tanned, and great legs.

Chapter 2

Now my momma did not raise any fools, and my other training had taught me to make split second decisions. Here I was alone, with a fully stocked and self-contained motorhome and two very attractive women looking for a ride. It took maybe all of two seconds to hit the horn and ask if they wanted a ride. They ran over to the door and climbed in putting their backpacks on the floor inside the door. Cindy took the front seat on the passenger side and Amy took the easy chair behind Cindy. After introductions were made and we were on the road, we had the usual small talk, where I was going, where they wanted to go etc. It turned out they had both taken some time off and just wanted to see some of the United States with no real destination in mind, and no specific time table.

I have to admit, that that information did tweak my interest, to beautiful women could definitely make the trip more interesting, and I would be happy to have the two very pretty sexy women with me also. When I had loaded the camper, I had put my camera gear on the couch behind me for easy access, and the case lids were open. I saw Amy glancing at the cases and she asked if I was a photographer. Not a professional I said, I do it for personal enjoyment mainly nature and a little personal photography thrown in now and then. Cindy looked at me and said “personal photography”? I chuckled and said yes, you know the kind people don’t want to go to a strange photographer they don’t know to get them done. Both girls laughed and said they understood. Amy (without thinking how it would sound, I think,) said maybe you could take some pictures of us before we go our different directions. I laughed and said “I would be happy to take pictures of the two of you”. Suddenly both girls’ faces turned red as they thought about how it sounded. Amy, with her light complexion really had a red face especially as she was the one that had made the statement. Cindy, looking at her friend burst out laughing and so did I which served to make Amy blush even more.

Cindy asked if I minded if she put her feet up on the dash, and of course I said no, make yourself at home. I have to admit, she has some very nice legs, and she did not seem to mind me looking as she stretched out with her legs in the sun coming through the windshield. Cindy’s well shaped calves turned into some very nice thighs that went all the way up and made a very nice full ass out of themselves seeing that much of her on display only made me want to see the rest of her all stretched out for me. Amy was smiling as she watched me go back and forth between watching the road and the lovely lady next to me. She asked me if I minded her sitting on the motor cover so she could see more, I quickly agreed to that. Amy was slimmer built and more petit than Cindy, but was every bit as attractive and was a sexy lady in her own right. I listened to the girls chatter as we went down the road putting in my own two cents worth when appropriate, and it was a very nice way to spend the afternoon going down the highway.

I pulled into a truck stop just outside Cedar rapids to fuel up, and stretch my legs a little, Cindy and Amy asked me what my travel plans were after fueling up. I told them I had a nice campground several miles up the road that I had stayed at before. Cindy hesitated a minute and said that maybe they had better get their things and find another ride here then. I asked if there was any reason they had to keep going right then, and she said “No, but we don’t want to impose on you.” I just smiled at that absurd comment and told them if they did not need to travel on, they were welcome to travel with me as long as they wanted. With a smile they both said that would be great they would like to do that. One hour later we were in the campground and pretty much set up for the night. It was July so there were plenty of families in the park already but I had reserved spaces for the trip so I knew we would have no problem finding good spots to park the motorhome.

Chapter 3

The camp was modern and had a very nice pool and also a nice large hot tub in the common area. I noticed we had a lot of teenage boys and girls in the camp that night and it seemed most of them were in the common area. It was late afternoon, and we were not really ready for dinner yet when the girls asked me if I wanted to go swimming with them. I told them I am not a good swimmer but I would like to go down with them and sit and relax and join them in the hot tub when they were ready for that.. That was fine with them, and they went back into the bedroom to change for the pool, I got one of my cameras out of the case and had it around my neck as the girls came out. I almost lost it right then, both of them were wearing very skimpy string bikini with just enough cloth to keep them from getting arrested or causing divorces at a family pool area.

Closing my mouth and grabbing my towel we left for the pool. I had to admit it was a trip, watching the teen boys and some of the older guys mouths drop as we walked to the pool. I consider myself pretty much an average guy, and it does the ego good when I can walk down the road with a bikini babe on each arm and other guys drop as we walk by. Glancing at Amy and Cindy, they seemed to enjoy the other men’s attention as well. I grabbed a chair and sat down as my two companions walked to the edge of the pool and got a view of what all the other men and boys had been watching. Cindy’s full hips rolled and swayed very sexily as she strode to the pool, Amy with her slimmer hips walked with slightly less sway, but putting off as much pure sexiness as Cindy and had the attention of every male in the pool. I laughed to myself as I watch a girl that looked to be fifteen or so smack the boy she was with as he stood openmouthed as Cindy and Amy walked by. It was also fun to watch the women at the pool’s reaction to Cindy and Amy, Some were looking daggers at the two of them, Some were trying to keep the attention of whoever they were with and there were even a few that looked at the two of them with pure lust.

The teen boys were fun to watch also, some just kept peeking at them, some just plain stared and some were just sort of frozen in place by the two sexy ladies I had accompanied to the pool. The girls jumped in and I had a feeling watching them that they were mercilessly teasing those boys, the way they were bouncing around and when they would dive under water the flash of their beautiful asses as they went under were no doubt many a teen boys fantasy for the next night or two. I am sure there were more than one discussion between the married couples that night also judging from some of the looks wives were giving their husbands.

I on the other hand got some very nice candid shots of both Cindy and Amy as they frolicked in the pool. After about thirty minutes, Cindy and Amy climbed out of the pool, again to the sound of the camera shutter. Both of them looked so sexy with water dripping from their hair water glistening on their soft skin. Cindy asked if I was ready for the hot tub and I said sure. I sat down in the hot tub and Cindy sat on my right and Amy on my left. Both sat rather close which did not bother me at all, but seemed to bother some of the other couples in the tub. Joining the teasing that the girls started in the pool, I put my arms around both their shoulders and in the same spirit they both snuggled close and leaned back on my arms. I got some jealous looks from the guys in the tub, and even got a very guarded thumb up from the guy across from us behind his wife’s back. The women were not so receptive to my obvious pleasure of having to beautiful women on my arms.

It only took a couple of minutes before I realized that the other men were not the only ones being teased in the hot tub, I felt Cindy put her hand on my knee and slowly start sliding it up my thigh. I must have jerked a bit because Amy opened her eyes smiled and closed them again. In only seconds, I felt her hand on my other knee, doing the exact same thing as Cindy. Now I am going to tell you something here, it is almost impossible to maintain your composure and carry on small talk when two women are rubbing your leg and slowly working their way to my already very hard cock straining in my swimming trunks. I tried to shift but the ladies grasp my legs and held me in my very precarious position. Cindy’s hand reached my trunks first and she slid her fingers inside and wrapped them around my straining cock. I am sure I groaned, and hoped the splashing water had muffled it. Amy’s hand reached my leg and sliding her fingers inside them, she found my swollen balls and started rolling them and massaging them as Cindy slowly started pumping my cock.

I was in heaven and hell at the same time. Here I was with two beautiful women with a hand each in my swimming trunks, I could not touch them without everyone in the hot tub knowing what was going on. The other people in the hot tub were continuing the small talk which by now I was having a very hard time following, and lastly I felt myself getting very close to cumming and that would be in very bad taste considering we were in the hot tub with several other strangers. I could see the smiles on both girls’ faces and knew that they were perfectly aware of the predicament they had put me in. I was sure Cindy could feel my cock throbbing and swelling as I shot my hot load of cum all over her hand inside my swimming trunks, and Amy as well as my balls throbbed and strained as they forced it out my straining cock. We sat there for a minute or so while the girls worked their hands out of my swimming trunks looked at me and Amy asked “Tom are you about ready for dinner?” Yes I am I responded, and after telling everyone to have a good evening we left for the motor home. I will get even with you two I threatened as we walked back to the motor home that was not fair at all. They both just laughed as we walked back arm in arm.

Chapter 4

A couple of thick steaks, baked potatoes and beers later, the three of us were relaxing inside laughing about the reactions of some of the people on the way to and when we got to the pool. I reminded the girls I would get even for what they had done. They had a good laugh at that. I folded the couch out for them, and made my way back to the bedroom. I had a queen size bed and the couch folded out to a double so they should be comfortable there.

I woke sometime during the night, feeling the sheet lift and then feeling warm breath and then warm wet lips kissing my cock. I did not know which one it was, but my cock wasted no time responding. I was straight and hard as the warm lips parted and sucked me into the wet cavern and started slowly moving up and down my cock teasing it with her tongue as she did. Feeling bad just lying there and doing nothing, I reached over and grabbed a handful of ass, and knew immediately who it was. Sliding my hand over her full cheeks, Cindy moaned as I ran a finger up and down her moist slit, parting the downy soft hairs as I did so, after getting the moist the full length of them, I pushed a finger further into her, feeling the hotness of her sex and the sweet aroma as more of her juices lubricated my finger and I started moving it in and out slowly. I brushed her clit with my thumb and enjoyed the humming sensation on my cock as she moaned around it.

Cindy took her mouth off my cock and moved to kiss me. I pulled her to me and kissed her soft lips, sliding my tongue in her hot mouth. I moved my hand to her large breast and teased the nipple, loving the feel of it swelling in my hand. Cindy moaned again as I pinched her nipple and pulled it rolling it between my thumb and finger. I rolled Cindy over and flat on her back. Kissing her neck and working my way down the valley between her large breasts. Licking and kissing the soft mounds of pleasure, kissing very near the swollen nipples, blowing my breath on them but never quite touching them.

Cindy was moaning and twisting trying to get her nipples into my mouth but I would keep pulling away. I kissed my way down her stomach tonguing her belly button, down to her furry blonde bush and blowing warm breath on her clit. I moved to the side as she arched her back trying to get her pussy nearer my face, and kissed the top of her thigh, drawing my tongue along it and down to the inner thigh making sure not to get near Cindy’s warm wet pussy. I kissed and licked her thigh down to her knee and slowly back up her the inside of her other thigh again keeping away from her wet pussy. Cindy was groaning and trying to pull my head onto her clit. Instead, I slipped two fingers into her hot wet center and started pulling them out and pushing them in slowly, dragging my finger against her g spot every time I pulled them out. Cindy had spread her legs and was holding her knees with her hands allowing me free access to her plump juicy ass and pussy. The next time I pulled my fingers back, I made sure to get some of Cindy’s juices on my ring finger and as I slid my fingers back deep inside her, my ring finger penetrated her tight ass, suddenly and with no warning. Cindy arched her back and when she did I pushed my thumb against her swollen clit massaging it. Cindy squealed and started bucking against my hand; I could feel her muscles spasming on my fingers and against my hand.

