Royal Relations Pt. 01


This story will have a bit of magic and other fiction elements in it but I believe it will fit in this category well.

Any relation between these characters and anyone, alive or dead is purely coincidence.


Chapter 1: The Return

Princess Emily sat up on her horse when she saw the high walls of the castle her family lived in, Castle Arma. She was coming back from a series of negations with the neighboring kingdom, Cerian. Princess Emily could not wait to tell her father the good news from her journey. Emily had to work hard to secure this truce, but she was glad because it meant the end of a long war. Emily quickly reached the city surrounding Castle Arma and began to slow down, lowering the hood of her travel cloak to allow the guards to recognize her.

Emily was 22 and her dirty blonde hair reached just past her shoulder bones and was straight. Emily had a pretty face and long legs. She was 5 feet 8 inches tall and had a flat stomach and large D-cup breasts, not that either of those features was visible through her black loose fitting riding cloak. Upon reaching the castle gate, the guard recognized her and motioned for her to cross the drawbridge and bowed saying, “Welcome home Princess Emily.”

Emily rode through the gate and dismounted from the back of her horse, handing the reigns to another guard inside the gate, then made her way into the castle. She quickly made her way to the court, where her parents, King Andrew and Queen Isabella would certainly be. Emily’s younger sister, Princess Reyna might be in the court, or she might be off practicing healing magic somewhere else in the castle. Emily, lost in thought had finally reached the entrance to the court. She smoothed out her riding cloak and entered, looking up at her mother and father sitting in their thrones.

King Andrew was 46 years old and had a full head of straight brown hair, an athletic build, being about 6 feet tall and the stern look of a ruler. Queen Isabella was 45 years old and had blonde hair. She was 5 feet 7 inches tall and had large breasts and thin body like Emily, hidden behind a blue gown. Isabella had long curly golden hair. King Andrew stood up as his daughter entered the room and said, “Welcome home my daughter! Tell me you bring good news?”

Emily smiled and said, “Yes, our kingdom and the kingdom of Cerian will be at peace with one another!” A cheer went up from the court, from nobles, soldiers and advisors alike, everyone was happy the war was over.

The king held up a hand for silence, “Then tonight we shall have a feast! The whole city shall be invited!” His voice boomed over the court, as he walked towards Emily and embraced her. Then in a softer voice he whispered to Emily, “You were gone a long time. Your mother and I were worried about you.”

Emily whispered back, “It was hard to negotiate but in the end all that matters is that there is peace.”

King Andrew smiled upon hearing this, “You will make a fine queen one day, now go and rest.” Emily nodded and excused herself from court, her mother following her out and to her room. Traveling up the stairs, the two women made small talk about how they had been the past 2 weeks. Emily finally reached her room and pushed the door open, Queen Isabella following her inside, then closing and locking the door behind them. Emily slipped off her riding boots and placed them on the side of the door, then walked over and sat on the bed.

Chapter 2: What Needs to be Done

Isabella then said, “What exactly did you have to do to get them to agree to stop the war?”

Emily sighed and said, “What I always have to do when father asks me to go and make a treaty, do what the leader wants. And that’s what I did this time too.”

Isabelle sighed and said, “But this time you were gone for much longer than usual. Your usually only gone 4 or 5 days. What was different?”

Emily looked down at her bare feet then said, “We agreed on the terms after day 2. The next 12 was what I had to do to keep up my end of it.” Emily then opened her travel cloak and reveled her naked body to her mother. Isabella was shocked at what she saw. Her daughter’s body, front was covered in fingernail scratches, the kind someone would have after sex. Emily’s knees were red and raw from time spent on the ground sucking cock. Then before Isabella got a chance to see more, Emily covered herself back up with the cloak.

“Now you know what I had to do. Don’t tell father or Reyna. Let them guess at what I had to do.”

“Did you at least take your birth control potion this month? Your sister always forgets.” Isabella asked.

“Of course. So many of them came inside me… It was dripping out all over.”

Isabella nodded, knowing her daughter saved many lives with what she chose to do. Then she moved in and silently hugged her daughter before leaving the room. Emily then found a servant and had him prepare her a bath to wash away the shame of what had happened. After the bath was ready, Emily told Escort İstanbul the servant to leave, disrobed then climbed into the warm water and began to try to wash away the last 12 days of degradation.

