Youth Driven Passion Part 1

69 Position


Coming home wasn’t an easy choice for Alan. He hated that after doing so well at his writing career, he had to come back here. North Carolina was supposed to be his past. Now he was standing in front of the same house he had tried so hard to leave. He was angry with himself already.
As he pulled his bags out of the trunk, he tried to remember why he was back. Then he remembered it all. His friend, Aaron, was running a youth group with their old church. He needed help. And Alan needed to work on his new book. He figured that perhaps returning to North Carolina would help him over come the writer’s block.
The front door opened, commanding his attention. At first, he expected to see his constantly angry mother. Instead, it was someone that he had never met. She had the most beautiful shoulder length blonde hair. It just glowed so brightly in the sunlight. Her gray eyes looked into the inner most recesses of his soul. Her slim body curved delicately at her chest, forming the two loveliest breasts that he had ever seen. She had to be a D cup. And then there was the slim waist that led to a juicy ass that he longed to squeeze.
She walked toward him in a pink bikini top and tight skinny jeans. “Hey, Brother.”
The words made him pause. Alan looked her over once more. “Brianna?”
There was no way that this sexy little vixen was his fourteen-year-old little sister. That would mean that he had just been dreaming about fucking his sister. “You look different,” he said.
“Well, you’re still your handsome self. I just wanted to tell you that I was getting ready to go for a swim. When you’re unpacked, you can join me.”
He smiled as she walked back into the house. Her sweet little ass swayed behind her. “I can’t wait to fuck her,” he whispered to himself.


After dinner, Alan was ready to escape to his old room and get away from his mother. Brianna had the right idea by eating earlier. She had clearly learned some common sense in the last three years. Just as he thought about her, he passed her bedroom.
He poked his head inside and realized that her shower was running. That meant that he had a chance to look around her bedroom. So, Alan walked in and quietly shut the door. The only problem was that he didn’t know what he expected to find.
As he opened drawers, his heart raced. For once, he was thankful that she liked to take long showers. But he couldn’t stop imagining the water running down her sleek form, caressing her curves. He smiled when he found her underwear drawer. Picking a pair of pink lace panties, he stuffed them into his pocket. Then he noticed that her laptop was on, and her digital camera was plugged into it.
He jumped into her computer chair and began sorting through the picture files. Moments later, he found pictures of her in her underwear, posing for the camera. There were no nude photos, but he didn’t care. She was just so beautiful. So he plugged in his flash drive and stole all of the pictures that he could.
By the time the pictures were finished loading, he heard the shower turn off. He pulled his flash drive out and ducked out of the room before she even knew that he was there. Alan was sure that he had found a treasure. Before bed, though, he just had to see her one more time.
Alan looked through the crack of her door. Brianna was only wearing a pair of yellow boy shorts panties. He licked his lips at the sight of her bare tits. Then he realized what she was doing as she laid back and slid her hand down her panties.
Alan pulled his cock free of his pants and stroked it as he watched his little sister masturbate. He groaned softly, wishing that he could be inside her tight cunt, fucking her sweet brains out. Then, just as she came, he shot his load all over her bedroom door. Gasping, he rushed to his room. Luckily, it was only a little ways down the hallway. So he could look through the crack of his door as she looked out into the hall.
To his surprise, she knelt and ran her fingers through his fresh cum. Then she tasted it. Alan groaned as his cock tightened in his pants. He had to have her.

Chapter One

Alan yawned and stretched as he walked out into the living room. It was around ten in the morning. After watching Brianna get off, it had been so hard for him to sleep. But now he was feeling better.
He groaned quietly when he saw Brianna sleeping on the couch. She was still wearing her yellow panties, but now she had on a white spaghetti strap shirt. Instead of going back to his room, though, he sat down on the other end of the couch. Almost instantly, Brianna stretched her legs out, resting her feet on his lap.
Alan trembled slightly as his hand rested on her smooth leg. He had no control. His hands were running her leg, sliding up to her juicy thighs. He loved the feeling of the hot flesh under his hand. gaziantep escort bayan Then he slid his hand inside the crotch of her panties. Brianna only licked her lips in her sleep, so Alan kept going.
He searched through the fuzz of hair and found the wet entrance of her tight cunt. With absolutely no hesitation, he slid a finger deep into her. She stirred a little, but stayed asleep. So as he gently fingered her incredibly tight hole, he knew that she was not a virgin. She must have had so many cocks stuffed inside her.
Alan fingered her faster, tickling her clitoris. Then he realized that she was raising her hips and moaning. She grunted slightly as Alan thrust his finger deeper into her. Then she clenched her pussy around his finger and came, gasping loudly. Then, with a relieved sigh, she went back to sleep.
The quiet house seemed to be closing in around Alan. He had just finger fucked his sister. It had been hot and passionate. It was amazing. This girl was driving him mad.


