Road Trials


Dianne took one long last look at her home town, sucked in one last breath of the familiar desert air, and then climbed into her dad’s beautifully restored VW camper van. 2020 had not been a good year for the two of them, and this van was now all that was left of their previous lives. Fred, her father, had spent the last 15 years building up a great little business doing high end vehicle restorations, but it had always been a marginal business financially, and COVID had sunk it rather quickly. He had drawn multiple mortgages on his home to keep it afloat over the years, and even then he had barely scraped by. When the market for expensive custom restorations and mods dried up he found himself unable to meet his mortgages, much less keep his shop open.

As a single father of a daughter that had put off college once already, Fred decided it was time to sell off what few assets he had, and start over as an employee for a more established business. A business that could give him the steady paycheck he needed to help Dianne through college, and to provide a place for her to always return to. Unfortunately, the best offer he got by far was from a shop nearly all of the way across the country. It was a perfect job for him, though, and so after several nights of talking about all the options with his daughter, he gave in and accepted it. To his surprise, Dianne had decided that she could go to college back east just as easily as she could from their hometown. So now she was going to accompany him, driving across the country in his one last possession, and help him get set up and their lives started over.

Barely a mile outside of town Dianne started to worry that she had made a mistake in her planning for this move, though. Glancing over at Fred she noticed, not for the first time, that he had a raging hard-on underneath his work pants. He kept trying to adjust it and tuck it up, but then he would give in to the discomfort and shift it back down his pant leg. The nylon material of his work pants were made of tough material, but they were stretchy and they did little to hide his cock as it escaped the bottom of his briefs and slid down his leg. Dianne, who had seen a few of them in her forays into dating, couldn’t help but notice the big fat mushroom head, outlined in sharp relief by his pants. Definitely a man’s cock, and one she wished any of her boyfriends had been sporting. But that thought, and the fact that Fred had been rock hard for the entire drive so far is what worried Dianne. This wasn’t like him at all, and certainly wasn’t something he had ever shown around her. She was pretty sure now, though, that she had herself to blame.

Dianne had a job as a hostess at a chain restaurant, but the decision to move had come on so quickly that she had not had much time to save. She had always felt a sense of responsibility to help with bills, and so when it came time to move she felt she needed to be able to pitch in as well. Fortuitously, just as the decision to move had begun, a girlfriend had given her a flyer advertising paid drug trials. Dianne had applied immediately, and she was apparently just what they needed to round out their first set of subjects. They had already found plenty of older women to participate, but they wanted several younger women who had just come of age to help balance out the demographics of the trial.

Within a week Dianne had been given a thorough physical, signed a ridiculous stack of legal paperwork, and was sat down with a doctor and given directions on the use of this new drug, potential side effects, and directions on how to use a tracking app on her phone to record her reactions and physical details. The drug that was being trialed was a new attempt at a female libido and fertility enhancer, but the doctor had been pretty adamant that with someone her age they doubted it would have much effect. The drug was designed to bring a woman in her 40’s back to the hormonal state of her teenage years. So for a sexually active 19 year old the changes would be minimal. There were some side-effects, however, and now Dianne was absolutely sure that she was suffering from an extreme case of at least one of them.

Dianne considered herself cute, especially after high school as she had grown into her body a little more, but she had never been gorgeous, or the type of girl to get a lot of attention from men. She had had boyfriends, and she was sure she could get a guy in a bar to take her home if she wanted to, but she didn’t ever get stares, or even unsolicited approaches. In the last week, however, that had begun to change. At first she thought maybe the drug had made her fill out a little more and she had crossed some magical sex threshold, but while her C-cup breasts were maybe a little engorged, she was still fitting in her same bras and her same size 6 jeans. After three days in a row of crazy experiences on the city bus, she went back through the paperwork the doctor had given her and she thought she had identified the culprit: pheromones.

