Say What…! Pt. 03


I want to thank reader TA for the initial idea that ended up becoming this story.

Part 3

Four Months Later

Tim took a deep breath and sighed softly while waiting at the door. It only took a few seconds for Sam to open it. She was waiting for him, as she always did every Wednesday at noon. They would have about two hours alone until Ray got home from work to join them and then at least another hour and a half before April was expected.

“Hi brother,” she cooed huskily, holding the door and stepping aside for him to enter, knowing he was still somewhat uncomfortable by her reminding him of that.

Not that he was affected enough to skip this weekly visit. He stood for just a few seconds admiring her perky tits and that perfect pussy before she melted into his arms, loosening his belt and fly even as her tongue plunged into his mouth. He wrapped his arms around her, his hands settling on her taut ass, feeling her warm cunt pressing against his bare thigh when his jeans fell to the floor around his ankles.

“You know I hate when you call me that,” he murmured into her ear as she stepped back far enough to take his hardening dick in her hand.

“And you know it turns me on incredibly just thinking about how taboo it is to fuck my brother,” she replied with a wicked smile, dropping to one knee and holding his cock straight out toward her mouth.

“Half brother, we’re supposed to be fucking the other half,” he groaned as her fingers tightened on the base of his dick

Sam just giggled and licked his balls before sniffing the length of his cock like it was a fine cigar. She looked up with him grinning devilishly.

“You did it, didn’t you…just like I asked?”

“Yeah, just like we talked about.”

“Was she surprised?”

“A little, I think. We don’t usually fuck during the week.”

“So, tell me everything, every little detail while I sniff and taste your wife’s dried pussy juices on your lovely cock,” Sam murmured, tickling the entire length of his rigid dick with the tip of her tongue.

“You really are a kinky slut, aren’t you…sister…wanting me to tell you all about fucking my sweet loving wife?” he grinned down at her, taking a fistful of her long black hair into both hands.

“I’m so glad you finally noticed…brother…so tell me everything while you fuck my mouth!”

Tim groaned lowly as she swallowed his dick until the head punched against the side of her throat.

“I waited for her to get ready for bed and took a shower. Then I got my cock really hard and walked out with it bouncing around in front of me. Without a word, I climbed in the bed and slipped down under the sheets between her legs.”

“What did she do then?” Sam asked, taking his dick out of her mouth to look up at him.

“She wanted to know what I thought I was doing. I just told here to pay me no mind and go on reading her book.”

“You didn’t…that’s so cliche!”

“Anyway, when I started licking the inside of her thigh, she obligingly slid down a little and spread her legs wide. I had her clit in my mouth after only a few moments.”

“Mmmm,” Sam moaned without taking his dick out of her mouth, shuddering slightly.

“She immediately got very wet, thrashing on my face as a gently took her clit between my teeth. There might even be a pussy hair or two still stuck between them. She started to cum on my face when I slipped two fingers inside her cunt and fingered her g-spot hard, just the way she likes it.”

“Fugging hut!” Sam mumbled with his dick still pounding in and out of her mouth.

“By then, she was getting really wet, soaking my face with her pussy juices even before she started to cum the first time,” he continued, slowly beginning to hump his hips back and forth as his own balls tingled.

“Usually at that point, I ram my cock into her, cum and we’re done. Not last night. I kept working on her clit, causing her to cum again even harder than the first time. Just as she climaxed, I did slam my cock into her pussy and rolled over on my back with her on top. She squirted all over me harder than ever before. Hope you got a good taste of her pussy juices since I haven’t washed my cock and balls since I fucked her last night.”

As he finished, Tim closed his eyes, his thighs beginning to trembled. He grasped the back of Sam’s head even harder, pulling her to him as his jism erupted into her mouth and down her throat. Sam swallowed every bit with ease, keeping his dick in her mouth until he completely deflated.

“I got a great taste…of you both,” she smiled, rising from her knees to lead him away from the front door to the bedroom, “now come do your thing on my clit. When you’re hard enough to fuck me, I’ll be ready to squirt all over you too.”

“There’s something I need to tell you both,” Tim murmured, lying on his back with one arm around Sam’s shoulder and the other around Ray’s.

“Oh shit, Ray, you got him pregnant!” Sam joked with a hearty laugh, leaning in to flick her tongue in Tim’s ear.

“No, I’m serious, this Bostancı Escort is really important…and difficult,” Tim replied, solemnly enough they both quieted down and listened.

