A Fat BlackOldWomanLove Story Ch. 02


Please, don’t judge me; I’m just a very warm person with her physical needs who do something with it.

I’m a fat black old woman, in a few weeks becoming 62 and divorced 14 years ago. It was a hard time, after a marriage for 23 years I was abandoned for another woman by my husband. Never expected it and it took a some time to recover from it. My marriage was childless and after my husband left me, life seemed very lonely. I was always a very direct physical woman and over the years I thought I accomplished to the sexual needs of my husband. I still call him my husband although another woman own him now, he still is mine, I think.

I picked up my life again, tried to find peace in my new circumstances and provide some happiness. The only thing I couldn’t provide was the warm intimacy with my husband. May I thought I grew over it; I didn’t. I missed it a lot and I began to look around. As I told you, I’m a very plump woman, call it awesomely fat. I’m very massy, not just in the hips but everywhere. I’m not the type to attract the eyes of the beholder but more the type for those who won’t go for the common type.

I’m aware what attract most of the eyes are my huge boobs; in my earlier days I’ve considered to made them some sizes smaller but my husband wouldn’t let me. I gave up diets because over the years I’ve used to my excessive fat figure. What I do is take the necessary care of myself; I never go on the street without make up and proper dressing. I’m living in the sunny state and mostly wear light garments. Dark red and dark green or yellow fits me the most. Once in a while I visit a beauty salon where I have my hair done, my nails done and get rid of the unwanted hair in my face.

I was jealous of all the couples I saw when I was out. And I was jealous of the younger single women because I thought they anyway had a better chance to find someone to fulfill their needs as I did. When I was sitting on one of the many tea gardens and looked at the young men passing by; some skinny, some well build. I was thinking what plenty of opportunities they would have in future to enjoy their sexual urge. I often imagined how it would be if one of these young men would pleasure me. And what most titillated me were the young white men; I imaged their hard white dicks on my dark black skin and often dreamed of it. And as the time passed, the fantasy grew.

I’ve noticed sometimes young white men were looking at me; or, better said, at my large boobs. Some very young, in their twenties, some in their thirties. It could be that my growing fantasy had part in it because I began to observe these young white men more. I sure wanted to give them the opportunity to play with them as long as they were willing to grant me in my needs. The urge of fulfill this wish of my made me hot brained. I puzzled how I could realize my fantasy. I saw just one option, suggesting them I wouldn’t reject if they like to play with them; my black large boobs were available to fulfill their wishes.

And that’s what I did; surprisingly it worked. I always wear blouses and leave the upper two buttons open so there’s a fair sight at the cleavage of my large black boobs. And when I see such a young white man staring at them I first made an every day talk with him; searching of some interest from him for me. And as he do, it’s rather easy to take him home with me. When I notice certain incertitude at the young white man on the way home I divert him; it’s easy. I look at him unperceived and rejoice myself with the thought what delightful things to do with the young white man.

Think what you want, but like may others I can’t ignore my sexual needs. And I’m certain; some females of my age feel the same but haven’t got the daring to give in to it. And I did and it’s very rewarding for me. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t pick up every day some young white man of the street, I don’t think there are that many who fancy an old fat overweight black woman like me. I only got seven of these young white men in eleven years. The last young white man visits me over a year now. Sometimes he stays over for the night. I’m aware and experienced enough to know I don’t get that lucky that it’s forever. After it’s over it stays quiet for quite a while until some other young white man has interest in my awesome boobs. And if so, I savor the moments without worrying about what become later.

When I take some young white man home we first always take a shower. That’s something I find important, hygiene. When we undress in the bathroom there’s always that high-strung tensing. When I notify the young white man is a bit nervous I try to ease him. Half undressed I ask him to help me to remove my underwear. The first piece he removes is my big bra. I have ones with hooks on the front. For me useful because I can’t reach behind my back because of my excessive old fat body. Once unhooked my heavy huge black boobs pop out of my big bra. One thing I noticed, they’re all tit grabbers; fixed on my huge boobs, not really know what to do with them. These wobbly, fleshy dark peaces of meat of mine are very Anadolu Yakası Escort sensitive and the way they are pulled, kneaded or sucked by some deserve better. The young white men need education from me for that part.

