Pauline’s Panto Perils

Abella Danger

Pauline’s Pantomime Pleasure

Pauline had always been an active member of the local amateur theatrical group (a natural progression as she loved to dress up and show-off!!). This year they were doing a spoof of the TV series “Allo Allo” and of course she was playing one of the waitresses complete with French maids outfit! Although at 46 she protested to the director she was too old to carry the role off, but he assured her that she was by far the most attractive member the group they had ever had! The pantomime had already been playing for three weeks, just at weekends, and this was the last weekend.

Steve had been to see the first couple of performances, and although good fun he was more interested in Pauline’s sexy outfit than the actual pantomime. This consisted of a black satin pencil skirt with a hem about four inches above the knee, a frilly white nylon see through blouse, black seamed stockings, and red patent four inch high heels. What with the long black wig and the heavy stage make-up it was enough to stir the loins of any red-blooded male. As this was the last performance, and Steve had been without his “Saturday night sex games” for three weeks, her outfit was slightly different tonight!. Steve had ordered Pauline to substitute her “safe” underwear for the items he had picked out. This had meant a much more daring lacy bra and sheer, see through, white G-string.

Pauline was always nervous before going on stage and used to have a couple of vodka and coke’s before doing so. Tonight she had an extra drink due to thought of the sexy lingerie beneath the costume. The local old people’s home made up the majority of tonight’s audience, which had Pauline feeling a little excited due to her sexual fetish of being attracted to elderly gentleman. As this was the last night, there was to be a party backstage after the performance. A special guest at this party was to be Fred Baker, a long standing member, who was celebrating his 85th birthday that day. He was also bringing several of his buddies from the retirement home they all lived at.

Their final performance went very well and possibly due to her slightly tipsy state Pauline had not given any more thought to the possibility of accidentally flashing her risqué underwear. The village hall where the pantomime was held had two changing rooms with the men’s and ladies toilets in between them. The changing room adjoining the men’s toilet was larger than the other was, and since the cast had more women than men, the ladies were using this one. The building itself was post war and was in a very dilapidated state. The heating in the changing room was totally inadequate and additional electric heaters had been brought in to make changing on this cold winter’s night a little more bearable.

Following the last curtain call Pauline had retreated to the changing room with yet another of vodka! Before she had time to change the director had begun bringing back members of the audience to meet the cast. The last group to enter was Fred Baker, in his wheelchair, with his five buddies. Pauline bent down to kiss the old man’s bald head, which left a bright red lipstick mark. As she had stooped to give the old man this kiss one of his slightly younger friends had squeezed behind her in the confines of the now busy changing room. The old man, whose name was Allan, was around 75 years old and had a huge beer belly, but she could have sworn she had felt a huge hard cock through his trousers against the shiny pencil skirt.

Pauline seemed to be the centre of attention and gradually other members of the cast had gone behind the curtains provided in order to change and go home. The six old men continued to complement Pauline on her looks and performance until she realised they were the only ones left in the changing room. It was pretty certain the reason for the old men’s attentive behaviour was due to the fact that with a combination of the vodka and her growing sexual excitement she had let her short skirt ride up her and was now showing the lace top of her stockings. She followed the deep set eyes of one frail old man staring at her hem line which had been gradually rising, not helped by the high bar type stool she was sitting on. She was beginning to enjoy the situation and could feel her freshly shaved Göztepe Escort pussy begin to lubricate when the hall’s janitor entering the room interrupted her thoughts. I’ve just had a phone call from the old people’s home he said, it seems these gentlemen’s minibus has broken down and it will be at least a couple of hours getting fixed. Could you do me a favour and look after them until their minibus comes to pick them up, and then lock this place up and drop the key into me tomorrow? Of course, Pauline said, I would be glad to. Thanking her the janitor left Pauline with the old men, who by now were in very high spirits!

The old men had been helping themselves to the remainder of the party drinks and their conversation had become more lewd and full of innuendo! We’ll have to find some way of entertaining ourselves lads, Allan said with a knowing wink in the direction of Pauline. Pauline responded by shifting her position on the high stool, and showed them all even more stocking top! She was beginning to enjoy this situation. Telling them she was going to check that all of the hall doors were locked she took the opportunity to go out into the main hallway and using her mobile phone spoke to Steve. Don’t bother to come and pick me up just yet she said, and told him of her situation. I promise to be a very naughty girl and I’ll tell you all about it when I get home!