“Carol got a job offer…a lot more money and prestige…one she can’t turn down,” he began haltingly, “and since I can work online from anywhere, we are going to have to move.”

“Well that sounds wonderful for her and I suppose we can figure out a way to still get together, if not quite so often,” Sam said hopefully.

“I don’t see how that will work, it’s awfully far,” Tim murmured, turning is head to look at her mournfully.

“How far?” Ray asked, genuine concern clear in his voice.

“Europe…Germany specifically,” Tim answered, “she leaves in two weeks and I’ll follow as soon as school is over for Carl…in six weeks.”

“Oh,” was all Sam could say softly before they all fell silent.

Twelve Years Later

Tim slowed as he drove down the street, making sure he was in the right place. In the time since he was there last, the neighborhood changed considerably, the trees and the shrubbery more mature, the houses themselves a more colorful mix than the two shades of tan proscribed by the original home builder.

He found the right house and hurried to the front door, pressing the door bell three times in quick succession. A moment later the door flew open.

“Sam, I came as soon…,” he started to say, stopping in mid sentence looking at the naked woman standing in front of him

She had the same long black hair, perky tits and finger width patch of pussy hair pointing to the crease that disappeared between here firm thighs…but only the beginning of a very different tattoo slashing across her breasts.

“Hi Tim, it’s been a while. Come in. I’ll get my Mom.”

“Ap…April?” he stammered, his breath catching in his throat as he stared at her gently swaying taut low slung ass when she walked away.

A moment later, Sam rushed into his arms, her face streaked with tears even as she hugged him as close as she could manage. They just stood there in the foyer in a desperate embrace for a couple of minutes before either could even speak.

“Sam…I’m so…I don’t know…what to say,” he mumbled into her ear even as he softly brushed his hands over the warm soft skin her bare back and ass.

I’m…we’re…so glad you’re here…we need you right now,” she sobbed into his ear.

He really had no idea what else to say, so he just kept holding her close and stroking her back until she finally looked up at him with a weak smile.

“How about a beer?” she murmured softly, stepping back from their embrace, wiping a tear from her eye. “You can leave your clothes on the chair in the corner.”

Tim quickly stripped off his clothing and put them on the chair Sam indicated. As he folded his briefs, he was startled by an unfamiliar voice.

“You still have a pretty nice looking wienie, Tim,” April chuckled from where she stood in a doorway off to the side with her arms folded under her perky tits, the soft light glinting off the silver rings dangling from each nipple.

“Don’t tell me you really remember saying that,” Tim blushed, looking at her directly, his dick tingling when he saw a third matching ring piercing her bare clit hood.

“No, not really,” April laughed, walking over to him and slipping her arm into the crook of his, “but Mom’s told the story enough it seems like I do.”

“Let’s get that beer and then we can talk,” Sam suggested, slipping her arm around his waist from the other side and pressing him close enough to April that he felt both their tits bouncing against his arms as they walked.

“So what exactly happened?” Tim asked, settling in on a sofa with a beer in one hand and his other arm around Sam’s shoulder as she nestled in close to him.

“I’ll give you the nickle version,” April piped up from across the room. “You know Dad started working for the electric company about eight years ago. He was breaking in a new guy about ten days ago, something went horribly wrong and they were both electrocuted, killed almost instantly. There wasn’t even a lot left to cremate.”

As April spoke, Sam whimpered lowly and snuggled against him even closer, her hand sliding down over his belly to wrap around the base of his half hard cock. Tim hugged her tighter, tenderly kissing her on the forehead before turning his attention to April.

For the first time, he had a chance to really take a good look at Sam’s eighteen year old daughter. She sat slouched back in a plush chair, one foot pulled up and her other leg splayed wide.

She looked at Tim steadily, sipping a beer she held in one hand and casually fondling one of her nipple rings with the other. She had the same thin strip of trimmed pussy hair as her mother pointing toward her slightly gaped smooth pussy lips with just a hint of the pink, inner flesh.

When it became clear Tim was checking her out, April smiled wanly, straightened slightly and pulled the ring until both nipples visibly stiffened. Kadıköy Escort His dick twitched and Sam nonchalantly thumbed the throbbing head. April’s smile brightened as she took another sip of her beer.

“So what can I do?” Tim asked plaintively, a familiar tingle growing in his balls as his dick stiffened even more in Sam’s hand.