As her ass sank back to the bed, I moved over top of her and slid the head of my swollen cock into the opening of her pussy. I just held it there without moving, Cindy looked up and moved her hips trying to push it further inside her pussy. I pulled my hips back a little and smiled as she groaned. I pulled her ankles up on my shoulders and just moved the tip of my cock in her pussy lips just enough for her to feel the movement. She looked at me to see if I was finally going to give her what she wanted. Instead I smiled again and said remember the hot tub? She almost screamed “YOU BASTARD”. I wiggled it a little more and suddenly dropped onto her padded ass driving my cock deep inside her in one long hard thrust. Cindy moaned and pulled her legs off my shoulders and wrapped them around my back. You aren’t getting off until we are done she told me. I started pumping her grasping pussy hard and fast, feeling my balls spank her full ass every time I bottomed out in her delightful pussy. Cindy was hot as a firecracker with all the teasing I had done so it did not take long for her to start quivering and shaking again as another orgasm hit her. Pumping harder and faster into her, I exploded inside her as she was just starting to come down from her orgasm; rolling sideways we fell asleep with my cock still inside her.

I woke up the next morning; Cindy’s plump ass against me snuggled tight. I slipped out of bed and made my way to the shower and took a quick shower and shave. When I got out Amy was still asleep on the couch, and Cindy was sleeping in the bed. I quietly stepped outside and checked the motorhome out in case we left today. Everything looked fine, and the fuel tank was full so we were good to go anytime. I quietly went back inside and saw that Amy had apparently rolled over after I left because the sheet was pulled off of her except a corner across her stomach. She had nice full b cup tits topped by pink nipples, and her pussy unlike Cindy’s was shaved completely. All in all, she was a very pretty young lady. I walked into the bedroom and pulled the sheet off Cindy’s sleeping for, slapping her on the ass and enjoying the way it jiggled, I said wake up sleepy head. She threw my pillow at me and I could have sworn I heard her say Bastard under her breath, but she was smiling when she did. Amy had rolled over again so I gave her the same treatment, although her ass did not jiggle as Cindy’s had, it was smaller and much more toned. She groaned and rolled over apparently not concerned she did not have a bit of cover on her. She asked me what time it was and groaned again when I told her it was already after 0700 and time to get up. I heard Cindy stumbling around in the bedroom getting her things for a shower. The girls got their showers and asked where we were heading today. I told them of a place I knew of in western Nebraska that I planned on spending a day or so if they wanted to tag along, and both agreed it might be fun. There was a state park that had a series of small lakes, and a larger one that had a lot of wildlife and some nice remote campsite the last time I had been there and we agreed that was the destination for the day.

Chapter 5

The day passed uneventfully and we pulled into the campgrounds about 1500 and got set up. I had to admit, it was very pleasant having the girls with me, they were fun, carried on a conversation but did not talk non-stop, and definitely they were not hard on the eyes. The campground had more families camping there than I remembered the last time, but it had been several years since I had been there. I asked the girls if they wanted to go for a hike, we gathered up some water, a blanket, and a couple of cameras for me to use if the need arose. The trail had been widened and had some gravel to smooth it out since I was last there, but as it was later we did not see that many people. The first smaller lake was only a few hundred yards up the path, and was nice but there were people there when we got there. The girls looked disappointed, but I told them there were a couple more up the trail a little farther. The next one was smaller and not very clear so we left to check out the next one.

When we got there, there was no one around, and the water was crystal clear. I guess I forgot to mention to the girls that even in mid-summer, these lakes were still rather cool. The lake was only a hundred yards or so across, and we walked to the other side so the sun was to my back. Setting the blanket and water down, Cindy yelled for me not to look and laughing, both of them ran towards the lake losing what little clothes they were wearing as the ran. Amy was a little in front as they got to the edge of the lake, and without slowing down both jumped in. Amy let out a shrill scream accompanied by Cindy’s a second later as they hit the cool water. I had started shooting pictures as soon as the clothed started flying, but was laughing so hard I could hardly hold the camera still. As with anytime you jump in the water, after the initial shock, it is not that bad and soon the girls were splashing and playing in the water like two kids. I continued shooting as they did, and shortly noticed movement behind some bushes on the other side of the lake. Looking through the lens, I could see a couple teen aged boys behind the bushes watching the girls in the lake. Apparently the boys could not see me from the angle they were at because of the sun. I caught the girl’s attention and managed to convey that they were being watched.

I could see them smile, and they started putting on a show for the boys in the bushes. Cindy stood in the shallow water and made a show of rinsing her sexy body off, cupping water in her hand and dribbling it over those big soft tits, tweaking and turning her nipples as she did so. Facing me she smiled as she bent over straight legged to get more water in her hand legs spread her hairy muff facing the boys. I saw a reflection on glass and knew the boys had either a camera or binoculars watching. Amy not to be out done, was putting on her own show in the water for the boys, I could just imagine the boys yanking on their zippers as Cindy bent over, her wide ass and hairy pussy in full view, and I could picture her pink lips winking at the boys as she wiggled and turned. Amy was massaging her smaller tits and tweaking her nipples standing knee deep in the water. Her hand slid down between her legs and I could see a finger slip in her pussy through my viewfinder. Cindy not to be out done turned to face the boys and started rubbing her pussy also It wasn’t too long before the girls were both moaning and shaking as the got themselves off. It was just about this time that one of the boys slipped and slid from behind the bushes his pants around his knees. His buddies laughing and yelling got up and ran down the path, while he was trying to get his pants up so he could follow.

Amy and Cindy were laughing like mad as the poor boy kept falling because he could not get his pants up. He looked back several times at the girls standing in knee deep water as he tried to get away, the deer in the headlights look all over his face. When Amy and Cindy finally got control of themselves, they walked towards me gathering up clothes as they did. The sun was starting to set as they got dressed and as soon as they were ready we went down the trail to the motorhome. Dinner was a fun break as the two of them relived teasing those poor boys with their naked and lewd show in the lake. Cindy definitely was enjoying reliving it, her nipples were almost poking through her t-shirt, Amy’s had never relaxed since they had put on the show. Her tits were smaller than Cindy’s, and nowhere near Cindy’s size but were quite respectable in their own right.

After dinner I sat down on the couch to relax a little as the girls cleaned up the table. Amy came over and sat on my lap leaning against my chest. I really am glad you gave us a ride she said; ‘I am having a lot of fun”. She wiggled her firm little ass as she said this, getting an almost immediate reaction from my cock. She giggled as she felt it start to push against her ass. Today really got me horny she whispered in my ear as she stood pulling me to me feet and walking back towards the bedroom. She was deliberately rolling her ass even more as she walked in front of me, like I needed any more stimulation than what I already had.

I was glad to see Amy and Cindy were not the jealous types, and were willing to share their toys. In this case I did not mind being used as a toy. Amy pulled her t-shirt off as we walked into the bedroom and wiggled her ass as she dropped her shorts down her legs. She kicked off her sandals as she turned around and started un-buttoning my shirt. Dropping it she slid down and pulled my shorts down, kneeling in front of me. Looking me in the eyes, she took the base of my cock in her hand and slowly moved her mouth forward opening it as she did and inhaled my cock. Grabbing my ass, she pulled me forward, I felt only the slightest hesitation as my cock hit the back of her throat, she pulled me as far down her throat as I could reach. Slowly she backed off my cock, sucked in a deep breath and did the same thing again. She was driving me crazy with this slow deep throat of hers, and she never broke eye contact during the time she was sucking me.

I pulled my cock out of Amy’s mouth and helped her up and on the bed. Dropping down on the bed myself, I spread her legs and leaned forward looking at her spread pale pink pussy. Dipping my head I took in the aroma of her excited wet pussy; her clit was sticking out, a small nub of pure nerves. Leaning forward, I sucked her clit between my lips and started teasing it with my tongue. Amy moaned and pulled her legs and back towards her shoulders as I slid two fingers into her wet cunt and started stroking. Amy wasn’t kidding when she said she was horny, I had only stroked her three or four times when she moaned grabbed the back of my head and held me against her throbbing pussy so tight I could hardly breathe. She was bucking her baby smooth cunt against my face as she continued cumming, her juices running down my cheeks in streams.

Slowly Amy released the pressure on my head and pulled me up on gaziantep escort reklamları her small body. Reaching down she grabbed my cock and pulled me into her waiting cunt, I thrust deep inside her, listening to her grunt each time my cock banged into her cervix, Amy’s slow deep throat had really done the job on me and I knew I would not last long inside her hot body. I could feel myself swelling inside Amy and shoved deep and tight inside her as I came hard, filling her tight tunnel with my hot cum. Amy ground herself against me as I shot my hot load inside her, working her sensitive clit on my hard cock. I heard her whimper as she shoved hard against me, her logs locked around my back as she quivered and slowly relaxed under me.

We must have fallen asleep, because the next thing I knew Cindy was pushing me over as she climbed into the bed behind me. Snuggling close, she pulled the covers over the three of us. I was sandwiched between two sexy and very different women as I fell asleep again. During the night I dreamed I was being held down, as I struggled awake, I realized I was not just being held down, I was being used. As I looked up, I could see Cindy’s big tits swaying in front of my face, and her hot pussy rubbing up and down my throbbing cock. She slowly rode it up, and dropped hard on it burying it deep inside her on each stroke. Cindy’s eyes were closed as she rode me, and I leaned my head forward catching one of her large swollen nipples in my mouth, she gasped as I sucked on it hard, using my tongue to rub the sensitive end. Apparently she had been riding me for a while, I could feel the dampness of her juices on my stomach and legs.