And they are all the same; they’ve got a lot in stock, usually impatient at the first time. When we are completely undressed, I obtrusively feel his magnify hard dick pressing against my huge black fat belly. For me, not to let it be a routine, I choose to vary in different ways.

When I notify the young white man has big need I let him penetrate me quickly. I usably have an little stool standing in the shower and, while leaning back against the shower wall, I place one foot on that little stool to be accessible to let this young white man release himself from that big need. I know that it will be rewarded later. Fortunately I become wet already between my fat black thighs when I found a young white man and take him with me.

Thinking of what would happen within the next hour arouse me a lot. By the moment we’re in the shower I’m always thrilled to feel his stiffness slid between my big fat black pussy lips; I’ve take care it’s always smoothly shaven. I don’t want to scare them off by my gray pubic hair. It’s mostly quick, but when this horny young white man started to pump me, I desirous joined him; feeling my huge black ass bumping against the wet shower wall excite me tremendous.

Sometimes, when I notify the young white man is shy, I turn around and bend forwards to the shower wall and let him take my old fat black pussy from behind. I know he doesn’t want to be watched while getting rid of his lecherous need. I know, when he’s done with it, he become more freely. In that case I let the shower flow, feeling the splashing water upon my massive back and ass and the flowing over my face. It’s then a different kind of feeling when I feel the young white man’s hard rod stick inside of me. Because the water running over my head distracts me and it gives some other experience to be penetrated. Mostly, when I stand in that position, I can feel the arms of the young white man reach around my wasteful upper body, grabbing my dangling large black boobs. I like it when he does so.

Mostly within the minute I can hear the cry of liberation from the young white man. At that moment I got filled, filled with pleasure and with a lot of sperm from the horny young white man. When I look at his happy face I know I have a lot of pleasure to become. In both cases it’s important I clean my old fat black pussy very good; I try to press as many semen out of it because I have some other delight in mind.

Sometimes I like to take the horny young whites hard on between my big mouth lips, it depends. Once a young white man had such a gorgeous dick I liked to suck this delicious right away. I went on my knees in front of him and start to massage his gorgeous. I also then let the water flow; I know it give some distraction to the young white man to last it some longer before he drops his load into my mouth. I usually extensively lick his dick first from the bottom up to the top and down again before I put my big mouth lips around it. With my tongue I explore the swollen head, nibble on it and begin to suck it.

I know some woman don’t like it but I find it pleasing when the young white man place both hands on my head; guiding me to satisfy his urgent need. Also the cry of liberation announces me to get ready to receive his semen into my mouth. I know he’s watching me at the moment his load squirts into my mouth. Afterwards I raise my head and give him my biggest smile. Knowing he like it and giving him the idea that he overflowed my mouth with his sperm I open my mouth a little, letting his semen dripping out of it; just enough. Just enough, because I also know he will be exited to see me swallow it. And I will give him that pleasure, knowing he would be more willing to do special pleasurable things with me later. So I bend my head a little more backwards, open my mouth a little more so he can see his hot sticky production in it and swallow all of it. And when I tell him after that it tasted exceptional I’m guaranteed for some special treatment later on. I take care that I brush my mouth explicitly afterwards.

I see all this as a foreplay, the real pleasure and fulfillment of my needs need to be come yet. And I don’t mean it selfish; I know the young horny white man will divert himself with my old fat black body extensively. I’ll always be aware that the young white man becomes what he wants.

After we leave the shower and dry us, it’s time to explore each body detailed; mostly we went to the bed room but every now and then we stay in the bath room. It depends how horny the young white man is after he spilled his first donation or how strong my urge is. The first time however, we stay in the bathroom.

Mostly I will lie on my back on the cool floor. I had a fold up towel under my head and one for some other purpose. I wiggle a little, unnoted but sure of it that my wasteful thick body gets the young Pendik Escort white man’s attention. I open my mighty fat thighs; I can see his eyes greedily staring at me. He will kneel beside me and I will encourage him to touch me. Just the thought that I, an old overweight black fat woman, is going to be indulged by such a horny young white man excite me strongly. I know there’s no love involved; just two people with an age difference that are curious at each other, trying to find distraction with sexual fulfillment. I’m always aware of it.