Princess Reyna had just heard the news that her older sister had returned. Reyna was much different from her sister, being only 18 years old and having long curly blonde hair, almost gold, much like their mother. She had small B-cup breasts and was petite, being only 5 feet 5 inches tall. Reyna had just finished her lessons for the day and was moving quickly through the castle, wanting to see her sister as soon as possible. After several minutes, Reyna reached Emily’s room, which she opened the door quietly, then closed behind her just as soft.

Chapter 3: A Helping Hand

Emily was lying in a large tub, her head resting against the back wall and her eyes closed, while her body just soaked in the water. She kept thinking about being used by the members of the Court of Cerian over and over again. Suddenly she heard a familiar voice, “Hello Emily! I missed you!”

Emily opened her eyes and saw her younger sister, Reyna standing by the door to her bathroom. Reyna was wearing a blue dress, like their mother, but Reyna’s was more form fitting, showing off her flat stomach and B-cup breasts. This is the last thing I want, her seeing me like this Emily thought to herself, but on the outside she smiled and said, “Reyna! I missed you too. How is everything going?”

“Good!” Replied Reyna. “I learned a healing spell finally and…” Reyna trailed off, noticing her sister’s expression. “Do you want me to leave? You don’t look normal.”

Emily sighed, “No, you can stay. It’s not like your trying to have sex with me or anything weird like that. It’s just that the negotiations were… difficult.”

Reyna thought for a second then said, “Like worse than normal? Is that why you were gone for so long?”

Emily looked at her younger sister. The girl who was 4 years younger than her, the girl who came to her for advice and with questions, then said, “I’ve told you about every other time so I don’t see why this one would be any different. The last 12 days I was used like a cheap whore. To secure the peace, I was fucked, fisted, slapped, double penetrated and flogged by countless men.”

Reyna looked shocked, thinking, Fisted? Like their fists were inside her vagina? How would that even fit? Then she said, “Are you okay? If you want to vent or…”

Emily looked at her younger sister, seeing her look of worry, “Give me a minute to dry off. Then we can talk in my room.”

Reyna nodded then walked out, closing the door behind her. Emily stood up, feeling sore, and toweled off, before slipping into a white robe. Emily then opened the bathroom door and entered her bedroom, and saw Reyna sitting on the edge of Emily’s bed, she looked up at her older sister.

Emily sat down next to Reyna and said, “Look, normally this kind of thing is easy for me. Go there, make a deal, sleep with the king for a few days and come home, but this was… much more intense. I don’t think father knew what would happen when we reached a deal.”

Reyna looked her older sister in the eye, “So are you okay? You need any help?”

Emily smiled at Reyna’s focus, “Yeah, maybe you can show me that new spell you learned!”

Reyna looked happy at this, then said, “The first step is me needing to get a look at your injuries… So I guess you need to take off your robe. I’m sorry, it’s my first time actually using the spell… and you’re my sister… and you have to get naked…”

Emily smiled, laughing slightly, at Reyna’s hesitation for the last part of what she said. As Emily stood up and dropped her robe, she said, “Reyna, relax, we’re sisters, not lovers.”

Reyna looked at her older sister’s body, standing up to inspect her. Emily’s large, toned ass was red and had marks on it from the flogger, her whole back and front were covered in scratch marks from fingernails during sex. Emily’s knees were red and raw from kneeling down in front of men. Reyna then looked at her sister’s neck, where some small bruises were from being choked during sex. Emily’s nipples had hickies round them from being sucked so many times. Reyna then looked at her sister’s shaven pussy and was shocked. Emily’s pussy was red from long periods of repeated use, gaping open wide. Reyna could look deep inside her older sister’s wrecked cunt.

Emily saw her younger sister’s shocked look and said, “Normally its small and tight, but constant use will stretch it out temporarily.”

Reyna had finished, making a mental note of her sister’s injuries, “I think I found everything, now lay back on the bed and let’s see what I can do.”

Emily nodded and lay back on the bed, head on the pillows, facing her younger sister, who stood for a second then said, “I have to place a hand close to some of the wounds for this to work. Any preference where?”

Emily thought for a second İstanbul Escort Bayan then said, where my thigh meets my torso, that’s close to a few.”

