Serendipity 11: Lauren Comes Home


XI – Lauren Comes Home


The message from Lauren was there when I checked my email Monday morning:

Dear All,

WONDERFUL NEWS!!! Over the weekend the company we’ve been auditing secretly reached a (mostly secret) settlement with the Ministry of Economy & Finance and the Ministry of Justice, probably to pay a token fine and sweep the whole ugly affair under the rug. A disappointing end for all the work that Annabella and I and others put in. On the other hand, I’M COMING HOME! In 3 days!! I’ll forward the flight details to you separately.

I can’t tell you how much I want to see you and be with you all again. I have lots of things to tell you. Also, some things that I learned about myself while I was here.

I love you all so much, and the only thing that will help me get through these next three days is all the stuff I have to do to close out the post-engagement paperwork.

I’ll write again at least once before I head for the airport Thursday morning. I can’t wait — I love you all! Lauren

Lauren’s coming home! There are no words to describe how I feel.

It was five weeks ago today that she left. These weeks have been amazing. Matt and Jane — and, especially, Georgia — well, you know what that’s been like. But all the time, in the back of my mind, has been the awareness that Lauren was not here to share them.

There is also some adjusting to be done. For the past five weeks, Georgia and I have been a couple. We’ve been companions, we’ve held each other at night, we’ve awakened together each morning, we’ve enjoyed sex that has been sweet and loving, or wild and nasty — and sometimes, all of these at once. And as much as I am in love with my daughter and can’t wait for us to be back together, still …

And I think that Georgia will be experiencing something similar. For the first time in the last seven years, she’s had a regular man, in her bed, and in her life. Moreover, it’s a man that she’s had eyes on for a very long time, and who I think she loves in some way. And now she has to return him to his ‘owner.’ I know she will, and she’ll do so generously and graciously, because she loves her granddaughter and respects her relationship with her father. But, still …

That night with Georgia, we started out with a kind of cloud hanging over our heads — the awareness that we were beginning our last three nights together as a couple. To me, this was the very definition of ambivalence — wanting more than anything for Lauren to return to me, while dreading having to leave Georgia — even though we never “had” each other in the first place.

And yet, it was the marvelous Georgia who made it better. It was she who raised the issue.

“I can’t imagine how excited you are to have Lauren coming home.”

“What can I say? For seven years she’s been my love and my lover and my amazing sex partner and — for want of a more accurate word — my wife. We’ve been everything to each other, and now she’s coming back.

“What I really can’t find words for is you. One part of my mind was prepared to be depressed for eight solid weeks. Instead, my life with you has been, in a word, wonderful. And I don’t have to recount all the ways it was, because you already know them, because you’ve shared them with me.” I hesitated to say the next words. “But what about you …?”

Georgia responded exactly as I knew she would. “I’m a big girl, James, and I knew that you and Lauren are together, in every way imaginable, and that I was recruited to be a ‘worthy caretaker’ in her absence. I was deeply touched that she would do this for you, and that she had such trust in me. I knew what I was doing, and I yield my role back to Lauren, and I’m thankful for the experience she’s made possible for me. These past weeks here with you and Matt and Jane, I’ve enjoyed more than any time since Arthur died. I just hope that I’ll be welcome to share them with you again some time.”

“I can speak for everyone: We want you anytime you want us.”

“But now, James, Lauren’s in Rome and we’re here. Fuck me, Tiger.”


After that, our sense of sadness and dread was gone, and we simply took advantage of the opportunity to be with each other. We knew that we would still have many opportunities, for sex, as well as for other things. But since Wednesday night would be our third and last night “together,” we excused ourselves and departed for the bedroom early. As I was about to enter, Jane stopped me and gave me and kissed my cheek and said, “Take lots of time.” Matt, behind her, nodded in confirmation. They understood, of course.

We ended with Georgia on top of me, in lots of positions, trying to feel me in as many ways as she possibly could. After she came for the last time, she lay down on my chest and we rested. Then I felt the wetness on my chest, and I knew immediately that they were tears. I don’t think she saw mine, but I’m sure she felt the dampness where I had wiped them on the pillow case.

She looked up at me with moist eyes and said, “We’ve wanted Kartal Escort this for a long time, haven’t we, James?”

