Welcoming Janet to the the Club


I last left you at a party that John’s aunt DeRonda was throwing. John’s aunt was waiting for him in the study as he had some explaining to do to her. Mostly about what happened after the game Saturday, he had told a rather large group of people outside the locker room that he was not going to play football any more. John had gotten upset with the crowd because someone had pushed me to the ground to get to him.

John slowly walked toward the study; I could see his hands rubbing at his thighs as he neared the door. He does that when he is upset or pissed about something. John turned toward Gina and I just before he opened the door, he gave us both a little wink before he entered. I watched as John knocked at the door and slowly opened it. However he closed it again and stood outside the door so I figured his aunt was busy or something.

Gina was walking me into the main room where we mingled with the other guests. Some of the guests I knew and others I did not. Most of them all kept telling me that they had been looking forward to this night for a long time. I glanced back to John to see that he was still standing outside the door to the study.

“Just what is this party?” I asked Gina stopping us in the middle of the room.

“It’s your homecoming party,” Gina replied with a smile on her face. “Well it is more like your inauguration into the life style,” Gina added.

“What life style?” I asked not having a clue to what was going on.

“My cousin, told you nothing about tonight?” Gina replied shaking her head. “You have better talk to him then,” she added.

I turned to see that John was just entering the study. I walked back toward the study as the door slowly closed but then stopped about a quarter of the way opened. I stood outside the door for a while deciding whether to enter or not. I thought back to another time I entered a closed door and got my butt spanked hard for it. I rather leaned against it as I looked in through the gap of the door.

It was probably wrong of me to stand by the door eavesdropping like I was but I was not sure if I was welcomed into their conversation or not. I could see that his aunt was sitting behind her desk looking all official like.

“Sit down John,” DeRonda said in a rather stern voice. I watched John take a seat in front of her desk.

DeRonda got up from behind her desk and she walked over to in front of John sitting in the chair. I could sense that John was waiting for her to tear into him about the incident. DeRonda leaned her ample lovely ass back against the desk as she folded her arms under her massive tits. That caused them to heave up showing vast amount of cleavage as she stood there looking at John.

“Now what is this I heard about you catching Janet with another man?” DeRonda asked sternly.

“It was no big deal and she and I worked it out that’s all,” John replied.

“OH I see you two worked it out and ADAM took his punishment,” DeRonda replied. “I will let that slide as Adam is going to be a welcomed addition to our little fun group,” DeRonda added.

“Aunt DeRonda,” “I am going to let Janet be available for now on during our swing parties,” John said.

“Why now?” DeRonda asked with a curious look on her face.

John told her that he really enjoyed sharing me and that he loved to watch me having sex with other men. John told his aunt that it reminded him of watching her with other men when the two of them started swinging. I would like you to lift all restrictions from other members of our little club from having access to her.

DeRonda unfolded her arms and placed them beside her on her desk, she leaned forward a little toward John. When she did, I got a lovely view down the top of her little red dress that she had on. My pussy twitched and I drooled at how her big tits almost fell out of her dress.

“John, this club is yours if you remember right it was you that started us down this lifestyle,” “Now if you are asking me if I think Janet is ready to join, then my answer is yes,” DeRonda replied with a smile. “John you are still the head of our little club here, I just make sure everything runs smoothly,” DeRonda added.

This is John’s club, I thought as I stood there in the doorway. I had often wondered just how they got involved with swinging and how it all started. I made a note in the back of my mind to ask John just how this little club of his got formed.

“Everyone enjoys themselves here only because of you Aunt DeRonda,” John said. “One more thing,” “I am going to make Janet my little slut just like I did you when we first started the club,” John replied with a smile .

DeRonda smiled at John as she said, “That could be just what she needs and I am OK with it,” DeRonda replied before she turned around picking up a newspaper from her desk.

“Now what is this I am hearing about you not playing football again,” “And also what the hell is this shit all about?” DeRonda asked as she threw a newspaper down in front of him.

On the front page of tomorrows newspaper the title read “Local football hero shows his support to his fans.” There was a picture of John standing there with his hands above his head flipping the middle finger to everyone. John explained to his aunt about what happened after the game.

“Aunt DeRonda if I had known that there were reporters there I would not have done that.” “However I stand by what I just informed them at the gate.” “That if any harm ever comes to Janet from a mob scene like that again I will not play football,” John said to his aunt looking her dead into her eyes.

“Besides Janet comes first in my life, nothing else matters,” John said.

DeRonda stood there for a while before she once again folded her arms in front of her as she asked, “John, does she even come before I do?”

“I am sorry to have to tell you Aunt DeRonda, Yes she does,” John replied. “My love for her cannot be measured,” “My feelings for her do not come from my cock or from my head, for it is my heart that guides me with Janet,” John added.

“My dear little boy John is no longer,” DeRonda said leaning toward John as she stroked her hand up and down the side of his face.

I watched as a big smile came over her face as she said, “I can still remember picking you up off the park field when you were playing bantam football after you had skinned your knee,” “I remember holding you and telling you that everything would be all OK.”

“I remember telling you that someday if you practiced real hard you would become the best player on the field,” “I remember that I also told you that someday this town would worship you and when that day came you would make me so proud,” DeRonda went on telling John as she rubbed at his face.

“I know and I have left you down with this ugly incident after the game,” John replied as he hung his head down.

DeRonda placed her fingers under his chin and as she raised his head she said, “Not at all my dear boy, you made me proud because you remembered something else I have been teaching you your whole life.” “That being love with your heart, think with your heart not with your dick, you are willing to give up your own and everyone else’s dreams and hopes for Janet.”