One potential side-effect of this drug was to kick a woman’s natural İstanbul Escort scent production into overdrive. She didn’t feel any different at all, same sex drive, same period, same body, but she was now apparently sending out ridiculous signals to any men with the ability to get even a small whiff of her. The city bus had really confirmed it. The bus was always crowded in the evenings, but everyone was usually as respectful of her personal space as they could be. Maybe a quick jostle here and there, but nothing much, and always a genuine “Sorry” uttered after it happened.

This week, however, she kept getting crowded. No matter where she sat or stood she found herself hemmed in by men. Pressed against. Brushed against as they got on and off. The first day she noticed something was different it was just lots of casual contact, and lots of bodies standing as close to her as they could without being obvious. One man had leaned in and breathed deeply a few times. She had chalked it up to him liking her shampoo. The next day, though, she was closed in on even tighter, and now the men were definitely rubbing themselves on her. She had several boners pressed into her ass and thighs as she stood there. The feel of a hard cock pressing through slacks unmistakable.

The third day, she didn’t know what to do. Once again she was surrounded almost immediately and pressed tightly into the support pillar she was holding on to. Then she felt the distinct feeling of hard dicks pressing into part of her they could reach. She tried to move forward after the bus cleared somewhat at a stop, but a new group formed around her almost immediately. Then they gave up on just rubbing and began actively humping her, grinding themselves against her leggings. Pressing their hardons as firmly as they could into her, and rubbing them up and down, over and over. She was scared, but had no idea what to do, so she just stood there, praying for the bus to hurry up and make its next stop. Then she felt something wet on her leg, and she looked down to see that one man had pulled his dick all of the way out and had just spurt cum all over her leg after grinding on her. She yelped, but was still pressed tight against the pillar and couldn’t move. Then she felt another cock clearly out of its owner’s pants and sliding in and out between her legs. A minute later she heard a grunting from behind her and felt another wet spot form, this time on the crotch of her leggings as the man came between her legs.

Thankfully the bus made a stop before any more men could press themselves onto her, and when the doors opened and the breeze poured in the spell the men were under seemed to lift and they all stumbled back away from her, some in obvious embarrassment. Dianne immediately squeezed between a couple of them and made it off the bus. She looked at the mess on her pants and just couldn’t believe what had happened. She ducked into a coffee shop and cleaned up as best she could, and then headed home to try to unravel what might have caused it all. The pheromones made the most sense.

Dianne’s first reaction had been to immediately stop taking the new drug she was trialing, but then she realized that the money was just too important. What she brought in was going to cover everything they needed to get set up in a new apartment, and maybe even buy some decent furniture. It was the difference between having a nice start at their new life, or living like paupers, using sleeping bags on a bare floor for months. So she stuck with it, but limited her exposure in public, and mostly stuck to helping pack and selling off stuff they couldn’t move on Ebay. The rest of the week had gone smoothly from her standpoint, but now she was starting to wonder if maybe she had missed her dad having some unseemly reactions.

Because now, locked up in the cab of the van together, Fred was clearly uncontrollably horny. Despite the highway speeds, Dianna rolled down her window a bit, hoping that the fresh air would help. She glanced over again a few minutes later and saw that he was not quite as rock hard, but the poor man was still stretching his pants, and now he also had a wet spot on his leg from all the pre-cum he was leaking. He was also uncharacteristically quiet, just watching the road and listening to the radio as they drove.

A little earlier than they probably needed to, Fred pulled off the interstate and stopped at a gas station to fill up. He asked Dianne to do the fueling, claiming that he must have drank too much coffee and he really needed to pee. Dianne watched him nearly run towards the bathrooms, with a strange stiff gait that she knew the cause of. She hadn’t been able to help herself, and she felt she must have sneaked a peek at his tented pants at least a hundred times over the past two hours. Ten minutes later, normally quite a bit longer than Fred takes to pee, he came ambling back to the van, clearly relieved, and smiling tiredly. They loaded back up, and this time Dianne suggested that they just drive with all the windows open, wind in their hair, and really Anadolu Yakası Escort make it feel like an old school road trip. Fred readily agreed, and it seemed to help, they made it the entire distance of their first day goal, with him having a visible hardon only about half of the time.

