Santa’s Birthday Gift


A recent conversation with a fan led me to some ideas for this story. While part of the theme is Christmas, I hope that it is a tale you can enjoy any time of the year. Thanks for reading and there are more naughty stories on the way! ~~ BrettJ — September 2015

Sandy Snowden ran into her bedroom, all flustered, arms gesticulating wildly as she joined her sisters. Something had the 24-year old all stirred up because she was usually the most level-headed of the triplets.

“Will you, like, calm the fuck down,” Candy Snowden sighed as she slid on her tiny white lace teddy. “You know it freaks us all out when YOU freak out.’

Randy, the only non-identical triplet (she had gone strawberry blonde just last month for a change) nodded in agreement. “Yeah, whenever you act this way, it’s either really good or really bad — so which is it?”

“Oh this is good, this is rilly, rilly good,” Sandy squealed. They had lived in California for only a few years, but Sandy had picked up the accent as if she had lived there all of their lives. It was one of the ways that the men — and a few girls — could tell them apart until Randy’s recent makeover.

“Did you find us someone to party with?” Candy grinned eagerly. Their last playmates — a handsome husband and young wife — had moved out of the building just last month. The triplets had given them a rousing send off, although they wished Levon and yummy little Ashley hadn’t had to move back to Texas. Sandy had gobbled Levon’s big cock like it was a lollipop. Randy had loved the way his redheaded wife (the inspiration for her change) had gobbled her pussy. Candy liked the couple’s kinky and inventive play, like costumes, bondage and a huge assortment of sex toys. The girls had each other to play with and were attuned to each others’ needs, but extra players added spice.

“We bought a new strap-on today,” Candy told her sister, who was already getting into her matching pink teddy. The girls always bought near-identical outhits when shopping for lingerie. Then they could swap them around. One of the bedroom closets in the two bedroom apartment was entirely full of lingerie and shoes and accessories. Why not? The girls had been sleeping together since kindergarten, only separating when they got older and their parents objected. As soon as the actress / models turned 18 and moved out, they got a large bed and began sharing again. With like minds, the girls all had an identical idea — let’s share everything. Family sex was wonderful and they came to know a great deal of tricks within a short time.

The girls had a talk and realized that their situation was unique. They didn’t like being apart — ever. Sandy decided that they would be hot and fucky girls and party, not stressing on marriage. “If it happens, the lucky dude has to fuck all three of us,” she said while Candy was eating her shaved pussy and Randy was licking her perfect 34C tits. “Maybe we can find another set of triplets or hunky twins — or three hot siblings — then we can continue fucking. Until then, we party as a family when we want, we just don’t need to be fanatical about it, right?”

Her loving sisters rewarded her ingenuity with three intense orgasms. Then her slutty sibs got out two dildos and DP’d her. Sandy seemed to be the triplet who could take the most punishment. Randy had the best endurance and Candy was the creative and kinky one. Levon and Ashley had discovered all the girls’ deep secrets and added some new ideas to their arsenal.

“We can all fuck in a few minutes, you know that I’d never try to distract either of you sluts from a hot lesbian fuck if I didn’t have, like, the coolest news ever!” Sandy gushed. The girls welcomed “cool” news as the temperature had soared to the high 90’s outside. Fortunately, the girls had working AC in the apartment because even during a cold spell, the triplets sex life tended to make things steamy.

“Okay, okay, lay the news on us,” Candy sighed. “Then get in bed so that we can all fuck. I haven’t been laid since yesterday.”

“Not technically true, baby sister,” Randy, the middle triplet teased. “We fucked until 2 AM so you actually have had sex today. But I get your meaning and I’m horny too! Come on Sandy, SPILL!”

“Okay, okay, calm down, you horny sluts,” Sandy grinned as she slid in between her welcoming sisters. They each gave her a lingering kiss and she started to sigh and drift until she remembered her purpose in rushing home from the mall. “Hey, hey, I love you both but if you keep doing that, I won’t be able to tell you the news!’

“I hate it when she’s right,” Candy sighed, letting her sister’s nipple escape her sucking lips. “Okay, we’re paying attention — but this had better be good news!”

“It is, it is,” Sandy grinned as she tugged her pink teddy back down to remove temptation — although it would not really have stopped her loving sibs. “Do you remember that part-time Christmas job we had last December?”

