Shaky ground – The return of the Ex

Shaky ground – The return of the Ex
For the better part of seven months, the live-in arrangement with Gary had been going very well. My ass had been officially carved out by Gary’s long slender cock treatments. I had been a ‘very good companion’ in Gary’s eyes. Even though we did everything we could to keep sex spicy, eventually Gary started fucking other college aged guys. I did my best to disguise my jealousy. I’d make videos of me masturbating in public places almost being caught a few times. I’d write on my smooth chest ‘Gary’s slut, or cum bitch’ anything that Gary liked calling me. The videos seemed to gain Gary’s focus on me for a short time, then he’d be tapping into another guy’s hole again. I fought against my jealousy as much as I could but then…….Gary began talking and hooking up with his ex.

I admit that it was very tough, especially since I considered myself much better looking than his ex. I mean, I was 105lbs, very lean, smooth all over except for my hair which I grew out for Gary, I had the sexy short swimsuit tan lines, I was flexible enough to suck my own cock as Gary plowed his seeds into my willing hole. His ex, was average on looks, slightly out of shape….no body definition, very hairy, his cock was slightly longer but not as thick as mine, plus he was almost as old as Gary. That being said his ex did have one huge advantage over me…..a history with Gary.

I should of taken it better when Gary told me he had been hooking up with his ex over the past two months without my knowing. But I was immature and said some things about his ex I shouldn’t of in my moments of being hurt. The talks Gary and I had about our future must of been to keep me around while he was trying to patch things up with his ex. Gary reminded me of our agreement. That night Gary punished my ass with the most violent pounding ever. He took me bent over a couch and administered his dominance over me. When he finished inside me, he withdrew immediately and took a shower….making me stay bent over until he returned. I was quickly reminded that I was nothing more than a sex toy for his amusement.

Days later, Gary invited his ex over for a three-way. Gary demanded that I not masturbate, nor did we engage in any sex until that fateful Friday evening. On that Friday, Gary had me on my knees naked waiting just inside the front door for his ex. As a ‘welcoming’ for his ex, I was to perform oral on him until he was properly stimulated for Gary’s amusement. His ex arrived and Gary gave him a hug then they kissed. I felt my face get warm and tears swelled up in my eyes. Gary then instructed me to unzip his ex’s pants and begin to perform oral on his hair uncut cock. I did so with reluctance but soon got over it as I watched Gary undress then remove his ex’s clothes as I lightly sucked on the cock. After a few minutes we went up to the bedroom. Gary had me and his ex suck each other while Gary slid behind his ex and rub his long slender cut cock against him as he softly kissed his neck. Gary made eye contact with me as my mouth was wrapped around his ex’s pole. I could tell by his look, he enjoyed my suffering of jealous rage. Yes, I was jealous but I became more into the oral I gave his ex. His ex was very vocal in his pleasure and I too enjoyed the way his ex caressed my cock in his mouth. With his ex and I erect, Gary stopped us and we both were instructed to give Gary oral. At first, it was competitive I wanted to show off my deep throat skills in front of his ex. Instead, his ex was exuberant and encouraged me to go for it more. I liked it, Gary’s ex was growing on me. Then in a surprisingly move, his ex moved up on top of me as I sucked Gary’s cock with my stomach flat on the bed….he slid his uncut meat into my ass. I think the look on my face as I spit out Gary’s tip out of mouth. “He’s versitile, I may of forgotten to mention that”, Gary said. His ex and him laughed as Gary stuffed his cock back in my mouth. I actually liked his ex’s hairy body as he pressed himself deeply into me. He took long slow strokes in and out as I sucked. I found it difficult to focus on both the sucking and being fucked sensations. My breathing was erratic as I struggled to figure out how to grunt and suck at the same time. Gary noticed my lack of focus and decided to stop my failing blow job. He moved around and on top of his ex. As the extra weight pushed me further down into the mattress, Gary plunged his flesh stick into his ex. His ex screamed out loud and into my unsuspecting ears. My ears were ringing. Breathing became harder with two bodies on top of me. When Gary thrusted down and in, his ex would drive deeper into me. Our bodies began to sweat, I took short quick breaths to avoid blacking out. The movement of our three bodies wasn’t much with trying to keep his ex’s cock inside my ass and Gary’s cock inside his ex. It was awkward and encumbersome. Still it continued for a while until his ex let out a high pitched wail and unloaded his seeds into me. He pumped in two to three good sized loads before his body went limp. Gary pulled out of his ex to allow his ex to roll off me. Gary quickly lunged himself into my cum filled hole. The slurpy burpy sounds of his shaft drilling into my newly lubricated mine echoed in the room. His ex leaned over and we began to kiss softly as Gary’s pace increased. A few minutes later and a second deposit of fluids entered my body. Gary’s body jerked a few times until he had firmly emptied himself. He pulled out and he and his ex watched my hole spew out slowly the warm goo from my worn out ass. They kissed as I tried to control and hold it in but my involuntary reflexes continued to contract and push it out. I was asked to clean up while Gary and his ex kissed some more and talked about how fun this was. In the shower, I felt a wierd sense of emptiness with no cock in my ass as I rubbed soap on my ass cheeks. I continued to fart out fluid in the shower as I rubbed my rear end. I returned to see that both Gary and his ex had on cock rings. Both cocks were hardened and both men had a mischievous look in their eyes. Gary had his ex lay on the bed. I was instructed to squat down on his ex’s erect penis. I slowly lowered myself on to it. I was getting sore and my hole was throbbing. Still I shakily lowered onto it. Gary had me lean back onto his ex. My legs were straddling his ex, Gary moved in between my legs and my eyes widened. Gary began to press his hard cock into my ass. I recall Gary mentioning this before but I wasn’t ready. I weakly cried out”I’m not ready for this!” Gary just smiled “sure you are, just relax” he had me lift my legs up just a little and spread them apart. My body was shaking with nervousness and I bare had the strength to keep them up off the bed but for a minute. Gary pushed his fingers in and pulled my hole open. I let out an unintelligible sound, I felt like I was being ripped in two. Still Gary pulled harder. Then he forced himself inside, I screamed out begging for him to pull out. His ex just lay there breathing hard as Gary bore in deeper. The pain inflicted on me was so intense, it was long drawn out and unrelenting. I cried out and flinched and jerked as he continued to slowly fuck me. My legs flailing my feet twitching as the two cocks tore open my one hole. My voice was lost after crying out as loud as I could. I tried and nothing came out as all I could do was endure it until Gary was satisfied. My cock was still hard and his ex reached around me and jerked me off. It seemed to divert my attention. Gary plugged into me and his ex’s pelvis thrust upward into me. I put all my focus into the climax of cum that building up inside me. I tried to hold it in for a long as I could. Then ‘burst!’ my cum launched out of me like a volcano. Several long strands of cum erupted out and flew all over the place. Load after load was cumming out of me. The ex exploded with excitement at the display and even Gary seemed impressed. With the last convulsions, my body gave up and I went dormant as Gary and his ex compounded themselves in me. Pain had overwhelmed me and my body’s defenses made me numb. I barely had the strength to keep my eyes open and like a warm blanket….sleep seemed to take over. Everything went black.

It took a few minutes for me to come to. When I awoke, Gary and his ex were on each side of me. Their cum spread out on my face and chest. I had just taken two cocks in my ass but now there was a problem… ass was in need of repair.

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