An adventure at the spa

An adventure at the spa
After my divorce last year, I felt in need of a little pampering – some “me” time for a change. I’m only 30 after all, and I have plenty of time ahead of me once I can get that disastrous marriage out of my system. It had been a long time since my husband had shown much interest in me at all, and when I found out he’d been having an affair with his secretary – a 19-year-old bimbo – that just about clinched it. But I’m not bitter – we had grown apart anyway, and I don’t think he realised that I have needs just as much as him. So one of the first things I did was to book myself into a spa weekend – just me, ready to be treated as someone special for the first time in ages.

The spa I chose had lots of therapies and classes on offer, but the one that really appealed to me was the hot oil massage. I’d never had a massage before, so was intrigued to see what it would be like. I didn’t know what to expect, but the girl who met me, Claire, was very friendly and quickly put me at my ease. She had the standard white uniform on, but I couldn’t help notice how shapely she was – she was maybe 23 or 24, a few years younger than me, but very curvy. She had a lovely smile, matching her deep blue eyes and blonde hair. I was really looking forward to being massaged by her.

She took me into the massage area and suggested I strip off and put on the towel provided. She told me to lie face down on the table and said she’d be along in a minute. I wrapped the towel around me and lay down as she had told me. After a short time she came back and asked me if I’d ever had a massage before. When I told her I hadn’t she said, “I think you’ll like it, you’re in for a treat.” She had some warm oils which she rubbed on her hands and then started to massage my arms and shoulders – it felt so good to have a firm hand pressing into my flesh like that and I started to drift away. “Is that good?” she said, as her fingers pressed into my shoulders. “Yes,” I said, “very good”. She then moved to my legs and started kneading and pressing my calves and thighs – moving right up my legs. “Do you like that?” she murmured. I just mumbled, but it was heavenly – her hands moving under my towel and nearly reaching my pussy. I reached behind me and touched her leg. “I hope you don’t mind,” I said. “It’s your massage,” she replied, “I just want you to be happy.”

“Shall I just remove this towel?” she said. “Please,” I replied. She continued massaging my thighs, kneading my bum cheeks with her hot hands. “Is that OK?” she said. “More than OK,” I replied. Her hands went back to my thighs and squeezed gently, just touching my pussy as she did so. By this time I was feeling very horny and my ass rose to meet her touch. She responded by letting her fingers rub my pussy. “Mmm, that feels good, “ I said. “I’m so glad, “ she replied, “Why don’t you turn over and I’ll massage your front.” I turned over to lie on my back. She straddled my body and started rubbing from my shoulders down to my tits – when she got there she tugged lightly at my nipples, which by now were very hard. To my amazement she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips – “Hope you don’t mind,” she said. I said nothing but kissed her in return, savouring the taste of her hot lips on mine.

By this time I was feeling very hot and horny so I reached under her dress to feel her taut body – she just lifted her arms and took her dress off – she looked magnificent as she rose above me, her shapely tits now on full view. I reached up and kissed them, teasing her nipples with my hot mouth. She moaned softly. We were both now naked and holding each other tight, kissing and cuddling in a hot frenzy. “Oh, baby,” she said, “You are so fuckable.”

Well, never in my life had I been called “fuckable” before, but just hearing her say that drove me to heights of lust. I sucked hard on her nipples as my hand reached down for her sopping wet cunt. She was so wet my fingers just slipped right inside her and she threw her head back, moaning with lust. Of course, she was the perfect professional – she leaned forward and whispered in my ear: “I so want to lick that sweet pussy of yours.” And that is what she did – she moved down my body so that her face was between my thighs and then started lapping at my cunt. I had never been licked by another woman before, and it was driving me crazy – her tongue seemed to know exactly the right spot – my swollen pussy lips, my hard clit – until she was tongue-fucking me into a storm of passion. My hips bucked and rose to meet her hot lips and tongue until I could stand it no longer and exploded in a massive climax. My cunt throbbed with pleasure as she gently sucked on my pussy and I subsided at last. I was so happy, I pulled her up to me and kissed her lips, tasting my own pussy juices on her mouth and tongue – it was amazing.

But of course it didn’t end there. “Let me taste your cunt, “ I said. “Mmm,” she replied, “I was hoping you’d say that.” She lay back on the couch, her legs wide apart, her fingers holding her pussy lips wide for me to see – she was very wet and obviously aching for some attention. My tongue found her swollen pussy lips and for the first time in my life I tasted another woman’s pussy juices – she was so sweet and wet I just lapped them up. Flicking my tongue up and down her wet slit and teasing her hard clit felt so amazingly good – I pulled her pussy lips apart and drank in those hot juices which were now flowing so freely from her aroused cunt. My mouth filled with the sweet nectar and I felt my lips and tongue coated with that beautiful honey. Her hips started bucking and I pressed my mouth firmly over her pussy until she came right in my mouth, squirting hot juices all over me. It felt so good to make another woman cum like that.

Afterwards, we lay in each others arms and kissed – tasting our juices on our mouths and stroking our sated bodies. “Did you enjoy your massage?” she whispered as she kissed first my lips, then my ear. “It was fucking amazing,” I said – “Thank you so much.” She smiled at me: “This is only the beginning, sweetheart,” she said. And as I smiled back and kissed her I couldn’t help but wonder what she meant!

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