Visitors from abroad_(1)


I had always known that I was equally interested in girls and boys. I never gave the matter much thought, just accepted that I was getting the best of both worlds.
When I was in my teens I lived with my parents and two older sisters in a fairly large house with quite extensive gardens. Well, we had a tennis court, a swimming pool and an apple orchard, and to me that seemed big. However, there was one occasion when some relatives from abroad came to stay with us, a family of five, and suddenly the house didn’t seem quite as big. Uncle Ben (a sheep farmer) and Aunt Sarah together with cousins Jane, Michael and David packed in with us and I had to give up my bedroom to David. I was moved into the box room which was little more than a big cupboard. I had known of this arrangement for the previous two weeks and I resented it; I knew I was going to hate David because of it.

When we met them at the airport, my resentment melted; David was the youngest of the cousins and about 6 months older than me. We were almost identical in height and stature and David had curly ginger hair, blue eyes and a cheeky smile that could win anybody over. From that point on I changed my mind about him completely and leant over backwards to make him welcome. We loaded their luggage into the mini bus which my father had hired and set off for home. The trip home took about 2 hours and although there was very little conversation between us, there were a number of occasions when I caught David looking at me. Each time he looked away quickly and I pretended not to notice, but I couldn’t help wondering if his thoughts were going in the same direction as mine. On arrival I was instructed to help David get his 2 cases up to my room. I ushered David into my room, saying “Here we are, make yourself at home”, and I set his small case down on the end of the bed. He put his large case on the floor then grabbed me by the arm and turned me to face him. His face had taken on a serious expression and he said, “Joe, I feel rotten pushing you out of your room, it should be me in the box room”. “Oh, that’s no problem” I said, “Don’t give it another thought. I hope you find the bed comfortable, but you will have to put up with me paying you fairly frequent visits as all my clothes are here and there’s no room to move anything over to the box room”. David said, “Joe, it’s your room, so come and go as you please”. I said “Thanks”, and with a grin I added “I will remember to knock”. David grinned back and started to say something but changed his mind before any words came out.

I had cleared a cupboard for David to store his things, so I helped him empty his cases and pack his things away. While this was going on David chatted about being jet lagged and doubted if he was going to be able to sleep that night. I told him that he could watch my TV if he couldn’t sleep and I showed him 2 shelves containing about 100 video cassettes. He spent the next 5 minutes looking through them and then said that there were at least 20 there which he had not seen, then he said, in a lower voice, “Have you got any naughty ones”. I put on a disgusted expression for a few seconds and then I laughed and said “Of course I have”. I showed David a small metal safe, fixed to the floor in my wardrobe, told him the combination for the lock and said “there’s about a dozen there and they get naughtier the further you go down the pile”. He ruffled my hair and said that he thought I was as big a rascal as he was. I looked straight at him and said “You can count on that, but right now I think we had better go and see what all the others are up to.

We found the others gathered in the kitchen where my mother was dispensing mugs of coffee. There were about 4 different conversations going on, and I think I overheard Uncle Ben suggesting that we should pay a return visit to them next year. Keen to show David the size of our garden I pointed through the kitchen window to the orchard (about 200 M away) and said “If you look between the trees you can just see the back gate”. Uncle Ben, who was standing just behind me, gave a little laugh and walked away. “Did I say something funny” I asked and Jane said “Dad was probably thinking that it takes us about 45 minutes in a 4 x 4 to reach our back gate”. Aunt Sarah joined in at this point and said “We’re on a ranch and we actually have a small mountain in what you could call our back garden. But we’re not bragging and this isn’t a competition. Like you we also have a pool, but it’s fed from a mountain stream and is much too cold to swim, so we are all keen to try out yours”. I looked at David and said “Oops, I thought I was going to impress you with the size of our garden”. He replied “You have, it’s just the right size. We live right out in the sticks; our nearest neighbour is 4 miles away and its 10 miles to town. Not so bad for Jane and Michael, they both have cars but for me it’s pretty restrictive. I do have a quad bike which I can use across country to visit a couple of friends, but apart from that it can be a bit lonely. So, how about we go and sample the delights of your pool, it’s very warm this afternoon and the pool looks very inviting”. Michael overheard David’s comment and said that he thought it a good idea if we all went for a swim. Every one agreed and we all got changed into our swimming kit. I saw David dig out a pair of bright blue speedos so I hunted through my drawers to find mine which were almost the same shade of blue.

