Lights Out_(3)



It was nearly 3 a.m. before we arrived at the United States Naval Base for basic training. The Company Commander boarded the bus screaming out orders and we were rushed off the bus and into formation. The cold temperature had caught me by complete surprise, because when I had left Pensacola the previous day the temperature was at least 93 degrees. Despite my Company Commander’s order to stand still and at attention, I found myself shivering uncontrollably. There I was, in a formation of about 70 men, and realized that I felt quite alone and cut off from the other men as we marched in step towards our new home.

My feeling of detachment was probably because I had never been so far from home. When we were finally allowed to go to bed, I began to feel a bit of panic creeping up on me. I was an 18-year-old momma’s boy who had no idea what to expect other than that the training would be rigorous and difficult to complete. Although we hardly spoke for the first couple of weeks, my bunk mate seemed to be pleasant, courteous, and quite easy on the eyes. I had guessed from his smooth deep tan and Latino accent that he was from Texas; I wasn’t too far off: He was from Oklahoma. We mostly communicated with a look or a nod and sometimes a grin. After we were familiar with our surroundings and felt more at ease with one another, Johnny and I began to get to know each other. It didn’t take long for us to discover that we were very much alike in regards to our likes, dislikes, and interests. We had even applied for admission to the same “A” School. We exchanged details of our history with each other. And so, throughout this course of time, we became the very best of friends. Hell, we were nearly inseparable. He and I helped each other through the grueling rigors of training, always making sure we both were inspection-ready.

During our fifth week, Johnny was called out of our classroom. He didn’t return to class. When I returned to the barracks, I found him sitting on the bottom bunk with his face buried in his hands, and I could tell that he had been crying. I sat down next to him, put my hand on his shoulder, and asked what was wrong. He sighed and told me that the base Chaplin had summoned him to his office. Johnny’s grandmother had died. Instinctively, without even thinking about it, I rubbed his back, wanting to comfort him. I told him that I was there if he needed anything. I wanted to hold him, but knew better. I had developed an extreme attraction to him, and anyone with eyes would probably say the same. He was hot as hell! He stood about 5‘11“, weighed about 115, had light brown hair, big blue eyes, pink lips, and a well-tanned and quite muscular body. I knew I had to be careful not to let anyone, especially Johnny, find out how I felt about him.

I had managed to keep my sexuality secret through high school and would just have to take the same precautions while in the navy. Of course, I realized that there were obstacles that I would have to avoid when it came to Johnny. He had a habit of making eye contact with me when we talked, and at times he would look at me and smile. I had the distinct impression that he wanted to kiss me. Maybe it was just wishful thinking, so I would quickly look away and keep talking. I just didn’t trust myself to keep staring into those gorgeous eyes of his. And speaking of obstacles, showers were extremely frustrating for me. Johnny always waited for me to go shower so he could tag along. So there we would be, in the shower together, and I would WILL myself not to look. I don’t know how I managed, but I avoided looking directly at his cock. I did, however, get a good look at his ass. Oh my god, it was just perfect! His distinct tan line made his white ass stand out, and I would hurry out of the shower before he could see that I had a hard on. There was a guy in our company named Jason who was obviously gay, and a lot of the guys would harass him. Even though Johnny never said anything about it, I knew he didn’t approve of the harassment. When the guys would start in on Jason, Johnny would just look away, and so did I. Seeing how they treated him was a reminder to me that I had to be careful, lest anyone find out about me.

Weeks passed and we were passing requirements with great strides, looking forward to graduation, though we dreaded going to separate commands. Johnny asked me numerous times to promise that I would write him. If he only Üsküdar Escort knew how I felt, he wouldn’t have felt it necessary to keep asking, because, truth be told, I was completely and hopelessly in love. The last week of boot camp came and went, and the day after graduation, to our great surprise, we learned that we had both been accepted to the Operation Specialist Training Command, which was a really big deal, since only 7 out of 100 applicants were accepted to the class. Two weeks later we arrived at the training center in Dam Neck, VA. I loved that we had two-man rooms. After sharing an open bay dormitory with more than 70 recruits, it was quite a relief to have the privacy of a two-man room. And to top it off, they let us pick our own roommates. Perfect! I didn’t mind at all that we had to share a common restroom and shower area with the rest of the residents on our floor. When we were alone in our room, we were able to be more ourselves. Having such privacy increased my opportunities to get a better look at Johnny’s body and I made good use of it! This caused my lust for him to build and heat to a boiling point, and my will power gradually ebbed away. There were times when Johnny behaved in a way that made me suspect that he was watching me as much as I was watching him. I knew our relationship was uncommonly close – closer than I ever thought possible. While it was obvious that he cared for me, I still had no idea how he felt about me sexually. He made a habit of sitting on my bed, leaning against me, and asking me to rub powder on his back. Obviously I didn’t mind any of those things.

