Consequences Pt. 10E


Consequences 10

Part E The games they play.

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David (continued from part D)

While they were in the bathroom I thought about their predicament. Did Brees question mean they still wanted to be betrothed but then what might happen if he came back into their lives. Those were the two questions I needed to know tonight, the rest could wait until another time. At that thought, I went to join them, messing with them as I tried to reach what I needed by reaching close to their breasts. They looked at my change of demeanour strangely, not wanting to over commit, so I sat on the edge of the bath looking up at them. “Two questions and then it’s over for tonight,” I said, bringing matters to a head. “First question: Do you still love me? And do you still want to be betrothed? Second question: If the answer to the first question is yes, what would happen if he came back into your lives?”

They looked at me, tears in their eyes and my heart sank. “It isn’t up to us David, it’s up to you, we are spoiled, abused, worthless whores, we shouldn’t have come to you in the night, we just wanted one last chance to feel close to you.”

I stared at them, my brain trying to make sense of what she was saying “But you wanted to be with him?”

Jane broke in “We just wanted to scratch the itch, and then get on with our lives and it got too easy for us, yes he was a wonderful lay, yes he had a big cock and yes we had a wonderful time with him, he could go all night like you and his tongue did wonders, but then one night we had a drink with him and everything became like a dream, then he started bringing friends around and then it never stopped”, she started to wretch and dashed for the toilet. My brain had finally caught up. So I turned to Bree “How did you get away?”

“We don’t know, he just stopped coming.”

“Did you decide to come here or did you hope he would come back?”

Neither seemed to want to give me a straight answer and I couldn’t understand why.

“David it’s not as easy as that, we are just a couple of whores, we don’t have a right to choose, if you hadn’t started to give us things to do I don’t know what we would have done”

“You don’t seem to have a lot of faith in me,” I said. They looked at me like I was nuts. “I gave you a week to decide, do you think I sat on my arse wondering if you were dead or alive, let alone turned into a couple of whores. That bastard had no right to even try it on with you, your mine don’t you understand that and when I’m finished with him he’s going to wish he’d never lived.”

I looked at two bewildered beautiful women, not whores, I calmed wanting to reassure them in some way. “Come here you two,” they came in front of me. I pulled their protective towels away then I leaned forward and licked the length of one pussy and pushed a finger inside then I brought it to my lips and sucked on it greedily. “Delicious,” I said like cherry blossoms in the spring, (well it was the best I could think of on the fly). Next, I did the same to the other and admitted, “mmm I’d say apple blossom.” Can’t taste anything spoiled to me, perhaps I should have another taste just to check.” I dropped to my knees, they were giggling now from delayed shock. I heard Jane go to brush her teeth so I lost myself in Bree’s pussy uttering words of delight at the taste of her. It wasn’t too long before her hand went to my head pressing me for more in all the right places. Then I felt Jane’s body beside me and she kissed me several times around my face before joining me to bring Bree to a climax that must have been full of relief as well as pleasure.

Of course we weren’t letting Jane off the hook, Bree and I wrestled her on to the bed where we set about her with our combined tongues and fingers. At some point along the way our little elf put her head around the door. “About time too,” she said, and I waved Jo in making space for her to join the action.

The following morning I looked at my three lovelies and made a decision. They were sound asleep or pretending to be so, and even Jo hadn’t woken early to give my manhood a mouth bath. I said out loud, “Do you think you could organise a ceremony for our betrothal to take place at the opening of the new conference centre.” I saw my words strike stony ground so checked the clock realising that I should not be awake and snuggled back down with them; I really must stop waking up with ideas zinging about in my head.

Some hours later I felt those gorgeous lips enclosing my as yet limpness, then I felt a new mouth and finally a third. ‘Damn, I must have overdone it, died and gone to heaven.’ I opened my eyes just enough to get a peak and I was right, it was heaven, there were three unworldly gorgeous creatures toying with me exchanging grins as they managed to get a reaction from their toy. Jo didn’t seem to be a least bit put out about them joining in her favourite Ümraniye Escort meal of the day. Now that my flagpole is rising to full mast, there didn’t seem to be much sense in pretending to be asleep any longer so I restated my suggestion. “We know,” they said as one. “We heard you at three o’clock in the morning.”

