With us organizing everything for our trip it’s been a little quiet .. sexually .. around here the past couple of weeks so I think I’ll tell you this newsletter about an experience I had a month or so back. It happened when I took my car in for a service. Because we have played with the boss of the garage and one of the guys who work there I always expect a little extra when I visit and it was no different this time.

I arrived at the garage pretty much on time and saw Craig working under a car. He hadn’t seen me so I walked over, checked that no-one was looking and then pressed my heel onto his cock … which of course startled him . He slid out from under the car and as soon as he saw it was me a smile spread across his face. As he stood up he told me Steve had mentioned I was bringing the car in. We then chatted as he lead me over to Steve’s office.

As we walked into the office, Steve was on the phone talking to a client about their car. He raised his eyebrows at us in frustration. Craig then whispered he needed to go look at my car and left .. closing the door as he did. It was at that point I knew something was definitely up .. and that Craig was in on it. Well I was certainly up for whatever they had in mind so I moved closer to Steve’s desk and slowly lifted my skirt (which Anadolu Yakası Escort I’d worn on purpose in case my hunch had been correct .. and it had ). Seeing my pussy hugging panties come into view got Steve’s attention instantly. With his eyes glued to me I then reached down and started to touch my pussy mound through my panties.

Steve could not take his eyes from my crotch and started to rub his cock as he finished his phone call. He hung up the phone and said that he had one more call to make but I could continue my show . That suited me fine so I pulled my panties up higher so they slid between my pussy lips and pressed against my clit. Steve’s eyes widened. Next, I slowly unbuttoned my top and lifted my breasts out of my bra and rubbed and squeezed my nipples until they were fully erect. Then I reached down and pulled my panties to one side and slipped two fingers into my saturated hole. I coated my fingers with my juices and then smeared them over my nipples.

When Steve hung up the phone he came around the desk, dropped to his knees and started licking me wildly. He was sucking on my wet labia, nibbling my swollen clit and also pushing his fingers in and out of my hole. I then lay back onto the desk, pulled my knees to my chest and opened my cock hungry cunt for Bostancı Escort him. He licked me harder and harder and I started to cum right there and then in his mouth. He sucked my soaked cunt and rubbed his face all over my pussy until his face was wet and shining from all my juices.

I so needed to be fucked good and hard so I flipped over and lay front down on his desk presenting him with my ass and spread pussy. He pulled his rock hard cock from his pants and shoved it straight into me. It was so quick and so deep that it literally took my breath away. Without any lead-up he began hammering my cunt hard and fast and moments later I was moaning loudly and cumming all over his rock hard cock.

As I orgasmed on his desk he continued to pound me and I loved it. My cunt was so wet and dripping by then that each time he thrust into me a sloppy cunt fucking sound filled the room. I love that sound and I know it arouses guys too and soon after I came again

Just after that orgasm I opened my eyes and saw Craig had returned so I motioned for him to come closer. He came up to me and pulled his cock out and of course I started sucking on it. I was getting cock served to me from both ends and I was loving it.

Soon the thrusting from Steve became more urgent and then he Erenköy Escort began to grunt and groan. I knew what that meant and sure enough a few moments later Steve began to dump his load of sperm deep into my pussy. My cum loaded cunt slopped enough louder after that as Steve continued to fuck me until his cock was totally drained. Then it was Craig’s turn.

With his boss having removed his cock from my stretched and cum-filled pussy, Craig moved around behind me and pushed his rampant member into me. It felt sooooo good .. Craig had me cumming again after only a few strokes and I guess that was super exciting for him because he didn’t last long inside me. As my orgasm began to fade, I felt Craig’s cockhead swell up inside me .. a sure sign he was about to explode .. and moments later he did!!

When Craig was done with me, I stood up and let the cum from both guys run out of me and into my panties.

I then straightened my clothes and went out to the car the garage let me drive while mine was being serviced. When I got home I told colin they would drop the car back in a couple of hours after the service. He had a smile spread across his face and asked me how my servicing went. As I told him he pulled my cum soaked panties off and as soon as he saw how cummy my cunt still was he pulled his throbbing cock out and slammed it into me. Fuck it felt good. He fucked me so hard and fast that I came again in seconds and then again a few minutes later when he pumped his creamy load into me ..

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