John managed an little smile as DeRonda added, “Today I realized you are no longer that little boy with that skinned knee that I patched up, today I realized you’re a man,” as a solid lone tear slowly rolled down his aunt’s face.

John stood up from his chair and he embraced his aunt tightly in his powerful arms. He held her tightly against his manly chest as he told her that he had told the reporters that he would play still but no more interviews and that if Janet ever gets hurt again, he was through with football for good.

DeRonda pulled herself a little away from John as she said, “I know I had the speaker gate on so I heard every word you told them,” as she peered upward into his blue green sparkling eyes.

“Football is but a game, the real challenge is life,” “I do believe you have finally met that challenge and I will stand with you no matter what you choose to do in your life,” DeRonda added still staring upward into his eyes.

I stood there in the doorway watching them as they stood there in each other’s arms. I could imagine what she was feeling as I had been in her place so many times. Watching them just standing there staring at each other reminded me of what I feel when I am in his arms. I watched as John used his finger to wipe away that lone tear from her eye. A smile appeared on DeRonda’s face when he did.

John’s finger and hand went from her face to the back of her head as he ran his hand through her long red hair before he pulled her face to his. John pressed his lips to her lips as he kissed her deep and with passion. John’s hands roamed to her butt as he rolled his lips against hers. John’s powerful hands squeezed at her ass as he pulled her tighter against his body.

I stood there behind the door looking in as I watched John slowly rocking his muscular body into his aunt’s body. I could almost feel the heat from the passion in their kisses, as they stood there embraced in each other’s arms. I could see DeRonda’s head rolling from side to side, as she rolled her luscious lips over his.

I had never taken the time to watch the two of them during any of our lovemaking’s together. I could see and feel the love the two of them had for each other as they stood there kissing deeply. I watched as DeRonda slipped her hand down between them. I knew she was rubbing her hand against the front of his pants.

My own pussy twitched as I watched John’s hands pulling his aunts red short dress up exposing her butt. DeRonda had on a garter belt holding up a pair of black nylon hose. My hand slipped under my own dress as John caressed his aunt’s ass with his hand. I heard DeRonda cooing as John worked his hand around her ass. DeRonda broke their kiss as my hand rubbed my pussy.

“Make love to me John like I was Janet, please fuck me like I was your slut once again,” DeRonda said in her ultra sexy voice.

John rather danced DeRonda over to the edge of her desk. He slipped her short red dress up over her long flowing red hair and off her tossing it to the floor. DeRonda stood there in high heels, a black satin fancy push up bra with a black and red garter belt attached to black nylons with no panties. I could see her flaming red pussy hair sticking out from the front of her pussy.

I slipped my finger into my pussy as I watched his aunt slowly unbutton John’s shirt. She kissed at that manly chest of his as she unsnapped each button. DeRonda peeled the shirt from John taking time to rub her hands over his muscular arms before letting it fall to the floor. John’s back muscles flexed as DeRonda ran her hand up over his manly chest.

John reached behind her unhooking her bra. He skillfully removed her bra causing her huge juicy breasts to bounce as they fell from her bra. I licked at my lips wishing I was running my tongue across her hard thick nipples that I could see standing out from her breasts. John wrapped his arms around DeRonda pulling her against himself.

“I have often thought it was so wrong to have left you seduce me back when you were a mere boy,” “But I would do it all again if I had too,” DeRonda cooed sexily as her breasts rubbed against his manly chest.

They danced in each other’s arms as their lips locked in a deep passionate kiss as they turned sideways. I could see DeRonda’s breasts smashed against his chest. The sides of her breasts were ballooning outward as John pulled her tighter against himself. Their nipples rubbing as he pulled her tighter into himself. I used one of my hands to rub and pinch at my own nipples longing to feel his or hers nipples against mine.

I watched as his aunt broke their kiss as her hands slipped to the belt of his pants. I rubbed at my pussy and at my tits as she undid his belt slowly letting his pants slip down to the floor. I slipped a finger up into my pussy as DeRonda rubbed and toyed with his cock through his underwear.

DeRonda pulled his underwear down as John stepped out from them. I slipped another finger up into my pussy as I watched his hard cock bouncing and dancing in front of his aunt. I dug even harder at my pussy as DeRonda slipped down to her knees in front of John. She took his cock into her hand and played with it before bringing her mouth close to it.

My fingers danced in my pussy as I watched DeRonda flick her tongue around the head of his cock. DeRonda then just inhaled his cock into her mouth; she took all of his cock deep into her mouth right off the bat. John moaned softly as I watched her cheeks suck in as she skillfully sucked at his cock with it all in her mouth.

Christ his aunt could suck some cock let me tell you. I have tried many times to suck as she does with the whole fucking cock in your mouth but I almost always gag especially if it is John’s cock. My pussy juices started to leak from under me as I toyed at my pussy with my fingers.

John started to pump his cock in and out of her mouth as she just kept sucking her cheeks in. I suddenly heard voice behind me as I removed my hand from under my dress. I closed the door a bit standing there with my back to the door. I looked to see that Angelo and another man were walking toward me.

“Miss Janet is you OK you look a little flushed,” Angelo said as he neared me.

I just smiled and nodded my head as I replied, “Yes I am fine thank you.”

I felt my pussy twitching as my juices were still dripping from my pussy onto gaziantep evi olan escort my tightly closed thighs as I stood there. Angelo gave me a little wink before he and the other man continued on their way. I believed that they were heading outside toward the back garden. As soon as they walked out the door, I pushed the door to the study back open enough that I could see inside.

DeRonda was lying on her desk with her legs up high. John bent over with his face buried between her legs. Her hands entwined in his hair as he rocked his face against her pussy. I slipped two fingers back up into my wet pussy as I listened to the slurps of his tongue as he licked at her wet pussy.

