Secret Obsession


Hers weren’t the first I masturbated with, so I can’t say that I’ve always been into incest, but for a little over a year, I was jacking off into my mother’s panties. My fascination with panties came from the women’s clothing magazines I would sneak out of the mail. I remember being amazed at all the different styles, colors and materials. I became obsessed with panties, and instead of buying all the porn I could like most 18 year olds, I started going to the mall outside of town and buying a few pairs of sexy lingerie, then jacking off into them while feeling the soft material against my cock.

Then I realized that I didn’t have to buy any at all, that my mother must have some panties that will feel nice and soft on my dick. So I began to sneak around her room, hoping to find a drawer with skimpy thongs like I had seen in the magazines. To my dismay, she had only white basic panties. As I sifted through them my dick started to rise, and I began to think about the fact that everything I was touching had at one time been up close to my mom’s pussy. Then an idea came. I thought of something that I never got out of buying new panties from the store. I closed her panty drawer and went over to her dirty clothes hamper. I pulled out a sweater and blouse, and then, lying there on a top, was the panties she had just worn the day before. I grabbed them and brought them to my nose. The smell was still strong and sweet, and before I knew it, I had them in my mouth, trying desperately to suck any juice out of them I could. From that moment on I was hooked.

About two or three times a week, I would fish into the dirty clothes hamper in her room, usually while she was making dinner or out running errands. Then I would wait until I was sure she was asleep, and rub her panties up and down my cock until I shot a full load of cum into them. Then I would leave them in the washing machine to be washed with the next load, leaving no evidence of my incestuous perversion. At least neither of my parents had ever said anything about it.

The problem was that the more I jerked off into her panties, the more I would lust for my mother when she was around me. At first it was easy to hide, with only my heartbeat getting faster and my dick getting harder whenever she walked into the room, which I could hide. But after a while it was becoming unbearable. I would almost never leave the house, not wanting to miss any good glances of her if she was wearing a tight little sun dress or a low cut blouse. She had a very pretty face, innocent cuteness and not much age for a 42 year old. Her hair was dark brown, same as her eyes, with her skin a smooth, creamy white.

She kept in shape, running on the treadmill in her and my dad’s office every morning as my dad left for work. This kept her body trim and fit, with a tight round ass that made me drool every time she walked by. Her tits were not İstanbul Escort big, but shapely and firm, and mouth watering. Around January I began finding more exotic underwear in her hamper. At first it was just one pair of black lace panties. Then a little red thong and matching bra. Soon it seemed all her white plain panties had been replaced with elegant sexy lingerie. I didn’t know what had gotten into my mother, but I wasn’t complaining. I was just jealous of my father, who was apparently enjoying the benefits of these naughty negligees.

I had graduated from high school in the spring, and as my summer off before beginning community college began, I was looking forward to seeing mom in short shorts and bra-less tank tops. I had been nagging my parents to put a pool in the backyard, but neither my dad or my mom wanted to spend the money. One day before my dad got home I was standing in the kitchen with my mom while she was cooking dinner. I kept trying to think of things to talk about, so that I could have a reason for being in the kitchen with her, other than the fact that I wanted to ogle her as much as I could before my dad came home. She was looking incredible in a tight red tank top that cupped her tits so she didn’t need a bra. Even though I was sure it was the breeze coming in from the window in front of her, the sight of her hard nipples trying to poke through it almost made me faint. Her little shorts stopped at the bottom of her ass cheeks, and I could see the ripples in her cheeks as she cut the vegetables she’d be making for dinner. Her long slender tan legs were beckoning to me, but I dared not stare too hard, as she would glance up at me now and again to say something to me. I wondered what panties she was wearing under those shorts, as I had surely come in them many times before. My dick started to get hard at the thought. I had to turn into the counter to hide it.

“C’mon mom…….” I pleaded, “You know it would be awesome to have a pool in the backyard. Don’t you wish you could go out there and go swimming anytime you wanted?” She gave me a “don’t start” look. I continued, “We could have parties and set up a volleyball net.” I knew talking about playing her old high school sport would get her thinking. “We would all get lots of sun, you’d look great with a tan.”

At this she stopped what she was doing and turned to face me. Her mouth was a half smile. “You won’t get anywhere with that argument, I’ve already decided that I’m going to tan in the backyard this summer, starting tomorrow.”

This was good. I made a mental note to make sure to get a good look at her tanning the next day, as I was sure she would be wearing next to nothing. “That’s a great idea mom,” I smiled, “I’d like to work up my tan before starting college, you think it’d help me with the ladies?” I struck a model pose, with as serious a face as I could muster Anadolu Yakası Escort with my lips pushed out, looking off into the distance.

