Forbidden View – Part 2 – First Pictures


* Note: This story details the actual progression, and events, Cindy went through as she pushed her own boundaries. Part-1 is mostly background detail. The erotic content starts in Part-2, and the primary sexual content is in Part-4.





If you skipped Part 1, here’s what happened.

Cindy was being sexually reawakened as she experienced pleasure she had previously believed only existed in porn. I’d become irreplaceable to her but she feared any willing female could make me cum just as hard. Her desire to also be irreplaceable to me led her down a taboo path.

One morning Cindy woke her daughters up, knowing Hanna only slept in panties and a tank top. This ordinary wake-up call was significant because Cindy was secretly filming the whole thing for me, using her phone.

It’d felt good to finally be a woman that did something others wouldn’t. Doubling down, she purchased a hidden camera ink pen with plans of leaving it in the bathroom





Cindy wasted no time using the pen to capture some videos, but none of them turned out well. In every video the pen would end up being inadvertently moved out of position or blocked by something in front of it, like a towel or piece of clothing. On the times the pen didn’t get bumped or blocked, Cindy’s two daughters would only be in-frame during times their bodies were covered. To make matters worse, the pen’s internal battery needed to be charged after each use, despite the claims of a long-life battery life, from the seller.

Charging the pen was another problem because it had to be unscrewed to plug it in. With privacy always being a problem, Cindy had to remain very careful so no one ever saw the pen charging. All of this added up to three weeks passing with no worthwhile footage being captured, making the whole Anadolu Yakası Escort endeavor feel like a waste of time.

Early one Saturday afternoon Cindy was at home alone, glad to have the house to herself for a change. She had left the pen charging in her bedroom while she went to the bathroom, so she was surprised when Hanna walked by the open bathroom door. It turned out that Hanna’s boss had sent her home early so Hanna had decided she wanted to grab a quick shower before meeting her friends to hang out.

Cindy didn’t have time to think or react as Hanna stepped into the bathroom carrying a change of clothes. She closed the door, stripped and then stepped into the shower.

As Hanna showered, she began talking about her day and Cindy lamented over the opportunity she’d just missed with the pen, Cindy knew that leaving to get the pen, coming back in and then leaving once more would seem weird, so she decided to take a more risky approach.

As mother and daughter continued to talk, Cindy opened her camera app on her phone. She switched her phone to Silent mode and ensured the flash was off. She knew I’d prefer a video, but recording a video was a bigger risk than she was willing to take, so photos would have to do.

A few minutes later Hanna stepped out of the shower and the pair continued to talk. Hanna spent most of her time faced away from her mom as she quickly dried off and got dressed. It wasn’t ideal but Cindy could only work with the opportunity in front of her.

When Hanna finished slipping her shirt over her head Cindy flushed, stood up and left the bathroom. She couldn’t delay any longer. The pen had to be unplugged and put back together before it might be seen.


The following day Cindy handed me a USB drive. She didn’t have to elaborate when she said, “If I ask you to delete this, you will, right?” I nodded and we didn’t discuss it further,

I made myself wait a couple hours after she left before I plugged the USB drive in. I wanted to be in a better position to “enjoy” whatever she was sharing with me, and for that, I wanted my cock to have plenty of Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan time to recover from my afternoon with Cindy.

The drive contained a handful of pictures and none of them were framed properly. The pictures were off-center, tilted sideways and only about a third of them included all of Hanna’s face. Cindy didn’t have to tell me, it was obvious that these pictures had been manually taken, using her phone.

From the very first picture I could tell this wasn’t going to be like the wake-up call video. These pictures signaled a change in how Cindy was willing to tease me, and my cock was already hard from that thought alone.

The first pictures on the drive were of Hanna standing in the shower with a towel already around her. I didn’t know if Cindy hadn’t been able to take a picture before the towel covered her body, or whether the curtain had opened with the towel already in place. Either way, seeing Hanna in the shower, hair wet and only wearing a towel was one hell of a start.

The next pictures were of Hanna out of the shower and her facing away from the camera. The towel was no longer wrapped around her as she was using it to dry her body and hair. It was from these pictures I first learned that Hanna liked to bend over, letting her long brown hair hang down, as she dried it with the towel. Sadly, no amount of zooming or photo manipulation let me see more than Hanna’s amazingly tight ass, as she bent over in front of me, so a clear shot of her pussy would have to wait.

The next couple of pictures showed Hanna pulling up her panties and then she starting to put on her bra. As she fumbled with her bra, Hanna turned her body and offered what should have been a very nice view of her right breast. Unfortunately, there was a window behind her providing a bright back-light effect, which obscured some of the detail.

I’d have considered the final pictures in the folder anticlimactic because they only showed Hanna standing in her bra and panties, except there was an extra detail I had initially overlooked. The panties that Hanna was wearing looked to be the same ones Cindy had brought to my house the Escort Anadolu Yakası very first time she openly teased me with thoughts of her. Yes, those were the panties that Cindy had held to my face for me to smell and taste. That day I’d watched as Cindy wiped up my cum using those exact panties and now Hanna was modeling them for me.

I scrolled back through the pictures, barely able to believe what was on the drive. Cindy was no longer whispering the details of her daughter’s diary in my ear, nor was she showing me a picture which was only considered sexual when you framed it in the right context. No, Cindy was actively taking pictures of her oldest daughter as she dried off and got dressed in the bathroom.

I knew taking those pics had been a risk for Cindy. If her daughter had caught her it would have been nearly impossible to explain why she was secretly photographing her naked body. The risky nature of these pictures didn’t stop there though. The very fact that some of the pictures showed Hanna’s face meant both Hanna and Cindy were at risk. If these pictures somehow got out, Hanna might be recognized, and if that happened, Hanna would instantly know who had taken them and it would be her mom that would be responsible for “ruining her life”.

I understood the position Cindy was putting herself in and the amount of trust she was placing in me to protect both her and her daughter. That knowledge transformed these NC-17 pictures of her ass and breast into something that felt far naughtier; after all, I not only knew this girl, but I also knew these nude pictures had been taken just for me.

I stared at Hanna and there was no doubt what Cindy expected me to do once I saw them. The thing was, I couldn’t be sure if Cindy was taking, and sharing, these pictures solely for my enjoyment or whether she also enjoyed the rush of doing something so taboo. Either way, that debate wasn’t at the forefront of my mind at that exact moment. After all, Cindy had taken a real risk by letting me have this drive, so who was I to scorn her gift by delaying its enjoyment by trying to decipher her motives?

I flipped through the pictures a few more times as I wrapped my hand around my cock. I found myself drawn to a picture of Hanna bent over, allowing me to see her ass and the side of her bare breast. I stroked harder as I imagined Cindy standing beside me, whispering in my ear “cum on my daughter’s ass”

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