“AHhhhh JOHN I am going to squirt,” DeRonda cried out.

John just seemed to lick harder and faster at his aunt’s pussy. I dug my two fingers deep into my own pussy searching for my special spot. I had to bite my lips to stop the moans escaping my mouth as my fingers dug into the spot. My legs shook as my pussy left go just a little squirt of its juices. My pussy squirted a big load of wet juices as I hear DeRonda moaning loudly as her orgasm over took her.

“SHIT Fuck me JOHN,” “Fuck me,” DeRonda started to scream repeatedly.

I was back to just rubbing at my pussy as John stood up. I watched him take his cock into his hand and as he placed her legs up on his shoulders. John placed his cock to her pussy and he buried it fully and deep into her waiting hole. DeRonda moaned loudly again as his cock entered her.

John was still for a few seconds. Then I saw him licking at her legs as he started to push his cock in and out. Well I should make that as he rammed his cock in and out; for he was fucking her full throttle from the get go.

I could hear just how wet DeRonda’s pussy was from the sex sounds filling the room. I started to tease my clit with my fingertip as I watched John fucking the hell out of his aunt. I could only hear moans of pleasure coming from her as John drove his cock into her. John’s muscular back flexed each time he drove that lovely big cock into her.

DeRonda rose her head up from the desk as she said, “Take me from behind.”

John dropped her legs from his shoulders as he pulled his aunt from the desk. They kissed passionately before DeRonda turned and she laid her upper body across the desk. John rather stepped to the side giving me a perfect view of her, as her ass was high in the air. I could see that her pussy was all shiny and wet from her juices.

“God your ass makes my cock jump as much now as it did the first time I saw it,” John said as his cock danced beside his aunt’s butt.

I rubbed harder at my swollen clit as John slipped his cock up and down between her ass cheeks a few times. He squatted down a little bit as he placed his cock into her pussy. DeRonda moaned loudly as he buried his cock fully up her from behind. John was soon slamming his cock wildly into her as she bent over her desk.

I had a small but powerful orgasm from rubbing my clit as he fucked her hard from behind. The door moved as I leaned against it as my orgasm raced through my body. Luckily, I caught myself as I fell into the room or I would have fell to the floor. I closed the door behind me as I leaned against it still watching the two of them.

I ran my whole hand down between my legs getting my fingers sticky with my love juices. I licked my own juices from my fingers as I watched John fucking her deep and hard. It came to me then just how turned on I was watching John fucking his aunt. I swear it was almost as if he was fucking me.

DeRonda was moaning and yelling that she was going to cum again. John just kept banging her from behind. I watched as John’s cock slipped from his aunt’s pussy on one of his backstrokes. When it did, DeRonda moaned loudly and I saw her pussy juices flowing down onto the floor. John stepped back to watch her juices streaming out.

He stepped back in behind her but before he could slip his cock back into her pussy. DeRonda rose a little ways up off her desk as she looked back to him. DeRonda was breathing heavily and she had that I just had a good fucking look on her face as she looked at him.

“Fuck me in my ass John,” DeRonda moaned out.

John just stood there for a few seconds before he replied, “You sure about that?”

“YES, Fuck me like you do your little slut Janet,” DeRonda yelled out before she turned and lay her upper body back down on her desk.

John stepped to the side again as he used his hand to wipe at her wet pussy from behind. He smeared her juices up between her butt cheeks. John pulled her butt cheeks apart using both of his large hands. With her butt cheeks apart, he lowered his face as his started to lick wildly at her exposed asshole.

“AHHh yeah tongue my butt,” DeRonda moaned loudly as she started to rock her ass back against his tongue.

John licked at her butt hole from a while before he started to drive his tongue in and out of her asshole. I know that was what he was doing, as his head was not moving any more. DeRonda just cooed as he probed her asshole with his tongue.

“FUCK MY ASS,” DeRonda moaned out loudly.

John popped up from behind her and I watched him take hold of his cock. He placed his cock to her asshole and he eased just the head of his cock up into it. DeRonda moaned softly as he eased his cock slowly up into her butt. John worked about half of his cock up into her and he stopped.

He held his cock there not moving; DeRonda started to slowly rock back against his cock. She took her hands to the edge of the desk and she used them to work more of her ass back onto his cock. I knew that John could only hold back for so long before he would fuck the hell out of her butt.

John’s hands went up on to his aunt’s hips and he started to drive his cock in and out of her asshole. DeRonda’s hands gripped tightly at the edge of the desk as John plowed his cock in and out of her butt. She only left out one little yelps before she started to moan and coo. John fucked her hard and deep for about five minutes or so.

“Fuck my ass, fill it with your cum,” DeRonda yelled out still gripping tightly onto the edge of the desk.

John had sweat pouring from his upper body as he slammed his cock harder into his aunt’s butt. His body was shiny and his butt cheeks would go tight each time he rammed that cock home. He gave four or five more deep strokes into her ass before he slammed his cock deeply into her.

DeRonda moaned out loudly, “AHHhhhh Fuck.”

John’s head looked upward as he yelled, “I am filling your ass JANET.”

Yes, I had heard it right John had called her Janet as his cock shot its load of cum deep up into her ass. I just leaned harder into the wall shocked and lost in my own thoughts. John twitched behind his aunt as he fired four or five good shots of cum deep into his aunt’s butt.

He finally fell forward kissing at his aunt’s back. DeRonda just laid there moaning softly not moving but still gripping tightly at the edge of the desk as he did. John stood back up and as he slipped his cock from her ass, I could see his cum running from her open asshole. DeRonda just laid there as John playfully rubbed at her ass.

