weekend with daddy (chpt 1-2)



It all started the weekend my mom went out of town. She left me and my dad home alone. We werent very close up to this point and at 15 my dad stopped trying to connect with me. Im 5’7 110llbs i have long light brown hair and piercing blue eyes and had an amazing 38D rack. My dad couldnt take his eyes off them at all,who could blame him. He is 6’1 very athletic build he’s got brown hair and hazel eyes. My friends couldnt get enough of him during our wekend swim parties, they were literally drooling.

I got home friday after cheer practice still wearing my cheer outfit cause of the game later that night. Of course when i got in i saw the note on the table that from that point on changed my life for the better but at that point i didnt realize that. Note read “hey baby girl, you and dad are going to have to fend for yourselves this weekend, aunt kelly called and she went into labour and wants me at the hospital with her. I love you so much call me if you need anything”

Dad was sitting on the couch and i walked over kissed his cheek and sat down. “So…moms gone this weekend” “yeah she is kaylie i thought this would be a good time to hang out” “sure dad let me go change an dill be out ill skip the game tonight” with our short Maltepe Escort dialogue of conversation i went to my room and began to change out of my uniform, i kept my door open cause i knew my dad rarely came near my room. At least thats what i thought. I walked over to my full body vanity mirror and started to strip out of my small shirt nd skirt. I admired myself in my red laced bra and matching thong i had just bought the week before and then danced over to my drawer i grabbed a pair of black booty shorts and a shear see though tank top. When i turned around i saw my dad in the doorway staring at my rack and stroking his 9inch cock. He stopped came into my room and shut the door, walked over to me and pushed me against my bed.

He smiled and began kissing my neck i tried pushing him off me but i liked the sensation he was giving me. I came up to kiss him as i wrapped my long tan legs around his waist and my arms around his neck i kissed his lips gently and pulled away. god his lips were soft. I kissed down his neck biting and sucking here and there. I started to rub his cock with my right hand while with my left i traced tiny circles with my finger along his torso. I kissed down the length of his hard member and took his manhood Maltepe Escort Bayan in my mouth and started to suck him off while still stroking his cock with my right hand. I could feel his cock getting thicker in my mouth as i sucked him off, i didnt think he could get any bigger, he was already huge. I pulled off my tank top nd unhooked my bra with my left hand and once my tits were rubbing up and down his shaft i swear he came in seconds. I was so wet, i just sucked my dad off and made him cum i was in awe. He thanked me and told me he needed to clean himself up and he would be back to take care of me next.


It wasnt to long till my dad was back from his shower. He told me to follow him towards his room and i did as so. I got into his room and he laid me down on his bed and started to caress my breasts i moaned and thought i was in heaven then but i knew he wasnt done with me i knew he wanted this to happen for a long time. He was finally going to fufill his fantasy of fucking his beautiful teenage daughter and i was looking forward to it. He started out just playing with my tits which got boring because h ewas doing it for so long and he saw i was bored so he kissed down my flat tan stomach and pulled my shorts Escort Maltepe down nd began to lick my slit thru the thin fabric of my thong i was enjoying daddy daughter time a little too much then anyone should.

He made me cum hard when he took my thong off and started to suck on my clit while pushing three fingers deep inside my tight virgin pussy and finger fucked me fast and hard. I was on cloud 9. He then spread my legs further and centered his cock up to the entrance of my tight wet cunny and started to slowly push in and out. Once the pain ended i was in pure extacey. He then pulled me on top of him and placed his hands on my hhips and bouncdd me up and down on his cock . I took over at this point as i dug my nails into his skin i fucked my dad hard i brought his balls to the boiling point amd stopped because i didnt want him cumming in my pussy but he made me keep going. Knowing he wanted to kinda made me re think about it and it got me hot and bothered and i came right then and there once i came on his cock he said he was mere seconds away from blowing his hot load in his sexy lil sluts pussy . He finally came and pulled me off his cock and started to eat out my pussy again. He couldnt get enough . Fucking his daughter got him so horny he never wanted to stop. He made me cum once more that night and we fell asleep in each others arms .

(Hey everyone this is my first story and i hope you enjoyed it positive feedback appreciated . Thanks :D)

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