That night they stayed at a developed campground. Fred immediately ran off for the showers as soon as they parked, but when he got back he had clearly unloaded himself and was feeling better. Dianne being outside of the confines of the van also helped, and they were able to have a fairly normal night, sitting outside in lawn chairs for an hour and chatting aimlessly about their goals for their new lives. Shortly after midnight they decided to turn in, and they folded down the back seat into the small, but serviceable, double bed. Dianne changed first and then made a little nest in the corner of the bed for herself, wrapping herself in her comforter and trying to leave as much room for her father as she could. Once she was situated, Fred came in, shut everything down, and then removed his pants, put on an old t-shirt, and then crawled into the other side of the bed, using his own blanket to make his own separate little space. Sleep came quickly for both of them.

In the morning Dianne woke up feeling perfectly content, cuddled and swaddled with a nice satisfying weight draped partially across her back and legs. At first she just enjoyed the feeling, but then she realized who the cuddler must be, and she froze a little. Then she started parsing all of the different feelings on her body, and realized that once again she had a hard cock pressed up against her. Although at least this time there was a comforter in the way, and it wasn’t obnoxious. Just there, and she wasn’t entirely sure she minded.

Dianne laid there for a few more minutes and just enjoyed the cuddle, but then worried about how her father would react, she slowly slid herself out from underneath him, pulled on a pair of comfy pants, and then quietly let herself out of the van and began firing up the cookstove to start coffee. Ten minutes later the smell of coffee had percolated into the van and her dad stirred and got up, none the wiser to his nighttime cuddle. He got dressed quickly and joined her outside, gratefully taking an offered cup and struggling to wake up. While he worked at that, Dianne decided that she had better try to prepare for the day’s drive, and she ran off to the showers. She was determined to wash as much of her smell off of her as she could in an attempt to make the day a little more tolerable for him.

It didn’t work. Most of the morning Fred was only at half-mast. His dick just an uncomfortable bulge bound up in his pants. But that was while they were driving windows open and the wind blasting them. By the afternoon they were fully in the middle of nowhere in the midwest and it had gotten too cold to drive with the windows down. Once they went back up his dick immediately responded, going rock hard, and once again pressing down his leg and leaving wet spots. They stopped for gas twice, and both times Fred ran off to the bathroom, but this time he came back agitated and still stiff. Dianne watched him get into the van gingerly after the second stop, clearly sore but frustrated like he hadn’t been able to get himself off.

That evening they stopped early, Fred exhausted, and unwilling to keep going when the weather suddenly turned on them. They had spent so much time living in the warm desert, that they had completely forgotten to even consider the weather of the midwest in late November. To their surprise they ran into snow flurries and howling winds. Well short of the day’s mileage goal, Fred gave in to the weather and pulled into a large truck stop that offered overnight parking and at least minimal facilities. They bundled up as best they could with the clothes on hand, and grabbed hot chocolates and pre-made sandwiches and then retreated back to the van as the storm rolled over.

The truck stop also had the added bonus of wi-fi, so Dianne set up her laptop and they cuddled on the couch and tried to watch a movie. He father was restless, though, and Dianne glanced down several times to confirm that was trying to hide his hardon under his hands as he sat there. They were both also getting colder and more uncomfortable trying to huddle up on bench couch. Fred gave up first, complaining that the sandwich must have been bad and running back into the truckstop facilities. Before he left, though, he suggested that they just give up and go ahead and try to sleep. Dianne agreed, and after he left she pulled the couch down into bed mode and started to build her little nest. Then she curled up in it and waited for her father to return.

She couldn’t get comfortable, though. Her single comforter just wasn’t enough to fight off the now very cold van, and she had always found it impossible to sleep fully clothed. She wanted to be in her comfy shorts and a t-shirt, but it was just too cold. When Fred returned, still looking frustrated, Kartal Escort he quickly discovered the same thing. He had once again stripped down to his briefs and t-shirt, but in that outfit his one old blanket just wasn’t enough.