Cindy was moaning softly as I massaged and suckled her breasts as she continued riding my hard cock. I could hear her breathing becoming louder and faster. She was getting close to her climax. I started bucking my hips, shoving my cock hard into her as she dropped down on me. I felt her pussy starting to tighten as I shoved up into her, I grabbed Cindy and pulled her down on me kissing her as she came hard with me buried deep inside her.

I woke in the morning with Amy and Cindy still beside me; I almost believed that Cindy riding me had been just a dream. While I was lying there thinking about it, Cindy woke up and smiled. I am sorry I woke you up last night, but after all the noise you and Amy made, and thinking about those boys watching us earlier, I had to have a cock in me and you were the closest around. I am glad I could be of service I told her with a smile. I let the ladies get their showers as I just laid in the bed smiling. It has been a very nice couple of days so far and the trip had just started.

Chapter 6

Amy had claimed the front seat as we pulled out of the campground, and had her legs stretched out on the dash as we drove. Both girls were wearing their bikini tops as we drove and loose gym shorts which did nothing to hide any part of their desirable bodies. Once we were on the interstate Cindy came up and sat down on the motor cover and joined in on the sporadic conversation. Leaning back against the dash during a lull in the conversation she asked me if I had gotten off last night when she had attacked me in my sleep. I told her no but that it was not a problem, Amy smiled and chimed in, he did with me. Cindy shook her head and said she couldn’t have Amy holding that over her head. Sliding her hand up my leg, she pulled my cock through the leg of my shorts. Leaning over she locked her lips around my rapidly swelling cock and started bobbing her head. Without breaking her rhythm, she got her legs moved around so that she was kneeling on the motor cover. I had to really concentrate on my driving, as there was no place for me to stop, and it was very hard with Cindy’s very talented mouth working my now rock hard cock hard and fast. I kept expecting her tits to fall out of her skimpy bikini top as hard as they were swaying with her movements, and the movement of the motorhome.

Cindy moaned and the vibration of her moan traveled through my cock with a most pleasurable feeling. I looked to see what caused the moan and saw that Amy had turned sideways in her seat and her small hand was inside Cindy’s shorts leg and definitely moving. I had set the cruise control and was concentrating on staying in my lane a s a big truck started to pass us. The truck was almost past us when it slowed down and let us get back beside him. I was startled when all of a sudden his air horn let out a blast. Looking over, the driver had a huge smile on his face and waved at me. Cindy never stopped sucking but did raise a hand and wave at the driver. The driver pulled past us again and was soon gone. I reached over and pulled the string on Cindy’s bikini top freeing those lovely big melons to swing and sway freely. I couldn’t resist grabbing one and giving the nipple a quick tweak.

I caught some motion out the corner of my eye and looked over at Amy who had pulled Cindy’s shorts off her full ass and around her knees. Cindy yelped and I looked over again and all I saw of Amy was the top of her head, she had slid down in front of the seat and her face was buried between Cindy’s ample ass cheeks. I saw we were approaching a truck going up the hill a little slower than we were moving so I pulled out in the passing lane and as we pulled alongside I slowed a little and gave the driver a good view of what was happening in the motorhome. I could just imagine the shocked pleasurable look on his face as he saw a small redhead eating the pussy of a very well built blond with the drivers cock in her mouth. He blew his horn in appreciation as we pulled past and back in front of him.

Cindy started pushing down farther on my cock with each stroke, and I knew I could not stand much more before I blew my hot load down her throat. I watched as Cindy was pushing her ass back harder into Amy’s willing mouth as, I assumed Amy was using her tongue on Cindy’s clit. I felt the familiar tingle in my balls as they prepared to unload in Cindy’s throat, Cindy gave a push and took my cock in her throat just as my first jet of cum shot from my cock. Cindy took all I could give, and sucked the last couple of drops of cum off the head of my cock as she pulled it out of her throat. Just as she took her mouth off my cock she groaned and her hear fell back in my lap as she came with Amy behind her eagerly licking all of Cindy’s juices that were coming out of her pussy in copious amounts. Cindy stopped quivering and just laid on the motor cover her head still in my lap. I looked over at Amy, and she was smiling like the cat that just ate the canary, her face smeared with Cindy’s juices, a few drops still hanging from her chin. There was only the sound of the CD that was playing as the three of us quietly recuperated from the exertion of the previous ten minutes or so. After a couple of minutes Cindy sat up put her top and shorts back on, and our merry band kept travelling down the highway.

The rest of the day was smooth traveling, stopping once for fuel and to restock the food and drink supply since initially had only put up supplies for one person. Them we traveled on stopping a few times to see the sights and get some pictures until we stopped for the evening near Cody, Wyoming. It was a beautiful area, but the evenings were cold to us even in mid-summer, so we decided to stay in the motorhome and relax until morning and then go see the sights. We ate dinner and were watching a movie on the TV. The girls were snuggled on either side of me and we were quite comfortable. During the movie, my hands slid down and I managed to cup a breast on each of my beautiful companions, slowly massaging and teasing their nipples. I was not trying to entice either of them, but the feel of their soft skin was just so pleasing I could not help myself. Neither of them seemed to mind as they each made minor adjustments in the way they positioned to allow me easier access to their breasts. This went on during the entire movie and when it ended, Cindy said she thought it was time to turn in. Amy and I agreed and the three of us made our way back to my queen size bed, any pretense of them sleeping on the couch long since passed.

Cindy lay down on my left, and Amy on my right opposite of the way it had been the previous night. Amy gave me a quick kiss as did Cindy, but Cindy then gave me a second kiss this time longer. I reached for her and both told me to just lay still. During our next kiss, I felt Amy’s lips on my chest, and as Cindy kept my lips busy Amy kissed lower and lower until her hot lips circled the head of my cock. I could feel my cock swelling as she sucked on it, not able to see because Cindy was still giving me kisses and kissing my neck as Amy played below. I heard a strange noise and looked at Amy in time to see her rubbing baby oil on her tits and then rub some on my cock. As Amy was pulling her tits tight around my cock, I lost sight of what she was doing because Cindy had sat up and swung her leg across my head and was lowering her downy soft bush onto my face. My entire view was Cindy’s thighs, and the pink slit nestled in the soft blonde hair covering her wet shiny pussy. I could feel the heat from Amy’s smaller tits surrounding my cock and feel her working them up and down my shaft. Cindy slowly lowered her pussy until her lips and my lips were in contact, and shuddered as I slid my tongue lightly along the slight valley there. My arms were pinned against my side by Cindy’s legs, leaving only my mouth to please her with, not that I was complaining mind you. I slid my tongue further into Cindy, separating her lips and teasing her inner lips and moving to her clit pushing my tongue against her clit and wiggling it against her most sensitive part. I heard a soft gasping yes from her as I did this.

Amy had slid her hand between my legs and was caressing my balls as she kept pumping my cock with her soft tits. Cindy was already greatly excited and was rubbing her pussy back and forth across my face, her pussy lips held apart by the pressure on my face as she did this. She seemed to really like as she moved forward, I licked her pussy and as she was almost ready to move back, my moustache would tickle her clit at the end of her forward push, and at the beginning of her rocking it back. The tips of my hair softly scraping against the tender tip of her clit were stimulating it as much or more than my tongue. Cindy suddenly gasped and locked her thighs on the side of my head and dropped her ample pussy straight down on my face as her juices flowed from her orgasm. I licked all Cindy’s delicious juices that I could and her muscles slowly relaxed. Cindy moved off of my face giving me a sensuous kiss and lying down by my side, both of us watching my cock slipping in and out of Amy’s tits.

I moved so I could grasp Amy’s shoulders and pulled her down and on her back in the middle of the bed. I straddled her petit body with my cock back in the middle of her tits which she immediately wrapped around my cock again. I started pumping my cock back and forth again between those soft mounds of flesh, looking Amy in the eyes as I did so. I felt the bed shift, and felt Cindy move off the bed. I was almost as surprised as Amy when I felt Cindy take my hand and slide Amy’s calf into it, and then the same with the other one. Cindy had me holding Amy’s legs wide open as I was pumping back and forth between her tits. My only regret was I was not in a position to see what I thought was about to happen.

Amy jerked under me as I assume Cindy’s mouth found her gaping pussy. I could feel Cindy’s motion on the bed as she licked sucked and fingered Amy’s totally exposed pussy and clit. Amy started to buck and thrash under me as Cindy relentlessly teased and used her defenseless pussy and I pumped her tits, occasionally tweaking her stiff pink nipples for good measure. I knew she was not going to last, and neither was I. I slid my cock from between Amy’s tits and pumping it hard with my hand, I leaned forward watching as the first shot of my hot cum land on Amy’s cheek, the next on her neck and the last two spurts on her cute little pink nipples, slowly sliding down the side of her tits. Amy yelped, pushed her hips against me and froze in that position for several seconds before dropping onto the bed and lying still. I gently let her legs back down on the bed and moved beside her. I look at Cindy licking her lips and smiling at me as she slides into bed again. Exhausted, the three of us snuggled together and fell into a deep satisfying sleep.

Chapter 7

We were on the road in the morning, not as early as usual, but then we did not have that far to go, a few hours and we would be in the campgrounds in Yellowstone Park, but then that is another story isn’t it?

I was a little nervous as we set up camp, Cindy and Amy had not indicated if they were going to stick around Yellowstone with me for a while, or find another ride and continue their travels. I figured I would ask after we finished setting up and had dinner so I knew what to plan. I had to admit, it had been a lot of fun having them with me this part of the trip and really would not mind if they stayed for the whole trip.

The girls as usual were running around in bikini tops and shorts, getting dinner ready. They decided burgers and potato salad for dinner would be fine, and also easy to fix. We had found a nice spot in one of the more remote campgrounds, and so far we were the only ones using it. I guess most of the other campers wanted all the modern stuff. We had a lake instead of a pool and latrines instead of fancy bathrooms but with the motor home we had everything we needed anyway. After we had finished, the girls cleared the trash off the picnic table, and we sat watching the animals in the valley that sloped away from the flat where the motorhome was parked.

