wife loves to fuck

wife loves to fuck
My beautiful lovely wife of 30 years became a whore about 7 years ago and now she can’t get enough cock for her big pussy. She fucks all the time and enjoy watching her being satisfied. She is now 60 and love sex more than ever. She’ll fuck anybody now. We have one rule, and its most important, she can’t fuck anybody that we know. Never. She agrees about this rule and doesn’t want any of our friends to know. We want to keep that part of our sex life private.

One of her fuck buddies invited us to his condo in Florida along with his wife, who I would love to fuck, but I am a sissy and can’t have any pussy. Her husband fucks my wife all the time. he is 45 with a nice big cock and I’ve sucked it cleaned for him many times. His wife likes to fuck too but Mike is not a sissy. We accepted their invite for the weekend. They have a great view of the gulf and have a 3 bedroom condo. When we asked 3 bedrooms, anyone else joining us, no they said just us. 1 bedroom for us, one for your wife and one room for the sissy to suck and clean cocks and eat cream pies. Dave he said, you have to stay in the room for the fuck party and just eat cum. I’m use to it.
We got up Friday night had a few drinks hung out by the pool and was introduced to a few couples that owned condos at the resort. Saturday we hung out at the beach had a few drinks had dinner and back to the condo around 9pm.

Mike said dave its time for you to go to your room. I have a few friends coming over and you might embrass me and my wife, go put on the panties on the bed and the little bra and be good sissy. Its what I do. !0 minutes later there was a party going on must have been 20 or 25 people laughing and cutting up. Ever now and tehn the door would open and they would look in and say hi fag, hey sissy, want some cock,or cum and then walk away

 I must have eaten 20 loads of cum and cleaned many cock flll of cum and pussy juice. I also ate about 6 cream pies which I love but never ate my wives pussy. Mike and Lisa came into m room and said get naked and lisa put a butt plug in my asshole. They lead me out to the large den and my wife Kim was on the table legs spread wide with cum all over her pussy and ass when Lisa said and now for the grand ending I give to you Walter and Terrell, then two big black cocks hanging down to their knees walk in to cheers by even the guys. Everyone was naked and most of the fine ladies were holding onto cocks. Kim had told Lisa one day she would like to try a big nigger cock but she knew I would say no way. So Lisa said Kim I agree you should not fuck a big nigga cock, i’ll get you 2 of em.I know the perfect cocks for you to fuck, bareback no rubbers, they are clean and only fuck white women, I’ll have a cock in tour asshole and pussy at the sametime and dave will eat balck cum for us, Hell we’ll have a watch party for you and you can perform in front of 20 people. Kim agreed to it.
They spread Kims ass and one black cock eased into her shit hole as the other big black cock slid into her big cunt. She fucked like a wild a****l and she loved it. The first guy came in her asshole and I ate the cum and licked her ass and cleaned the big black cock, then as the guy filled her cunt and cleaned her cream pie and cleaned the other big black cock to cheers form the party goers. Then Kim get up, she must of had 3 oransims and loved it and then told her new black friends to fuck my asshole as I have been a bad boy. I;ve never been fucked before but everyone cheered them on and then next thing I knew I had a black cock up my ass and it fuckin hurt. I couldn’t get away, my ass was abused. I got fucked in the ass by5 guys that night and Kim must have taken 20 loads of cum in her pussy ass and mouth, I know I ate the cum.


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