Naughty Stepdaughter

Naughty Stepdaughter
I met my wife Karen at work one day, and a few weeks after our first date, i met Stacey her daughter.
Now Stacey was a young teenage girl, and did look just like a younger version of her mother, she was petite, blonde and very friendly, and when I proposed to her mother she was more than happy to have me as her new stepdad.
So we moved into a house together as one small happy family, and I got to watch Stacey over the next few years, turn into a beautiful young woman.
Now one evening the football was on, and so Karen not being a big fan of it, headed out to see a friend and left me to watch my game, while Stacey was upstairs in her room studying for her college exams.
When the game reached half time, I needed a piss, so I headed up to the family bathroom, relieved myself and was just heading back down when I passed Stacey’s closed bedroom door, and immediately stopped because I thought I could hear moaning coming from her room.
It was soft and just for a second or so, so I really wasn’t sure if I had heard it or not, and then I heard it again and I could also hear what sounded like her office chair creaking slightly as well.
Now I knew I should have walked away, I should have carried on downstairs and continued watching my game, but I also wanted to check on her, just make sure she was okay, or at least that’s what I was telling myself as I placed my hand on her door handle and began to turn it.
Her door then eased open, it wasn’t even locked, and then pushing it just a little so I could see in, I saw to my stunned amazement Stacey sat in her office chair at the end of her room, facing her computer so she had her back to me, and very completely naked.
Her little petite tanned body was sat back fully in her little black chair, her little naked feet were up on the edges of the chair, her bare slim legs were bent up to her chin and she was clearly rubbing away at her little pussy and loving it.
I was very shocked and should have immediately closed the door and walked away, I really should have, but I was also a man and this hot young teen was just a younger version of my wife, and intrigued to see what my wife might have looked like at that age, I suddenly found myself creeping into the room to get a better look.
Stacey was completely oblivious to my presence as I stepped along her side wall edging closer to her left side, and then one more step and I was with in a foot of her and could now see all of her in perfect detail.
My stepdaughter was stunning, she had small round tits just like her mothers with small light brown nipples that stuck up like little nibs, a perfect toned flat stomach and a perfect completely bald little pussy mound and two little pink lips protruding from it.
I watched excitedly as Stacey continued to rub happily at her little moist pussy, and then every so often stuff a couple of fingers up her little wet snatch while moaning happily all the way through it with her eyes barely open, she was completely in her own little world.
It was then I should have left, I saw what I wanted to know and should have quickly sneaked back out again, but as I said i’m a man, and when I saw her little naked sexy body jiggling around and hearing her delighted moans just inches from where I was stood, I couldn’t help but begin to touch myself through my trousers.
Then very quickly I found my flies, popped the buttons open and released my growing hard cock, and as Stacey continued to rub herself off, so did I.
I watched my hot little naked stepdaughter for several minutes all the while tugging at my cock, imagining what that sweet little wet pussy would feel like around my cock, and wondering if her little moist mouth sucked cock as well as her mother did.
I was so turned on now I really couldn’t walk away, and I was clearly so busy watching her that I didn’t realise how she suddenly began grinding against her fingers hard a few times, as she tried to stifle what may have been her first orgasm of the night, and then she opened her eyes and must have realised there was some one else in the room because she suddenly turned her head and went wide eyed on seeing me there standing there.
I instantly froze, we both stared at each other in silence for several seconds, and then her eyes glanced down at my cock in my hand, and still incomplete silence she stared at my hard tool and then began rubbing her little pussy again.
For a moment I wasn’t sure what to do, and then my stepdaughter looked back up at me as she continued to finger herself, and slowly I began stroking my cock again.
I couldn’t believe it, she hadn’t gone nuts at me, she hadn’t threaten to tell her mother, she just sat there completely naked fingering her own pussy and staring me in the eyes as she did it.
Together, we masturbated ourselves, as we watched each other for several hot minutes, and then Stacey gestured with her head to come closer, and slowly I stepped to the side of her chair, before Stacey reached out with her free hand and wrapped it around my hard shaft.
It was beautiful, her soft warm hand gripped my hard meat pole and then took over my jerking, and I stood there happy but stunned that my hot teenage blonde stepdaughter was jerking my cock.
Stacey was clearly enjoying holding my cock and eagerly tugged away at her stepfathers hard rod as I watched her continue to finger herself, and then after a few more minutes Stacey suddenly leant over and I groaned loudly as her little moist mouth clamped around my cockhead.
“Oh fuck” I muttered as she began sucking on my round bulbous cock end.
And for the next few minutes more, Stacey sucked on my cock while still stroking the shaft, and I swear I thought she was going to keep going until I came, but after slobbering over my cock and making it very wet, she suddenly stopped.