I knew I had better sneak back out of the room before one of them saw me. I slowly opened the door and started to back my way out of the study. I had almost gotten out the door when I heard.

“No point in leaving now Janet,” DeRonda yelled.

I turned back to the desk and I saw she was still lying as she was. She had not even lifted her head up from the desk. I just froze as I stood there looking at her wondering how she had seen me.

John turned suddenly around looking toward me, “How long have you been in here?” He asked.

I did not get a chance to say anything as DeRonda replied, “She followed you in here, she been watching us the whole time,” as she rose her upper body from her desk.

“Sorry, the door was open,” I shyly replied staring at DeRonda.

DeRonda sat back down on top of her desk still dressed in her garter belt, black nylons and red high heel shoes. John bent down and he gathered up his clothes, he looked at me then to his aunt. DeRonda crossed her legs as they hung from her desk; it was almost as if she was posing on her desk. My pussy twitched as I gazed at her beauty.

“John, you go jump in the shower, I will deal with Janet,” DeRonda said with a smile.

John moved in front of DeRonda and I stood there watching as she wrapped her arms around his neck as he bent over. Their lips locked again in a passionate deep kiss. DeRonda broke their kiss as she whispered something into John’s ear.

John turned toward me and as he walked by me he stopped and said, “Slut my aunt is in charge of you and you will do as she says or else,” with a little wink at me before he closed the door behind himself.

I turned to DeRonda who told me to come over and sit down in the chair. I did exactly what she told me to do. DeRonda just sat there on her desk with her legs still crossed on the desk with those lovely big tits just hanging there. DeRonda gave me a stern harsh long look.

“I want to talk to you Janet first,” “Then I will get to your punishment for eavesdropping on us,” she said giving me a little smile.

“This little party that is happening tonight is to introduce you as the newest member of our little swing club here,” DeRonda said as she smiled down at me.

DeRonda told me that John has given his OK. She told me that I would be able to have fun with any of the members of the club. DeRonda also told me that if I did not want to have fun with someone all I had to tell them was thanks but no thanks. It was my choice of who I fucked she told me.

“That is unless John tells you to do someone, then my advice to you is to do it or pay the price for not obeying him,” DeRonda said with a little evil grin of her own. “So tell me Janet did you enjoy watching us?” DeRonda asked.

“Very much,” “I swear it was as if he was fucking me instead of you,” I replied.

DeRonda smiled and gave a little laugh as she said, “He was fucking you at least in his mind as that is all that boy thinks about; is you.”

“I know I am finally starting to realize that,” I replied smiling at her.

“Now you little fucking slut,” DeRonda yelled as she got off her desk. “Get up and bend over my desk and I suggest you make it fast,” DeRonda added in her harshest tone.

I jumped from the chair and went over to the desk I bent my upper body over the desk just as she had. My butt was high in the air with my dress barely covering my ass. I looked forward and I saw a mirror hanging on the wall. I saw that I could see the door way perfectly, so that was how she saw me. DeRonda walked to one of the desk drawers, she pulled out a ping-pong paddle from it.

She walked back behind me; I felt her lifting my skirt exposing my butt. DeRonda rubbed at my butt with hers hands from a while. I was just starting to enjoy the massaging action of her hands on my butt when I felt the sting of the ping-pong paddle hitting against my ass.

“These are for eavesdropping,” DeRonda said as she gave my butt around six or seven rather medium slaps of the paddle.

DeRonda rubbed her hands over my ass again for a few seconds then she gave me another ten hard smacks from the paddle. My pussy twitched as I felt my ass heating up from the paddling she was giving me. I pinched at both of my nipples as she spanked my butt as I lie there on her desk. I was heating up from the spanking she was giving me.

“Those were for not knowing just how much my nephew loves you,” DeRonda said.

DeRonda rubbed at my butt again as I squirmed on the desk top. I felt her slip her hands down between my parted legs. My pussy sucked at her fingers as she shoved a couple up into it. DeRonda started to take her fingers in and out, as I pumped my pussy back against her fingers.

I felt her digging her fingers deeper into my pussy; I felt her fingers touch my special spot. I was waiting to feel my orgasm racing through my body. DeRonda pulled her fingers from my pussy just as I was ready to orgasm.

I felt the ping-pong paddle landing hard and fast on my butt. It was not pleasure I felt as the paddle landed upon my ass. I was crying after the fifth hit from the paddle or so. My ass was on fire and it hurt, I sobbed and cried as DeRonda gave me five more hard slaps.

“Those were to warn you,” “Do not break my nephews heart or else,” DeRonda said as she walked from behind me and put the paddle back away.

I lie there sobbing on the desk with my butt stinging madly. DeRonda came over and she helped me from the desk standing me up. I sobbed with my head looking down. DeRonda raised my head with her hand.

“Remember my warning my dear,” DeRonda said as she wiped away my tears.

“I always will,” I replied as I wrapped my arms around her.

DeRonda held me and stroked at my hair as I sobbed gently against her shoulder. She whispered in my ear as she stroked my hair. John loves you very much as I do my dear. We stayed like that for the longest time until I had regained my composure.

Then DeRonda broke our embrace as she said, “Run along my dear I have to get ready for tonight,” before giving me a deep passionate kiss on my lips.

I closed the door to the study as I walked slowly out. My butt was warm but not stinging as bad as it was. As I walked out the door, I saw Gina walking toward me.

“Oh I see you and gaziantep fetiş escort mama had that talk,” Gina said as she wrapped her arm up around my shoulder. “Come we go to my room and let you dry those eyes,” Gina added.

