Wonder woman takes on a class.


Gal Gadots agent contacted her to inform her of a scheduled talk he had set up with a 9th grade class. Gal pulled up outside a high school early saturday morning. Getting out of her car she observed students walking into the building entering the school she went to the auditorium. she estimated that about sixty young students were in the seats waiting for her to speak. She stepped out onto the stage and walked behind the stand. She began talking to the students about the opportunities for them in Hollywood. As she spoke four young women came up behind her they grabbed her and laid her down on the stage. They quickly stripped her until she was completely nude. Holding her down with her legs spread wide they laughed and explained that she was going to get fucked by everyone in the room. She watched as all of the student lined up and began fucking her. Somes three at a time. Males and females made love to her. After eight hours everyone had taken a turn or two. Exhausted she lay still and naked until she heard claws scratching across the floor. She looked up and saw three male dogs running towards her. She screamed as sshe was turned over and the first dog entered her asshole unmercifully fucking her. She was rolled over and lay on under her fuckking her anal passage. Then gaziantep bayan escort ilanları a second dog mounted her entering her vagina and fucking her. The third dog straddled her face shoving his engorged penis into her mouth and growled snapping at her until she began sucking him. They each took a turn at each position. This continued for hours with her passsing out only to come too and it continued. Gal came many times until hours later students came out and showed her they had filmed it all and informed her she belonged to them and would return for more once a month for a weekend of sex or they would post the movie to the internet. Gal returned once a month for a three day marathon sex session with students and their pets. The worst was when they forced snakes into her pussy , anus , and mouth. She knew they owned her. This continued for years and she had three children and never knew who was the father. They occassionally tried different forms of sex experimenting on her. One time they took her out to a local horse farm tied her to a horse so she hung beneath its body and stimulated the horse positioning its cock at her vaginal entrance. Then ran him in a circle she thought she was being gaziantep bayan eskort torn apart as the cock grew in her. They stopped before it did but she and the horse orgasmed and its cum filled her spraying out of her. They tied her down sprayed her crotch with cream and let kittens lick it from her pussy. They also licked her juices when she orgasmed. The worst that they did was took her to the slums and forced her to have sex with bums and street people. Males and females enjoyed her body as well as unusual animals. Being deathly afraid of snakes she screamed when they brought a snake anf forced it into her pussy she felt it go into her abdomen and going in and out of her pussy she orgasmed when it dragged across her clit. Then it just stuck its head out and continuously dragged itself over her clit forcing her to cum dozens of times. It layed its eggs in her womb where months later walking down the sidewalk in a short skirt and no panties baby snakes began dropping from her pussy. People filmed this and became known as snake woman. After this she could be out in public and suddenly get grabbed stripped and forced to have sex with anyone or anything the event getting posted to her internet website. Everyone gaziantep escort loved her she was a beautiful young woman. Petite at about five foot two inches long legs and a tanned body average size breasts but wth large aureolas. Eraser size nipples that hardened with hardly any stimulation. She was twenty six at the time and her website bragged that she had had over two thousand lovers human and animal. Her movie and television career continued but her sexual activity were hushed up but she became Hollywoods whore going to parties and being the entertainment. Many times she was forced to go to other celebrities parties for their older offspring to initiate them into sex. They could brag that wonder woman had taken their cherry. She was filmed having sex with animals , men , and woman young and old it was the best kept secret of Hollywood. The most requested event was her naked in a large pool and a serpent released in the pool where it would enter her vagina going in out over her clit until she had a massive orgasm. The next most requested event was her swimming nude with male dolphins that were trained to fuck her in the water. One would ener her anus another entered her pussy and a third would swim by her head and she would suck him off or a female dolphin would swim until she ate the dolphins cunt. Gal was used and abused by many animals , men , and women for the entertainment of powerful groups. She was injected with a drug that fooled her body into thinking it was pregnant so she would produce breast milk for which she was milked and the milk sold for hundreds of dollars a pint as wonder milk.

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