“Yeah, yeah, Bayan Eskort the sexy elf routine for the animal charity,” Randy grinned. It had been a fun job and they had gotten to keep the lingerie and boots. “As I recall, we helped the raise nearly 10 grand!”

“As I recall sis, that isn’t all you raised,” Candy giggled impishly as she lovingly stroked her sister’s strawberry blonde pussy. Randy had made sure collar and cuffs matched. “That was an eye-opening experience, wasn’t it?”

“It wasn’t my eye that got opened,” Randy grinned at the happy, horny memory. “Why are you mentioning that, Sandy?”

“So, I assume that I am correct that you remember Mr. Kringle?” Sandy said with a jubilant little leer on her lovely face.

“Oh yeah, do I ever!” Randy sighed at the happy memory. “It’s kind of hard to forget a 9-inch cock that stuffed your pussy full several times a day several times a week!” Randy recalled her one of her happiest Yule memories.

“When one of the other helpers told us you were doing him, we thought you were nuts,” Candy said. “He was 50 and a bit chubby, we thought you’d flipped. Then, when you told us about his cock, we were all so fucking jealous. Good thing for you bitch that we all hooked up with the other helpers,” Candy chuckled. “They were all so cute, I ached for a week — but it was worth it!”

“They were all younger than us, and so hot!” Sandy squealed at the memory. “God, I love it when I get to be a girl’s first time. Teen girls are so eager to please, y’know? Anyway – I ran into Mr. Kringle at the costume store at the mall.” The girls knew the store well, each of them worked there when they needed extra staff. The store then offered them a good discount on some of their sexier costumes if the girls would agree to wear them to work. Candy, Sandy and Randy always increased sales, especially during holidays. Halloween was soon approaching and Sandy had already arranged their extra shifts. “So, like Mr, Kringle — his first name is Arthur — thought I was you. He has a birthday coming — Halloween, isn’t that cute — and he asked me to dinner. I set him straight, but then I remembered you telling me what a stud he was — so I invited him here for a November 1st dinner.”

“Oh fuck Sandy, you didn’t!” Candy shot up in bed and grabbed her sister’s arm. “Holy shit, you did!”

“What, what did she do?”

“Sometimes Randy, I think that hair dye leaked through a bit,” Candy groaned. “Don’t you see? Sandy invited him here so that we could all fuck him — have a foursome, am I right Sandy?”

“You are,” Sandy nodded. “I want to feel that big boner in my pussy and I want my sisters and I to put on a hot show for him. We can even dress up and make a game out of it. If he’s as hot a fuck as you say he is, I want to experience that. As for Arthur, he might be an old dude, but that’s okay. Older guys can teach us a thing or two. Plus, I have never been DP’d with a real cock in my cunt before, got to try that!”

“You’re a slut,” Randy kissed her sister.

“I think that ship has sailed for all of us,” Candy said as she joined the erotic three-way kiss. “I’m on board with this idea, should I start planning something special?”

“Already on that,” Sandy grinned as her sisters swarmed over her. “You don’t always have to be the planner Candy, none of us are exactly slouches when it comes to erotic ideas!”

“That’s for sure,” Randy smiled as she adjusted the strap-on she was now wielding. “I hope the big guy can keep up with his little ho-ho-hos!” She laughed as she slid the toy into Sandy’s pussy. The already charged Sandy had an orgasm on the spot.

Arthur Kringle was whistling as he made his way to the apartment of his three former “helpers”. Randy was his favorite, but he had enjoyed the company of all three girls. Only a few months prior to his Santa job, he had lost the love of his life. Victoria had been with him for nearly 35 years. They were childhood sweethearts. They had been married, happily married, a long time. They were each others’ first, although not last. Victoria had come from a loving Swedish family and he had been with her sisters and mother and aunts and cousins. She loved to fuck and had picked the robust Arthur because he kept up with her. Even the illness that claimed her had not dampened her sweet, loving ways. Before she passed, the lovely blonde who had looked so young and healthy most of her life extracted a promise from her husband. “I want you to find someone and start fucking again,” she had said with a weak smile. “A cock like yours and such a healthy libido should not go to waste. Even now, I’ve been with lovers much younger than you would couldn’t keep up.” It was true, even Arthur’s own girls said their daddy was the best. If they had not been studying abroad, he was certain that Bella and Holly would make sure daddy got all the loving he needed.