We hurried up the stairs and as we walked down the hallway, John was coming down the hallway. He asked me if I had the talk with his aunt. I told him I did and that I felt her talk as well. I turned raising my skirt showing him my redden ass.

“Good now that is out of the way,” John replied giving me a little smile.

“Gina would you please get her refreshed and then bring her to me downstairs,” “You know what to have her wear,” John added before he gave us both a light kiss on our lips.

Gina and I walked on down to the hall to her room. Inside she pulled me a nice warm soothing bath, she added something that made the water tingle against my skin as I soaked in the tub. She bathed me as we talked. She told me that she was getting me ready to join the club. I asked her if she was a member of this little club. She told me yes and that her mama had done to her what she is doing to me.

After my bath, Gina took me into her bedroom where she handed me a black nylon cat suit that had ruffles up around the low cut top. Here you are to wear this. I slipped it on and checked myself in the mirror; it clung to my body so nicely. My big breast were perfect in it they spilled out over the top just enough. They were crotch less but also butt less as my ass hung out the back as well.

“You look lovely Janet,” “Are you ready?” Gina said.

“I guess so,” I replied.

Gina and I walked down the hallway to the stairs; John was waiting for us there. John was dressed only in a long red robe with gold striped down it. In a way, it looked more like a King’s garment than a robe. I was wondered about that and about where everyone went. Gina walked me over to John; she gave him a quick kiss before she turned back to me.

“I leave you with my cousin you in good hands,” Gina said before she gave me a deep passionate kiss.

Gina walked from the room leaving me standing there in front of John. He came over and he took me into his strong powerful arms. Our lips entwined as he kissed me deeply. That warm, secure, wonderful feeling fill my body right down to my soul as we kissed. I felt his hands wandering down to my exposed ass in the nylon cat suit. I was expecting to feel some pain as he ran his hands over my exposed butt. However, I felt none, my butt no longer hurt from the spanking.

I felt my tits grinding into his chest as we kissed. My mind flashed back to him having his aunt in his arms just as he does me. I felt my pussy start to twitch as ours tongue dwelled into each other’s mouth.

John broke our kiss as he said, “Come my queen your subjects await you,” with an evil little grin on his face.

John placed my arm in his as I walked beside him. John led me to a room I always called the ballroom just because it was so big. At the two double doors leading into the room, I saw that Angelo and the other man standing by the doors. John walked us up to the doors, Angelo and the other man swung the doors opened as we approached. I could see that there were two rows of people standing sort of milling around inside the room.

Angelo turned toward the inside of the room and he yelled, “Sir John approaches.”

The people milling around in the room formed two straight lines. I would have to say that there were about twenty-five people in each line. John patted at my hand, which was tightening around his. John walked me down between the two lines toward a lovely canopy style bed where DeRonda and Gina stood at each side of the bed. I noticed that there were all types of people there some were dressed up in bondage gear, togas, some in role playing gear, some in normal clothes.

Some of the people I knew as we walked between them. They were whispering to each other as we walked between them. I saw Mike, Julie from the porno shop. Ray was in line the person from my adventures at the mall. Steve the black person with that big black cock from my glory hole fun was in line. Phil the black person I just had fun with John was in line standing with the loveliest black girl I had ever seen.

The two of them gave me the biggest smile as we walked by. My pussy was getting wet just thinking back about the fun I had with these people. As we near the end of the two lines, I saw Kim standing there in full bondage gear. Adam was with her, he had a collar on with a leash that Kim was holding.

John walked us up to the end of the canopy bed. John looked toward DeRonda, then to Gina before he clapped his hands together once. The loud clap of his hands filled the room. It sounded almost like thunder from above as it filled and echoed in the room. The people in line stopped talking and they all looked toward us.

“Tonight people I give you my Queen, all who wish to welcome her may,” John said in a loud tone.

John turned to DeRonda and Gina as he said, “Please prepare the queen,” giving them both a wink as he did.

DeRonda and Gina came over to me and they helped me up onto the bed that was very comfortable. They placed pillows under my butt and my head. They were taking turns kissing me fully on my lips. They were both teasing my nipples of my tits with their fingers as I lie there in bed staring up at the lovely canopy above my head.

I was kissing them back as they kissed me. I felt them run their hands down my legs until they got to my ankles. They pulled my legs apart exposing my pussy as I lie on the bed. John moved around so that he was looking down at me as I lie in the bed. He bent down and gave me a quick kiss on my lips.

John whispered in my ear, “When you have had enough just say NO MORE,” giving me a smile.

“My subjects your Queen awaits your offerings,” John said as he stepped back.

I watched DeRonda and Gina joining him, they stood on each side of him. I had my head turned upward and back toward them just staring at them wondering what was going to happen. I suddenly felt a wet tongue licking at my pussy I turned to see some woman licking wildly at my pussy. I did not even know her name. The man with her climbed up onto the bed as well. He had his cock in his hand as he placed it near my face.

“I offer the queen my cock,” he said looking at John not at me.

John looked down at me and as he smiled he said, “Suck it my Queen.”

The man placed his cock at my mouth and I started to suck at it. It was an average size cock so it fit nicely in my mouth. I could taste his pre-cum leaking from it in a few minutes. The woman licking at my pussy was now fingering me as I sucked on that cock. My pussy was getting wet from her play.

The person I was sucking on lasted about five minutes before I tasted his cum shooting into my mouth. As he pulled out the woman, playing with my pussy climbed up on top of me kissing me deeply with her tongue. She fished for his cum in my mouth with her tongue.

She broke our kiss as she looked down at me and said, “Welcome my queen.”

