Date Night Pt. 01


Recently the long time friend from my other writings told me she was coming into town and wanted to do something together. We decided that we were going to go to the Drive-In. She had asked if she could be casual for this and I of course agreed and I met her at her hotel.

Personally I think she is at her most beautiful when she lets her true beauty shine through and I was not disappointed. She had taken a light, natural approach to her makeup, her hair was hanging attractively around her face and she was wearing comfortable clothes that accented her body without being overt. She looked just like the Girl Next Door, if that girl was devastatingly beautiful. I made sure to tell her that I approved of her look and she smiled shyly. She never believes I like seeing the real her, but it’s true.

It was a cold night so we grabbed the spread off the bed and headed over to the movie. She had never been to a drive-in up in this area and kept comparing it to the one in her location. We found a nice spot, got some snacks and started to watch. After awhile we moved to the back to make it more comfortable and just cuddled and watched the movie.

Afterwards, we headed back to her place where we wordlessly agreed it was time for some fun.

We undressed and I could not help but watch her as I did. She always scoffs when I tell her so, but seeing Pendik Escort her lovely body as she undresses always sends my pulse racing. Her pale, perfect skin, lush curves, and the smile she gets when she catches me watching her, the twinkle in her eye making me undress even faster.

We slipped under the covers which were cool to the touch so we snuggled up close. I slid an arm under her and as she pressed her body onto mine, I looked down to see one of her nipples hardening, whether it was from the cold or my touch I don’t know, and at that point, don’t care.

I looked up into her beautiful eyes and saw an invitation there and I leaned in to kiss her. Her lips, so soft caressed mine, her tongue tentatively touched my lips and then the kiss deepened. She leaned into me as we kissed, and I could feel her heart beating faster as the kiss got more passionate. I have spoken before of her kisses but can not say enough just how incredible it is to kiss this woman, to be kissed by her…

After kissing what seemed like forever, but never long enough, we broke, and I left a trail of kisses along her jaw, down her neck, and over to that hard nipple I saw earlier. She loves her nipples licked and sucked and I obliged her and her head went back and she moaned. As I sucked on one I could see the other getting even harder, the Kurtköy Escort areola puckering around it as it strained upwards. I switched over to give that one attention and she gasped as the cool air hit her exposed nipple. Her breasts are incredible, full, lush, sensitive. As I was sucking on one she started playing with the other, her fingers lightly brushing it.

I continued downward, kissing and sucking as I went until I reached her clit. I could already tell she was wet and waiting for me. I gave her clit a little lick and then trailed my tongue down to her pussy to taste the juices that were oh so delicious. She moaned and ran her fingers through my hair. I settled myself in and started licking her slowly, pausing to give sucks or licks to her clit as I did. Shivers started running through her and I could feel the muscles of her thighs contract and release around my head.

I firmly got down to business and put my hands on her hips holding her to me as I started sucking on her clit, flicking and lashing it with my tongue. As I anticipated she started bucking almost immediately, even with my hands holding her down I was almost thrown off from her first powerful orgasm. I held on, moving my head up and down with her bucking hips, teasing her, pulling another string of orgasms from her. I moved one hand down and slowly Maltepe Escort slid a finger in her and she moaned deeply. Sliding another in and, tapping gently on that secret spot of hers she came again, this time screaming as she did. Again, I kept my head moving up and down as her hips bucked. I switched to licking her up and down, my tongue flat and flicking her clit as I reached the top while my fingers started moving in and out of her in time with her hips. She suddenly clutched my hair tight with one hand, the other playing with her nipple as she came, her pussy tightening on my fingers until I couldn’t move.

I let her come down slowly until she relaxed, and then I started it all over again. I spent about 30 minutes licking and sucking, fingers playing and her having orgasm after orgasm, sometimes my edging her until she almost came, but backing off, doing this repeatedly until, when I finally made her cum it was explosive, soaking my hand, my face, her thighs and the bed, all of which I eagerly licked up.

After that last time, I moved up and held her while her body continued to shudder, with the after effects of adrenaline or her continuing to orgasm I do not know. We lay like that for awhile, her head on my chest, me feeling her heart thudding and her breathing starting off ragged, then slowing as she relaxed. I stroked her hair and ran my hands over her back, slowly massaging her while she caught her breath. Finally she looked up and smiled at me, a smile of pure joy as she moved her hand down to start lightly running her fingers over me.

The rest of this will continue in Part 2…

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