David and I were the first to arrive at the pool, where we hung our towels on the rail and stood looking at one another. Neither of us tried to disguise the fact that we were eyeing each other up and down, and apparently liking what we were seeing. David’s muscles were a little more developed than mine except for my shoulders and biceps as I had been practicing weight lifting, and in order to show this off, I clasped my hands behind my head. David stared for a few seconds then said “This is uncanny, you have a small mole above your right gaziantep escort tanıtımları nipple and I have the same on my left side. If we stand face to face, below shoulder level we will appear as mirror images of each other”. With that he pulled me in front of him and moved in very close to compare the height of our moles and sure enough, they coincided (give or take half an inch). This action caused our nipples to brush against each other and that sent a little tingle through me. It must have had a similar effect on David as he gasped and pulled me a little closer. This caused me to panic as I was chubbing and my sisters and Jane were now walking toward the pool. I glanced down at David’s crotch and saw a tent forming, so I pushed him sideways, causing him to lose his balance and we fell together into the pool. We both hit the water flat sending up a tremendous splash.

As we surfaced, the three girls arrived at the pool, looking very concerned and Pat (my eldest sister) said “What on earth happened, are you guys alright”. “We’re ok” David called back, “We were just practicing some synchronized diving”. “Hmmm” said Pat, “Well just don’t do it again”. As the girls were creeping carefully into the pool, David whispered to me “We have to talk” “Yes” I said “We do, but later”. A few minutes later we were joined by Michael who was carrying a ball and some air beds which he threw into the pool. For the next couple of hours we raced, played ball games and generally played around, enjoying ourselves. When the sun sank a little lower the three girls and Michael decided to play tennis, so they went to get changed leaving me alone in the pool with David.

We climbed on to a couple of the air beds and floated together in the middle of the pool. As we were out of ear shot from the house and from the tennis court it was safe for us to chat. David told me that he had 3 male friends, and that he was intimately close to 2 of them and that they “did things” together. He thought he was also interested in girls but due to his locality, he’d not had the chance to try his luck. I confirmed that I was bi and that I’d fancied him since we first met. He responded by saying that he found it very difficult not to hug me while we were unpacking his cases. He went on to tell me about some of the things he’d done with lads from the adjacent farms and I related some of my exploits to him. All the while I was watching the bulge in his speedos gradually increase in size. When it became a full blown boner I asked him if he was thinking of hoisting a sail. He looked down, gasped and rolled over onto his tummy to hide it. It was obvious that he was finding this uncomfortable, as he shifted his position about 4 times in the following half minute. I suggested that he lie across 2 air beds with his dick in the space between them. He decided to give this a go and I helped him into this position. I then rolled off into the water and swam under the air beds. I don’t know if David realised, but as he was shifting position his dick dropped out of his speedos and was now sticking straight down between the beds. It was a bit like being in an underwater glory hole. I gently wrapped my fingers around his shaft and stroked it slowly for several seconds before returning to the surface.

I hardly had time to push the hair out of my eyes before David practically shouted “Why did you stop” and I said “Sorry, I couldn’t hold my breath any longer”. “Well you’ve got me super horny now” he said, “Where can we go”. Next to the pool there was a double garage and an out building which contained the equipment which serviced the pool and adjacent to that, a shower. I pushed the air beds to the side and helped David to scramble out of the pool. We wrapped our towels around our bodies (as we both had something to hide) and walked the short distance to the shower. I locked the door and turned the shower on. The warm water was very pleasant after the cool water of the pool and further enhanced our horny feelings.

David immediately got me in a bear hug and started grinding his crotch against mine. I slipped my fingers under the waist band of his speedos and eased them down. He moved a little away from me, making room for his dick to spring up. We were somewhat similar in this department, both being uncut and about the same size. I had a tuft of dark brown pubes and David sported a triangle of ginger hair starting sparsely below his naval and gradually thickening up to a point just above his dick. While rubbing my hands over his wet tummy and soft butt cheeks, I dropped to my knees and taking his shaft in one hand, I pulled his foreskin over my tongue and proceeded to lick around the head of his dick. After a minute or so I pushed his foreskin back and rubbed his glans round in a circle inside my pursed lips. David’s gentle moans soon told me that this action was going to get him off very quickly so I stopped and licked along the length of his shaft until I came to his sack. I gently took his balls into my mouth and sucked them one at a time. While doing this I slipped a finger into his crack and ran it up and down, pausing each time I passed his tight little hole, which I tweaked without using enough pressure to enter him. Then David grabbed me under the arms, pulled me up and said “All change”, then he grabbed both our dicks and wanked us both together for a few seconds before going down on me. He missed out all of the foreplay I’d gone through and going straight for the kill he swallowed my full length and encouraged me to fuck his face by pulling on my bum cheeks.