As those two couple left, another couple came forward taking their place. This time they both took turns licking at my pussy and they pulled my tits from my cat suit as they each kissed and sucked at them. The woman slipped a finger deep in my pussy and she found my special spot. She soon had me squirming in the bed. I had a small wet orgasm, which splashed, from my pussy. The woman buried her face into my pussy licking wildly at my pussy bringing me to even another quick orgasm.

“The queen is as tasty as her king,” the woman said looking at John.

Next in line were two men, one of the men said, “May I offer my queen’s pussy my cock,” looking at me waiting for my reply.

John looked down at me and he said, “Remember all you have to say is No thanks.”

My pussy wanted to feel a cock deep in it so I told the man please give me some cock. He slipped his rather thick cock into me and he started to fuck me deep and hard. I sucked at the other nice big cock as he fucked me. The man came quickly in my pussy and I slipped the other cock from my mouth as I told him to fuck me as well.

“AHHhhh Fuck me,” I yelled out as he drove his cock up into me.

“Yes my queen,” the man replied before he placed my legs up onto his shoulder.

The man rubbed his cock up and down my wet pussy a few times before he slipped it back in. The man had a lovely cock right around seven maybe eight inches. His cock had a big curve in it so each time he ran his cock deep up my pussy it slid right across my special spot. The man was very skillful with his cock as well and he fucked me good for about 15 or 20 minutes. He rather rotated his hips as he fucked me deep and hard.

“AHHHH yes you’re going to make me cum,” I screamed out as I rolled my head from side to side.

“Fill the queen my good man,” John said looking on from the chair he was now sitting in next to the bed.

The man gave his lovely cock a few more pumps then he rammed it deep into my pussy. His cock swelled before I felt it start to twitch. The man moaned as he shot three or four loads deep in my pussy. When he had finished shooting his cum in me the man walked over to John and shook his hand.

“That is one hot fucking queen that you have there,” The man said to John.

I looked over to John and I saw that his big hard cock was sticking up out of his robe. We both smiled to each other. I also noticed that Gina was sitting beside him as well. Gina got off her chair and she came over to me in the bed.

Gina bent over to me on the bed as she wiped some sweat from my face and she said, “If you need anything just tell me I am here for you,” before she kissed me fully on my lips.

This went on for the next couple of hours. The people in line each came up and did something to me. Even if it just was a simple kiss and to say welcome my queen. I was having orgasms about at every other couple or so. I loved it just laying there as they used me how they wanted too. I was having a great time.

When it was Phil’s turn he walked up with that lovely black girl, he looked to John then to me as he said, “I give the queen sweet pussy as her king gave me today.”

The black girl bowed to me from the bottom of the bed. This woman was truly a beauty to behold. She was about five foot eight with short curly hair with beads in it. I gazed into her lovely eyes as she stood there. For the eyes are the window to a woman’s soul. My pussy started to twitch as I looked into hers; she had big beautiful eyes that grabbed my attention as they sparkled like stars.

Her lips were full, plump and so kissable that I was looking forward to planting soft sensual kisses upon them. She was dressed in a white and gold toga that showed her soft glowing skin nicely. My eyes fell upon her lovely big breasts; the toga ran down each side of her breasts exposing half of her rather ample tits.

My mouth watered as I seen her big nipples showing as they pushed at the toga fabric. The black girl slowly and so sexy like crawled up to me in the bed. Her luscious full lips went to mine as we kissed deeply and passionately. I felt her breasts rubbing against my own as she squirmed on top of me as we kissed. She spun around on top of me quickly and with ease; I found my head up under her toga.

I was staring up at a lovely, smooth black hairless pussy dripping with love juices. Her tongue started to lash out at my pussy so I took mine and licked at her hairless black box that was sitting on my face. I used my tongue to separate her hanging pussy lips before I jabbed it deep up into her. Her pussy tasted as sweet as honey as I ran my tongue in and out.

I placed my hands up onto her ass pulling her down against my tongue that was licking wildly at her tasty pussy. As I pulled her down against my face, I noticed that she had the loveliest cute butt hole I had ever seen. I could not resist; I used my hands to pull her butt cheeks apart slightly. I ran my tongue from her pussy up to her asshole. Where I ran my tongue in little circles around that cute butt hole.

“AHHHHHH SHIT,” the black woman moaned out as I jabbed my tongue into her asshole.

The black woman placed her mouth over my fully enraged clit. She started to suck on it as she rocked her face into my pussy. I was licking then plunging my own tongue in and out of her asshole as I pulled her butt cheeks apart.

I slipped a finger back into her pussy when I felt her finger run up into mine. I searched for her special spot as she searched for mine. The black girl moaned softly as my finger found her special spot first. Her pussy left go a powerful splash of its juices as my finger rubbed at it. I swear her asshole opened and swallowed my tongue as I jabbed it deep into her ass. That kicked in my most powerful orgasm of the night.

My pussy shook and convulsed as it sprayed out love juices in many directions. We both were flopping around in the bed like two wet fish out of the water as our orgasms continued. When we had both came back down to earth she spun around and she licked at my lips.

“Lovely and tasty you are my queen,” she said before she got off.

“As are you my dear,” I replied giving her a lovely big smile.

I turned to look at John; he asked me, “Have you had enough?”

“No but I sure could use a break if I am allowed.” I replied giving him my puppy dog look.

John turned to Gina who smiled at me then yelled out, “The gaziantep bayan escort queen is taking a break.”

John helped me sit up in the bed. He asked me if I was enjoying my welcoming. I told him yes very much before wrapping my arms around him and kissing him deeply with the black girl’s juices all over my face. I told him that I really enjoyed Phil’s girlfriend. John told me that he was sure we would be seeing a lot more of Tamika. I told him I sure hoped so as we walked over to get some snacks and something to drink.