His appetites were temporarily quenched after Victoria passed. He knew that he would Anadolu Yakası Escort play Santa that year, despite the loss. Victoria had loved it, his girls too, even after they figured out that Santa and Daddy were one and the same. Christmas took on an erotic turn after the girls were old enough. Their Christmas stockings turned to silk with stiletto heels to match. One of Arthur’s favorite memories was watching his girls experience their mom and each other for the first time one Christmas Eve. It was a memory permanently etched in his mind and he didn’t think anything would ever top it. A few friends had invited him to Christmas dinners, but he knew he’d enjoy playing Santa, watching the children light up and mingling with some of the parents and lovely pets. Arthur’s wealth enabled him to give generously to several animal charities. He had earned a great deal of money by being Santa almost all year round , in a manner of speaking. Arthur loved the spirit of Santa, given his last name. He designed several Christmas cards for Hallmark. He had written and illustrated several children’s books, at least 6 with Christmas themes. He had acted as Santa in several TV commercials and a few low-budget films. Bella had teased him that at least his new little paunch was earning him some extra money. Then she giggled and said she didn’t mind her daddy gaining weight, so long as he didn’t lose it anywhere else. Her sweet baby face slipped down on his cock and she winked as she saw her twin pair up with her mommy.

Arthur loved to give. He had been a success early and only worked when he wanted to. The friends that he and Victoria had known intimately for years had received a special gift two Christmases ago — a holiday themed, illustrated book where all of them were characters. It was to be kept a private secret and everyone had to swear not to sell his or her copies. None would have, Arthur was the very epitome of the holiday, as well as being a favorite of the ladies. Such a gift was to be treasured and kept.

All of his lady friends would have gladly offered themselves as a “Christmas Gift” to ease his pain, but they all knew him well enough to know it would be to no avail. Arthur would come back to them again, but his loss was an agony. All of them knew and all them had loved — literally — his wonderful Victoria. The fates had struck a cruel blow in taking her, the only kindness was that she had not lingered and had passed peacefully in her sleep.

Arthur despaired that he would only be happy when spending time with the little ones and their pets. Then he walked in to the Pet Shoppe and was introduced to the first of “Santa’s Helpers”. Identical triplets, that was a new one. He felt a warm smile and a stirring he hadn’t experienced in a while One of the girls actually flirted with him and that made him feel all jolly. Randy was a cute, sassy little blonde and all three of the sisters had made sure their outfits just passed the rules. These girls had bodies like Playboy Playmates and Randy didn’t seem to mind when the dads wanted a picture. She charged them an extra $20 and generously donated it back to the charity. When she wanted a picture with Santa, she sat on Arthur’s lap and wiggled. “Ooh, I thought you might have a big one!” She whispered naughtily in his ear. “Is there a Mrs. Claus or can I tell you my Christmas wish?”

Arthur laughingly called her a Christmas Ho and told her to whisper it. She licked his ear and told him she wanted her Christmas stocking filled — just like his late wife and his girls had done. When they had a break and another Santa showed up, he took the 23-year old blonde into the manager’s office and stuffed her full of Christmas Candy — balls deep! He couldn’t believe how agile and limber Randy was and how she begged to be stuffed full of his candy cane. She bounced up and down on his cock on the desk and sucked him off three times. “I love older guys,” Randy sighed as they finished. “They always get me off and the experience shows, too! I’ll be smiling until the new year!”

Arthur assured the slender blonde that he would be happy to grant any other wishes she might have until their tenure in the store was finished. “You’re a lovely young lady and a wonderful lover,” he told the young girl as she wiggled into her snug costume and elf boots. “We can meet here as often as you like.”

“Like, won’t you get in trouble for using the manager’s office?” Randy asked, although she hated to throw cold water on their time together.

“No, because he’s my nephew and I own 45% controlling interest in this store,” Arthur laughed. “I’ve never done this before, but I’d sure as heck like to do it again. I think sex is what keeps me going!”

“And going and going and going …” Randy sighed happily as she adjusted her cap and hair. “Okay handsome, you bet you and I will do this again. I just got my Christmas wish granted.”