After a couple of minutes of watching the view, I got us each a beer and sat down by the girls. What are your plans from here I asked, figuring if they wanted to leave it was better to find out now. From the look on their faces they must have been thinking about this also. Amy glanced at Cindy like she was supposed to handle this. Cindy waited a second before answering, I guess that depends on you Cindy said we have enjoyed traveling with you, but we don’t want to be a burden or over stay our welcome. I don’t know I said, you are both so quiet and reserved I don’t know if I can stand you putting a damper on the rest of the trip like you have this first part. They both just sat stunned by my answer for about two seconds when Cindy jumped up and turned towards me.

Shy and reserved she yelled, we will show you shy and reserved. Amy jumped up and the two of them grabbed my arms and started dragging me towards the lake. We were all laughing and mock fighting all the way down, which was only maybe 25 yards or so and somehow Cindy’s top got untied and those big plump tits were swing free as we went. I managed to get ahold of the string on Amy’s top and free her very nice c cups to the afternoon sun also. As they got me to the water’s edge, I managed to drag them into the cool water with me. Instantly, there were 4 very erect nipples within close proximity to my mouth. Not being one to let an opportunity pass, I latched onto Amy’s pink nipple with my mouth; I sucked on it and then flicked it with my tongue. I could feel the swollen bumps of flesh in her aureole with my tongue, and licked around the nipple a couple of times just for the pleasure of hearing her low moan as I teased her breast. I had an arm wrapped around Cindy also, so that she could not escape me in the water. Holding tight to them both I swung them around in front of me and locked my hands together behind their backs. Now, I had all four breasts squeezed together in front of my face. I attacked Cindy’s large dark nipples with my mouth, nipping them with my teeth and licking the end of her nipples as I held them in my mouth.

I started alternating back and forth, between Amy’s smaller pink nipples, and Cindy’s large darker nipples sucking and teasing. I noticed neither of my captives was trying to escape any longer, in fact they were becoming very willing captives. Still teasing their breasts we moved back to the camper. I stopped in front of the camper, near the table where we had just eaten. Standing there, we looked at the moon starting to rise over the lake. Neither lady complained as I slid my hand from their hips into the front of their shorts. As we watched the moon rise, I slowly massaged their clits feeling how wet both their pussies were getting. I slid my hands off of their pussies and pushed their shorts off their hips so they slid down around their ankles. I moved them forward a couple of short steps and gently pushed their shoulders towards the table top.

I stepped back to take in the sight before me. A beautiful almost full moon raising over two other very sexy full moons. The first medium sized and very shapely, smooth shaved pussy glistening with her juices, pink inner lips starting to protrude from between the outer lips. The other very full ass, also very shapely, also a very wet pussy, but this one covered with a coating of downy honey blonde hair. Reaching down, I slid a finger in the wet slit of the two women draped over the picnic table and slid them deep inside their hot wet cunts. Amy and Cindy moaned as I worked my fingers in and out of their throbbing sex, pausing now and then to tease the swollen clits as I did. They were both moaning and starting to roll their hips as I did this. It was a fascinating sight to have such different but incredibly sexy ass’s side by side on the table in front of me.

I pulled some of their abundant juices up into the valley between their ass cheeks, spreading their sweet smelling juices over their puckered assholes, smiling at the way they gasped each time my finger slid over them. I reached around Amy and took her hands and placed one on her ass cheek and one on Cindy’s ass cheek. I took Cindy’s hands and did the same. I almost came right there as they realized what I wanted, and helped each other pull their ass cheeks apart so I had unrestricted access to both their pussies and ass’s. Slipping my fingers back inside their tight pussies, I started massaging them again, this time though I made sure my thumbs also got a liberal amount of juice on them, and as I slid my finger out and back in, I slipped a thumb in each of those shapely asses.

Amy yelped as my thumb went into her tight rosebud, Cindy only moaned as I started loosening them both up. Stepping behind Cindy, I finally left my straining cock free from my shorts and lining it up, I thrust it deep inside Cindy’s wet pussy. Pumping it in and out a few times, I quickly stepped behind Amy and buried it inside her steaming pussy. Amy pushed back against me as I slid deep inside her, moaning how good she felt, she moaned again as I pumped her three or four times, and pulled out of her throbbing pussy. Sliding my cock up her slippery crack, I pushed my cock head against her tight ass. Amy gasped as I slid in past the first muscle and her ass snapped shut around the shaft of my cock. I was still fingering Cindy’s ass and pussy as I slowly invaded Amy’s ass, she obviously was not all that experienced at anal fucking, but she was going to learn tonight.

Cindy had turned her head and was watching Amy as I slid my cock slowly inside her. I started making short thrusts in and out of her tight ass and Amy was relaxing and it seemed she was starting to push back into each thrust until her tight little ass was hitting my stomach on each stroke. I pulled back, stopped for a second and then popped the head of my cock out of Amy’s ass and moved back to Cindy. I was looking forward to feeling that plump full ass around my cock and hitting my stomach as I thrust deep inside her.

I stepped behind Cindy and had to laugh as she wiggled her full ass at me in invitation. I set my cock at the entrance to Cindy’s ass and as I expected, she pushed back at it as soon as she felt it there. I kept pushing until we were buried as deep in the soft ass as was humanly possible. Amy had slid her hand down off her as and I could see her fingering her pussy as she watched me pumping Cindy’s ass beside her. Amy was licking her lips and fingering faster, she was strumming her clit and her ass was starting to bounce up and down. I knew she would not last much longer, and just as I had that thought Amy cried out and got stiff as a board as her orgasm rushed through her.

Cindy watching her friend explode, started cumming herself. Moaning and yelling as I kept pounding her jiggling ass. I was almost ready to cum as I saw Amy turn and sit on the seat of the table. Pulling out of Cindy I turned her around and sat her down also. I grabbed my cock and started jerking on it, Amy and Cindy both slid down to a kneeling position in front of me, I leaned forward and with one more jerk of my hand the first shot of hot cum hit Amy right in the face by her mouth, I hit Cindy’s face next and shot the rest on those 4 beautiful tits that had started all of this. Amy surprised me, she still had some cum dripping from her cheek as she picked up her tit and licked my cum off of it. She dropped the first and repeated her actions with her other tit, licking my pearl white cum off her pink nipple and finally sucking it clean. Cindy not to be out done, made sure I saw her sucking my cum off of her tits, and as she finished, she dropped them so they made a very pleasing visual bouncing and vibrating for a second after they hit her chest then using her finger to scoop it off of her face and into her mouth also. Helping both ladies to their feet, we retired to the motorhome for the night.

Chapter 8

Once again we all slept in the big bed, and this time got a good night’s sleep for once. I woke up first as usual and got my shower and shaved. I walked back into the bedroom and smacked a couple of bare asses to get them moving so we would have most of the day to explore. The girls were in a better mood after they showered, and had a cup of coffee. I looked outside and there were a couple of buffalo down in the valley, and it looked like a couple of Elk as well. We walked down to the lake to see what it looked like during the day, and it was beautiful. The girls threw the blanket down and spread it out and decided to get some sun. I took some long range shots of the wildlife, and then started shooting some of the local attractions.

By now, both of the girls had gotten rid of their shorts and tops and were working on getting rid of the few tan lines they had when the trip started. Once again the differences in Amy and Cindy’s builds were in stark contrast. Amy who could not take much sun at one time because of her fair skin was a real light tan, her breasts probably just make a C-cup, and she has a nicely developed ass, but it follows along with her smaller stature. Cindy on the other hand, has a very nice coppery dark tan, is a few inches taller than Amy, had very nice D+cup breasts, and a very full nicely rounded ass. Definitely a study in contrasts, except for sex, I have not found much these two are opposed to yet, and I do plan on trying to find out if there is anything.

Cindy heard the shutter on the camera clicking and looked up from the blanket. Smiling she asked if I liked what I saw to which I replied “yes, but it is kind of boring.” Amy had been listening as we were talking and asked why they were boring. I said; just like the animals they were lying in the sun and not moving.” I dodged the shoe that Cindy threw at me Laughing and still shooting pics. Amy stood up and grabbed Cindy’s hand and pulled her towards the lake. I got a few nice shots of the water drops reflecting in the sun as they hit the water, and started playing around. Cindy scooped water up and splashed Amy with it and the game was on. Amy yelled and dove towards Cindy standing knee deep in the lake, catching her by the arm and both of them went down. Amy came up first and was laughing as Cindy reached for her waist and pulled her back down into the water. Then Cindy stood and turned towards the shore and Amy tried to grab her from behind, but both of them being wet, her hands slid down from Cindy’s shoulders leaving her holding onto Cindy’s big bouncing tits. Both of them were laughing as Cindy tried to detach Amy from her, but Amy was not giving up, she wrapped her legs around Cindy’s legs and they both went down again.

Laughing, I grabbed the towels and walked towards the two of them, don’t get my camera wet I said as I handed them the towels, and gaziantep escort resimleri pointed towards Amy’s pink shoulders. Let’s get some lunch and get her some lotion before she burns I told them. They were still laughing as I grabbed the blanket and we headed back to the motorhome. I walked back into the bedroom to put the camera back in the case. I turned around and Cindy was right behind me and Amy behind her. I was surprised when Amy pushed Cindy into me, knocking both of us back on the bed, with Cindy on top of me still wet from the lake. Amy reached between Cindy’s legs and slid her hand into my shorts, grabbing my still semi hard cock. See she told Cindy I knew he was getting off on us playing in the water; and both of them laughed. Amy reached around Cindy grabbing hold of her big tits and holding them in front of my face. Amy smiled as she slid Cindy’s nipples across my lips, just as I tried to suck one of the swollen nipples into my mouth she pulled it back out of reach. I was definitely at a disadvantage because she was holding Cindy in place on top of me holding us both down. Look Cindy Amy said Tom wants to suck your big swollen nipple into his mouth, I think he wants to suck on it don’t you? All the time she would tease me with Cindy’s big tits and her large brown nipple touching it to my lips and pulling it away again. Amy had placed her knee between my legs, and she could feel my cock stiffen as she teased me. Amy reached further and took Cindy’s swollen nipple between her thumb and finger, rolling it back and forth. Look Tom, look how Cindy’s nipple rolls in my fingers, would you like it? Would you like to roll it and kiss it, feeling all the little bumps and ridges on her big brown aureole with your fingers and tongue.

