i am instructed to follow Master into His room, so i crawl behind and as i enter, i realize we are not alone. there is a young man laying on His bed, his cock long and thick, is erect and waiting to be warmed.

“up on the bed, slave. on your hands and knees over my guest.”

as i kneel over him, Master Paul thrusts the double dildo into my cunt and ass, fucking it aggressively until i am dripping wet.

“put his cock into your cunt, whore.”

without hesitation, i reach down and take his cock into my hand. leaning forward, i place his cock above the dildo which is still deep in my cunt and ass. i thrust my hips forward and he is in me! the pressure from being so full has me feeling that i will split apart, i am completely full! but am i? no! Master has more in store for His slut.

a second guest moves behind me and with His instructions and assistance, he will take my ass. i feel the drip of the cold lubricant on my ass and he works some inside my ass by fucking me with the dildo. as he thrusts it in and out of my ass, it moves in my cunt also. the man on the bed moans just a little from the delightful friction of the “cock” moving against his cock as it is fucking me.

moving closer, the man behind me places his cock above the dildo in my ass, grabs onto my hips and, with one hard thrust, sinks the entire length of his cock into my ass!

no one moves as Master gaziantep escort tanıtımları Paul surveys the scene before Him. my cunt and ass both filled with 2 cocks each has pleased Him…

“fuck her.” He commands them. slowly they move inside me, not really sure this can be done.

“fuck her hard!”

with His words they begin to thrust and soon have coordinated a rhythm that has each of them feeling comfortable. as they move in and out of my cunt and ass they feel the dildo cocks rub against their own cocks, they can also feel each other through the thin membrane that separates them.

i have never felt so full! my cunt and ass as stretched to capacity. i feel as if i am being ripped apart, yet my cunt is dripping and i want…. more!

as Master walks around the bed, He looks into my eyes, He sees the lust….

“fuck her harder!”

they tear at me with a force i have never felt before! my cunt and ass are burning. i feel the spasms in my ass as i tighten up on the invading cock. the same is happening with my cunt. the harder they fuck me, the more they hurt me, the more i want!

my mouth opens slightly… a chill spreads through my shoulders and down my back. i crave the taste of Him, and He is amused! yes, He knows exactly what i am thinking…

“what is it you want, slave?”

“i want more, gaziantep escort telefonları Master.” the tears are flowing, soaking my face.

“MORE? you are completely filled. how can you want more?”

i cannot speak as i am openly sobbing now, my need so strong, my lust – overwhelming! the dragon whip comes down on my shoulders and i moan. His guests stop their fucking and stare at Him. “DON’T STOP! FUCK HER EVEN HARDER!”

for a moment, they don’t move, and then they go at me so hard and so deep that i scream. His whip comes down on my shoulders again and again as i cry out in exquisite pain and overwhelming lust!

“please Master.”

“please what?” He asks

“please feed me. please fuck my mouth and let me taste you”

His whip kisses my shoulders a few more times and then He drops it to the bed. taking my hair in His hand, He pulls it hard, forcing my head up. my mouth is open and He puts your cock to my lips.

holding my by my hair, He thrusts in and out of my mouth, matching the forceful strokes in my ass and cunt!

“such a good girl. such a wonderful whore”

He slaps my face, never missing a stroke. the feel of His hand on my cheek only makes my lust for Him stronger.

i am filled in every orifice, stretched beyond belief and yet i want Him deeper in my throat! i want to taste His gaziantep escort videoları cum and feel it on my skin…

the three of them have at His whore. i am His whore, His property and i am being used….

the chill begins again and i hear Him say “CUM FOR ME!”

my cunt throbs, my ass throbs and i gush and soak everything around me!

as my cunt and ass begin to tighten on the cocks inside me He tells them to begin cumming inside, but then to pull out and cover me…

with His words, they begin! i feel the heat of their throbbing cocks as they begin to shoot hot loads of cum in my ass and cunt and then they tear out of me and cum on my body, my ass, my back, cunt and thighs are covered in their cream.

Master begins to cum in my mouth, feeding me just a little and then pulls out and finish on my face and breasts, shoulders and back!

“fuck her with the dildos”

a hand moves and begins to thrust the dildo in and out of my ass and cunt.

“cum again whore, and don’t stop until i tell you to”

as i flood and gush, i soak the body below me and the sheet and bed are soon soaking wet! the force of my orgasm continues and the man who was fucking my ass is soaked from his balls down his thighs.

“don’t stop” He raises the dragon whip and bring it down on my shoulders and back, reaching forward to strike my buttocks and hips….

and when He is satisfied that i have given Him everything i have inside me, He stops, and embraces me.

as i crawl off of the body below me, i am laid down, restrained and left in a pool of mixed cum as He takes His guests to the bathroom to clean up.

then… i am left, used and no longer necessary… until He ready to use me again.

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