I was more than eager to oblige and for the next few minutes I kept up a steady pace and then David started to finger my crack much the same as I’d done to him, but he pressed harder and got his finger in through my tight hole. He found the spot to massage my prostate and that soon got me close to the edge. David must have sensed my impending orgasm because he eased off a little gaziantep escort telefonları and for the next minute or so he kept me poised, ready to cum. During this he was also rubbing his own dick, presumably keeping himself just short of the point of no return. Then he suddenly jumped up and scooted round behind me and pressed his precum covered glans into my crack. As he reached around and grabbed my dick he said “Joe, I don’t want to fuck you with no condom, but can I spunk in your crack”. I said “Go on; squirt your jizz in my crack, cum all over me”. David’s chin was resting on my shoulder and his mouth was very close to my ear so I caught every little moan and every breath he took as he quickly wanked me and rubbed his dick in my crack. I don’t know who exploded first, there couldn’t have been more than a second in it, but I suddenly realised that my spunk was running over David’s hand and his was trickling down my inner thighs. After our excitement subsided, David turned me around and hugged me, so we stayed holding one another while our breathing and heart rates returned to something like normal. Then we cleaned up and washed away all signs of our recent activity. David planted a kiss on my cheek and said “You know, Joe, I have a distinct feeling that this is going to be one of my better vacations.

As my parents had devised a fairly busy itinerary, showing our guests around the local beauty spots and places of interest, there wasn’t much time for David and me to be alone together. So for the next week or so our sexual activity was limited to sneaking into one another’s bedrooms, in the dead of night and quietly wanking or sucking. Then, by a stroke of luck, we found ourselves left on our own for about 5 hours. We had a little difficulty in deciding what to do first, but eventually we hit on starting with a bubble bath. I turned the bath taps on and added a liberal quantity of bubble liquid to the tub so that by the time it was full the soap bubbles were foaming over the top. When I turned away from the bath I found David was behind me, already stripped and with his equipment standing to attention. David had shaved around his dick so that his ginger pubes now stopped in a straight line about an inch above his dick. Our dicks were both about the same size at a little over 6 inches but my balls were a bit bigger than David’s.

I started to pull my tee shirt over my head but before I’d removed it, David had unfastened my belt and had my jeans and boxers down around my ankles, so I stepped out of them and moved toward the bath . David crawled after me, holding on to my thighs and kissing my bum cheeks. He broke contact with me for a second as I stepped into the bath, but as I lowered myself down through the warm water, he came down on top of me and started humping. This action soon set up a wave motion that was in danger of sending water over the sides of the bath, so we realised that our activities would have to be a little less energetic. I rolled over onto my back and David lay back down on me, this time gently rolling our dicks together between our tummies. At the same time our lips met and in a few seconds David’s tongue was exploring the inside of my mouth.

After a while he knelt up and pulled me into a sitting position, then grabbing a bottle of shower gel he started to soap my chest and back. I did the same to him and then we stood up and continued to soap our lower parts. David gave my inner thighs and crack a fairly vigorous soapy massage and then he pressed his nose and lips into my crack and wiggled his tongue around my anus. Now, I’d been fucked and fingered a few times but had not experienced a tongue in my crack before. This new sensation, I found very exciting and my sphincter was soon uncontrollably clenching and relaxing and I was making quiet little moans. David kept up this action for a few minutes then he turned around and leant forward on his elbows leaving his butt just above water level, “My turn” he said. I knelt behind him, parted his cheeks and blew the soap bubbles out of his crack. I had always been shy of rimming but I knew that after all the soapy massaging, David would be perfectly clean, so with great enthusiasm I pressed my tongue into his crack and gently licked around his bum hole. I pressed a little harder and got the tip of my tongue to enter his anus, causing him to give a gentle sigh. I reached around and held his shaft and I realised his dick was pulsing in time with his bum muscles. He let me continue with this for a couple of minutes and then said “Joe, I really want to feel you inside me, please fuck me. Fuck me pleeeeease”.

Thinking of the tidal wave that this would cause, I said “Ok, but have to be in the bedroom”. On hearing this David leaped out of the bath and very quickly started to dry himself then dashed to my bedroom. I followed him, taking a couple of bath towels with me. I spread the towels over the bed and David lay over the side of the bed, face down with his feet still on the floor. As I put a condom on David pulled his cheeks apart, revealing his little bud. There were traces of shower gel still in his crack and this provided some helpful lubrication as I entered him. I was surprised to find how easy it was to get my dick head to slip through David’s anus (he was obviously more experienced in this department than me) and in a couple of seconds his bum had swallowed half of my dick. At that point I stopped to asses David’s reaction, and he said “What are you waiting for”, I said “Are you ok” and he replied “ Never better, enjoying every second” , so I pressed and the rest of my cock disappeared into him.

I had fucked guys a few times before, but always in a standing position with very little clothes removed and in a garden shed or hidden in the bushes, so this was the 1st time I had been nude with another guy in the comfort of my own bed. The close feeling and warmth of David’s body was having a profound gaziantep escort videoları effect on me and very soon I felt a little tingle starting to build. I didn’t want to cum too soon and disappoint David so I almost withdrew and squeezed my dick hard, just behind the glans. It hurt, but it had the desired effect and for the moment, at least, my orgasm had been pushed back. I slipped straight back in and continued with long slow strokes, almost withdrawing my dick before plunging it back in. I noticed that David gave a little moan each time I started to thrust and I guessed that was the point where my dick head slid past his “g” spot. So I started some very short strokes with my dick in this position, gradually getting faster and faster. David’s moans changed to long sighs and his fingers clenched the sheet and pillow, then suddenly he said “stop”. I was surprised as I thought he was about to cum, but he continued to say “Let me turn round, I want to see you as I shoot”.