Through moist eyes, I replied, “We waited a long time for this, didn’t we, Georgia?”


Thursday was a new day.

Georgia moved her stuff out of the bedroom sometime when I would not have to be there to witness it. I set about restoring things to the way they were when Lauren was here. I was slowly transitioning, from the sadness of parting from Georgia to the excitement of being with Lauren again.

We shopped to make sure that we would have everything we might want over the next four days so that no one would need to leave, and we could spend all of the time together. I phoned in to the office to remind them that I wouldn’t be in today or tomorrow, and that I might take a personal day Monday. Then I went onto to our company system to do about a half day’s work and thereby assuage my conscience regarding any professional obligations.

But soon it was time to go to the airport to pick up Lauren. Lauren! Because there would be five of us plus her luggage, I arranged for a large limo to take us all to the airport and bring us back.

Using the information Lauren had emailed us, we checked on the status of her flight. It showed as being 25 minutes late, so that added to the tension we all were feeling. Then, of course, since it was an international flight and we couldn’t meet her at the arrival gate, we simply had to cool our heels along with the scrum of hundreds of other friends and families who were waiting for their loved ones outside Customs with as much excitement as we were.

And then I saw her. The unmistakable mahogany-hued hair curling around the ear, the fashion sunglasses Georgia had lent her for the trip. She saw me, then us, and moved directly and steadily toward us, and I got a knot in the pit of my stomach — first, for how amazingly beautiful my daughter is, then, for … everything else. The others stayed back a step to allow us to meet each other first. And there were no words of greeting, no expressions of missing and of love. We just held each other. For a long time. Other people in the crowd seemed to sense something important was happening and parted around us, leaving us with our own space in the midst of the crowd. It felt so good.

Finally, Jane came up and tapped Lauren’s shoulder. “Hey, what about us — we’re here, too?”

Lauren and Jane greeted each other the same way they have as long as I’ve known them — hugs, squeals, kisses, more hugs. Silly, and yet beautiful to see once again. Then Georgia, acting like the proud grandmother of her beautiful, accomplished granddaughter.

Then Matt. Lauren walked over to where he was hanging back slightly and held him like she had held me. Then she whispered something in his ear. We never learned what she said. Matt didn’t blush this time, but I’d swear that he gulped.

And we saw that she was wearing the pendant with the five interlocked hearts. “All the time — I never took it off.”

I made the call to our limo driver, who had been in the livery waiting pool, then made our way with Lauren’s luggage to the pick-up area. The ride home was animated, as Lauren first had to tell about her adventures in even getting to the Rome airport, then through Italian border control, and then navigating the chaotic boarding process. She wanted to know how we had been, and she seemed genuinely concerned that we all did well while she was gone.

And in no time, we were home.

Because Lauren’s flight from Rome, like most flights to the U.S. from Europe, was an afternoon arrival, we really didn’t get home and unpacked until almost dinner time. Because for Lauren, it was late — after 2 a.m. Rome time — we had a light supper, and then everyone excused us so we could wash up and go to bed. Before we vanished, everyone had to give Lauren another hug and kiss and tell her how good it was to have her back with us again. It was a happy scene.

We got to the bedroom and closed the door, Lauren cautioned, “Dad, please don’t hold me now, ’cause if you do, I’ll never want you to let go. Let me unpack a few things I need now and take a shower. After that, I won’t leave your arms all night. Promise.”

And so I had to control my excitement and find something to do until Lauren finished what she needed to do. I was surprised to find that my head was throbbing a little and I felt a bit dizzy. I don’t recall another time when I’ve been so excited waiting for something.

Finally, Lauren came out of the bathroom. Hair washed and dried, but not combed into her usual style. No makeup on, and no lipstick. Not even the scent of her usual bath-and-body lotion. Her only “adornment” was the faint aroma of my favorite cologne. I think that Lauren wanted our reunion tonight to beas simple and uncomplicated as it could be. Just us — nothing else was needed. I’d forgotten — almost — her sensitivity to details, and how to make other people feel special. I love my daughter so much!

