Sylvia was laying on her side when she woke up with her husband’s morning wood sliding in and out of her pussy from behind. Since they both slept in the nude, this was fairly normal, so she wasn’t at all surprised….in fact, she rather liked waking up this way. Her husband, Bart, had morning erections about four or five times a week, and they usually ended up stuffed into her vagina….although sometimes in her mouth….either way, she enjoyed being jarred awake by Bart’s thick cock pounding her cunt or banging her tonsils, and his groping hands squeezing her tits.

She turned her head, smiled, and said over her shoulder, “Mmmmm….’morning, hon….that feels great ….keep going….yeah….just like that….” She rocked her ass cheeks back against Bart’s thrusting cock, then reached between her legs and found her awakening clit with her fingers and began rubbing little circles around the tip. With Bart pinching her nipples, and her own hands tweaking her bean, it didn’t take long before she felt a delicious orgasm building between her legs.

“Oh, yeah….just like that….keep going…..harder, Bart….yeah….fuck, yeah…..yeah, I’m cumming …. aaahhhhhhh…..aaaahhhhhhh……hmmmmmm…..yeah….my God, that feels good….hmmmmm….”

As she closed her eyes and reveled in the warm glow of her morning climax, Bart grabbed her hips and slammed his stiff rod deep into her pussy, then let out a groan as he splashed hot, creamy cum all over the inside of her cunt.

“Uhnnnn….uhnnnn….oh, fuck, yeah….ah….ah..…..………aaaaahhhhh…..aaaahhhh…..yeah….aaaahhhh…. that feels great, babe….. aaaaahhhh….”

Bart slowed down after cumming, but kept shoving his prick in and out of Sylvia’s sloppy wet vagina, as he caught his breath and mumbled, “Holy shit, Syl….that was amazing….just like always….what a great way to wake up, right?”

Still enjoying the aftermath of her own climax, Sylvia turned her head and said over her shoulder, “Yep….you definitely know how to get me going in the morning….”

When their breathing had returned to normal, Sylvia glanced at the clock on her nightstand and said, “OK, hon….pull it out….I need to get downstairs and start breakfast…”

Reluctantly, Bart pulled his still semi-hard boner out of her pussy, then walked around the bed, past Sylvia….still lying on her side….and headed for the bathroom to take a shower. With her eyes barely open, Sylvia watched him walk past her….his 9” prick sticking out from his torso, with a gentle bend Kartal Escort to the shaft and the bulbous tip pointing at the floor, wobbling and swaying back and forth as he walked. She loved looking at his cock….whether flaccid, hard, or somewhere in between….like now….she just loved watching it bounce around and bang against his thighs as it dangled between his legs.

Once she heard the shower running, she let out a satisfied sigh, then sat up in bed and threw her legs over the side. She used a tissue from the nightstand to clean up between her legs, then slipped out of bed, threw on her thin cotton robe, and tied it at the waist. It didn’t really do much to control her large, 36E breasts, which swayed heavily as she went down the stairs to the kitchen….and it definitely couldn’t hide the bumps her still erect nipples made in the thin fabric.

In the kitchen, Sylvia began pulling together breakfast while her husband finished his shower upstairs and got ready for work. As she stood at the counter by the sink, her son, Gary, came into the kitchen and slid up behind her.

He said, “Good morning, mom…” as he reached around and slipped his hands inside her robe to squeeze both of her boobs. “I heard you and dad this morning….sounded like fun.”

Sylvia chuckled and said, “You did? Well, I’m not surprised….you know your father and his morning woods.”

Gary released one of her tits, and moved his hand down to her crotch, rubbing her clitoris and sliding his fingers along her pussy lips….still slick from Bart’s earlier climax.

“Wow, mom….you’re still wet,” Gary said, as he started grinding his already erect cock against her ass cheeks through her robe.

Still sliding his fingers along Sylvia’s pussy with one hand, Gary released her other boob, and pulled her hand behind her and placed it on his own rigid pole, sticking out from the opening in his boxers.

Nuzzling her neck, he said, “How about my morning wood, mom….it needs some attention, too.”

Sylvia smiled when Gary wrapped her hand around the shaft of his prick, then turned around to face her son. When she was facing him, Gary pushed her robe open and grabbed a tit in each hand, squeezing the flesh, and making her nipples – still stiff from earlier – stick out even further. He sucked them into his mouth ….first one, then the other….nibbling and teasing them with his tongue, causing Sylvia to close her eyes for a moment and moan Kartal Escort Bayan softly.