At first there is no kissing, after hands move aimlessly first over my old black fat body usually the young white man begin to suck on my nipples. I’m aroused so they have big knobs. Although I find it very pleasant when they do so, as told the young white man doesn’t really know what to do with the big ones. They probably think the faster they suck the sooner I get excited. I like them to take their time, but at the first time I let them; knowing there will be education the next time he visit. Then it will be on a comfortable bed, not on a hard cool bathroom floor. For the moment I let excitement have it’s privilege.

I don’t forget in the meanwhile to give the young white man attention; it’s pleasant to fondle his disburdened balls. As virile as they are, their dicks are in no time strong and hard. That’s what I like about young men. I slowly and carefully strike the swollen pole, with the necessary pauses to prevent an unexpected second discharge. I know the young man want to put his hard on into my mouth; most of the time I give in to it. Because I know they come easy that way, I frequently take it out of my mouth to give it some rest to prevent it. I then kiss his stomach or some other place in reach of his hard dick. It works.

The first time I have to guide the hand of the young white man, mostly resting upon my soft big round belly, downwards to my bald fat pussy lips. I moan a little; I can feel one of his fingers slid between them and give a louder moan. A shiver makes clear that what he’s doing pleasure me a lot. I deliver myself entirely to the desire. Anything the young white man does with me from now is pleasurable. I don’t care anymore if it’s of short time. I can feel now that I’m close to an orgasm. My sensual knob is swollen already and my pussy is wetter also; as well by my aroused feeling as when the young white man already had shot his load into it. Only one finger raises my excitement; the young white man usually use his finger the first time as a semi dick; pumping in and out of my old fat black pussy. He usually forgets to pay attention to my sensual knob; I don’t care, by the next he visit me I learn him about it.

It’s seldom at the first time the young white man pleasure me with his tongue between my old fat black pussy lips; maybe it’s timidity or he had to become more familiar with me. Also that’s some I have to learn him by next visits.

Anyway, the young man’s working finger inside my fat bald pussy made my awesome fat body shiver a lot. I know now I get near to the desired explosion. When I come, I come heavy. I try to repress my groaning, not to scare the young white man too much at this point. But I’m at that moment in such a state of arouse I can’t hold back anymore. My body begins to tremble intense. It’s now me who come with a loud cry of liberation. I clamp myself firmly to the body of the young man and feel my juices flow richly.

That’s the moment I despairingly want the stiff pole of the young white man inside of me; I encourage him to invade me by pulling him upon my old overweight fat body; placing him impatiently between my black fat thighs and groaning that I’m completely his. I spread my legs as wide as I can to give him access to me and give a cry out when his hard delicious slid between my old black fat pussy lips. I’m in such aroused state that I beg him to do me good.

I look at him with a strong desire now and I know he’s more than willing to give it to me as desired. He begins to pump me intensive. I don’t want it to be over soon and although zealous moving with him in that marvelous rhythm, I distract the young man now and then by suddenly squeeze his buttocks. Or, when he penetrate deep inside of me, I’m holding him strong against my big old fat black body for a while, loudly groaning and saying how good he’s doing me. Also this works.

I press my huge fat ass as much down on the floor now so I can feel a piece of his hard working dick slid against my swollen knob every time the young white man redraw. It gives me extended thrills, which overwhelm me completely. I’m not holding back anymore, I now want this young white man to fill me. I want his load, his semen, because anytime now I will have my orgasm and the most exciting is to have it together with him.

This old black overweight woman over sixty is begging for it now. I can feel now his hard erection extent even more and when his first shot of sperm inject me I let go. Groaning, crying, shouting leaves my mouth when I have that heavy orgasm. My awesome body Kurtköy Escort isn’t in control anymore; forceful shaking I receive his semen, squirting mine at the same moment; it’s very intense. I claw my hands in the young man’s back begging him to give all he has and he does.