I laughed, I deserved that, “what do you say we invite all my friends from the bar then…ooooh that feels good.” Jane proved that she was an expert at getting my cock into her throat as I felt her nose touch my abdomen. I gritted my teeth ready to erupt at any moment but her lips travelled back up my length and then went back to teasing more subtly.

I may have been the one who eventually had an orgasm, which was almost painful, but the ladies seemed to be having great fun just playing and experimenting with me. It was a fine way to start the day and begin a new stage in our life. “Right I said,” trying to be serious after covering them in my seed, I want you to sit crossed legged along the bed” this led to a very interesting position since all they had put on after washing was a shirt and their beautiful pussies were distracting to say the least, as they leant back against the headboard knowing exactly what they were doing to me.

Eventually I got them positioned and almost serious and I started my pronouncement “Do you Jane, Josephine and Brianna take me David and each other to be wedded to each other in sickness and in health from this day forth?” I looked at each in turn trying to be solemn. “I do,” they said as I looked at each one and then I said, “Does anyone here have any objections to this betrothal?”

From what seemed out of nowhere a voice said, “I do,” and standing in the doorway was Ana. I have never been so surprised and delighted all at once. She continued, “I object unless I’m included too.” We all bounced off the bed and grabbed her, tearing off her clothes, finding a shirt for her and repositioning on the bed. Along the way there was lots of laughter and teasing but eventually I said, “Shall I start again?” to which I received four agreements. So I went through it all again and this time there were no objections as we celebrated our mutual betrothal with a good old fashioned roll on the bed.


On the matter of betrothal

Ana said, “You know my situation and we are great aren’t we, is there anything more?”

“No, we know where we stand and I am delighted with you, except you could come home more, definitely weekends. I do have to say though if it was a man, I don’t think I could feel the same.” I saw nodding around me, Jane got bolshy and said “Personally I’m fed up with you worrying about hypocrisy, it’s unmanly. Lets stop worrying about it David and you just concentrate on keeping us all happy.” She finished with a wink to lighten her emphasis and implied criticism.

There was agreement all around for that and I thought there was going to be a round of applause. I was stung, but in a way felt vindicated. I decided I better start to do as she said, such a task keeping these lovely women happy. It was going to be tough on me NOT!

“So what’s the situation with Ana and Zoe?” Jane asks.

I remembered that I hadn’t talked to most others about it. I looked at Ana for consent to speak and receiving assent saying, “It’s a delicate situation at the moment but in summary Ana has fallen for a woman called Zoe, I’ve been to dinner with them and she seems nice, the two of them seemed very much in love and I thought that they might become a full time monogamous relationship.

But no, that isn’t what Ana wants, she feels that her heart loves us both and she wants to find a way for that to be. Ana sleeps over with her a lot but I know where she is and she still comes home and is part of our family. Do you want to say anything more Ana?

“Only that I know what it is to meet someone outside, it might just be an itch you need to scratch or it could be someone you fall for. I found it worked for me to bring David into my relationship although that’s hitting problems right now.”

At that moment I thought she was going to burst into tears. The others saw it was something she needed to talk to me about and made themselves scarce.

“Ana,” I said, now that the others had left us to talk, “Put me out of my misery, please” She hung her head for a while, then began “Zoe and I have virtually been making love since we last talked, I think we only got out of bed to make toast for two solid days. Last night after we made love “I told her about you and how I loved her but I wanted to keep you in my life because I love you too. She didn’t take it well, she turned over and hasn’t spoken to me since. This is my home so of course I came here to cry on your shoulder and then found you getting betrothed without me, I almost ran out because I was feeling sorry for myself and then I couldn’t help myself objecting.”

I held her then and she finally poured out her tears holding tight to me. I rubbed her back wishing I could make it right for her.

Red eyed and all cried out, I held Ana in front of me and asked, “Would İstanbul Escort you mind if I talked to her?”


“Maybe if I could ask her why? The answer might at least reconcile what you are dreading, I don’t know, maybe we should go together.”