They both laid there and shivered for a while, balled up in fetal positions, trying desperately to stay warm. After about thirty minutes of that, Dianne gave up and made a decision without even really thinking about it. She just wanted to be warm. So she suggested to her father that they pool their resources. If they combined his blanket with her comforter and both huddled up under them then they had a chance of being at least a little warmer. Fred, thinking only of his rapidly dropping body temperature quickly agreed. So Dianne jumped out from underneath her comforter as quickly as she could, pulled her father’s blanket out square, threw her comforter over the top of it, and then as quickly as she could slid back under the covers and up against her father’s side.

She slid up against him and then turned on her side away from him, pressing her butt and back against his side as he lay there, mostly still on his back, but twisted up a little bit to get as much of his body against hers as possible. The heat quickly built up, and both found themselves starting to doze off within a short time. Dianne slipped in and out of sleep, listening to the wind blow, and perfectly content with the heat of her father next to her.

A little while later, though, a light snore and a shifting body woke her back up. Her father had fallen asleep, and then rolled over towards her, spooning her tightly, and holding her hip. As he settled, she then immediately noticed two sensations that were immensely stronger than the others: his hot breath on the back of her neck, and his cock pressing hard in between her upper thighs. He shifted slightly again, and her breath caught as she realized that she was feeling his bare cock pressing against her. It must have pressed itself out of his briefs, and was now pressing and leaking against her legs.

For a while she just lay there, now completely awake, and let him press against her. She thought about it for a while, considered how this whole situation may be all her fault, and then made a decision. Slowly and quietly she moved her hand down and behind her and she grabbed her father’s cock and squeezed, and then slowly started stroking it. Moving her hand back and forth in short strokes while keeping his bulging cock head pressed against her thighs. As she stroked him, he started to moan, and the pre-cum started flowingly liberally. Dianne, now fully excited, started rubbing his cock head back and forth across her thighs, spreading his fluids over her while gently stroking.

Her father’s sleepy moans intensified as she worked him, and he kept grabbing her hip tighter and tighter. Now fully into it and rocking her hips back and forth into him as she stroked, she decided to make another move. She briefly released his cock, took his hand off of her hip, and slid it up under her shirt and pressed his hand onto her breast. Still asleep, he still responded correctly, and immediately cupped her breast and began alternating between mauling them and rolling her little nipple between his fingers while pulling on them. Meanwhile she went right back to his cock, now stroking it even harder and driving it up between her ass cheeks as she pressed back against him.

Now thoroughly excited, and on the verge of cumming herself from the breast play, she took one more quick break from stroking and pulled her shorts down a few inches, just enough that she could shift down a little and now rub Fred’s cock head between her bare ass cheeks. He immediately responded, pulling her even tight with the hand around her breast, and he started bucking his hip into her, rubbing his cock into her cheeks. A moment later he tensed up, and Dianne, knowing what was coming, held his cock inbetween her ass as he started to shoot a series of spurts into the gap between her cheeks, the cum dripping down her crack and coating her asshole with his warm seed. The feeling of heat, the wetness, and the final grasp of her now tender breast sent her over the top as well, and she shuddered through a quick and quiet orgasm as she enjoyed her father’s release.

Now released and satisfied, her father returned to snoring, and his grip on her breast relaxed into a gentle cupping. Equally satisfied, she nestled in close, putting her hand over his and holding him to her, and leaving his now softening cock resting in her ass crack. She wiggled her shorts down just a little more to finish getting everything comfortable, and then she dozed off, a smile on her face.

Sunrise brought a scene of snow covered plains, the storm blown over, but its aftermath blanketing everything and making everything eerily quiet. Fred stirred first, but still mostly asleep as he realized that he was spooning his daughter under a layer of blanket and comforter. Groggy, but feeling really good, he shifted a little and then moaned involuntarily, barely registering that he had a breast in one hand, and that his again fully erect cock was buried in a very warm and slightly moist spot. He moaned again, and let out a tentative, “Baby?” Then tried to figure out how the heck he was going to extract himself from this awkward position.

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