The next few minutes are very important for me. I feel filled and satisfied, full with his sperm and mine, content in what I just experienced. I thank the young white man and praise him for giving me exceptional ecstasy. As confirmation I chuck through his hair, smiling and giving deep sights. Three things could happen now and I look at his face.

The worst thing could happen is that the young man experienced that his togetherness with this old black overweight woman didn’t give him as he expected. It happened once. He made excuses, disappear and never visit me again. In that case I cherished the moment and had dreams about it.

Something else what could happen is that he’s done for the moment and also satisfied for the day. He let met know by chucking into my hair also. I tell him I have a lot of other pleasant things in mind. To give him a reminder after leaving I take my time by washing his dick with my tongue. We take a shower together and I offer him a drink if he want one afterwards. The first time although he wants to go home and I wouldn’t insist on it then. I give him a kiss on the cheek when I let him out promising again pleasant things when he visits me next.

The third option I like the most. I’m more then pleased when he started to kiss me; in that case I can expect more pleasure. It has been a bit wearily for me because I’m over sixty as you remember; also my fat heavy body has spilled a lot of energy during that forceful encounter with the young white man. But for some reason he haven’t enough of my old awesome fat black body. While he is kissing me, I can feel by the way he molds my huge black boobs he isn’t done yet. While he’s sucking my huge boobs I try to clean my fat black pussy with the towel I put as an extra for that purpose. His stiff hard dick hasn’t suffered a bit by squirting twice already; it keeps surprising me. While giving the young white man compliments of his energetic libido I intently slowly massage that delicious hard peace of meat. I take my time so I can recover a bit.

I can feel the leftovers of the mix of his en my semen on the inside of my hand stick; it excite me. I’m now done cleaning my fat black pussy as good I can do and have now both hands free. While he lie on the floor I set myself on my knees beside him and while telling him how wonderful he is, I bend forwards and begin to explore his delicious with my tongue. It feels hot and hard. The strong smell ascent my arousing. I notice that he didn’t want me to lick it, with a little push on my head I know he want me to take it into my mouth. I’m willingly gratifying his wish. As my mouth encircle his firm hard on, I don’t have to be afraid he would come into my mouth, the way a few fingers of the white young man now wander between my old black fat pussy lips made me sure he want to put his stuff between them again.

Most of my tiredness is gone now and I get excited more. I begin to moan again because now one finger is pumping in and out of my old fat black pussy and it’s a marvelous feeling. I enjoy it for a while, not forgetting to work his delicious hard dick with my mouth. I can feel the young white man is ready to do his work for me now.

What shall I do? I can lie on my back again and let him climb upon my old big fat black body. I also could climb above him, lowering my fat black bald pussy above his rigid peace of wonderful meat and ride the young man with all the energy I have with my old black overweight fat body. Or just sit on my fours, letting him do the work and let him take me from behind my huge black fat ass.

I decide to do the last. While sitting on my fours I stimulate the young white man to take me sturdily. I don’t have to say that twice. He sits himself behind me and I spread my mighty black legs, lifting my huge ass a bit higher. I soon can feel his stiff hard dick slid between my old fat black pussy lips until it’s completely inside me. It goes smoothly because my bald fat pussy has been lubricated well before. I wiggle my huge black ass a little and start trying to come into the rhythm of the young white man who’s pumping into my moist fat black pussy now.

I rest my head on the towel now, leaning on my forearms and my knees, my huge black ass high in the air. It’s a comfortable position for me while the young white man continual is pumping my old fat black pussy. Every time he went deep into it I groan; I’m very content and are giving in to it completely. The advantage that his endurance last longer is letting the young white man already fill me once. For me now there’s more to enjoy. Besides a few holds once in a while he kept unceasing invading my old fat black pussy with the same rhythm. It’s a heavenly feeling and I almost feel an orgasm near. I try to ascent this delicious rhythm by pushing my huge fat ass for and backwards quicker. I feel my large boobs and massy round belly slide on the cool bathroom floor every time I’m deeply penetrated. The thought, this young firm hard dick will do others in future, and now is draining itself in my old black fat pussy, makes me delirious.

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