I could only lick my lips in anticipation as Amy kept rubbing Cindy’s nipple and aureole; I could not get my hands free from under Cindy to do anything else yet. Cindy was starting to squirm on top of me in reaction to Amy’s teasing. I felt Amy slide her knee further between my legs and also Cindy’s since she was on top of me. Her thigh was not only rubbing my cock as she moved, but it was also rubbing Cindy’s bare pussy. I could feel Cindy start to move a little helping her clit rub up and down on Amy’s thigh. Tom would you like me to let you lick this big nipple in my fingers, would you like to be sucking on it right now? Cindy’s nipple was so close to my mouth, but I couldn’t quite get it in my mouth. Amy slid her hand back holding Cindy’s full mound in her hand, letting the nipple go and almost grazing my lips as I made a desperate grab with my lips to get that brown swollen nipple in my mouth. Amy laughed as she pulled it back; working Cindy’s swinging tit flesh so the nipple was dancing in front of my face. I was going nuts, I felt so helpless there held down by two naked women, and being teased mercilessly by that swollen mammary swinging just out of reach in front of me. Amy pushed her thigh against us again and Cindy and I both moaned as her thigh rubbed against us. Amy laughed again and leaned towards me. You would not believe how wet and hot her pussy is Tom, can you feel her juices dripping on your cock? Do you want to fuck my friend Tom? Do you want to slide your cock into that hot juicy pussy, slam deep inside her so that her big fleshy ass jiggles against your belly? Amy was being a total bitch, I could not believe she was doing this to us, and even though she was talking to me, Cindy was getting hotter and hotter just like me.

Amy put more weight on Cindy’s big ass and I could feel the heat from Cindy’s pussy as it made contact with my shorts. Amy grabbed my cock and pulled it out of my shorts, letting it come into contact with the wet juices flowing freely from Cindy. Doesn’t that feel good Tom, Does Cindy’s hot wet swollen pussy lips feel good sliding on your cock. I bet you want your cock in her hot soft pussy don’t you? I could only groan in frustration. Wouldn’t you like the head of your cock forcing its way inside that hot wet tunnel, feeling her hot pussy griping you as you push further and further inside her? Listen to her Tom can you hear Cindy groaning thinking about you ramming you cock into her?

I had never had anyone do this to me in my life, it was frustrating, it was hot, and I was afraid if Amy kept this up much longer, I was going to shoot my load all over Cindy’s ass and Amy’s leg instead of deep inside that hot pussy that I wanted wrapped around my cock so bad. Amy pushed Cindy’s nipple to my mouth, and I sucked it into my mouth like I was going to die without it. Laughing, Amy pulled it out making a loud popping sound as her stretched nipple freed itself from the suction of my lips. Cindy and I both groaned in frustration, I kept trying to work my cock into Cindy’s burning pussy but was not having any luck there either. I was rubbing against her swollen lips making them wetter and wetter but not getting an closer to being inside her.

Amy leaned down put her lips next to my ear and asked me do you want to fuck Cindy now? I shouted yes, and Amy told me I needed to be a good boy or I could not do it yet. At that point I would have agreed to anything, I felt like my balls were going to explode. Amy dropped Cindy’s big tit on my face, and told me to show her how bad I wanted to fuck her friend. I twisted my head and sucked Cindy’s dark nipple into my mouth, Cindy moaned and moving her hips faster as I was finally able to suck and lick those beautiful tits, sucking her nipple deep in my mouth and letting it pop back, licking all the little bumps and valleys around her big dark nipples. Amy was watching me hungrily feast on Cindy’s nipples, you like her tits don’t you she said, you like fucking them don’t you. I just kept nodding, not wanting to give her any opportunity to take her tits from me again. You want to fuck her wet pussy now don’t you? Again, more nodding, But, Amy said you don’t get to fuck her yet, I want to see you get between her legs and I want you to eat her how wet pussy until she cums. I will let you up if you can do that. I eagerly agreed and Amy slid back off of Cindy’s body letting us both free to move. I rolled Cindy over, watching her fabulous full ass jiggle as I did so. I pushed her legs apart, spreading her pussy lips with my fingers, feeling her hair tickle my cheeks as I slid my tongue into her dripping slit.

Cindy was sopping wet, her juices literally dripping from her cunt as my tongue parted her inner lips. I licked upwards sliding my tongue up and over her clit. Cindy started rocking her pussy against my face and I knew it would not be long before she came and I would be able to finally ram my cock deep into her where I wanted it to be. Cindy was pushing harder against my face, moaning as she did. I slid a finger between her full ass cheeks, and slid if deep inside her ass. Cindy let out a groan and locked her legs around my head. I pulled her legs apart as she relaxed from her orgasm, and pulled her legs over my shoulders. Leaning forwards I lined up my cock with Cindy’s cunt. Amy was standing in the hall watching us, her hand busily sliding in and out of her own dripping pussy.

Go ahead Tom she said, stick your cock in that hairy pussy, slam it hard so you feel her ass hit you and watch those big full tits bounce each time you thrust into her. I slammed my cock deep inside Cindy’s welcoming hot cunt, pounding her as hard as possible, knowing I was going to explode any time now. Amy was watching me and must have seen the same thing I was feeling, because she shouted Cum on her big ass, please let me see your hot cum running over her pussy and ass. I couldn’t think of anything but cumming at that point and pulled out as my first load splattered through the light brown hair on Cindy’s clit some splashing inside her parted pink lips into the opening of her pussy. The next couple of smaller shots landing on her large ass, and slowly sliding between the cheeks of her ass and out of sight between her legs.

Chapter 9

I stood at the end of the bed, looking at a very sexy cum splattered Cindy lying unmoving on the bed, Glancing toward the hall, I saw Amy feet spread shoulders braced against the wall as her hand froze on her shiny bald pussy, two fingers buried deep inside it. I turned to Amy and taking her by the arm, helped her lay down on the bed as I made my way to the couch slowly. Totally spent I dropped on the couch and leaned back. I woke about an hour later and went back to check on the girls. Amy had snuggled up to Cindy, and both were sleeping peacefully. I threw a light cover over them and went back up front and got a cold beer from the fridge.

It was hard to believe, a week ago I had not even known these two sexy women and here I was in the middle of twin sexual dynamos. I could not have anticipated how Amy had switched from passive participant to a masterful sexual provocateur in the space of a couple of minutes. She had manipulated both Cindy and me into sexual deviants wanting nothing more than to obtain the sexual gratification she had manipulated us into. I have to admit that I was not complaining, that was one of the most satisfying sexual experiences I had ever been involved in. However, I figured both Cindy and I owed her one, and I definitely had a plan in mind for some well-deserved payback.

Halfway into my second beer I thought I had it pretty well figured out, I just needed a little chat with Cindy and with her help I figured we could fix little miss Amy’s cute little ass. This could work out to be a lot of fun as well as very satisfying payback for Amy manipulating us. I heard the girls stirring in the bedroom and the shower turn on. I started back and saw Amy’s ass disappear into the shower giving me a perfect time to talk to Cindy. Cindy was still lying on the bed, I have to admit, she looked sexy as hell, those large tits flattened on her chest, legs spread, ass flat on the bed dried cum trails on her tanned skin. She smiled as she saw me and patted the bed beside her. I lay down, and kissed those soft lips again, as I tweaked her nipples. We need to talk I said about little miss Amy. Cindy smiled at the way I said that and asked what I had in mind.

By the time Amy finished her shower, Cindy and I had put the finishing touches on our plan and I went back out in the living room. Cindy got in the shower, and Amy came out and sat on the other end of the couch with a beer in her hand. She had a cat ate the canary smile on her face as she looked at me and said “Have fun?” Of course I said, How could I not have fun with a woman like Cindy? From the look on her face, I don’t think that was the answer she expected. I was not about to let on the fun about the fun Cindy and I had planned for Amy later that night.

Cindy got out of the shower and I got a quick shower and came out to talk to the girls. I suggested we run into town, restock and get something to eat and spend a couple more days here before going to another camping area. Both agreed and we grabbed the jeep I pulled behind the motorhome and headed for town. Stocking up on the needed food and drink, we stopped by a local diner and had dinner. It was nice and relaxing, just light conversation and decent food that we did not cook. This had definitely been a great vacation so far, not many pictures, at least not many of local wildlife. Amy kept looking at us when she did not think we were watching her, I am sure she was wondering why nothing had been said about her game this afternoon. We looked around town for a little bit, and it was just what we expected, an overpriced tourist trap with all the requisite shops and souvenir stands. We headed back to the motorhome shortly before dark, and got there just as the sun set. Cindy suggested that her and Amy walk down to the lake and watch the end of the sunset. I went into the motorhome and took the ties off of a couple spare bathrobes that were in the closet and tied the middle to a tie down ring on each side of the head of the bed.

Cindy and Amy came back to the motorhome as I was sitting down with a fresh cold beer. Amy got one for her and Cindy as they both sat down. As soon as they finished the first, Cindy got them another beer, Amy did not seem to notice Cindy nursing hers as she downed that one rather quickly also. I told the girls I was going to bed, I told the girls I was going to bed. They said they would be in shortly. Once I laid down, I quickly tied slip knots in the four loose ends of rope I fastened in there earlier. I was lying quietly in my spot in the middle when the girls climbed into bed. Amy as usual climbed over me sliding her hand along my cock as she did, giggling as it twitched at her touch. She lay down facing the wall, spooning her ass back against me. Cindy lay down behind me, and I felt her wiggle and knew she was locating the rope I left there for her.