Randy had happily told her sisters what was going on, but Pendik Escort the other two had already made plans to party with some of the cute teen boys and girls assisting them. Randy wasn’t jealous, she was a bit sad that she couldn’t share her new lover’s cock with her favorite people. Arthur might have a few extra pounds, but some of those were in his cock. She loved having it in her pussy and had he been a bit smaller in girth, she would gladly have let him fuck her little bubble butt.

When the promotion was over, Randy gave him a hug. Arthur left and they didn’t see each other again. Both of them later realized that neither had asked for the other’s phone number. Sandy, acting under the orders of fate, had given them a second chance. It also was going to give Randy a chance to share with her beloved sisters and put a huge smile on the birthday boy’s face.

Arthur checked to make sure he was prepared for his dinner with the Snowden triplets. He was normally a very together and prepared man, but after his birthday party, he wasn’t sure if he was quite all there yet.

Being a Halloween baby, he always got lots of gifts. His parents always bought him special candy, stuff that wasn’t available in the US. He adored sour candies and they always brought him some from Europe. After he met and married Victoria, she and their girls continued the tradition. Once they were married, she also threw elaborate parties. Over time, the parties grew even more elaborate and very, very sexy.

The rules were simple — you didn’t bring Arthur a Halloween / birthday gift — you brought yourself and good will and the attitude that “saying no” that night wasn’t allowed. His parties were full of sexy guests in sexy costumes — and anonymity. Lots of gorgeous people had incredible sex and all inhibitions went out the window. If someone did want to bring a gift, Victoria asked they either make a charitable donation or invite a new guest — bring some fresh blood to the swinger’s soiree. Arthur had lost track of how many sexy women he had met at this bashes, but counting wasn’t on his mind. His amazing family sure had some great parties and once his girls were old enough, they were invited and so were their sexy friends. Once Victoria passed, he thought the parties were done, but his wonderful girls had surprised him last night. What the lonely widower had thought to be a nice dinner with friends turned into an all-night bacchanal. He had once again fucked his precious twin girls, some of their friends and several well-wishers. He had been with elves, fairies, vampires, girls in leather, latex and PVC. His once-sagging spirits were now again soaring and thinking back, he decided that it would never have happened without Randy. The pretty girl had been the first to knock him out of the doldrums.

To her home on the day past his birthday, he brought gifts. To ease into the night, some fine French wines. In the spirit of the previous day, three huge Jack O Lanterns filled with great candy. On the bottom of each, he had placed a $150 gift voucher for Victoria’s Secret. Randy’s sister had lifted his spirits on their previous meeting and he thought she deserved to be rewarded for that. All three Snowden girls were on his “nice list” and he was looking forward to their little dinner date. They didn’t look at him as a slightly overweight old man. They treated him with respect and were offering him the too-real gift of their friendship. Despite his loss, this made Arthur happy. He had enjoyed many blessings in his life and they weren’t done yet.

His family, their friends and his extended, unusual family made him as happy as possible. Everyone had tragedies, Arthur just had to rise above his and he was off to a good start. He hoped that perhaps the Snowden triplets would become new friends. Arthur was sure that Bella and Holly would welcome the new girls with their warm, happy nature. With his sack full of gifts for the triplets, he knocked on their apartment door. The door opened and he was perplexed for a moment. Two things seemed — off. The girl who welcomed him had red hair, none of the triplets had red hair. When he realized it was Randy and she threw her arms around him in a warm embrace, a second thing replaced the first one — why was she wearing a coat? Had perhaps Sandy forgot to mention they were going out for his birthday dinner? The aroma of food cooking put the kibosh on that thought as she ushered him in to the efficient, welcoming apartment the girls called home. Each one of the triplets, all of whom were wearing identical trench coats, gave him a cheery greeting and a kiss on the cheek. Then they stepped back and dropped the clothes to the floor. It was at that moment that Arthur’s spirits soared again as he realized it wasn’t just going to be dinner and drinking.

Randy wore a red negligee to match her hair. Candy — he thought it was Candy — was all in a white outfit. Lastly, Sandy wore a pale green negligee, aside from the colors and Randy’s hair, they matched. They wore the briefest of thongs underneath and all of the girls had styled their blonde hair and wore smoky, alluring makeup. “We’re going to be your helpers again tonight, Santa!” Randy purred as they led him to the couch and poured him some wine.

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