Late one evening, something happened that changed our relationship forever. Our on-duty instructors always toured the halls immediately after taps. Johnny, knowing full well that the showers were off limits after taps, had waited until the very last minute to take a shower. I tried to convince him to wait until after the duty-officer’s tour of the hall was complete before he left the room, since we then wouldn’t see the duty officer again until muster the next morning. But that didn’t seem to faze Johnny in the least. He went right on to the shower. And sure enough – taps sounded over the loud speaker, “Taps Taps, lights out.” I was beginning to panic, because Johnny was still in the shower. I just knew he would get caught, and there wasn’t a thing I could do. So I turned off the lights and climbed into bed, covering my head with my blanket.

Moments later, the door opened and in walked Johnny. He closed the door behind him. His towel was wrapped tightly around his waist, which, of course, caught my eye. I peeked out from under the cover, trying not to be too obvious about it. The outside security light shined through the window softly, perfectly illuminating Johnny’s firm form. He was so fucking hot! I remained quite still as I watched him open his locker, and had no intention of looking away THIS time! He reached in his locker and removed a pair of underwear. To my disappointment, he put them on without removing his towel. Damn! I didn’t get to see a thing! I continued staring as Johnny applied deodorant, put on a t-shirt, and got into his bed. He curled up with his ass sticking out towards me. Oh, what a perfect ass. It was so full and so round. I lay there staring at that ass for what felt like an hour. When I was sure he had fallen asleep, I eased out of bed and quietly crawled over to his bed. I stopped with my head close to his lower back, so close I could smell the scent of soap on his freshly showered body. Very carefully I placed my palm on his ass and lightly caressed it. It was so smooth and so soft. My heart was pounding a mile a minute. I rubbed my thumb along his ass crack and could feel the heat when my hand passed over his asshole. I gently pushed his underwear deeper into his crack, because it gave me a better feel. The head of my dick was dripping wet with pre-cum and I could feel my juices building up and throbbing their way to the head of my dick. Without warning, Johnny rolled over onto his back and took a deep breath. Man, did I ever move back! Realizing that I was pushing my luck, I decided to stop. But just as I was about to get up, I saw the outline of his cock through his underwear. He still seemed to be sleeping soundly, so I eased my hand above his cock and slowly lowered it until it rested on his balls. For me, the sensation was simply unbelievable. I felt Üsküdar Escort Bayan Johnny’s dick growing larger and stiffer as I very lightly rubbed it. I felt an unusual sensation that I had never felt before. My ass was tingling as if it were anticipating penetration, and my cock was about to blow in my shorts. I figured I had taken enough chances and that I had better stop while I was ahead. Johnny took another deep breath, but still appeared to be asleep. But I dragged myself away from that sleeping god, gathered my shampoo, soap, and towel, and left the room as quietly as I could. When I entered the bathroom, I found it unoccupied, as it usually was after taps. I went in to the shower area, took off my clothes and began adjusting the water to my preferred temperature. As, I placed my head under the stream of water, I heard a noise elsewhere in the bathroom. Damn, I was sure I had been caught by the Duty Officer. I quickly rinsed off, but before I could get the water out of my eyes, the intruder spoke. It was Johnny, and he looked extremely pissed. I couldn’t speak. I just stood there looking at him, afraid that he was going to curse me for what I had just done back in our room. Finally he spoke, scorning me, “What the fuck do you call yourself doing?”

“What are you talking about?” I asked, afraid of hearing words I didn’t want to hear. He seemed even more pissed by my pretense of innocence.

He cleared his throat and walked up to me, and I honestly thought he was going to knock my head off my shoulders. He stopped less than a foot from my face, and continued: “What kind of shit was that you pulled in the room? What the fuck do you think you were doing, Gerald? I know you didn’t think that I was asleep. Why would you think that it was cool for you to put your hands all over me? Moreover, what makes you think you can put your hands all over another person’s body without their permission?”
OMG … my heart was going a mile a minute and my service career flew before my eyes. But then, to my great relief, Johnny’s tone seemed to change. “I’m not mad just confused. You got me all stirred up in there, and then left me with a hard on. You could have at least finished the job.” Then he smiled, that gorgeous smile of his, and I almost fainted. He stood with his lips very close to mine. “I started to say something to you in the room, but didn’t want scare you off. I wanted to see how far you would go. Hell, I was going to let you do whatever you wanted! I’m STILL going to give you what you want.” He put his hands on my shoulders and gently forced me to my knees. He stood in front of my face and pulled out his thick cock. “Suck it!” My heart practically stopped. I took hold of his dick, and for the first time ever, I had a dick in my mouth. I seemed to have slipped off into another world and I lost myself in the moment. “You like that, don’t you? You like that dick in your mouth.” Johnny backed up, withdrawing his dick from my mouth. “Get up and turn around. Face the wall. Go on, put your hands on the wall and spread your legs.” I obeyed his command. I could feel his presence behind me. He took hold of my ass cheeks and rubbed his dick against them. About a minute or two later I felt his dick going up and down along my crack, each time moving closer and closer to my asshole. He spread my ass further open, and the sensation was quite intense. It was strange but wonderful to feel his dick sliding along the inside of my crack and up against my virgin hole. I felt his dick press against my hole. I instinctively pushed my ass back to him and moved my hips “Have done this before,

Trembling, I found my voice. “No, but it’s cool. I really want to.”