As she re-entered the changing room the old men were in a huddle talking amongst themselves, but broke away as soon as she entered. What were you lot talking about? she enquired. The lads and I were just discussing what lovely legs you have, said Allan. Suddenly, Pauline felt the atmosphere change, it was now charged with much sexual tension and the old men’s attitudes were changing. She was feeling very vulnerable, but that only added to the excitement she was feeling. You naughty men should be ashamed of yourselves, I’m at least 30 years younger than the youngest of you. Nice tits as well, growled Fred from his wheelchair. Before she knew it, the mixture of her sexual excitement and the vodka, had her saying, is that your way of asking me to show you more then you randy old goats? Yeah!!, go on, give us a flash love, Allan laughed.

The men were still seated around the table holding their drinks and remnants of the party food. Pauline was standing near the door on the opposite side of the room. Putting on one of her coy, shy little girl looks, she began to unbutton her blouse. Halfway through opening the buttons she suddenly remembered the sheer, see through bra she had put on that night. Too late!! Her frilly nylon blouse was now lying on the hard flagstone floor and the old men’s eyes were all fixated on her gorgeous 36 D breasts. Her dark nipples were showing through the transparent material as she did a catwalk type twirl and asked her audience if they liked what they saw? Are you going to let me and the lads have a little feel of those beauties asked Allan. You naughty old men playfully chided Pauline, okay if it makes you happy. Pauline walked over to her little perverted audience, her high heels clipping on the hard floor as she exaggerated the swing of her hips, as by now she was becoming very aroused indeed.

At first they were content with just groping at her breasts through the bra, but Allan put his hand inside pinching her nipple and she could feel other hands caressing the tight satin skirt and tracing the outline of her suspender belt and stockings. She playfully knocked their hands away and escaped to halfway across the room where she turned to face them. They were beginning to get very raucous and she also was finding it difficult to contain herself. Come on Pauline, Allan encouraged, take that skirt off for us, or we may have to help you! Pauline told them she did not want her skirt ripped and if they wanted to see more she would oblige them! She suddenly imagined them in some seedy backstreet sex show with her as the performer. Facing them she reached behind and undid the zip on the skirt and then turning with her back toward them and leaning slightly forward she slowly pulled the waistband of the skirt down over her shapely ass. She bent down more as the skirt lowered and eventually they had the sight they had been waiting for. Just a piece of white ribbon Göztepe Escort Bayan dividing that beautiful bum, finishing with a tiny see through triangle that was pulled tight across her beautiful pussy. She stood up, stepped out of the skirt picked it up and threw it on to a bench at the side of the room. There was a murmur of approval and excitement from the old men as she slowly turned around to face them and they got their first glimpse of her smooth, shaved pussy shining through the sheer white panties. She was now dizzy with alcohol and lust and just wanted things to happen, anything, everything! She didn’t have to wait very long! Come over here you dirty young slut, commanded Allan. Pauline walked towards them again and as soon as she was within reach the fondling and groping started. Gnarled old hands were stroking her pussy through the sheer material, they were pinching her nipples and squeezing her breasts.

Amid the frenzy Allan suddenly stopped and said, hey, its Fred’s birthday let him have the pleasure of stripping the rest of her!? With this all the hands left her body and Allan positioned the wheelchair in front of her. Pauline looked down, directly into his old bloodshot eyes and with her best pouting smile said, go on then, strip me Fred. Fred rubbed his ancient old hands together, he was drooling slightly, and he had a terribly lascivious look on his face. She turned around and squatted down in front of him so that he could undo her bra strap. His arthritic old hands had problems with the tiny clasp but after some time it gave way to him. When she felt it go she held the lacy cups against her breasts, stood up and turned around again to face him. She moved right up to his wheelchair until her stocking clad legs were rubbing on the rough tweed trousers he had on. She put her hands behind her head, arched her back slightly and waited. The arthritic old hands reached up and removed the lacy garment from her breasts. Fred took some time fondling Pauline’s gorgeous tits, gently pinching the nipples and stroking them. His hands then moved down to her crotch, which was at about his face level. He pulled the thin waist ribbons down and then the sheer triangle of material began to uncover her smooth bare pussy. Wow, none of us have ever seen a shaved pussy have we lads? Never!, was the unanimous response. Pauline opened her legs slightly to let the tiny piece of material fall to the floor and stepped out of them. Fred could see her clitoris and vulva were swollen and glistening with moisture, he started probing, whilst she slowly started to squirm and gyrate with obvious pleasure. This seemed to be the signal for the others to “join the assault” on her lovely young body! Dressed only in red high heels, black stockings and red suspender belt she was almost frog-marched into the adjacent men’s toilet.