Ana didn’t think much of that idea “I trust you David,” but maybe leave it a while, see if she gets in touch.”

I thought about that, I would have to mull it over for a while. I left her alone to clean up and wandered down to the kitchen. Lauren was there and I made hand signals to her that were intended to mean ‘you-me-bed-sex’. But she let out an un-Lauren-like tiny giggle so maybe she got my message wrong.


Olivia came up to me and kissed me on the lips, “That’s lovely my darling but what did I do to deserve it.” I said.

“You sent me Nina, she is such a darling, I love her already.”

“Ohh fantastic, I really hoped you would hit it off, you can watch over each other.”

“We do seem to have similar ideas,” she giggled. “She is very naughty.”

“I very much hope you’ll keep an eye on her, before she gets into too much trouble.”

“Who me, now you’re teasing me.”

“Nope, I don’t want to strangle her fun just make sure she doesn’t do anything too stupid.”

She laughed “Like taking on 3 men at a time you mean?”

“Yeah it could have been nasty if the guys had been mean, or if she had refused two of them.”

Olivia shrugged at that last as if saying, ‘What’s that got to do with it, why would she.’

“I suppose I always attributed more taste but I guess she had her eyes closed.”

She laughed at that “Like sex in the dark, could be anyone.”

“Are you feeling yourself today?”

“Why David, what kind of question is that?” She allowed a break for effect. “Of course I did, there wasn’t anyone in bed to satisfy me.”

I laughed feeling like I wanted to ravish her on the spot but definitely wasn’t going to; the teasing was fun though. I spied others at the breakfast bar who deserved my attention more, so I kissed her cheek saying “see you later in the office.”


Ruth seemed to be in her element chatting to Amber and Louise, the latter I knew she adored but tried not to dominate. Louise in her turn really liked her but wasn’t ready to go down the permanent girl-girl route or any one person come to that, life at the retreat was just too good. I thought Ruth was coming around just as Lauren had done. I checked in with them to see how work was going, Ruth wanted a word and we arranged to meet up later in my home office before I went into the city office. I would see Rachel in the office but I took the time to give her a kiss and good morning before reaching my final destination,

Lauren was the target and I came up behind her molesting those breasts of my dreams and kissed her on the back of the neck before whispering. “Will you marry me?” I knew she hated me being personal in front of the others but I spotted a flush creeping up her neck and was thoroughly pleased with myself. I adored teasing her. “Don’t be silly you daft bastard, why would you want to marry an old lesbian?” “Because I love you” and I stole a kiss on the lips, which made her very slightly flustered. As I turned back I saw a sea of ladies’ faces all delighted by our antics, even Olivia, who had snuck in on the end next to Nina. I scanned around for a seat, then realised there were already ten women at the long breakfast bar not counting Lauren. So I hovered around until those who had to get off to work left their seats, enjoying coffee and banter while I waited. Of course I got several offers to sit on my lap, which would have been fun, but I decided that wouldn’t be politic. I saw Olivia smirk as I turned down various offers which didn’t bode well for her behaviour for the rest of the day.


So the day ahead looked promising. Hopefully I could spend uninterrupted time with Ruth as promised, the house seemed unusually quiet then, most had gone now. I’d caught sight of Oliva and Nina heading into the basement presumably for a morning fix, so that would keep them busy for some time, I thought..

Seeing them brought back a conversation earlier. Bree and Jane still had a lot to do on chasing orders but they decided to go into our city office for a change of scene and perhaps a wander around the shops at lunchtime. Bree did ask me one telling question as she came close for a customary departing kiss. “David, I just wondered after our confession, if Ashley had been good and you got on well and we told you everything, might we have been able to have a bit of occasional fun with him?”

“Before we were betrothed maybe, but only then outside the house if he wasn’t a threat. Now, I don’t see why I should share anymore. You’re my wifes.” I hoped that would put a spike in Brees’ wandering ideas but somehow I doubted it, something inside Anadolu Yakası Escort me wondered why she wanted to be betrothed, was it her way of controlling herself? I suspected. That led me to consider whether it was this self controlling mechanism that put her above Olivia, at least the present day version. It was something I would keep coming back to, supposing there was something else underlying the problem, something in the back of my mind told me it had been mentioned but the memory escaped me for now.