“Stay with us,” Sam pleaded softly, propping herself up to murmuring his ear before flicking her tongue inside, “we need you right now…brother.”

“We?” Tim asked even as Sam turned his head to her and rammed her tongue into his mouth.

“Of course, Uncle, “April said huskily, now standing directly in front of Tim and her mother, “we both need all the consolation and comfort you can muster. Besides, I really want to see and experience that special trick you do with your teeth that Mom raves so about.”

With that, April dropped to her knees between his legs and added her hand to his cock. He looked back and forth between them in surprise. Sam kissed him again and smiled for the first time since he walked into the house.

“Take my word for it, she tastes as good or better than I do,” Sam cooed, moving her hand to his balls as April wrapped her lips around the head of his now rigid cock, “and we are both so very anxious for you to use your mouth and teeth on our pussies and clits.”

Tim sat there stunned, his cock throbbing in Sam’s hand and her eighteen year old daughter’s silky, wet mouth.

“Are you serious?” he gasped, his eyes flashing back and forth between them.

“Of course we are,” April replied, taking his dick out of her mouth and holding it straight up, “we haven’t felt a real dick anywhere inside us in almost two weeks.”

“And now you have two mouths and two pussies and two asses just waiting for your hard dick,” Sam added, sliding down next to her daughter between his legs before licking the length of his rigid dick with the tip of her tongue, “so the only question is which one of those you will fill with your lovely cock first.”

Sam grinned up at him for a brief moment then turned her head and kissed her eighteen year old daughter passionately. They broke off the kiss, smiled wickedly at each other then slowly licked his dick together, their tongues slashing against each other as much or more than his cock and balls.

Tim’s first spurt of cum splattered on Sam’s cheek.

April quickly slipped the throbbing head into her mouth, engulfing him entirely as he continued shooting his cum deep into her throat. When he finally softened, the teenager looked up at him with a devilish grin, his cum seeping out of the corners of her mouth until she turned and kissed her mother. They continued kissing until all his jism was dissolved or swallowed.

“Well, brother, I guess that counts as one down,” Sam giggled as she stood and extended her hand to him, “and only five more holes to fill…today.”

Next to her, April chuckled and stood as well, putting one arm around her mother’s waist and helping to pull Tim to his feet with the other. They lead him to the bedroom, cheerfully teasing him about what all they were going to do to him next and expected him to do to them.

He felt a gentle stirring in his balls the more he listened to them, intensifying significantly when he saw an array of vibrators and other toys heaped on the nightstand next to the bed. A two headed strap-on lay prominently on the top of the pile.

“I’ll tell you what, sweetie,” Sam said to her daughter, moving around behind April to wrap her arms around her and fondle the eighteen year old’s firm tits. “Try as he did, your father never quite got that teeth thing down, certainly not as fantastically as your sweet uncle here. So I’ll let him do you first.”

April rubbed her ass back against her mother’s pussy, never taking her eyes off Tim and his quickly hardening dick. She stepped away from Sam and flopped down on the bed, her thighs spread wide.

Tim’s breath caught in his throat when April tugged the puffy hood aside by the silver ring to reveal a clit like her mother’s, one practically the size of an infant boy’s cock, glistening above the moist, pink flesh lining her pulsing pussy slit. Her pussy was nearly as perfect as her mother’s. The scent of her sex wafted up to fill his nostrils even as April took that huge clit in two fingers and, with a low moan, essentially began jerking herself off.

He knew better than to dive right in. He slowly sucked the toes on her right foot into his mouth before licking his way all the way down the inside of her leg to stop just short of her throbbing cunt. He returned to the other foot and repeated the sucking and licking until his nose was just millimeters from April’s dripping cunt.

April groaned louder in anticipation when Tim circled the outside of her puffy mons with his tongue, the pungent aroma of her cunt driving him wild as his cock stiffened totally. The eighteen year old was on the verge of begging when he dragged his tongue up through her pussy slit, sucked her huge clit into his mouth, gently clamped his teeth Göztepe Escort around the base and scraped up the length while swirling his tongue around the tip.

Instead, she squealed shrilly, slammed her cunt into his face and clamped her thighs around his head.

“Fuck…oh fuck…that’s…oh fuck…fuck…oh fuck…oh fuck…!” she screeched, her face flushing a bright red and her eyes rolling back into her sockets as she flailed violently.