She laughed and threw a piece of carrot at me, hitting me in the face. I pretended it hurt. She immediately apologized, dropping what she was doing and putting her hands on my cheeks. “Awwwww, poor baby,” She made a pouty face and angled my face towards hers. She looked so sexy with her full lips I wanted to press my face to hers and thrust my tongue into her mouth. But I didn’t. “Mommy’s sorry. You’re a very handsome young man you’ll do fine with those girls at school.” I smiled at her. “And if you want to tan with Mommy you can. But we gotta make sure we have enough lotion.” She winked at me. I was confused, not entirely sure what she meant. but before I could speak, like she had planned it, my dad came in the door. He rarely got home before 8, and worked hard in a factory, so the usual routine was for him to get home for dinner, we would all eat without much talking, and then everyone would go to bed.

My mom, I could tell, would sometimes want to stay up later, but by ten my dad would be ready to pass out, and she felt a responsibility to go to bed with her husband. This would leave me ample time to retrieve the pair of panties that I had stashed that day, and lay in bed thinking about my mothers smoking hot body and smelling her wetness on her underwear. Then I would sneak downstairs to put the panties in the wash, and go back to bed.

The next day Mom made good on her promise, and even came into my room to tell me that she would be tanning in a half hour, and so if I wanted to join her I should be ready. She was already wearing her bikini, with a small white T-shirt on over it. Her nipples poked out through the shirt, and it didn’t even cover her bottoms. She seemed to be oblivious to the way her bikini bottoms wrapped around her pussy lips, allowing me to see just how full and pouty her lips were. When she turned to walk away I was overjoyed that her suit had wedged itself into the crack of her ass, and I was mesmerized by her ass cheeks as they twitched and rippled with each step. As soon as she left the room I tore my clothes off and quickly jerked my cock to orgasm, hoping it would help me to not embarrass myself my walking out to the backyard to join my mother with my rock hard cock bouncing in front of me.

I cleaned up, put on a suit, and went outside. My mother was sitting on a towel in the middle of the lawn, rubbing lotion into her arms. When she saw me she broke out in a big smile. “Oh, good, your just in time to put lotion on my back.” My cock twitched to life. “Just let me finish up the front.” She squeezed a heaping amount right onto her chest and cleavage. I couldn’t watch. This was torture. I turned my head and pretended to be looking at something. She said my name to get my Üsküdar Escort attention. “Honey, how long do you think it will take me to get a really good tan?” I told her maybe a week, without turning my head. “Sweetie, look at Mommy when she’s talking to you. Do you think in five days It’ll be enough to go to the beach. You know you can’t go to the beach without a tan. C’mon, look at my skin, tell me what you think.” I turned to look at her, and she was rubbing her chest with both hands, and had some lotion globbed up by her chin. My cock was hard as a rock, and throbbed for some relief. The lotion on her chin looked so much like the cum I had been leaving in her panties. I imagined blowing my load all over her sexy face, and almost came at the thought of it. I mumbled some response about her tan, I don’t know what, but she seemed happy with my answer and didn’t ask again.

When she was done with the lotion on her front, she lay face down on the towel and handed me the bottle of lotion. “Please?” she begged as she looked up at me. I couldn’t resist her sexy face. I squirted her down with lotion, and began to massage it into her skin. My hands were on fire as they rubbed her back and shoulders. I made sure to get her sides as well, and grazed lightly against the side of her breast, and she didn’t object. As my hands rubbed across her bikini top strap, she reached behind her and quickly unhooked it. I didn’t know what to say, and Mom didn’t help me out. She just sat there and let my hands rub her back even after all the lotion had been worked in. But when I tried to put some lotion on the backs of her legs, she stopped me. “Already did those, but thank you honey.” She smiled sweetly, then was quiet for the rest of the time we were tanning. I had to lay on my stomach most of the time, to hide my erection. By the time we were done I was a little burnt, but played it off like I wanted to burn in order to tan quicker.

That night as I was on my way back to my room, after depositing Mom’s panties into the washer, I heard voices from my parents room. They sounded like moans, and I couldn’t help but to sneak down the hall to investigate. When I got closer, I could make out my mother’s side of the conversation, but my dad, the mumbler, was talking lower than I could hear.

“Please baby, I bought these sexy thongs just for you. I’ve been waiting all day for this so I could show you how bad I want you.”

“I know you’re a man, and men have desires. Don’t you desire me baby? Don’t you want to fuck me?”

“It’s ok, baby. I want it. I want you to take it. Take me. Please.”

My cock was rock hard. I had my ear pressed against the door and was stroking my cock. Then I heard her even louder: “Yeah, that’s what I want, I want that dick. I want it deep inside me baby, fill me up and cum inside me!”

With that I ran back to my room, and as soon as I got in my room my cock exploded in cum. It shot on my bed, on the floor, on one of my yearbooks from high school. I cleaned up and laid in bed, thinking about the next time I would get to hear my Mother beg for a fucking.

It would happen sooner than I thought………..

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