She opened her eyes and glanced down at Gary’s dick in her hand, marveling again at how big it was….actually longer than his father’s, but not quite as thick. She smiled to herself and stroked it a few times, then said, “I can see that, hon….but I’m running late this morning, so you need to find another way to deal with this today.”

She playfully slapped the head of his stiff cock, watched it sway back and forth a few times, then turned back to the counter and continued working on breakfast. She glanced over her shoulder as her son left the kitchen and caught a glimpse of his stiff rod…still sticking out through the opening in his boxers…. bouncing and swinging between his legs as he climbed the stairs.

Upstairs Gary headed to the bathroom he shared with his younger sister, Trina. When he opened the door, he saw her leaning over the sink, brushing her teeth. She was wearing what she always wore in the morning….a thin night shirt that ended just above her hips, and a pair of panties. He walked up behind her and started grinding his hard-on against her ass cheeks, as he reached inside her shirt and grabbed her breasts from behind.

Just like Gary got his father’s big cock genes, Trina had developed early and clearly inherited her mother’s big tits. She was a junior in high school and already had an impressive 35DD rack….almost the same size as her mother.

“What the fuck, Gary? I’m getting ready for school…” she mumbled around her toothbrush, as she glared at his grinning face in the mirror.

Gary grabbed his dick with one hand and showed it to Trina in the mirror, saying, “My morning wood is hard as a rock, sis….I need some relief.”

Trina glanced at the reflection of his engorged penis in the mirror, shook her head and – still talking around her toothbrush – said, “For fuck sake, Gary….. OK…just hurry up.”

Gary grinned and said, “Thanks, sis.”

With one hand still holding the shaft of his erection, he pulled her panties down to her knees, pushed her legs apart, then lined up the head of his cock with her pussy and began shoving it inside. He used the baby oil from the counter by the sink to lube up his shaft, then rocked his hips forward, sliding his prick deeper and deeper into her pussy with every thrust. It only took a few pushes before he was balls deep in Trina’s cunt, and started Escort Kartal pounding it in and out of her in earnest.

Trina pulled the toothbrush out of her mouth for a second, while Gary pulled her night shirt over her head, then resumed brushing her teeth between grunts as Gary continued pumping his morning boner in and out of her vagina as deep as it would go. Once Trina’s shirt was off, Gary reached around and played with her swinging tits, pulling on the nipples and gently slapping them to watch them jiggle and bounce in the mirror.

It didn’t take long before Gary released her boobs, grabbed Trina’s hips and picked up the pace, hammering his cock in and out of her pussy, while watching her heavy breasts bang into each other in the mirror with every thrust. Suddenly, his breath began to catch, then he shoved his cock as far into her as it would go, blasting a huge load of cum deep inside his sister’s cunt.

“Yeah….yeah….fuck, I’m cumming….aaaahhhhh….aaaahhhhhh….aaaahhhhh….yes…. aaahhhhh…. my God, that feels good, Trina…. Aaaahhhhh….hmmmmmm….nice……”

Gary kept slamming his prick in and out of Trina’s vag until he had emptied his entire load. When he was done cumming he slid it back in as far as it would go, and held it there while he grabbed both boobs, then leaned onto her back and caught his breath.

Trina finished brushing, rinsed out her mouth, then nudged Gary off of her back and moved away, pulling his softening penis out of her pussy with a ‘plop’.

“Dammit, Gary….now I have to clean up again before I can get dressed….now, get out of here! By the way, I need a ride today, so don’t leave without me.”

“No problem, sis….by the way, thanks for taking care of my morning wood….”

Trina waved him off, saying, “Whatever….just don’t leave for school without me…..”

She did a lot of grumbling whenever Gary wanted her to suck or fuck him, but she actually liked his cock better than any of the boyfriends she’d had so far….it was bigger, so she felt like it hit more of the right spots inside her pussy, and she usually climaxed whenever they fucked….something her boyfriends only managed to accomplish on rare occasions.

Back in the kitchen, Gary sat down at the table and his mother brought him a plate of food. As she placed it in front of him, she reached down between his legs, gently squeezed the shaft of his dick, and said, “Looks like you got this taken care of?”

“Yeah, Trina took care of it for me.”

Sylvia smiled at him, gave his flaccid penis another squeeze and said, “Good. By the way, be sure to give her a ride to school today.”

“Yeah, I know….she told me already.”

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