I snuggled up tighter against Amy and reached around her palming her firm tits, enjoying the feeling of them in my hand. I was twisting and tweaking her nipples and could feel her rubbing her ass up and down my cock slowly as I did. I moved back a little from her warm body and started gently pulling her onto her back as I slid onto her sexy body. I leaned down putting my lips on her soft inviting ones, kissing her deeply. Amy moaned as I pulled her legs up on my shoulders. Someone is in a hurry tonight she giggled as she felt the tip of my hard cock start to slip between her wet pink pussy lips. Just as the head of my cock entered Amy’s wet pussy Cindy slipped the soft ties over Amy’s hand and foot. Cindy almost had the ones on her left foot and hand before Amy realized something wasn’t right. Her left foot slid into the loop, and I surprised her pulling my cock out of her pussy at the same time. The ties were just long enough to keep her legs spread and pulled back to her shoulders like she had been when I was lying on her, keeping her hands fastened to each side of the bed. Amy had the most puzzled look on her face which caused Cindy and I to bust out laughing. Then she started to get upset.

I sat back on the end of the bed and Cindy leaned back against me. Putting my arms around her and playing with her ample tits and nipples, we started explaining to Amy what we had in mind. Since she had taken it on herself to make sure we had to follow her rules this morning, she had to follow our rules now. Amy was listening to us, but her eyes never left my hands that were keeping themselves busy on Cindy’s tits and nipples.

I was the first one to continue the conversation, looking directly at Amy I asked her if she liked the way my hands were playing with Cindy’s big nipples making them stand hard and firm in my hand? Her tits were heavy yet very soft to my exploring fingers, kneading and squeezing her swollen mammeries. Amy’s eyes never left my fingers as I exaggerated the movements. Cindy moaned and looked at Amy, His fingers feel so good Amy, pinching and squeezing my hard nipples, I can feel the little electric shocks clear down in my pussy. Every time Tom squeezes my nipple and tit my pussy jumps and I can feel my juices building. Every time Cindy or I mentioned pussy, Amy’s eyes jumped down to Cindy’s hairy pussy. I took one hand and slid it down from Cindy’s big tits across her stomach and down to her pussy which was already nicely wet. I slid my hand over her mound, and dragged my middle finger back up between her lips to her clit, allowing Amy to see how wet and ready Cindy’s pussy was. Amy was staring at Cindy’s pussy, and the glossy pussy lips that her juices had highlighted.

Look Cindy I said, Amy’s pussy is getting wet also, and look at how swollen her pink nipples are. Amy was moving her ass as I pointed out she also was being aroused by the treatment Cindy was receiving. Amy spoke her first words since I had started playing with Cindy’s tits. OK, I get the point, untie me. Cindy spoke up and as she did she spread her legs further apart, allowing me free access to her pussy, her ample tanned ass and thighs framing her pink love tunnel beautifully. Tom’s fingers feel so good inside me he is teasing my clit and g-spot both, I love the way he does that. She rolled her hips a little to emphasize her point. Amy groaned and said PLEASE UNTIE ME, I am sorry. I slid my other hand down to Cindy’s pussy and took my two index fingers and pulled Cindy’s inner lips apart, using my thumb I stroked Cindy’s clit feeling her jerk against me. Cindy moaned as I continued circling her clit with my thumb, I could feel her hot juices flowing over my fingers. I seem to remember you really liked Cindy’s ass Amy, doesn’t it look good, so big and soft and inviting. Both Amy and Cindy moaned as I slid a wet finger down between her big soft ass cheeks, and put a little pressure on her tight little rosebud.

Amy was moving her ass faster and trying to find some way to get access to it. Cindy and I could see Amy’s juices leaking and flowing between her own trim little ass cheeks. We could see she was getting very frustrated as she figured out there was no way to make contact with anything to help her get relief. I pushed a little harder on my finger, and it popped through the tight muscle guarding Cindy’s ass and sank to the first knuckle. Cindy jumped, and I could feel her rolling her hips moving my finger in and out of her ass a small amount.

Fuck she said as she found the proper movement, his finger feels so good in my ass Amy, he is going to make me cum if he keeps it up. Amy looked as if she was going to cry, her frustration at being a witness to her friends hot body being teased and used, and knowing that at any minute Cindy could have an orgasm and she could do nothing for herself. I leaned down and whispered in Cindy’s ear, and smiling she shook her head yes. We both leaned forward, and Cindy took her hands and pulled the sash holding Amy’s hands. It came loose and Amy wasted no time taking the sash off her feet. Leaning forward she said thank you as she pulled Cindy into a hot kiss. I slid my finger deeper into Cindy’s ass as they kissed and started rubbing her clit and pumping my finger harder. Cindy, still hanging onto Amy’s lips started bucking her hips back into me yelling into Amy’s mouth as she did Ohhhhh fuck I’m cumming. With Cindy still leaning against me, Amy leaned forward kissing me, and slowly rubbing Cindy’s swollen nipples with her hands.

Amy broke the kiss and asked me if we were really mad at her. I laughed and said no, just a little payback. Amy laughed and said it worked, guiding my hand to her baby smooth very hot and wet pussy. Will you rub my pussy for me she asked? I would be happy to I said and sat her down next to Cindy and pulling them close, started playing with both of these sexy ladies. Amy laughed and when Cindy looked at her she took Cindy’s hand and slid it between them and placed it on my throbbing cock. It seems someone else likes this too she said. I slowly massaged two clits, listening to both my ladies purring contentedly as I did.

I slid Cindy down on the bed, and leaned down kissing her, then moving down her neck to her beautiful big tits. Kissing and sucking on them, Cindy was soon moaning again. I moved my leg over Cindy’s stomach; I had waited long enough to have those beautiful big tits wrapped around my hard cock. Amy knelt beside the bed, and as I slid my cock down the valley between those lovely mounds, Amy asked Cindy if she could help. Cindy was nodding yes as their soft lips met, Amy reached over and pushed Cindy’s large mounds tightly around my cock. I started moving my cock back and forth in its soft warm tunnel of tits, watching it appear and disappear with pleasure. I reached behind me and started teasing Cindy’s clit as I pumped her tits.

Amy was moaning and I was in heaven as I watched these different but both beautiful in their own way women kissed, and Cindy had three fingers moving back and forth in Amy’s wet pussy. Amy’s juices were dripping from Cindy’s hand each time she pushed it back deep inside her. I could hear Amy moaning louder as she broke their kiss, and concentrated on rocking her pelvis back and forth on Cindy’s impaling fingers buried inside her steaming cunt. I grabbed Cindy’s tits and held them around my pistoning cock still buried between them. Amy let out a scream and grabbed Cindy’s hand holding it deep inside her throbbing pussy as the spasms from her orgasm shot through her, draining the strength from her body.

Cindy’s hand slid out of Amy’s pussy, and Amy slid to a sitting position on the floor next to the bed, her head resting on the pillow beside Cindy’s. I could feel Cindy humping her big soft ass up against my hand as her orgasm approached, moaning and groaning as it finally exploded deep inside her. As Cindy’s body relaxed on the bed, I stood and straddled Amy’s still body. Both the lovely ladies heads were right beside the others, foreheads almost touching. I knew exactly where I wanted to cum. Standing there watching both girls drained by our sexual escapades, I pumped my straining cock, watching as stream after stream of hot cum splashed on their faces and left little trails as it slowly slid to its final resting place somewhere on their sexy bodies. Exhausted myself, I lay beside Cindy and pulling her close I closed my eyes for a very good night’s sleep.
Chapter 10

The sun had been up quite a while before the three of us were moving this beautiful morning. I awoke to a tangle of arms and legs on the bed. Amy had at some time during the night crawled into bed with Cindy and I and snuggled up under the covers. Cindy’s bare ass was exposed to the morning sun as I threw the covers back so I could get up. I pulled my arm back and smacked her cheek with a loud crack. Cindy screamed and jumped causing a chain reaction with Amy as she did. I ran to the bathroom, laughing all the way. Listening to Cindy say some very unkind things about me and my family linage. Amy was laughing as she finally figured what had Cindy all worked up which earned her a well-aimed pillow across her head. I finished my shower and saw that the girls had made the bed, and a hot cup of coffee was waiting on the table for me.

I was working on my second cup by the time that Cindy and Amy had finished with their showers and all the things that women do in the mornings. Pouring themselves another cup of coffee they sat down at the table with me.

I broke the silence and said well ladies, I am afraid this is the day we knew had to come along sooner or later. I have things back east that I have to tend to, and you never told me just what your timetable was so I did not figure it was my business. Today however we need to discuss it because I need to head back, and if you want to travel back with me, that will give us a couple days to make it a nice leisurely trip. Cindy looked at Amy and then asked if they could talk about it and let me know at lunch. Sure I responded, I wasn’t trying to get a decision immediately, I just wanted to ask because I need to know what to plan. The girls walked down by the lake and were talking down there, and maybe 15 minutes or so later they came walking slowly back to the motorhome. They came in and Amy got three beers out of the refrigerator as Cindy sat down on the couch by me.

I figured I was about to get some bad news from the girls, after the week and a half we had been together I had started thinking of them as my girls. I know that may seem silly to some of you reading this, but we had had a lot of fun together the time we were together, and I was afraid it was about to end. Amy handed us the beers and Cindy waited for her to sit in the chair before beginning to speak. We have talked, and want you to know we have had a wonderful time with you. You have been more than generous both in your time and providing us with our food; which we did not expect, and in many other ways. We both hope you have enjoyed the trip as much as we have and believe me we have both enjoyed it. We never wanted to be a burden, or interrupt your trip.

Enough I said, I can’t take this, are we going back together or not, you are driving me crazy! Cindy and Amy both started laughing and said of course we want to go back with you if you want us with you! I leaned forward and Grabbed Cindy, pulling her towards me, smashing her big beautiful tits against my chest as I hugged her, Amy got up and moved over by me, and I gave her a big hug too. Let’s start getting things ready, and we can stop in town and do the laundry, restock and get ready to hit the road. My girls, both laughing, jumped up and started the now familiar routine of getting ready to hit the road. In short order, we had things in order, gaziantep escort sitesi and were heading towards town.

We dropped Amy off at the laundromat with the clothes, and Cindy and I went to the local grocery store and restocked our food and drinks for the trip back to Chicago. I filled the fuel and had all the tires and fluids checked on the way back to get Amy and our clothes. We went down to the local steakhouse, had some great steak dinners, and very nice dinner conversation. During dinner, we had decided to head back east a short way, and stop in the roadside rest for the night, not hurrying or setting any particular pace for ourselves.