That left just Ruth and me plus the naughty miscreants in the basement. We got down to the business of progress with the Hotel, fitting out, staffing, and marketing. I thought we had covered everything when she caught me unawares “Do you think I’m unattractive David?”

“No, I think quite the opposite, you are a very attractive woman.”

“So why don’t you look at me the way you look at all the others, even Lauren.”

“Mainly because I thought you were here less often and wanted to spend your time with your favourite ladies. I know we have had some trysts but I didn’t think you would want me to make assumptions.”

“I don’t think I ever said anything like that, at least not that I know of.”

I stopped for a moment, my mind zipping back and forth trying to work out what I really knew about her. “I am sorry.” I said, “You are completely right, it never crossed my mind to doubt because you seem to be having such a good time.”

She smiled at that, “I am though, aren’t I? I feel like a kid in a sweet shop although there’s some sweeties I have never had a chance to enjoy.”

“I see, so if we were all on the bed on a Sunday, would you mind me taking a few liberties so to speak?”

“Don’t be shy David, you might as well be straight with me. If you don’t find me attractive you don’t have to pretend I’m someone else among a sea of bodies.”

“I did not mean that for one moment,” I replied tersely. But I could see I was on a hiding to nothing so I changed tack. “OK you have to bear with me, I am shy as it happens, I just don’t get a chance to be in this house.” She laughed at that.

“Would you mind sitting on my lap? I find it’s a more intimate way to discuss such things.”

I felt like I was on a first date as she sat there primly, but I stroked her arm as I tried to get us relaxed and chatting in a friendly way. “OK, tell me about your previous experience with men.”

“Man is the correct word, his idea of sex was ‘open your legs old girl here I come’ then he would stick his thing in and have a couple of attempts at shoving it in and out and then spurt his stuff all over me. that was it, he had no idea whatsoever.”

“Damn, that’s awful.”

“And now I am in a home full of rampant sex going on all around me, and a man who seems to be breaking all the known rules of male sexual ability but doesn’t even know I am there”

I hate swearing around females but “Fuck” slipped out.

“This is not the place for this kind of conversation, but first lets go and see what those two naughty girls are up to, just to set the mood. The naughty girls were indeed up to something, sitting one behind the other each with a small vibrating nob and short ‘penis’ exciting their most responsive parts, Olivia behind Nina stroking her nipples and nibbling on her neck.

“Wow! they are so naughty and so erotic,” Ruth whispered to me, I had chosen well, she loved women so she was bound to get a charge from watching them. Olivia as always knew I was there and cocked an eyebrow at me. I moved Ruth in front of me where Olivia could see her, then I slowly began to undress her as Olivia watched. Olivia whispered to Nina and she turned to watch the show too. I took my time sliding her clothes off so that each garment slid sexily down her body but it wasn’t long before I had her in her bra and panties. Then I began to kiss her soft flesh, as I worked my way down her neck I saw that Olivia was still watching, ‘was that a little jealousy I saw?’ all to the good because I was doing what she so often did to me. I cocked an eyebrow in a ‘so what are you going to do about it?’ look and she at least flushed.

I continued my attention pulling the bra strap apart as my fingers and tongue grew near and then working my way down with little butterfly kisses, down her spine to her panties drawing them down to make way for my lips, then sliding my tongue down the valley between her magnificent globes. Simultaneously my fingers continued to caress, stroke, and lightly pinch her nipples bringing them to full hardness and extracting a loud satisfying sigh from her. I dropped to my knees and began again working my way up the inside her legs teasing all the time, especially as I reached her panties again. Then I diverted to the other erogenous zones, licking her wrists, inside her elbow and under her breasts, each just adding a little more sugar to the pie before I tucked my hands in her panties and began to work them all the way down. Then I found myself having help as another pair of hands pushed mine aside and a mouth pressed against her pussy. I rose to give more attention to her breasts and lips knowing that nothing would stop me revisiting that treasure between her legs once the warm-up had reached its zenith, I also had help with her breasts as an unexpected head joined mine on the other side.

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