This time, Pendik Escort I took her in my arms without another word, and we held each other for several minutes. Then we eased over to the bed and lay down and adjusted our hold to our new positions. I realized that, except for some 12-day periods when Lauren was in college, we had never been separated. And even then, she had always been “within reach” in case we really needed each other. That made this reunion all the more meaningful.

We enjoyed the closeness for a while — don’t know how long, don’t care. It was Lauren who said, “Dad, I’m too worn out for sex right now. But I know I’d like to look at you, and I’d like it if you looked at me.”

I peeled the covers down, and Lauren was the first to move. As she promised, she looked at me. Then she touched — with her hands and lips and, occasionally, tongue. My face, forehead, chest, under my arms, my tummy and belly button, the points of my hips, then down to my toes, tops and soles of my feet, calves, knees and behind my knees, thighs, the crease where legs meet the body, cock — which she lifted to examine from all angles — then nudged me to roll over, and she gave the same treatment to everything she could reach on my back, including an affectionate lick of my asshole. Then she had me roll back over and she worked her way back up to my face to give me a warm, long, tender kiss.

And then it was my turn. I did very much the same, ‘though lingering a little longer on her breasts and amazing nipples, and on her beautiful pussy. One thing was different: the little tuft of brown hair that had always graced her pussy was gone. I wondered if there was a story there.

When I returned to her and kissed her, Lauren said, “Dad, I’m just too tired. We can do that whenever we wake up.” She smiled, almost slyly. “Maybe every time we wake up.” And with that, she lay her head on my chest and fell asleep almost immediately,

I was awakened just a few hours later by a beautiful shaved pussy over my mouth and some sort of activity going on around my cock. I won’t go through the details of the various things we did Thursday and Friday. It was all the usual things — we had a lot of catching-up to do. We did things pretty much on our own schedule, partially determined by our own sex-and-sleep schedule, partly determined by the fact that Lauren’s body was still on Italy time. The first time we left our room was what for us would be ‘breakfast,’ I guess you’d say. We didn’t bother to dress. Lauren put on a pair of silk bikini panties, and nothing else, and she looked sexy as hell. I put on a pair of very brief black silk briefs that Lauren bought for me in Rome and hoped I didn’t look too silly in them. Lauren thought they looked sexy, and that’s what matters. And that’s the way we went out to the kitchen.

Georgia walked by, looked at my crotch, and said, without inflection, “Nice briefs.”

We made some coffee, had some juice and yoghurt and cereal, drank another cup of coffee, then, by mutual agreement, headed back to the bedroom to resume what may be the two best days of my life.

Of necessity, we did have to take breaks now and then, to catch our breaths, and to give our parts a rest. At first, our breaks were exclusively to rest and recuperate. Later, however, we talked a bit more. Lauren carefully inquired about my time with Georgia. As always, she somehow managed to do this without seeming to be prying. Nonetheless, I knew that I had to answer her honestly and completely.

“First, I was — I’m having trouble finding the right word — touched by your generosity in inviting Georgia into my — into our — bed. As close as we are to each other, I still have a hard time conceiving of how much you must love me for you to do such a thing. And to trust us both. I’ll be honest — as much as I was desperate to be back with you, it was very, very hard to part with Georgia. For her, too. But she’s an exceptional person, and she knew from the start our ‘terms of engagement,’ and that the time would come when we’d have to separate. But you made it possible for us to live out our long-time attraction to each other, and our time together was beautiful, for both of us. I can’t tell you how much I love you. I guess you’ll just have to know that yourself.”

“I know, Dad. Before I gave you two my little talk, my lecture, when I left, I had a moment of panic — ‘What the hell am I doing?’ Was I risking all that you and I have built up all these years? And then it hit me — there was no way that letting you and Georgia act on your long-time attraction would ever risk what you and I have. And once I realized that, I just became happy that I could be sure you were taken care of and that you two could live out your feelings for each other.

“And y’know, Dad, you and Georgia will still have lots of times to be together. But I know that that’s not like ‘being together.’ I guess you’ll just have to make do with me.”

And all of a sudden, I felt terribly, terribly sad. Because in her last words was the slightest trace of uncertainty, Göztepe Escort and it broke my heart. “My dearest, my darling — Lauren — my love for you will never, ever be ‘just making do.'”