After about a thirty-minute break I climbed back up onto the bed. I looked around and I saw there were still a lot of people here in the ballroom. While others were in other parts of the house playing but most were still in here. I noticed that there was music playing and dancing going on as well.

Over the speakers that music was playing from I heard Gina as she said, “The queen is back and she awaits.”

Soon people were coming up once again to welcome me. I was enjoying how they were welcoming me as well. Ray the older man from the mall with the nice fat cock came up and he offered the queen his cock. As Ray got between my legs, John came over and stopped him.

“Ray, take the queens ass,” John said to him. He looked at me and he said, “Slut you will give him your ass.”

I was going to tell him no because of just how thick Rays cock is. Hopwever I did not instead I got up onto my hands and knees on the bed. My ass was sticking high in the air when I felt someone rubbing some type of lotion around and into my asshole. I turned to find that it was Gina rubbing my asshole. My asshole started to feel all warm and tingling as she toyed with my asshole.

“This will ease it in better,” she whispered into my ear before she walked back to John.

Ray got back behind me and I felt him pushing the head of his cock into my asshole. Rays cock is right around the thickness of a beer bottle so I was not sure his cock would even fit into my asshole. I tried to relax as he slowly worked the head into my butt. I was looking at John as he stuck his cock into my ass.
“Slow and easy please Ray,” I moaned out as he eased his cock up my ass.

It seemed like suddenly my ass muscles relaxed and I felt that big fat cock slipping all the way up in me. At least his cock was only about five inches long. Ray slowly started to fuck my asshole. In a few pumps, I was working my ass back onto his cock. His fat cock felt good as it slid in and out of my warm asshole.

I was looking right at John as Ray fucked my ass. Gina pointed to John’s hard cock then pointed to her mouth. I shook my head yes, for I knew she wanted to suck his cock. Gina got down on her knees in front of John and she started to suck on his cock. John was watching me take Ray’s cock in my ass as I watched Gina sucking on him.

“Yeah fuck my ass with that fat cock,” I screamed as I looked at John.

I no sooner got it out of my mouth than I felt Ray‘s cock tense up and he was shooting his cum into my ass. Damn it I thought it was just starting to feel good too. Rays cock slipped from my asshole followed by a trickle of his cum. I was still on my hands and knees as I started to pump my ass against the air looking at John with a pouting look.

“I want more,” I moaned out hoping that he would stick his cock in me.

“Fuck your queen in her ass slave,” I heard Kim say from the other side of the bed.

“Yes Mistress Kim,” Adam replied like a good slave.

I felt Adam getting behind me as Kim climbed up onto the bed with me. Kim positioned herself in front of me. She parted her lovely thick legs as she offered me her hairy pussy to lick as she had her slave fuck me up my butt.

I looked into Kim’s dark hairy pussy; it was thick as ever. I used my hands to part her hair exposing those lovely hanging lips of hers. I felt Adam pushing his cock up into my butt from behind. I started to lick at Kim’s pussy as he eased his cock up my asshole. Adam was soon slowly fucking my butt deep with his cock. I started to work my butt back toward his cock each time he pushed it forward.

“FUCK the slut Queen harder slave,” Kim yelled out.

Adam did as she had told him. I was lapping wildly at Kim’s pussy as he fucked me deep and hard. I could feel his balls slapping into my clit as he rammed his cock in and out of my asshole. Kim pumped her pussy at my face as she told me how good I was eating her pussy.

I slipped my tongue from her pussy replacing it with my finger. I searched for her special spot as my tongue licked at her swollen clit. When I found her spot, I sucked at her clit as I rubbed at her spot. Kim rocked her pussy toward my mouth.

You’re going to make me cum slut,” Kim yelled out.

I sucked at her clit hard then removed my mouth as I pressed upward on her spot. Kim moaned wildly as her pussy left go. Kim love juices were splashing all over my face. One long continues squirt sprayed from her open pussy. Just as she left go, I felt Adam ram his cock deep into my ass.

“AHHHHhh fuck give that cum,” I moaned out looking to see that Gina was still sucking at John‘s cock.

I felt Adam’s cock swell then start to throb in my ass. It jerked and twitched as it shot about four nice heavy loads deep into my ass. I had a small powerful orgasm as each blast entered my ass. I felt his soft cock slipping from my ass as his cum started to run from my asshole. I got up just on my knees as did Kim, she wrapped her arms around me and we kissed deeply and with passion as we slipped our tongues into each others mouths.

Kim broke our kiss as she said; “Thank the queen slave.” as she gave Adam’s leash a little jerk.

“Thank you my queen,” Adam said as he winked then bowed his head.

“I seen that slave,” Kim yelled out. She gave his leash a big tug as she added, “I think we need to go see Aunt DeRonda,” as she herself gave me a wink.

Gina came over and she pushed me face down into the bed. She got behind me between my legs where she used a wet warm towel to wipe his cum running from my butt. She kissed and licked at my back and neck as she cleaned me up.

She flipped me over so that I was facing her. She climbed on top of me kissing me deeply on my lips. She opened her mouth and cum ran into mine. John had blown his load into her mouth and now she was sharing it with me. I used my tongue to get every drop from her. We both looked to John and smiled at him. He just smiled back as he rubbed at his cock as we kissed deeply again.

She broke our kiss as she said, “I may have to have you for breakfast again.”

I lay back down in the bed as Gina went over and sat with John once more. Another group came up and had their way with me. I had 69’s with woman and men. I had tongues and cocks in my pussy. I lost count of how many time I had came. I had just taken a man’s cock from behind lying flat on the bed, I was thinking about ending the fun for the night.

“My Queen I offer you my cock for your enjoyment,” I heard in a deep voice.