Sam knelt with her thighs on either side of her daughter’s head, leaning forward to roughly fondle April’s tits and yank on her nipple rings. April’s shrieks turned to a guttural howl as wave after climatic wave surged through her body.

April shuddered one last time and collapsed in a heap with her arms flung out to the sides, her legs splayed wide open. The same frothy cream that leaked from her dripping slit coated Tim’s chin when he looked up and grinned at Sam.

“I think she liked it,” he laughed, licking some of the viscous fluid dripping from his lips.

“Of course she fucking liked it…brother!” Sam growled, reaching down between her own legs to rub her clit. “Now get your ass up behind me and ram your hard cumming cock into my pussy…right fucking now!”

Tim scrambled up behind her, stopping for a moment to gaze in admiration at her puffy pussy lips and puckered asshole. As soon as the tip of his dick contacted her gaping pussy hole, Sam’s back arched and she pushed back forcefully, engulfing him as deep as he could go.

After thrusting into her a few times, he felt April’s lips sucking engulfing his balls. Although he couldn’t see as it happened, he just knew his creamy cum was dripping on to the eighteen year old’s face as it dribbled out of her mother’s pussy.

“So what happened with you and Carol?” Sam asked as the three of them sat drinking another beer on the patio.

“Carol…who’s Carol?” April asked, looking up at her mother from where she was laying with her head in Tim’s lap.

“Tim’s wife,” Sam replied, “your aunt, I guess.”

“Soon to be former wife,” Tim chimed in before taking a deep drink of his beer.

“OK, former wife,” Sam chuckled, “so what happened.”

“She got really upset with the birthday present I gave Carl,” he said cryptically, reaching over to tug the ring in April’s right nipple.

“What did you do…take him to a club in Germany like the one I first met you?” Sam asked, nuzzling in under his other arm and dragging a fingernail the length of his flaccid cock. “That hardly seems like grounds for divorce.”

“No, that wasn’t it.”

“Dammit, stop being so mysterious and just tell us,” Sam exclaimed, giving the head of his cock a hard twist.

“Well, she happened to walk in while I was giving him a blow job for his birthday. He was so startled, he quickly pulled his dick out of my mouth…right as he started to cum…covering my face and hair with his jism.”

“So, what’s the problem?” April inquired huskily, turning on her side so Tim could continue tugging her nipple ring and she could gently fondle his balls. “I gave Daddy blow jobs and he fucked me all the time.”

“Not everyone is so…er…understanding, sweetie,” Sam cooed, feeling Tim’s cock stiffen yet again in her hand. “So then what happened?”

“She just stood there staring at us for a moment, turned and walked out without saying a word. Two days later, a courier delivered the divorce papers to the house. Neither Carl nor I have spoken to her since.”

“Wow, that does seem a bit severe,” Sam exclaimed. “When did all this happen?”

“About six months ago. I stayed so Carl could finish school and was going to surprise you all about a month from now. He’s starting at the local university in a few months and we’re moving back here for good. Then, when I got the message about Ray, I had to come right away.”

“We are so glad you did,” Sam murmured into his ear before licking all around the outside edge. “So when do I finally get to meet my nephew…my all grown up and likes to suck daddy’s cock…nephew?”

Tim turned to stare at her, an undeniable look of lust gleaming in her eyes. Sam leaned forward and rammed her tongue into his mouth. April turned her head enough to take his quickly stiffening cock into her mouth.

“Do you fuck him in the ass too?” Sam moaned into his mouth while pushing her daughter’s head down until the tip of Tim’s cock was punching out the side of April’s throat. “Does he fuck you?”

“Yeah…oh god…yeah…we fuck each other,” Tim groaned, fighting to stave off the orgasm close to exploding in his groin.

Sam suddenly broke off the kiss and pulled April up off Tim’s cock by her hair, a truly wicked grin growing on her face.

“Make him nice and hard, April, while I go get some lube,” Sam said lustily, tweaking her daughter’s left nipple hard, “then he can fuck both of our asses. We don’t want him to be out of practice by the time his son gets here.”

She kissed Tim again and stood up as April swallowed his cock until her nose was buried in his pubic hair. He was rock hard and close to cumming by the time Sam returned. She pulled him to his feet and the two of them lathered up his cock before spreading the lube on each others assholes, stretching the tight sphincters as they went until each had three fingers inside the other.

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