Step Daughter #1 – Part 1



It was a trip to take my wife’s daughter, 33, to the big city for a shopping trip. Her ex husband cut her clothes, and she was depressed so it was a good idea. She is attractive, blonde, perfect body, prone to summer dresses with a nice flow.

We went to many clothing stores, and I suffered through some of the normal, “ya that looks so nice on you”, until we broke for lunch. After a liquid lunch, she was more animated and flirty with what she tried on and opinion seeking. She put on a micro mini, with a low cut halter, and it actually took my breath away. Seeing those perfect legs, short hem half way above her thigh, it was quite amazing.

After a day of shopping, we were getting ready for dinner. We had a hotel suite with 2 bedrooms, and 2 ensuites. She took to a bottle of wine while getting ready, and by the time she came out, was already pretty lit.

She wore a short black dress, heels, and her legs looked amazing. She grabbed my arm when we went for dinner several times to keep her balance.

At dinner, conversations went on about the ex, shopping and life, and the waiter presented their feature dessert drink coffee tequila. This happened to be her favourite drink, and I was surprised when she ordered 2 and killed them both and ordered another 2. Combine that with her bottle of wine during dinner, she was animated.

We went back to the room where I had intended to work on my laptop, and catch up after the day away from the office.

She out music in started dancing and cracked another bottle of wine.

I ignored, as best I could, her dancing, stumbling snd when she sat Anadolu Yakası Escort down on the couch, she sat legs open and loose.

She leaned back on the couch and was out.

Through her solid snoring, I shook to wake her to get her into her room.

She stirred a bit, so i lifted her, and walked her stumbling to her bedroom.

Once in her room, she slurred and put her arms around me and full on kissed me on my lips thanking me for the great day.

I was uncomfortable and lay her down and left.

She was on the bed, short dress riding to her hips, legs apart, and out like a light.

My curiosity got the best of me and I went into her room, running my hands along her silk legs, up to her inner thigh. She was not stirring. I called her name and shook her, nothing.

Her legs are already apart with her black thin panties covering a perfect little mound. She was perfectly shaven and it was time to run my nose and tongue along her sweetness. I held onto both of her thighs with my head in the middle and I thought it was time to just fuck this beauty.

I wanted more, I knew this was wrong this with my wife’s adult daughter but I was going to fuck her now and I didn’t care. She was still out and I pulled those panties off removing them slowly down her legs. I moisten my cock and I slowly put my cock in the tip of her mouth which she naturally opened and took it. I started motherfucking this beautiful blonde but I didn’t want to come in her mouth.

I went back down hold onto those beautiful thighs, lifted her legs put the tip of my cock into her sweet pussy and let it Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan slowly take it in. She didn’t stir she didn’t move and I began fucking her hard. I was getting close already so I pulled out, no evidence, and I rubbed one out in my hand and went and washed it out and I went back to eat her sweet pussy again.

My excitement about this took a new form when I lifted her legs up over my shoulders and put the tip of my cock hard again at the crevice of her beautiful asshole I let it sit there spitting on it I let nature do it course, inch by inch until I was fully engulfed. I continued at a very cautious pace, not to awaken her, and when I was close to climax, as much as I wanted to cum in her ass, I pulled out, shot my load across the floor, and gazed upon her, laying on the bed, open legs, still snoring.

I cleaned up, redressed the panties, and went and did work for about an hour. I got a call from a work colleague and met hm in the bar. Jake was a school buddy and we work together at the same engineering firm. I could not keep it in, and I told him about what happened. He was excited about it, and asked if he could come up and take a peek. I did not mind, it was looking, and after a few beers after my dinner drinking, I was ready for anything.

We got to the room, and the snoring was heavy from her room.

We went in, and I shook her and called her name, no motion. Jake looked at me , stood in front of her at the foot of the bed, and I just nodded.

It was a huge turn on watching Jake lean down, rubbing her legs, then pulling her top of her dress, exposing Escort Anadolu Yakası her breasts. He took her left breast into his mouth. I sat down in the chair in the corner, watching Jake with my passed out step daughter. While he sucked on her breast, he put his hand under her dress and played with her pussy, sliding her panties down, then off.

I moved over and went down on her while he pulled out his cock, and put it in her mouth. From his facial fucking, her mouth brought his member to an erect 10” member. I was in awe, as I am 7”.

I could not wait to see this massive chunk of meat slam into my step daughter. I wanted to see him shove it in her ass.

I pulled to the side, and lifted her legs up while Jake repositioned himself behind her, stroking his cock, putting some hand lotion from the bathroom, and he slipped his tip to her anus, and sat there.

I was so hard watching this, my buddy with this massive cock, tipped in the ass of my step daughter, while she was still snoring, wreaking of booze.

After about 5 minutes, he was in. I opened her legs and fingered her, as he fucked her ass. I pulled on her nipples, and he fucked her ass harder and harder, until he was close, pulled out and shot all over her legs.

I took his place and slid immediately into her ass, and this time I did not care. I fucked her hard and long and I released with force, everything I had into her ass.

I was convulsing it was so good.

We cleaned up, again redressed her and left the door closed for the night.

In the morning she was hung over, and rolled into the living room of the suite.

I asked how she slept, and she said great, but she was sore, probably from her new shoes.

I have thoughts about when I can get her on a trip again, but seeing her at family events brings all of my thoughts back to this hotel stay and my abuses.

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