I flipped over onto my back and I saw Steve the black man from the glory hole story. I looked down to see that he had that big black cock of his in his hand pumping it. I turned toward John as he sat there with Gina beside him. John gave me a little smile and a nod of his head.

I moved to the edge of the bed as I sat there I wrapped my hand around his big black cock. I swear it felt bigger than I remembered. I pumped at his cock as I looked at John. I could see that he had a big raging hard on himself. I used both my hands to pump on Steve’s big black cock. Pre-cum started to flow from his cock as I pumped on it with my hands.

I turned to John and I asked, “Do you want me to fuck this big black cock?”

“YES,” He yelled out.

I smiled at him as I replied, “I will but only if Gina fucks you,” I replied giving him my evil grin.

John did not even get to say anything because Gina spoke up, “You heard that, the queen has spoken.”

Gina threw open John’s robe exposing his hard big cock as he sat there in the chair. Gina got another chair and placed it in front of John. She told Steve to sit down in the chair, which he did with his big black cock throbbing in the air. I went over to John giving him a kiss then I whispered in his ear you sure about this.

“Fuck that big black cock slut like you did before,” John replied giving me a big smile.

Shit he knows I fucked that big black cock I thought as I stood there. However, I did not have time to react as Gina pushed me away toward Steve. By now there were people standing around us watching what was going on.

Gina said, “OK here are the rules, there are none,” “The winner is who ever makes their cock cum first.” “The winner gets the loser for a whole day,” Gina, added looking at me.

“Sounds fair to me,” I replied because I knew that Steve was quick on the trigger and Gina all ready made John cum once so I knew he was going to last a while.

“On your mark go,” I added as I dropped to my knees in front of Steve’s big black cock as he sat in the chair.

Gina was still standing as I started to pump at Steve’s big black cock with my hands. I turned to see her dropping to her knees doing the same thing to John. I tried to take most of that big black cock into my mouth however there was no way I was going to take it all.

I glanced over to Gina; she had all of John’s cock in her mouth as she pulled at his balls. I knew if Gina pulled at them just right, she could make him cum at the drop of a dime. I pulled my mouth off Steve’s big black cock; I stood up and jumped into his lap with my legs going to the outside of him and the chair.

I put my arms around his neck and I rose up a little as I felt him placing his cock at my pussy. I slipped my pussy down onto his big black cock. Even with all the fucking I just had, it took me a while until I had worked all of his big cock into my pussy. Once I had him deep in my pussy, I started to move up and down on it fast and hard.

His cock felt good in my pussy as I moved out it. Steve reached behind me and he gripped my butt cheeks as he started to pull me faster up and down on his big cock. My pussy juices really started to flow and wet pussy sounds escaped as I rode his cock. I started to have multiple orgasms as I moved my pussy up and down his big black cock.

“AHhhh Fuck,” I moaned loudly as I felt my juices flowing over his cock.

I turned to see that Gina was now fucking John however, she was riding him cowgirl style. She was facing me watching me going up and down on Steve’s cock. In fact, it looked like she was just sitting there with his cock up her not moving at all, as John played with her tits. I wondered just what she was up too; I did not have to wait long to find out.

“Janet I am going to give you a chance to call this bet off,” Gina said with a smile on her face.

I turned to her still riding that big black cock as I replied, “You’re just afraid you are going to lose,” “No way, besides I can feel his cock starting to throb in my pussy.”

“OK Girl I gave you a chance,” Gina replied as she started to work her pussy up and down on John’s cock.

“Look cousin as that slut of yours rides that big black cock,” “It is stretching her pussy well,” said Gina.

As I turned to look at her she went on as she said, “Cousin I bet that fucking slut wishes her daddy was here so she could be sucking his cock as that black cock fills her full.”

I heard John start to moan as Gina said, “I bet she would love to have her daddies cock up her asshole as she rode that black cock too,” “Or maybe you should just have her take that big black cock in her ass right now,” as she smiled at me

“That’s not fair,” I screamed out.

“AHHhh I am going to shoot,” John screamed right after I said that.

I worked my pussy down even harder on Steve’s black cock. I was hoping to make him cum in me first. However, I started to enjoy it a little to bit and about five minutes later as I got lost in my own orgasm, I felt Steve shot his cum deep into my pussy.

I got off Steve and as I did his cum farted from my pussy as it splashed to the floor. I looked over at Gina she was sanding next to John smiling. John was smiling as well. Gina pointed to the floor in front of John’s chair. I looked and I saw a big puddle of cum lying there.

“Sorry my queen, but it looks like you are Gina’s slut for a day,” John said giving me his little evil grin.

I walked over to him and I just smiled as I sat down in his lap wrapping my arms around him as I said, “That’s OK I still have my king that is all that matters to me,” before I kissed him deep and with much passion.

Steve was the last person to welcome the queen that night. I had enough sex for one night. John took me around the rest of the night and properly introduced me to everyone. I really wanted to meet Tamika, Phil’s girlfriend but John told me they had to leave early as Phil had a business to run in the morning.

The people I met that night all members of his little club were the nicest people I had ever met. They all seemed so carefree, happy and fun loving people. The couples I met that night I could tell that they were truly in love with each other.

They were not falling over each other or pushing me out of the way to get to John. I do not even remember anyone saying anything about football the whole night. John and I spent the rest of the night talking and dancing with our guests. We stayed up until the wee hours of the morning enjoying ourselves. We spent the night there sleeping in each other’s arms which will bring this chapter to a end.

Sorry it was a little long but I wanted to get everything in this chapter. Please let me know if you enjoyed it. There will be more fun and bad times in my life to come in my next Chapter.

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