We pulled into the rest area which was almost empty, and pulled into one of the RV spaces and locked up for the night. We were all still full from the big dinner that we ate before pulling out from town, We were sitting in the front room drinking a beer and talking about some of our experiences during our trip. I think we were all a little sad it was coming to an end, I know I was, it had been great having the girls with me, and I think we all knew there was a good chance when it was over, we might not see each other again other than the girls of course. After a little bit, the conversation slowed and I told the girls I was going to lie down. Amy said they would be in in a little bit, so I went back and got ready for bed. I must have fallen asleep rather quickly, because the next thing I knew I was dreaming a wonderful dream about a beautiful woman sucking my cock, rolling her tongue all over the underside as she slowly sucked me deeper into her hot mouth.

I was struggling to wake from my stupor and realized that some of what I was feeling might not be a dream. I got my eyes open finally and the first thing I saw was Amy’s cute bare ass to my left. I continued down her body and watched as my cock slowly disappeared deep into her hot mouth, then slowly reappearing again, it was almost as if she were giving me a blow job in slow motion. It looks like the sleepyhead is waking up I heard from my right side. I started to turn my head and Cindy pressed her lips onto mine, giving me a deep lingering kiss, working her tongue into my mouth and starting a heated dueling match with my tongue. Cindy leaned further over me as she straightened out and rubbed her ample breasts and large swollen nipples against my arm and chest. I reached for her ass and she pushed my hand down, as she did when I tried to grab Amy’s very nice ass sticking up in the air almost right in my face. Cindy broke our kiss and told me that I was just supposed to lie there and let them do everything. I had to admit the idea of these two sexy women using me was not hard to agree to.

Amy was still working on my swollen cock in slow motion, and Cindy rose up and moved her luscious tits over my mouth teasing me by dragging her nipples over my lips and sliding them back and forth. She reminded me as I tried to suck one in my mouth that I was supposed to lie there and not move. Laying my head back on the pillow I continued lying there as Cindy kissed her way down my face and down my neck then started kissing my nipple. I realized I did not feel Amy’s hot mouth on my cock and realized she had started kissing her way up my stomach. My girls met about the middle of the stomach and leaning forward, they kissed and as the kiss got hotter, and hotter they both reached and started massaging the others tits, tweaking and pulling their nipples. They were both moaning quietly as they broke the kiss and started on their journey over my body again. Amy kissed her way up my chest and neck, and locked her sweet lips onto mine and our tongues started doing the age old dance of the sexually aroused. Cindy continued down my body, and I jumped as she sucked first one then the other of my swollen balls into her hot moth, rolling them with her tongue and teasing them.

Amy repeated Cindy’s action, teasing my lips with her pert pink nipples, but reminding me I wasn’t allowed to suck them until they wanted me to. Cindy released my balls, and kissed her way up my still swollen cock to the tip, licking the head, and tonguing the slit before she slid the swollen head into her hot mouth. Cindy started moving her head up and down taking more and more of my cock into her mouth each time, Pretty soon I felt my cock hit the back of Cindy’s throat, Cindy did not slow down in the least, Cindy pushed forward, and I felt the head of my cock slide into her throat. Cindy pulled back and pushed her mouth down my cock again. The feeling as I felt my cock slide down her soft throat was amazing, I knew that if she kept that up I was going to cum very quickly. Cindy must have read my thoughts as she pulled completely off my cock this time, and lay beside me. Amy lay on the other side, both smiling at me. After both kissing me, they pulled me up to a sitting position on the edge of the bed as they both slid to their knees on the floor.

Amy slid in front of me and Cindy slipped behind her. Amy put her hands on my shoulders and moved closer to me. Cindy reached around Amy and put some lotion between Amy’s tits. She then pushed Amy forward a little more, and then Cindy cupped her hands around her tits and wrapped them around my cock. I had never been tit fucked by two women at the same time before. Especially like this. Both Cindy and Amy were moving together as they worked Amy’s tits up and down my cock. Cindy started nibbling on Amy’s ear as they worked on my cock, and it was all I could do to keep my control. It was just about this time that the girls switched places. All I could focus on was Cindy’s tits swaying as they changed. Cindy moved in front of me and Amy put lotion in the valley between her tits and wrapped them about my cock. I could not see my cock between Cindy’s huge tits, but Amy pushed them down and up again moving those big mounds of flesh faster and faster. Cindy looked at my face and told me that I had to tell them before I came. It wasn’t long before I let them know I was very close. Amy told me to stand up, and they each took a hand wiped them in the lotion on their tits and started pumping my cock together. I could feel my balls tightening as I watched these two sexy women jacking my cock together. I moaned as I felt my balls constrict, shooting the first stream of cum right into Amy’s face, They moved my cock so the second went into Cindy’s face and the rest shot onto Cindy’s tits. Amy leaned down and sucked what little cum might have been left from my cock and told me to sit down now.

She turned to Cindy and with my cum still running down their faces, she kissed her and slowly they both rubbed their tits together smearing the cooling cum on Cindy’s tit over both sets of beautiful mummeries in front of me. Sitting on the bed now, I gazed at the sight of my girls making out in front of me. The slowly drying glaze of cum shining on their sexy bodies as they ground against each other kissing and groping each other. Just watching this erotic display of these two sexy women had my well used cock starting to stir again. Looking over at me Amy broke their kiss and said “It looks like he is almost ready.” Cindy smiled and leaning over towards me took my now semi erect cock in her mouth, bringing me to full hardness in just seconds. Amy gently pushed me back down on the bed and moved beside me. Just as she got fully beside me, Cindy took her hot mouth off my cock and Amy threw her leg over my hard cock and Cindy grabbed me guiding me into Amy’s tight wet pussy, only taking her hand away as the head of my cock slid into Amy’s hot core. Cindy’s hand dropped lower cupping my balls as Amy started rocking her hips up and down on my cock tightly gripping me as she did. Leaning forward she kissed me as Cindy kept massaging my balls caressing each one in turn with her fingertips.

Cindy released my balls and tapped Amy on her hip with her fingers. Amy lifted her hips and with a quick movement moved off to the side of me as Cindy swung her hips over my body and quickly slid onto my cock. I was mesmerized by Cindy’s big swaying tits as she moved her meaty hips up and down my stiff rod, alternately squeezing and releasing my cock as she rocked. I was already getting very close to blowing another load watching her as she rode me, and was brought even closer as I felt Amy’s fingers close around my ball sack. I moaned and Cindy tightened her muscles around me as she slid down me once more. Cindy pulled off of me and knelt down beside me like Amy already was. Amy moved her hand up my stiff rod and started pumping me, Cindy leaned over near my cock and Amy did likewise. Just as I thrust my hips forward, my girls both kissed the head of my straining cock getting the full force of my cum shooting into their willing mouths. Completely spent I fell back exhausted on our bed. The last thing I remembered before I fell asleep was my girls laying down beside me and snuggling up.
Chapter 11

I woke in the morning feeling the warm flesh of my girls against mine, a smile on my face and very pleasant memories of the night before. I leaned down as I moved over Cindy and sucked one of her large nipples into my mouth as I passed by, earning a groan from her. Amy rolled over just as I let Cindy’s nipple pop from my mouth and smiled. What about me she said as she slid the sheet down over her cute tits, being a fair man I leaned over and sucked her soft strawberry nipple into my mouth and ran my tongue over the tip. I felt Amy shake as I teased her nipple, but let it fall from my mouth, stood up and headed to the bathroom. I was just finishing my shower and I heard the girls moving around in the kitchen. By the time I was dressed I could smell coffee and my stomach was rumbling, ready for breakfast.

I was drinking my coffee after breakfast, waiting for the girls to finish getting ready to hit the road. I watched as they came back into the living room, dressed in shorts, halter top, and sandals. Two extremely sexy women and it had been my pleasure in more ways than one to have them with me for almost two weeks. Amy sat down beside me and said “well, we are ready if you are.” Standing I walked up front to the driver’s seat and said lets hit the road ladies. Amy had claimed the right seat for the first part of the trip, and Cindy sat on the doghouse beside me as we pulled out onto the highway. We were making fairly good time, the company and conversation was good as we rolled along. I had noticed that the last few semi trucks we had passed had been blowing their horns as we passed. I watched as we passed the next one and saw Amy smile and wave as she pulled her halter back and let her tits pop free giving the drivers a show. She was laughing as she glanced over and saw me watching her. I was getting bored she said laughing.

Cindy leaned back against my seat laughing. Amy had nice tits, but nowhere the size of Cindy’s beautiful set of melons that jiggled as she laughed. We were approaching another truck and Amy’s attention went back to the road, I smiled as a thought crossed my mind. Just as we pulled even with the truck, Amy popped her cute tits free and I reached down sliding my hand inside Cindy’s top and popped her huge melons free. I turned on the CB radio, and listened as the happy driver informed everyone in range of his radio of the motorhome with the free flying tits inside. I could not resist tweaking Cindy’s large nipples since they were bouncing free so close to my hand. The driver was doing the best that he could to stay beside us to watch the show as Cindy just leaned back and gave me free access to her wonderful tits. The driver was broadcasting a tweak by tweak description of my groping and how Cindy was just lying there letting me play as I wished.

Amy was watching as I cupped Cindy’s tits and pulled on her large dark nipples, and reached for her own, almost mimicking my actions on her own smaller tits. Cindy kicked off her sandals and put her feet in Amy’s lap, I watched as Amy took her left hand and slowly started stroking Cindy’s shapely dark tanned calf with it. Between me playing with her tits and Amy lightly stroking her leg, Cindy let out with a low groan and spread her knees a little almost in invitation to Amy’s further explorations. We finally pulled away from the truck and got back into the right lane. I watched as Amy did not stop stroking Cindy’s leg, going slowly past her knee, and heading for her innermost regions. Cindy was moaning on a regular basis, I had not slowed down playing with her beautiful breasts, and sneaking glances at Amy as she worked her hand towards her goal. Knowing Cindy, her pussy had to be dripping wet by now, and hot as an oven. I had only two options for me, one was to hope a rest area showed up soon, so I could join in or two, I would have to keep driving sneaking peaks at the action beside me as we went up the road.