Then she stood up, and looking up at me in the eyes, she whispered “Sit down”
And so I slipped into her seat that felt very warm and a little moist, and she pulled my trousers down to fully reveal my hard wet cock and old hairy balls, before she then straddled my legs, and I watched once again in stunned amazement as she then began lowering her little naked body down towards mine.
Looking right at me, with a look of excitement on her face, her little moist pussy touched down on my cockhead, and then it brushed between her little pussy lips and suddenly I was inside of my stepdaughter.
She groaned excitedly as she sunk further onto my cock, and I groaned as well as I felt her tight little hole engulfing me in her warm wet inner sanctuary.
Then when I was almost two thirds inside of her, my stepdaughter raised back up, and then steadily began riding my cock.
My mind was blown, my stepdaughter was riding my cock, my wife’s daughter, the girl I promised to love and look after no matter what, was now eagerly riding up and down on my lap taking most of my cock up right up inside of her, and she was loving it.
She groaned over and over as she rode me, and I watched her little boobs jiggle about just inches from my face as she sat up in front of me.
Then after a few minutes, she lifted her feet up onto my legs and hooked them around my knees, before she leant towards me and kissed me deeply and then continued to ride my cock.
And I was now loving it, my stepdaughter clearly wanted this and frankly right then I was more than happy to give it to her, and so I sat back kissing my stepdaughter in the most slutty fashion as her little wet pussy worked my cock.
For several more minutes Stacey rode me in that position, groaning over and over as she did, and I could have happily stayed there beneath her until my wife came home, but then Stacey ground herself down onto my shaft a few times before she then popped right off me.
I sat there for a moment wondering what was happening, but then she climbed off me, turned around, and lowered herself back down onto my waiting cock.
We groaned again as I re-entered her, and then once she on me, I got to watch her little round tanned ass bouncing up and down in my lap, as she once again she rode my cock, but facing away from me this time.
Stacey groaned just happily as before as she bounced up and down, and her little tight pussy was clearly now getting use to my big hard cock because she was now taking most of my length with ease.
For another few minutes Stacey rode me like that, getting more and more excited as she did, and soon I began to feel a little excited as well.
Then Stacey leant back against me, her hot little naked body pressed back against my shirt and I could feel her heat through it, and then she hitched up her legs, placed her feet either side of my legs on the seat, and now basically sitting on my cock in the same position I had first found her in, she began riding my cock once more.
In this position I couldn’t help but reach round and place my hands on her little soft boobs, and she groaned happily again, and then urged me to play with her nipples.
Just like her mother liked, I began pinching and fondling her nipples, and as she continued to ride my hard cock and together we both breathing heavily now and clearly getting closer to our orgasms.
“Oh yes, oh yes!” she moaned as we fucked away in her little office chair “Oh yes I love that!” she said as I tweaked her nipples more.
We continued fucking excitedly and happily for several more minutes in that position, getting more and more excited as we did, and as my stepdaughters little wet pussy slipped up and down my hard wet shaft harder and faster, as I gripped onto her tits, I finally felt my balls begin to tighten and I knew the end was nearing.
“I’m going to cum!” I groaned through gritted teeth trying to hold on a little longer “I’m going to cum!”
“Yes, yes, yes!” groaned Stacey slamming her little body down onto my cock over and over, and then she slammed down once more and with loud excited groan she suddenly cried out “OH FUCK YES!” and suddenly she began bucking uncontrollably on my cock, before she then bucked right off and laid on top of me cumming hard all over my crotch.
That was too much for me feeling her little pussy cum on my cock and then whip right off of it, and with a mighty groan I began blowing my load, and my cum shot up into the air like a fountain of sticky goo and then landed down all over my stepdaughters naked sweaty little body.
Together we came over each other for several glorious seconds, until finally we were both spent, and my cock flopped back against my stepdaughters naked wet sticky pussy and pumped just another little dribble, all over her pink little pussy lips.
For the next few seconds we said nothing, we just stayed like that catching our breath, and then my blonde haired stepdaughter still flushed from her orgasm looked up at me and smiled, before she pulled my head down and kissed me again.
After that she climbed off me, turned off her computer, and with out saying a word quickly left the room and disappeared into the family bathroom.
I finally pulled my trousers back up, and still sticky with my stepdaughters pussy juices, headed back down stairs to catch the last few minutes of the game, while wondering what to say to Stacey the next time I saw her.
It was then my phone bleeped telling me I had text message, and opening it up I saw it was text from dirty Barry the local pervert down the pub ‘Nice show, you fucking lucky dirty bastard!’ it read
What the fuck did he mean I asked back unsure what he was talking about, and then he sent me picture, and I nearly died when I saw it was a screen grab of me sitting below my naked stepdaughter as she rode my cock, and suddenly I realised why she was facing the computer.
“Oh fuck!” I cried, wondering how much trouble I was now in.

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