Reyna nodded, then climbed in between her older sister’s spread legs, placing her right hand on her older sister’s thigh, right next to Emily’s gaping hole. Emily watched as Reyna closed her eyes and concentrated. Then, she suddenly saw gold energy flow from her sister’s hand and work its way up her body, closing scratches as it passed them. Emily watched as her scratches and hickies disappeared. She felt her vaginal muscles contract and then her pussy stopped feeling so wide and sore. Finally, the gold energy faded and Reyna looked tired, she smiled slightly before collapsing face first into the bed right in front of Emily’s pussy. Emily reached a hand down her body, feeling much better and full of energy. When that hand reached her pussy, she slipped a finger in and noticed that she was as tight as she was normally.

Emily sat up as Reyna opened her eyes and said, “Did it work?”

Emily looked at her younger sister happily then said, “Of course it did! You are so amazing! Now go get ready for the feast, that young noble you are into is probably going to be there.”

Reyna looked happy, leaving the room as Emily began to look through her drawers for something to wear.

Chapter 4: The Feast

Several hours later, Reyna and Emily both met up before the feast. Emily and Reyna were both wearing matching red and gold dresses that showed off their bodies quite well. Reyna whispered to her older sister as they walked, “I think I might try to lose my virginity to that noble I’m friends with, Lord Isaac tonight. He’s so handsome.”

Emily smiled at her sister’s enthusiasm, “If you do come tell me and let me know how it goes.” They then stopped as they reached the dining hall. They entered and the crowd stood.

The leader of the city guard announced, “Make way for Princess Emily, the negotiator and Princess Reyna!” Upon hearing her new title, the negotiator, Emily blushed. Most of these people had no idea what she actually had to do to make these deals happen. The princess sisters walked to the table at the front of the room, where their parents and several high ranking officials sat.

Upon both of them sitting, King Andrew stood and announced, “This feast is in honor of my daughter, Princess Emily, reaching peace between our kingdom and the kingdom of Cerian. Let the feast begin!” With that, servers brought out food for the guests. The royal family made small talk among themselves and the officials at their table. Emily noticed that Reyna and a handsome, black haired noble a year older than her kept stealing glances at one another for the duration of the feast.

Isabella watched her youngest daughter with a mild interest, seeing her looking at one of her male friends. Isabella also noticed that Emily was looking a lot happier and more energetic than before. She smiled slightly as she thought about how much better she looked than before.

At the end of the feast, many peasants and lower lords and ladies had left to return to their homes. Princess Reyna and Lord Isaac were sitting next to each other, talking, before Reyna stood up and left, followed by Isaac a couple minutes later. Emily smiled as she knew where they were going. Emily herself, tired from her journey and the long days she had before, made her way back to her room and began to wait for news of her sister’s adventure that night.

Reyna met Isaac in the hallway outside the dining hall and began to lead him deeper into the castle. “Princess,” He said, “What if someone ask about where you are bringing me.”

Reyna, feeling confident about what was going to happen tonight said, “Don’t worry about that. Let’s just get to my room and relax there.” Reyna led him to her room, before opening the door, allowing Lord Isaac to enter, then closing it behind him. Reyna then walked to the bed and sat down, looking at Isaac. “Can you help me undress?” She asked.

Isaac smiled at the 18-year-old, “Of course my princess! Anything to help the royal family.” He then stood in front of her and untied the back of her dress top. Feeling that it was untied, Reyna stood up and the dress fell to her ankles, revealing her naked petite body. Reyna’s small nipples were hard on her firm breasts, and her shaven pussy was exposed to the air. Reyna’s pussy was a closed simp. Isaac stared at the princess before him, completely naked, looking at him expectantly. “Well, come on!” Reyna said, almost pouting, giving her a sexy look.

Isaac stared at the woman in front of him, pale, naked and ready to be fucked. “One second your highness.” He said as he began to undress, getting completely naked. Upon removing his pants, Isaac’s erect cock spring up, pointing at Reyna. It was about 7 inches long and 1.5 inches thick. Reyna, having heard what her sister often did when she was negotiating walked in front of Isaac and dropped to her knees. Reyna Anadolu Yakası Escort felt an excited type of nervous, as this was her first time actually seeing a cock in front of her.

Chapter 5: The First Time

Reyna gripped the base with one hand and rubbed her other thumb over the tip of it. Then she guided her mouth over the mushroom shaped head, which she moistened inexpertly with her tongue. Reyna remembered her sister’s advice, that sucking a man would make it easier for him to enter you. Reyna tried to take more of his cock into her mouth, but soon had to take it out and gag. Isaac smiled down at the petite woman before him, “My lady, is this your first time?”

