Molly’s Boobs – part 6

Molly’s Boobs – part 6
Molly’s boobs were growing. It was not a fast process, but it was clear their volume was getting bigger. We started measuring them every month. I suggested she should go to a doctor and consult the problem. Molly did not want to. She was afraid the doctor would try to talk her into plastic surgery. However, after a year, when we had the numbers and her boobs did not seem to stop gaining weight and size she agreed. She took the paper with the numbers. During one year her upper measurement went from 146 cm to 178 cm. The weight of her boobs went up by about 2 kilograms each, although the left boob was slightly heavier.
As Molly refused to plan any surgery until she has c***dren, the doctor advised her diet, exercises, and having c***dren as soon as possible. He told her that gigantomastia has not been researched yet, the only known treatment is plastic surgery, and the breast tissue can grow much more during pregnancy. He said there is a hope the breasts would stop growing after the first pregnancy, but he was not sure. Molly’s body simply produced growth hormones and for an unknown reason her body invested all the growth energy into her breasts. So, she came home with a prospect of more growth, heavier boobs and more problems with her back. I realized she sat all days at the sewing machine. She needed exercises really badly to strengthen her back muscles.
Her breasts got so big that I had to help her shower. It was difficult for her to rinse the soap of her body, because she could not hold her oversized slippery breasts with one hand. I helped her to pick up her boobs so she could clean their lower parts and especially the fold under them. I liked helping her wash. I liked oiling her boobs, too. The stretched skin needed care to prevent developing stretch marks. So, our evenings in the bathroom were all about caressing, picking her breasts up, and letting them hang down, kneading them, and gently oiling them all over. It always aroused both of us so much that we were making love in the shower or hurried to bed to continue cuddling and hugging until we made love again.

That afternoon when Molly came home from the visit of her doctor she was quite depressed. I knew how to console her. I kissed her caressed her cheeks and told her I love her regardless what happens to her boobs. As I was hugging her I felt her boobs pressing against my belly harder and harder. I rolled her huge T-shirt up and pulled it over her head. She was standing in front of me, big and beautiful, my full-figured girl, with her giant boobs stuffed into her last model of reinforced longline bra. I made a step backwards to admire the immensity of her curves. Her breasts were completely covering her torso. The lower parts were as low as her belly button, the upper parts were protruding out of the bra making the “muffin top” effect. She was slightly leaning backwards to compensate the weight of her voluptuous assets. I went behind her and started unhooking her bra. The longline bra had firm lower band and there were 16 hooks that held the band firm round her waist and stomach. It took some time to release my big girl from her armour.
Once her boobs were free, they sagged down below her hips. Molly’s upper chest suddenly looked flat as most of the mass of her boobs was in front of her belly and crotch. I took her left boob in my hands and kneaded it. It was heavy, warm and soft. I picked it up to my face and sucked her nipple. Then I slowly let it fall down. Molly sighed and started undressing me.
She let me lie in ma back and knelt over me.
“I want it this way today. No condom.” she said.
I fondled her huge boobs that were sitting my chest now. She did not need to bend forward to touch me with her nipples any more. So huge her breasts were. She took my member and without waiting for any more foreplay she shoved it up her pussy. As she was moving her hips, her boobs followed and massaged my chest. I took the left one again a put the nipple into my mouth. Molly supported herself with her arms. Her right boob was hanging loose massaging my arm and shoulder. Looking at all the mass of breast tissue wobbling and shaking in front of me I became totally mesmerized. My cock was hard as a rock. Molly was riding me faster and faster. She was pushing her boobs towards my face until my head was buried by the giant soft tits. Then I exploded. The surge of orgasm flooded my body. I squirted all my cum into her.
Molly continued rocking for a while and when she felt my cock could not give her more of my juice she bend forward again and let her boobs lie on the sides of my face.
“Now, you must suck me strong and hard.” she said.
We lay on the sides and I took her nipple into my mouth. I sucked and bit it as hard as I could. I kneaded the mass of her boob, massaged it to bring more blood to the areola and nipple. Molly was breathing heavily. Then she wanted the other nipple to be treated the same way. She could not tire of my sucking. After a long time she rolled on her back. Her boobs were lying on both sides of her body. They were twice as big as her head, maybe even bigger. She let me oil them and massage them. Then she asked me to pull her nipples with my hands. I had to dry my hands and her areolas, because the nipples kept slipping away from my fingers.
“Pull.” she begged. “Pull them hard.”
I was holding her areolas firmly and pulling her boobs upwards. Molly was sighing and moaning. She wanted more and more. She was enjoying her long painful climax.
The next morning she told me: “I am pregnant.”
“How do you know?” I asked. “We always used condom until last night. You cannot know now.”
“I just know.” she said simply with a bright smile.

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