It was getting late, and Alan’s mother was away on business until the next day. As he swam in their pool, he kept thinking about possible new book ideas. When Brianna walked out in her tiny pink bikini, though, his world was rocked again. She looked so amazing.
Brianna slipped into the water and swam over to the edge that he was hanging onto. “Do I look good to you?” she asked.
Alan’s heart raced. “Of course. You are a beautiful young woman.”
“No. I mean, am I hot.”
Alan sighed. He didn’t know how to answer the question. “Relax. I know you took pictures off my computer. I have a security camera in my room from where Mom’s boyfriend was stealing my money.”
He looked into her eyes. “I am so sorry. I don’t know what came over me.”
“What about this morning? You fingered me and gave me the most amazing orgasm ever!”
Alan was shocked to hear her use those words. “Really?”
Brianna wrapped her legs around him in the water. “I want you to do it again.”
Without hesitating, he reached between her legs and began rubbing her cunt over her bottoms. She rode his hand and moaned loudly. Then she kissed him hard, shoving her tongue into his mouth. He loved making her cry out for more. And as she came, her hand slid down his trunks to stroke his throbbing cock. The faster he massaged her pussy, the faster she pumped his manhood. They moaned together until they came hard.
Brianna was beaming as she kissed him again. “That was great. And tonight you can get the entire package.”
Alan kissed her again. “I can’t believe you let me do that. When I saw you yesterday, I just lost control.”
“It’s okay. I think this is going to be fun.”


The small North Carolina was quiet as Alan lounged on his back porch that night. The long chair he was laying back in was so comfortable. The moment Brianna walked out, a smile spread across his face. She had changed into a long blue t-shirt. He wasn’t sure if she had even bothered to wear panties. “Why are you out here?” she asked.
“I wanted to get some fresh air.”
She curled up in his lap, and he wrapped his arms around her. “I missed you, Alan.”
With a smile, he kissed her head. “I missed you too. I just never thought this would happen between us.”
She looked up at him with those doe eyes. “That what would happen?”
Instead of speaking, Alan spread her legs and rammed two finger into her. She gasped. “Oh…that…”
He moved his fingers fast, rubbing her clitoris with his thumb. As Brianna moaned, he kissed her hard, sucking on her sweet tongue. Then he laid her back and shoved his face between her sweet thighs. Brianna cried out as he licked her fast, flicking his tongue over her clitoris. “Alan…I’m gonna cum…”
He picked her up, making her wrap her legs around his waist, and carried her into the house. Once they were in the living room, he laid her down on the couch, pulling off her shirt as he pinned her down. The sounds they were making were wild and energetic. Brianna was shoving his shorts down, palming his cock.
Before Brianna could even blink, her legs were in the air and Alan’s cock was buried inside her. “Take me…Fuck me, Alan…”
Her body jolted, making her breasts bounce as he fucked her harder than she had ever experienced. Brianna dug her nails into his arms as she moaned, arching her spine. “Yes…right there…shit…”
Alan felt his hips smacking into hers, such a delicious feeling. He groaned, smiling as the naked teenager writhed beneath him. Her eyes were rolling back in her head. Alan felt so strong and proud. He laid her on her side and held a leg in the air as he pounded her sweet, tight pussy into oblivion. Then he flipped her over onto her hands and knees.
As he rammed into her tight ass, he yanked on her hair, making her squeal. “Take it you little bitch,” he growled, shoving his huge length into her ass.
Brianna moaned louder and louder. What seemed like years went by. She was losing her grip on gaziantep escort bayan ilanları reality. “Fuck…I love you, Alan…”
Alan groaned and flipped her onto her back. He stood over her and stroked his cock over her face. When he released his load, it spread over her face. She licked it and rubbed it in as if her skin could absorb it. “Yes. You fucked your little sister. Was it good?”
“Fuck yes,” Alan growled as he went back to licking her sweet cunt.
He knew that he was hooked. By the end of the night, she would be soaked in his cum. Brianna wouldn’t be able to walk right for weeks. And she would find out the meaning of the term “multiple orgasms”.