Johnny warned, “Don’t push back so hard. You might hurt yourself.” He paused for a couple seconds and then said, “I tell you what. Let’s go back to the room.”

We gathered my shower supplies and headed back to our room. After we were safely inside the privacy of our room, Johnny told me to lie down on my back. As I was lying down, I saw him removing some lotion from his locker. He walked up to me and told me to roll over on my belly, which I did. He got on top of my bed and kneeled between my legs, spreading apart my cheeks. I almost screamed, when, instead of his dick going into my ass, it was his tongue, and I thought I would die as his tongue licked around in circles. As he licked, I could barely breathe, Escort Üsküdar and cum was leaking from my dick. I moaned with pleasure. He backed away from my ass and started rubbing lotion around my asshole. He began slowly pushing his finger in and out of my hole. He went deeper and deeper with each stroke. Then he put more lotion inside me as he worked his finger in and out of me. When he was able to put two fingers inside my ass, he put his dick against my hole and asked, “Are you ready, Shelton?” Yeah, I moaned. He backed off and had me stand up with my legs spread wide and with my back to him. I placed my hands on the desk that was nearest to the door. He pressed his dick against my asshole, applying more and more pressure as he worked his dick at different angles. And then it happened … he had shoved his dick deep into my ass, and the pain was horribly intense, a pain I had never felt before in my life. I begged him to pull out. Instead, he pushed my head down on top of the desk and continued to stroke his dick in and out of me, ignoring my begging him to stop. It hurt so much that I almost cried out for help. Finally, he DID pull out. I turned and swung to slap him. “Man that shit hurt like a mother fuck!”

He grinned. “Come on, Gerald, let’s give it another try.”

“Fuck that shit, man! That HURT! What’s the matter with you? Don’t you care that I’m in pain? You’re acting like you’re another person.”

Johnny leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Come on, Gerald, you know me well enough. You just haven’t been around me when I was fucking. Besides, it always hurts the first time you get penetrated. Trust me. Now, turn back around. You know, Gerald, I love you. Trust me; it won’t hurt like that again. And if it does, I’ll stop; I promise. You will love it this time.” He pulled my face close to his and kissed me. And of course I melted with intense passion. He gently led me to his bed and laid me down on my back. He sat down at the foot of the bed and picked up my legs and placed them on his shoulders. He pulled my hips toward the edge of the bed and against his waist. He leaned over me, pinning my legs to my chest. He pressed his dick against my asshole. With slow and easy pressure his dick went in me. He buried his dick nut deep inside me. We kissed as he worked his long fat dick in and out of my ass. I could not believe that I actually had a dick inside me, or that it was the gorgeous Johnny who was doing the fucking. I watched his stunning body moving over me. To my amazement, his dick felt quite good in my ass. Without saying a word, he pulled out of me, and motioned for me to stand beside his desk. Once again was back where it all began. Talk about going around the world.

“Are you ready to get fucked?

“I thought that was what we were doing!”

He laughed and shoved his dick back inside me. It did hurt a little, but it wasn’t as bad as before. In fact, I liked the way it felt to be dominated by him. He slammed his fat dick in and out of me over and over, and I could feel and hear his balls slapping against my ass. It was fantastic. After about ten minutes it was starting to feel weird. It had been such an intense and unfamiliar sensation that part of me wanted it to last forever, while the other part wanted him to hurry up and finish. His pace quickened and the sound of his nuts slapping against my wet ass grew louder and louder. I was amazed when I realized that I was moaning like a bitch. The animal inside of me came to the surface. I wanted more. “Fuck that ass. Yeah, give it to me. Fuck me harder.” Johnny reached around and took hold of my dick. He stroked me with the same rhythm that he was fucking. The pressure built up in my dick. “Ah, boy, I’m fixing to cum. “He kept jacking me off until I shot my load all over his hand, down my legs and all over the floor. He let go of my dick and grabbed me by the hair of my head. He pulled my head back and fucked me violently. I could hear him groaning. I felt his dick getting even harder. After a few more violent thrusts, I felt the inside of my ass getting wet. It was filling up with Johnny’s cum. He shot so much inside me that it was running out of my ass and down my leg. Never, before have I felt such intense pleasure. When he had finished, he pulled out of me. I was numb from the waist down. We slipped out for a quick shower. After we returned to the room, he got into bed with me. We slept in each other’s arms all night. At that moment and for the first time in my life, I felt like I wasn’t alone, that I was cared for, and, oh my god, that I had been FUCKED!

Written by:

Gerald Van Wellington

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