She began to tear up, then put her head on my chest and started to sob a little bit. “I’m sorry, Dad, I guess I’m a little off — from the travel, and from some stuff that happened while I was there … ” At this point, I was concerned, but I wasn’t going to push her. I waited for her to go on, but she finally just said, “… but I can tell you later …”

We drifted off into another nap, then woke up to find some kind of sex that we hadn’t done recently, or that we’d done recently but really enjoyed!


By Saturday morning, our reunion was pretty much complete. We were back together, really, and while we hadn’t quite made up for five weeks apart, we’d made a good start on it. But before we got out of bed, Lauren said one more thing. “Dad, tonight I’d like to be with Matthew, if he’ll want me.”

“No worries, Darling, he’s been waiting for you as much as I have.”

We all spent the day in odds’n’ends activities, nothing major. Lauren and her grandmother prepared a lunch for us, and Lauren and Jane and Matt collaborated on dinner preparations. In between, everybody made sure that all the beds were freshly made, with fresh linens.

We enjoyed our first dinner all together in almost six weeks, and it was “just like old times” — five people who really like each other and enjoy each other’s company. We lingered around the table, having final glasses of wine and peppering Lauren with more questions about her trip, and she, wanting to know all the things that we’d done while she was away.

But Lauren was eager to begin her night with Matt. Before they headed off to his room, she pulled me aside and told me, “Don’t plan on seeing Matthew and me for a while. In the meantime, you might want to take advantage of this time to remind Georgia how much she means to you. You might also want to ask Janey if she’d like to join you two. I think she and Georgia may have discovered that they have several interests in common.” I wondered when Lauren had the chance to learn that detail!

With that, she took Matt by the hand and walked toward his room. Before they closed the door, I saw Lauren wrap her arms around his neck and say, “Matthew, you don’t know… ” and his reply, “Lauren, I’ve missed you so much …” It made me happy to see them together again.

And that’s the last we saw of them for 14 hours.


And that left me with the very enviable task of talking with Jane and Georgia about plans for this evening. We finished off our wine, cleared the table, packed the leftovers, loaded the dishwasher, dried our hands, and left for the living area to spend some social time together before … before.

“I think that we can pretty much write off Lauren and Matt for a while. Anybody have any ideas?”

Janey got up and walked over to where I was sitting on the couch, straddled me, and gave me a big, scorching kiss that we extended for nearly a minute. Then she walked over to where Georgia was sitting, beckoned for her to get up, and began kissing Georgia the same way she had kissed me. Georgia was surprised for a moment, but then began returning the kiss in kind. Jane reached down and grasped Georgia by the pussy and started fingering her, while Georgia reached up to grab Jane’s tits and began pinching her nipples until Jane broke off the kiss and groaned.

Well, I guess I know how I’ll be getting aroused tonight.

Georgia and I went into my bedroom, while Jane went to pick up a cloth bag she had apparently placed behind a living room chair. Not surprisingly, it was Janey who took charge.

“First, I have strictest orders from Lauren that you are to remind Georgia how much she means to you. If you don’t mind, I’ll stay here and watch, just in case you two senior citizens need any advice.”

Georgia said, “As usual, my brilliant granddaughter is right. I think that’s a splendid idea. James …”

We began to undress each other, an operation very well practiced over the past weeks. Then Jane said, “That looks like fun — I think I’ll join you,” and efficiently stepped out of her skirt and jersey, leaving her standing there, totally nude, with just a little pinch to her nipples and a stroke of her finger through the cleft of her pussy and a flip of her clit to complete the operation.

And there I was, standing there, gazing at the epitome of youthful female sexuality on one hand and a paragon of mature female beauty on the other. For a brief moment, I allowed myself to ponder what I had ever done to be so fortunate. Then I realized that the mature one was waiting for me to again show her how much she means to me.

After our recent time together, we took to each other easily and naturally. Under the circumstances, and the direction the evening was likely to take, it seemed as though a leisurely, loving fuck might be the way to begin. And it was like we had never been interrupted — easy, familiar, and, yes, loving. Apparently, it even met with Jane’s approval, because after we came down, she came over and gently kissed Georgia, then me, and said, “That was beautiful. I think I envy you two a little bit.”

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