Chapter Two

Alan yawned as he stretched out on his bed. There was absolutely nothing on television. Plus, he could only think about Brianna’s wet pussy squeezing his throbbing cock. Just as the thought passed through his mind, he heard her shower running. He jumped up and walked quickly to her room and into her bathroom. As he slipped his boxers off, she poked her head out of the glass door. “Came to join me?” she asked.
“I couldn’t resist. What we did was the best sex I have ever had. I don’t even know if we can call it sex.”
The sight of her wet, naked body had him rigid in seconds. He licked his lips, longing to be inside her once again. Alan stepped into the shower and felt the hot water sting his body. Brianna fit so perfectly in his embrace. He held her tightly and kissed her sweet lips. “I love you,” he whispered in her ear.
“Really?” she asked, her eyes sparkling.
“Of course. You are so beautiful.”
Brianna slid down to her knees and grasped his fat cock in her hands. A loud groan erupted from his lips as she slid her lips down his length, taking him down her throat. It was the best feeling that he had ever endured. He moaned softly as she sucked faster, using her tongue to coax the head of his shaft. “Brianna, that is amazing.”
When she slid back up, he pinned her to the shower wall and kissed her hard. She moaned as he rammed two fingers deep inside her. Seeing her climax for him was the most empowering feeling. He loved making her squeal and moan. He remembered how she had dug her fingernails into the couch while covered in his semen.
Alan made her wrap one of her legs around him and slowly guided himself into her tight hole. “You are so warm,” he moaned, exploring her depths with his rigid probe.
Brianna breathed heavily. “I want you to fuck me so hard that I can’t stand up.”
He began moving slowly at first, enjoying the sensation of stuffing her with his cock. Her muscles clung to him deliciously. “Fuck…yes…”
The sound of her moans made him want more. He pinned her arms over her head with one hand as the other squeezed a hard nipple. She cried out as his thrusts became faster, more demanding. Her ass bounced off the shower wall as he fucked her harder and harder, biting her bottom lip as he pulled away to look at her beautiful face.
She squeezed her muscles around him as if she could hold him there, but he responded with several extremely hard thrusts. Brianna trembled as she got closer and closer to her climax. Alan suddenly picked her up by her ass and began fucking her harder, running his length completely into her with each mighty thrust. The movements knocked the breath out of her, but she loved it. Alan couldn’t get enough of her tight little body.
Brianna looked into his eyes and gasped as her muscles squeezed him. He felt her cum, spilling her juices over his cock. With a grunt, he came inside her, moaning as his seed emptied into her tight pussy. Brianna smiled. “You are so amazing, Brother.”
Alan kissed her. “And you are incredibly cute.”
She beamed. “I know!”
They washed each other slowly, savoring the moment. It was romantic and passionate. Then they went to his room and laid down in bed. With a smile, they fell asleep in each others arms.


