Pink Passion…

Pink Passion…
Nobody knew at first how it all came about, whether it was a natural occurrence of evolution or if maybe even the government was behind it?

Regardless of how it happened; it happened all at once… Approximately half of the male population started ejaculating pink sperm instead of white!
And it wasn’t just a slight pink hue, it was unmistakably all pink. Every man affected by it was both confused & concerned, not knowing why it happened or what to do about it. Most men just figured it was an odd reaction to a combination of foods they recently ate or perhaps a reaction to some new food additive, so they drank lots & lots of water to try to flush the pink out of their system, but no matter how much water they drank it didn’t help one bit. They also began jerking off incessantly to see if it would come out less pink, but each time it was unmistakably pink with absolutely no signs of turning any more white in color.
In no time the national news was buzzing as Doctors scrambled to figure out the cause & reason for this unimaginable occurrence… Was their sperm contaminated, was it dangerous?

Due to embarrassment, single men who were affected stopped pursuing girls entirely & just like the girls they once pursued, all of a sudden they were now the ones who “weren’t in the mood for sex”.
On the other hand married men couldn’t hide their pink cum from their wives, because upon hearing the news, every woman insisted on seeing their husbands sperm to see if it was now colored pink. Then every woman who was married to a pink cummer was at their doctor fearing that his pink sperm was dangerous, bringing samples either with or without her husbands approval. Pink cummers were now expected to begin wearing condoms again, even for blowjobs!

Before long the Center for Disease Control (CDC) performed many studies and reached the following conclusions:
1. Pink cum was found to be sterile & therefore unable to fertilize female eggs.
2. When they mixed unaffected white sperm with affected pink sperm, the white sperm would feed off the inferior pink sperm and become twice as fast and live twice as long.
3. Every openly gay male was affected and therefore had pink cum.

All of a sudden every married man with pink cum was defending his straightness, while knowing & fearing that his once deep dark secret might actually be known by his wife & the entire world!

However the most shocking breakthrough happened via an unknown & unnamed multi-millionaire who offered any normal white sperm male one million dollars to ingest his completely heterosexual sperm. There would be a 3rd party scientist who would verify that the rich investor & the recipient both had white sperm prior to the study, then the recipient would immediately ingest the rich mans ejaculate from a cup…The results were shocking!
After ingesting the rich mans white sperm, the recipient was to immediately bring himself to orgasm and amazingly his own previously white ejaculation was now colored pink and upon testing it was also found to now be sterile!

While many men discarded the study as an evil ploy by a rich and admitted homophobic man, polls showed that the majority of the public actually believed it to be true.
Shortly thereafter new studies also concluded that pink ejaculate although sterile, also had positive effects on women’s reproductive systems.
Similar to its affects when mixed with the white sperm, the introduction of pink sperm also made the female eggs twice as strong and twice as fertile, even tho pink sperm itself was infertile.
However, it was found the only way pink sperm could double the fertility of a woman’s eggs was via direct insemination. All other attempts to combine the pink sperm & eggs in the lab failed, so ironically the only way a couple could double their chances of conceiving a c***d was for her to have sex with an inferior pink cumming male & leaving her husband “sloppy seconds”!

Before long another study funded by same other millionaire paid out an undisclosed sum of money to two willing participants. One would be a pink cummer and the other a white cummer & the white cummer would need to ingest the pink sterile sperm of the pink cummer. The results were very interesting indeed… The white cummers cum did not turn pink and did not become sterile! The study concluded that the pink ejaculate was no longer strong enough or manly enough to effect the white cummers ejaculate & therefore if a straight male had unprotected oral sex with a pink spermed non-heterosexual male, there would be no change to the color of his own sperm, but if two heterosexual white cumming males engaged in unprotected oral sex with each other, then both would become sterile & ejaculate pink sperm for the rest of their lives!
This news started interesting behaviors throughout society.
With in-vitro fertilization costing tens of thousands of dollars for each attempt at conception, this turn of events opened up a whole new world for bisexual pink cummers.
Married couples having trouble conceiving c***dren started putting anonymous ads online seeking bisexual pink cummers. Some posted the ad together as a couple, but most placed their ad behind their spouses back.
Almost overnight women who were spending tens of thousands of dollars trying to get pregnant in the lab we’re now offering money to bisexual men and actually fucking them anywhere they could without being seen… Food dyes were flying off the shelves because women were trying to hide the pink sperm in their vaginas, so their husbands wouldn’t find out because their dicks would have the other men’s pink cum all over their cocks after sex with their wives!

Many husbands who have been straight their entire lives, have also placed ads to meet bisexual men for the sole purpose of swallowing their pink cum in order double their count and the power of their own sperm.
Bisexual pink cummers we’re loading videos online by the thousands jerking and cumming their pink cum, in order to prove their worthiness to needy couples.

One particular couple who were told they could never bear c***dren because both where incapable of conceiving… they both said they were willing to do anything in order to conceive a c***d, that’s when another rich unidentified person offered them $1 million to do exactly what he said in order to conceive.

First he ordered a husband to orally pleasure bisexual pink coming men and swallow their ejaculation. This went on for months and while his amount of ejaculate increased substantially, his wife still didn’t get pregnant. Next he ordered the wife to be fucked and inseminated by a pink cumming bisexual man every day, followed by her husband cumming inside his pre-seeded wife. When that didn’t work either, he had them both pleasing multiple bisexual men daily…
She was being seeded daiily by half a dozen men and her husband was being fed half a dozen loads of pink cum and then he was to seed his wife himself.
When that still failed to work the wealthy investor offered one last option… The husband was to get impregnated with pink cum by as many bisexual men as he could possibly handle and also swallow as much pink cum as well and the wife was also to be seeded by as many pink pumpers they could find.
The day she was most fertile and this was to go down will forever be known as pink passion… It looked more like a gangbang porno then a couple just wanting to conceive a c***d. There must’ve been at least 30 bisexual men in the room all jerking their hard cocks just waiting for their turn. She was on her back with her legs up and stirrups getting pounded and filled with pink cum as guy after guy fucked her till they groaned and pumped their special pink cum loads into her gushing wet pussy.
At the same time her husband was getting it from both ends kneeling on the bed on all fours taking cock after cock in his ass and cock after cock in his mouth being filled and overflowing with pink cum. By the time the last donator planted his pink seed, those that started we’re ready to go again, so while there may have been 30 horny men by the end of the night each of those men came three times resulting in 90 loads of pink cum dumped into the two of them. When the last man finished and they all left the husband still had to seed his wife… The bed was entirely covered with pink cum & the husbands cock was oozing from his prostate being massaged by at least 30 cocks. He moved on top of his barely conscious wife and his cock slid in her with ease and actually making a huge sound because her pussy was gapped and absolutely overflowing with pink cum. It didn’t take long for him, only a couple thrusts and he was pumping the biggest load of cum anyone has ever pumped… His own sperm had been feeding off the pink cum that was pumped into both his mouth and ass by at least 45 men and his own cum was pumping into her like a garden hose and she couldn’t help but to cum her self.
Upon cumming they both passed out from all the excitement & upon her next checkup they discovered that it actually worked, she was pregnant!
The only side effect was that they were both now addicted to taking pink cum cocks, that every weekend they met with all their donators & relived their pink passion porn day;)

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