There was only one naked 40 watt light bulb working in there, which made the place look even more filthy and disgusting than it obviously was anyway! The lads and I are making you our sex slave tonight, said Allan, are you going to do as you’re told? Pauline looked at them using her frightened little girl look, which she knew would make them worse!, and said yes sir. All of the old men were still fully clothed but by now all had delved into their trousers and liberated their cocks. One of them, James, had a long thin cock and said he couldn’t make the urinals and proceeded to piss all over the cracked red quarry tiled floor. Pauline’s nipples were now huge and hard as it was very cold in there. Lay in James’s piss, ordered Allan. Pauline was beyond caring now and just wanted sex, a lot of sex!! She duly obeyed, sitting down first and then sliding down in the still warm urine, until she was flat on her back. She could feel the strange sensation of the warm liquid with the cold tiled floor beneath. Spread you arms and legs, Allan snapped, show us dirty old perverts what you’ve got! Pauline slowly raised her arms and stretched them out above her head. Next she spread her legs! Wider, Allan commanded, he kicked them out further until her crotch was straining. All six were now stood around her in a semi-circle at her feet, apart from Fred who was still in his wheelchair. The picture was surreal, these old men with their cocks waving over this beautiful Escort Göztepe young woman, spread-eagled before them in a pool of piss! It was then she realised they were all straining and she prepared for more of their golden showers. Sure enough two of them started streaming followed quickly by Allan and eventually the others. Some aimed at her face and breasts, others flooded her open pussy and belly with their foul smelling urine. The sensation of this hot urine washing over her near naked body and the whole extraordinary circumstances were welling up inside Pauline and she just didn’t care what they did to her anymore! All she knew is that she had to be fucked very soon! When the last dribbles had subsided, she still lay there with her legs and arms opened wide, her stockings and body covered in small rivers of yellowish orange water. Right time for Fred’s birthday blow job Allan laughed, on your knees slut! Obediently Pauline, got up on her knees and began crawling towards Fred in his wheelchair. His semi flaccid cock was poking out of his stained old trousers. She held his eye contact and when she reached him her glossy red lips slid seductively down Fred’s cock. She was amazed how hard his cock began to get, but then suddenly realised they had probably all taken their little blue pills by now! Her thoughts were now, that, at his age, could she encourage any cum out of it? She started sucking his cock right down to the base and knowing the rest were all looking on from behind she pushed her ass up towards them, opened her legs wider and began gyrating in a very provocative manner. Allan did not need any more encouragement! He dropped his trousers and Pauline briefly let Fred’s cock slip out of her mouth, as she turned and watched Allan’s angry old cock spring out towards her ass. She returned her attention back to Fred’s cock just as she felt Allan’s cock enter her gaping wet pussy. The last couple of hours of prolonged foreplay had taken its toll on both of them and neither lasted long before exploding with orgasm. As Pauline was experiencing the first waves of a huge orgasm, almost simultaneously Fred’s cock burst forth a stream of hot, thick cum that hit the back of her throat. Still with her eyes seductively focused on his she drew the ball of white cum back into her mouth. She showed her mouthful of cum, from this 85 year old, to her appreciative audience and then looking back at Fred slowly swallowed every last drop! During all this time Allan was still pumping away at her from behind and within a few seconds she felt Allan’s cock explode deep inside her. As he recovered, gasping and panting, still inside her, she felt the dribbles of his seed running down the inside of her thighs and onto her stocking tops. She hated condoms anyway!!

Pauline walked back into the changing room with Allan’s cum running down her legs. What about us?, the other four, by now, very frustrated and horny old perverts questioned. Pauline’s orgasm had long subsided and she was now feeling horny again! She smiled at them and said no one would go home frustrated and with that, led James over to the table. It was just the perfect height, she got up on it, knelt before him and told him to fuck her hard! His face was twisted with lust and he told her he was going to fuck her ass, expecting her to freak out or something. Instead she just looked back at him, smiled sweetly and said, yes please James! He used Allan’s still dribbling cum to lubricate his cock and gently pushed it in Pauline’s tight little ass. One of the others had offered his wrinkled old cock to Pauline’s mouth which she accepted and proceeded to swallow whilst James was pumping away at her ass. Once again, it did not take long before James had spent his seed deep in her anus. When he withdrew from her, his cum began dribbling out and as if not to waste it, the last randy old goat replaced him. His cock was thicker and Pauline winced, but it did not distract her from draining the old gents cock that was still right down her throat. Very quickly all had filled at least one of Pauline’s inviting holes with their ancient cum and they all began calming down and returning to a sort of normality. It took them about half an hour to clean themselves and the rooms up, and another half an hour before the repaired mini-bus turned up to take the old friends back. They all kissed Pauline goodbye promise to visit their retirement home where Allan said they would look forward to continuing her training! She said she couldn’t wait and meant it!!

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