Reyna, having recovered from her gagging nodded, looking at Isaac, unsure of what to do. She then said, “I wanted you to do it, because you’re so nice to me and… I just don’t want to disappoint you.”

This made Isaac laugh, “Reyna, we’ve been friends for a pretty long time. I’m honored that you chose me to do this. Lay back and trust me. I’m going to go slow and be gentle.” Reyna nodded, looking a bit happier. She stood and walked back to the bed, giving Isaac a nice look at her ass, which was soft and small in size. Reyna sat on the edge of the bed, and laying back and opening her legs. It was Isaac’s turn to get to his knees. Isaac used his fingers to spread her lips open then began to nibble at her clit. This made Reyna gasp in surprise and pleasure. Isaac then inserted a single finger inside Reyna, feeling her hymen and tight inner walls. Reyna moaned softly as his lone finger explored her tight pussy. Isaac then continued his feast on her cunt, bringing her to orgasm.

Reyna cried, “Oh! Isaac that feels so good!” as she experienced her first orgasm. Isaac watched as her white cum dripped slowly out the entrance to her tight pussy. As her orgasm subsided, Isaac watched as the beautiful young woman before him, lay breathing heavily and was a bit sweaty in the candle light.

“Are you ready for more love?” He asked.

Reyna, riding high from her orgasm, answered, “Yes. I want to slow down… no I need to go further! I want you to do it!”

Isaac looked even happier as he stood up, “Sit up my lady and watch.”

Reyna obliged, pushing herself up on her elbows, allowing her to see her own pussy. Isaac guided his cock to her tight entrance, and rubbed the head over it. Isaac coated it with her cum and juices. He then pushed the head between her lips, making Reyna gasp. Isaac then pushed farther into her tight pink folds. Reyna moaned loudly as she felt him push inside of her. Isaac then stopped, his cock about 3 inches inside her, “Want me to keep going?”

Reyna, feeling full, answered, “Yes, this feels amazing. Just go slow.” Isaac then pushed deeper inside her, until he was about 5 inches deep inside her. Reyna was moaning loudly as he pushed into her. Reaching the back of her pussy, Isaac pulled out, pulling her vagina lips with his cock, as they tightly hugged it. Isaac then slowly pushed back inside the former virgin, as she began to become adjusted to the feeling of being full of cock. Reyna, loving the feeling of being fucked, let her moans fill the air as she felt another orgasm building. Isaac continued his slow fucking, as he felt her become wetter and his own orgasm building. Reyna suddenly yelled, “I’m cumming!” as her vaginal muscles clamped down on his cock, milking Isaac for his cum. Reyna felt Isaac’s cock expand inside her. She realized, from what Emily had told he, that he was about to cum.

Immediately after realizing this, Reyna felt rope after rope of his cum splash inside her wet pussy and begin to mix with her cum. This was a new sensation for Reyna, who quite enjoyed it. Reyna was unsure how much cum was a normal amount, but this felt like more than usual. When he finished, Isaac slowly pulled his now softening cock out of her wet pussy, as it was coated with her cum. Reyna once again sat up, and looked at her pussy, which was open slightly from the recent stimulation. Isaac was beginning to put on his clothes again, “Did you enjoy that my princess?”

Reyna sighed happily, “It was amazing!”

Isaac smiled, “I’m glad. Unfortunately, I need to go and see to something, but I will be back again soon.”

Reyna said, “I guess we’re going to have to wait for next time then.” Isaac left, closing the door behind him. Reyna sighed, disappointed, wishing he had stayed and then sat up all the way. She investigated her vagina. It looked normal, except for being open slightly more than normal. When she used two fingers to open it up, she could see her cum and Isaac’s mixing inside her. Reyna then pushed herself off of the bed and put on a white robe, after all, she wanted Emily to hear about this.

Reyna walked towards Emily’s room, not seeing anyone except a lone guard who bowed as she passed. This made sense, most of the servants would be in their quarters for the night. Reyna rounded the corner from the hallway she was in to get to the main hallway and she ran into her mother. She was wearing a tight fitting white night robe, similar to Reyna. Reyna looked up at her mother, unsure of why she wasn’t in the king’s quarters at this time. Isabella said in a commanding, royal tone, “Reyna, how are you doing tonight?”

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