The First Time I Strayed!


I was a ‘good girl’ and a monogamous wife for years, when many of my friends in school were getting laid every weekend and, later on, some of my married girlfriends were having affairs and fooling around with other guys whenever they had one of those ‘itches’! Now that I’ve had a fabulously arousing experience of feeling a stranger’s cock deep inside of me, I want to catch up on all the fun I’ve missed! I feel like a liberated nympho who loves sex for what it is…it feels great and is lots of fun!
One evening after work, while having dinner with my husband, he asked me if I could ‘set up’ one of his out of town business associates with one of my girl friends. He said the guy was lonely, would be here for two days, and could certainly use some attention…at least someone to have dinner and a drink with! I just laughed and told him I didn’t have any girlfriends that would want to be ‘lined up’ with an out-of-town stranger for dinner, so I joked that I would take care of ‘both you guys’ and have dinner with you and your friend’! My husband chuckled too, but two evenings later, we were all sitting in the hotel restaurant. Brian was a pleasant guy, a good conversationalist, and the three of us had a great time together. After having Acıbadem Escort three or four cocktails, we thought it might be a bit irresponsible to jump into the car right away and drive home, and Brian invited us up to his room for coffee and more chat. While talking, someone flipped on the room TV and we started surfing through the movie menu. Being a little ‘tipsy’, we laughed as we clicked on the ‘Adult Movies’ menu, we pushed the arrow button up and down, and Voila…a nasty in-room movie began playing on the screen! I could tell the men started getting aroused watching those guys having all that fun with a girl and, I admit, I started to feel a little ‘quiver’ in my girly spot! I still felt pretty uninhibited because of the cocktails we drank and, not to let some movie slut get all the attention, I began prancing around, flipping my skirt up and down, and teasing both the guys. I felt rather foolish, but attempted an amateur lap dance with both the men and ended by giving them each a big wet kiss! They responded very well, I was feeling really aroused and wanted to shock my husband, so I unbuttoned my blouse, unsnapped my bra, leaned over Brian’s face, and asked him to kiss my bare breasts…Wow, I had no idea what I Acıbadem Escort Bayan was getting myself into! Brian took one nipple into his mouth and, as he sucked on it, rolled the other between his thumb and index finger as my eyes seemingly rolled up toward the ceiling. My husband, a little jealous but obviously aroused, stood up behind me and started kissing the back of my neck and fondling my breasts along with his friend! Next, I felt hubby pull my skirt up high around my waist and start to wiggle my panties down. I was getting a little worried with all that fondling going on, but had no self-control left…all that was happening just felt incredible! What had begun with my wanting to shock my husband ended as a shock to me because, as he bent me forward a bit more, he slipped his palm up the inside of my thigh and, in one thrust, he stuffed his stiff cock deep inside of me! Brian moved back on the bed and unzipped his slacks as he watched my husband rock back-and-forth and pound me from behind! I felt an incredible tingling sensation and started shaking when my husband’s lips touched my ear and he whispered for me to let his friend ‘try me out’ and to let him fuck me too! I didn’t know what to do; all of this seemed Escort Acıbadem like a dream…it seemed so unreal, so I just closed my eyes and laid back on the bed as my husband said ‘Brian, you take a turn and fuck my wife while I watch’! Brian moved over me and spread my legs as he was kissing my breasts again. I felt his knees drop down between mine, I shuddered, and I whimpered when I felt his giant penis drive up inside me and pump in and out…again and again! All I remember for the next hour or so is that they both took turns with me…over and over, until the bed was soaked with the signs of our nasty night!
Now that a couple of years has passed, I remember loving the excitement of getting laid by two men…for the first time, and my husband got a thrill out of watching me be a slut! Since that first time, we have enjoyed quite a few similar experiences and have let over twenty other men fuck me, taking turns with my husband in pleasuring me!
We are very happily married , never wanting any other relationships outside of just pure sex, and continue to find other guys for an encore…just to keep the tingle in our lives! We have started writing a little story about each of the men, how we got together, and what we did. We occasionally take a few photos of some or our ‘fun times’, being very careful never to show faces, just so we can post them in our ‘Sexy Scrap Book’! Maybe we’ll submit a couple more stories…and even photos sometime!

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