The sound of the doorbell woke Alan up. He smiled as his hand brushed over Brianna’s bare chest. Then he jumped up and pulled on his boxers. There was no telling who could be at the door, but he didn’t care how he looked. He was tired, and they were there way too early.
As he opened the front door, he was surprised. He had expected the mail man or some door to door sales person. Instead, he was staring at yet another attractive teenager. She had long, curly black hair. Her brown eyes looked so full of excitement. Her tan skin seemed to glow in the sunlight. Her incredibly slim form made her B cup breasts seem much larger. But there was no mistaking that toned little ass. To accentuate that tight body, she wore a tight pink tank top that did little to hide the white lace bra underneath. And her tight black yoga shorts were incredibly small.
Alan smiled. He would know that beautiful girl anywhere. “Hey, Celina!”
She hugged him. “I missed you. You were gone for so long. And you never gaziantep escort bayan reklamları added me on facebook.”
“Sorry. But you look different. You have definitely grown up.”
Celina winked at him. “I could say the same thing about you.”
As she walked inside, he closed and locked the door. “Brianna is still asleep. But you can hang out with me for a while if you don’t mind.”
With a smile, she sat on the couch and curled up. He had always thought she was so cute, but now he could see that the thirteen-year-old was a woman. Alan found himself wondering what she looked like underneath all of those clothes. As he sat down, he squeezed her thigh. “So, what’s new with you?”
Celina shrugged. “Same as usual. Just missed seeing you.”
“Well, you know that I had to escape.”
She curled up next to him, leaning her head on his shoulder. It was as if he had gone back in time. Then, without thinking, he rested his hand on her tight little ass. When she giggled and rested her hand on his, Alan knew that she didn’t mind. Why not take things further and see if she would get uncomfortable?
Alan moved his hand up and gently cupped her breast. Celina gasped and moaned ever so softly. “That feels good, Alan.”
He leaned down and gently kissed her neck as his hand traveled down her flat stomach. Alan rubbed her crotch, feeling her wet cunt through her shorts and panties. The soft moans slowly got louder, and she reached behind her and held onto his neck. Her hips lifted slightly as she closed her eyes, enjoying the feeling of being touched in what may have been her first time.
Alan suddenly laid her back and kissed her soft lips. Without talking, he pulled her shirt off and kissed her stomach, inhaling her sweet scent as he moved. Celina pulled off his shirt, and then ran her hands over his muscular chest with wonder in her eyes. She looked at once innocent and wild.
A grin spread across Alan’s mouth as he removed her bra. Her breasts were so perky, the tiny brown nipples rock hard as his lips tweaked them and his teeth gently nibbled. Then he moved lower, pulling at her shorts as he went. Celina giggled when he ran his fingers over her boys underwear that had spongebob on them. “You’re still so cute,” he said as he slid his finger into the crotch of her underwear.
Her eyes widened and she gasped as his finger slid into her. Alan didn’t think it was possible that someone could be tighter than Brianna, but here she was. As he forced his finger in deeper, he discovered that she was not a virgin. It was more likely that she hadn’t had very much sex. That didn’t matter, though. What mattered was that he had her moaning madly as his finger continuously explored her depths.
Finally, he yanked her underwear off and knelt to taste her. Celina shivered as his tongue slid up her wet lips. Then he began fingering her once more as his tongue flicked over her clitoris. She arched her spine and cried out, grinding her pussy against his mouth. He loved how sweet she tasted. And as he slid up and pulled off his boxers, he tasted those sweet nipples once more. With a grunt and a lot of effort, he forced his cock into her slowly.
She looked into his eyes and moaned as he began thrusting gently, taking it an inch at a time. When he had her completely stuffed, she was breathing heavily. She kissed him hard. “Fuck me, Alan. I want it all.”
Alan held her shoulder as his hips began moving faster and faster. He couldn’t believe how amazingly tight she was. She just kept pounding and fucking her sweet little body. He lifted her legs and screwed the tight hole harder and deeper. It was the best thing that he had ever experienced. Then he felt himself nearing release.
Celina sat up as he stood and began sucking the head of his massive shaft. Her tongue wrapped around the tool, and he relieved himself. As his seed coated her mouth, he smile. “We need to get dressed before I go wake up Brianna.”
With a sexy little grin, Celina pouted. “Why do we have to? I prefer to be naked.”
He knelt and kissed her again. “Next time, Babe.”


It was quiet in his bedroom as Alan walked in and shut the door. Brianna was still naked, the blankets only half covering her body as she slept. He pulled the blanket off her and laid down beside her. His hands knew what to do. Without having to think, he began fingering her wet cunt.
Her eyes fluttered as she moaned, raising her hips. Her legs began spreading, letting his fingers fuck her harder. Soon, Alan was pounding two fingers in and out of his sister’s cunt. Then he began tickling her clitoris. That made her eyes pop open. Her mouth expanded as she moaned loudly. She climaxed hard, grinding against his hand. When she finally relaxed, she hugged him tightly.
Alan kissed her. “You like waking up to an orgasm?” he asked.
Brianna kissed him back, running her tongue over the roof of his mouth. “I wish I could just fuck you all day.”
“Well, you need to get up and get dressed. Celina is down stairs. She and I were hanging out down stairs.”
Before he could leave the room, Brianna giggled. “Did you enjoy fucking her?”
Alan stopped and turned back around. “How do you know that I was fucking her?”
His sister rolled her eyes. “She is gorgeous. I would do her if she would let me.”
Alan smirked. Those words just made his heart race. “I think something can be arranged.”

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