I felt Cindy shiver and glanced over at her sexy body. Amy was almost clear off the seat, and her hand was inside the short leg of Cindy’s shorts. The way Cindy started moaning and shaking, I had a pretty good idea where Amy’s fingers were at the moment. I saw Amy start to unbutton Cindy’s shorts as she was slowly licking her lips, her fingers still busy inside the shorts judging by Cindy’s moans. It was my lucky day as I saw the sign that said rest area 1 mile. By the time I got into the parking slot, the girls had shed what little clothes they had started with and were into a mutual grope and finger scene on the floor of the RV. The girls shifted into a sexy 69 with Cindy’s big ass on top, It only took a minute for me to decide.

I pulled my shorts down and knelt behind Cindy, Amy was peering up at me as my cock slid forward. Amy quickly took my cock into her mouth as I fingered Cindy’s hot pussy and pulled her dripping juices up onto her tightly puckered hole. My cock was wet and slippery from Amy’s mouth, and pushing tightly against Cindy’s tight ass. Cindy moaned as her ass started opening up to the persistent pressure against it. Cindy pushed back slightly and my cock popped inside her ass. I started pushing back and forth as she relaxed and allowed me to enter her full as. I continued pumping her ass and soon she was meeting each thrust with a thrust of her own. I could tell she had not forgotten Amy as we continued, I could hear Amy groaning and then I felt her soft hand cup my balls as my thrusts got harder and harder. Amy was also paying attention to Cindy, I could feel her body jerk against mine each time Amy’s tongue slid across Cindy’s swollen clit. Cindy suddenly ley out a moan and her ass clamped around my cock and I could feel her body shaking as her orgasm hit her hard. Amy pushed me back causing my cock to spring free from Cindy’s clutching ass. She grabbed my cock and started pumping it with her hand as she pointed the head towards Cindy’s gaping asshole. I could feel the cum boiling as she continued pumping my straining member. I boiled over and felt the cum explode from me and watched as Amy guided it towards Cindy’s still open hole. It hit Cindy’s ample ass, and some dripped down on Amy’s face which she did not seem to mind at all. Emptied, I leaned back against the couch and waited for the three of us to recover our breath.
Chapter 12

Rested and cleaned up, we found ourselves back on the road. The diversion was nice, but I still had the thought that soon the trip would be over in the back of my mind, and I would miss my girls when the trip ended. We made pretty good time, and stopped for the evening in Kansas at a small RV park.

Dinner was a quiet affair, we were all lost in our thoughts, I know I was going over the good times we had had, and all the experiences that would never be duplicated again. We got the dishes washed and put away and I broke out a nice bottle of wine that I had put away for just this time. We finished that bottle and two more going over the highlights of the trip, from when I first picked them up to the boys at the small lake and the last week together. It was getting late and we decided it was time to head to bed. Turning out the lights as we went, we did as we had for the past two weeks, the three of us headed to my bed in the rear of the motor home.

Amy faced the wall when she climbed into bed, and I felt bad that she had been sort of short changed that afternoon, so I slid tight against her soft body, nuzzling her neck just below her reddish blond hair and slipping my arm under her neck at the same time. My right hand was rubbing and squeezing her shoulder and down to her firm tits. I had one tit in each hand, tweaking her hardening pink nipples between my thumb and finger.

Amy moaned softly as I pulled on her rapidly stiffening nipples, pulling the soft skin and stretching her firm tits with the nipples, Her firm tight ass was starting to move against my rapidly hardening cock bring it almost to full length before she reached her hand between us and grabbed it and started softly stroking it. I slid my hand down over her stomach, making my way down to her baby smooth white pussy, cupping it in my hand and enjoyed the heat that was emanating from between those soft damp lips protecting the treasure I was going to enjoy shortly.

Amy was still stroking my hard cock slowly, but her ass was humping against me with more insistence. I released her rapidly dampening pussy and slid my hand over her hip and down between us, slipping a finger inside her now wet pussy, I got my finger wet with her juices and slid my finger across her tight puckered asshole. Amy gasped and flexed her ass against my finger. Once again I pulled Amy’s juices back towards her ass, this time using them to insert a finger inside her tight hole and start pumping it in and out loosening it for what I was going to put in there next. Amy started rocking her ass in time to my finger thrusts helping me push it as far as I possibly could in her hot insides.

Amy slid her hand off my cock and put it down between her legs where she started stroking her clit while I stroked her ass. Amy’s breath was coming faster and her hips pumping harder as I slid the head of my cock between the lips of her hot dripping pussy. She moaned as I drug it from front to back making sure there was plenty of her slippery juices on the sensitive head and continued moving it back so that on her next thrust the head of my cock popped into her tight ass instead of my finger. Amy yelped and tried to pull forward but I had a hand on her hip and kept her right where she was. She was still fingering her clit and I pulled her slowly back to me listening to her groan as I completely filled her ass with my swollen cock.

I started pumping into Amy’s tight ass as soon as I had entered it completely, I had only thrust into her a dozen times or so when she gasped and pulled her knees up against her chest and her body started shaking as her orgasm hit. Her ass was grasping my cock so tight, it was almost cutting off the blood flow into it. She stiffened and slowly sank back down onto the bed. I pumped her ass a few more times, and as I pulled back the last stroke, I shifted forward and grabbed Amy’s red hair, pulling it and making her turn to face me. Holding her hair with one hand, I put my other behind her head and pulled it towards my waiting cock. Amy knew what I wanted, and opened her mouth and I shoved my cock into her waiting face.

I wanted more on our last night than just a blow job like I had previously enjoyed from the fresh faced young lady now kneeling with my cock in her mouth. I started fucking Amy’s face, full long strokes causing her to gag a little as my cock hit the entrance to her throat on each thrust. Amy seemed to know my need as I grabbed two fist full of her soft red hair and fucked her face furiously, Amy was coughing and gagging as I used her as my little cum slut, drool was running out of her mouth as I used it, dripping from her chin and running down covering her soft tits and slowly dripping from her hard pink nipples. It did not seem to bother her, and to be truthful I did not care if she minded that just before being shoved in her hot mouth my cock had been buried deep in her firm ass, rocking her ass, just as it was now plunging in and out of her mouth her head rocking against my hands as I controlled just how far she could move with her hair. Amy started gagging again and as she was coughing and trying to catch her breath, I spun her around and buried my cock into her dripping pussy.

Amy groaned as I started pumping her pussy for all I was worth, Amy had a nice tight pussy, and I could feel it milking my cock every time I pulled it back from her sucking cervix. Amy was fingering her clit again, I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock trying to hold me deep inside her hot depths, I could feel her firm hips pounding against my stomach every time I buried my cock in her. I knew I would not last much longer, I pushed us over so Amy was on her stomach and I was pounding into her pussy from almost directly above it. Each time I hit bottom I could feel the bed rock and each time Amy would groan and push her ass back to meet my plunging cock, I groaned as I felt my hot load of cum rushing from my balls, and thrust deep into Amy one last time grabbing her shoulders and holding her cunt tight against my body as my cock drained into her willing womb.

Chapter 13

We collapsed on the bed, both exhausted and drained from the wild session we had just had. Cindy had lain on her side of the bed, quietly stroking her clit and enjoying several orgasms as Amy and I had fucked wildly beside her.

I slid into my normal position and Amy snuggled up on my left, and Cindy slid tightly against me on my right. Cindy put her right leg over mine and I could feel her hot damp furry mound tight against my thigh. I hugged both girls tight and we went to sleep almost immediately.

Sometime during the night, I dreamed I had something warm and wet wrapped around my cock, I struggled up from the depths of deep sleep and opened my eyes in the darkness. Cindy was straddling my body, my cock buried in her depths, rocking slowly back and forth, I started to say something and Cindy put her finger across my lips silencing me. I lay still and watched this lovely lady rocking on my cock with her eyes closed, her very large breasts swaying with her motion, her clit rubbing almost continually on my pelvic bone, seemingly in a trance as she swayed to some silent tune in her head. I felt several small tremors course through her clutching pussy as she rocked against me, keeping me buried deep inside her. I started feeling that familiar boiling feeling in my balls as I watched this extremely sensual dance Cindy was doing on my cock. She must have sensed it also as she ever so slightly sped up the rocking motion. I could feel the head of my cock rubbing her cervix as she continued speeding up just a minute amount at a time.

Cindy’s nipples were straining on her swaying tits as she rocked. Cindy slowly leaned over and kissed me, a soft slow drawn out kiss with lots of gentle tongue. While we kissed, she changed from rocking on me to lifting her hips until I was almost totally out of her, and slowly dropping back down again. Cindy was driving me totally nuts, I had never seen the soft slow sensual side of her love making before. I started swelling before shooting my load and suddenly Cindy dropped hard onto my cock and I felt her stiffen as her hot cunt grabbed my cock and she froze on top of me. That was all it took for me to blast my hot load deep inside her sexy grasping body. One last kiss and Cindy lifted herself off of me and lay down beside me. Not one word had been spoken in the whole amazing encounter.

Chapter 14

After showering, and a quick breakfast in the morning we again hit the road, Things were definitely quieter this time, We all knew in a couple of hours our amazing trip would be done. I had already given both my ladies numbers to contact me. I hoped they would sometime in the future, I would be ready for a repeat performance any time they wanted.

It was a short uneventful two hours later that I pulled into the same truck stop where I had met these two amazing ladies two weeks ago. We said some quiet good byes promised to keep in touch and that quick, another amazing adventure was over. I headed home in a quiet and empty motor home, wondering what would be next.

I reached for my phone and was going to call home and leave a message for the housekeeper that I would be home in a few hours. When I opened it up, the first thing I saw was a note from the girls. I opened my photo gallery and there were at least 20 pictures left me by the girls taken over the last two weeks, bare assed pictures, sexy as hell. Cindy offering her two large breasts to me via the photo, Amy wiggling her ass at the camera bald pink pussy just begging to be used and filled all over again, I knew then it would not be the last I saw of my sexy ladies, and just thinking of what the future could bring made me hard as granite all over again!

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