I slipped out and David got into position on his back with a pillow under his bum, then he swung his legs up and over his head and as I knelt in front of him he lowered his legs onto my shoulders. I found it more difficult to enter him in this position and he definitely felt tighter, but I was soon fucking him again with long strokes. David’s dick was bobbing up and down between us and I could see the tip covered in precum, so I took his shaft in my hand and rubbed in time with my thrusts. My excitement started to build then right on queue David’s dick jumped a couple of times. I knew from my experience in wanking him that this happened when he was a couple of seconds from going over the top. I was a little further away than that so I stopped rubbing his dick and increased the speed of my thrusts, and then David grabbed his dick and wanked furiously. His breath was coming in quick gasps and between them he just managed to say “Joe, I’m—I—Ah—Ah—Ahhhh”, and hot jizz hit me on the chest and under my chin. That did it for me and for the next half minute I trounced David’s bum in an uncontrolled way as my orgasm took over. I collapsed on top of him with my eyes closed and he lowered his legs and wrapped them around me, at the same time, putting his arms around me. As I opened my eyes I found David smiling at me, “No need to ask if you enjoyed that” he said.

We lay there making out for about 20 minutes then David said “Maybe we should get cleaned up before we stick together”. Back in the bathroom the bath tub was still a mass of bubbles, so I let the water drain and we both jumped into the shower. While we were rinsing off I felt David’s dick slap me a couple of times and I realised that he had gone as hard as a rock again. I backed up against him expecting his dick to press into the small of my back, but David bent his knees to get a bit lower and pushed his dick between my thighs so that his dick head was just below my nut sack. I got 3 fingers around his glans and started to play with it as he fondled me and got me back to a full erection. I moved forward a little and pushed David’s dick head back along my taint (which was now covered in precum), and David rubbed it a few times as he prodded it into my tight little bud. I saw David pick something out of the soap dish and he said “Glad I thought to bring this with me” and he proceeded to unpack a condom and roll it over his slippery dick. After rubbing his sheath covered member along my crack and taint to scoop up his own precum to lube the sheath, he lined up with my anus and pushed hard.

David’s dick was of considerably greater girth than anything that had penetrated me before so I knew that I was going to be stretched, and sure enough, it hurt. Even though the pain had brought tears to my eyes, I was determined not to let David know, but I think he sensed my discomfort as he was very gentle and careful. He eased in a little at a time, pausing to allow me to get used to it, then when he was right in, he waited for me to relax. Soon after he started to move inside me the pain began to fade and was replaced by a far more enjoyable sensation. This coupled with David kissing my neck, rubbing his hands round my chest and tummy and giving my package an occasional grope, soon got me panting and moaning. I don’t know which of us was the more vocal but the bath room was soon filled with little cries, sighs, and the sound of wet skin slapping together. All too soon David’s thrusts became erratic and he hugged me very tightly. He whispered into my ear “Here I go again”, and then he started to tremble and gave a long sigh. I think at that point, his knees gave out because I found I was supporting his full weight and he was gradually slipping out of me. He slowly collapsed onto the floor where he sat looking apologetically at me and said “Sorry Joe, I didn’t get you off”.

With that he scrambled into a kneeling positon and took my dick in his mouth. I was very close to blowing it but David was very good at edging me and for the next minute or so he moved his lips and tongue tantalisingly slowly around my dick head. Then he got back to his feet and having discarded the condom, rubbed his soft slippery dick around my throbbing boner, before stretching his foreskin over my glans. He had a generous foreskin and with his dick being flaccid, he was easily able to encompass the whole of my head. He wanked me with his foreskin, slowly at first but then with increasing speed, causing me to empty my sack in a few seconds. My ejaculation caused David’s foreskin to balloon and after I’d finished cumming, he squeezed the bulge causing our dicks to burst apart. We embraced, hugged and kissed for a few minutes then moved apart and let the shower clean us up. We got dressed, tidied the bath room and bedroom then watched some TV while we waited for our families to return.

Unfortunately there was no further occasion during their stay that we were left alone again, but even so, there was hardly a night where we didn’t meet up in the small hours and quietly get one another off, one way or the other. The time soon came for them to leave us and having finalised plans for us to visit them the following year, we took them to the airport. When we said our good byes, David gave my hand a special squeeze and gave me a wink, leaving me to imagine what he might have in mind for next year.

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