Wrong Bar I’m Fucked Gay

Wrong Bar I’m Fucked Gay
My wife was out of town for a few weeks recently and I was getting no sex whatsoever. I tried to restrain myself but on one particularly horny night I figured I would go out to a bar as a distraction if nothing else. I dressed in slacks and a long-sleeve shirt, and strolled down to a new bar that opened up not far from my house. I hoped I could down a few drinks and forget about the fact that my wife still had a week to go. Maybe watch a game on the bar’s tv’s.

When I got I there the place was pretty full but it was populated with a lot of black guys which I didn’t expect. A lot of them were staring at me like I shouldn’t be there but no one bothered me. I was relieved because I was not exactly a big guy at a very lean 5’8″ but I didn’t want to look intimidated and figured I would leave after a drink or two. I ordered some Dewar’s, downed it and it hit the spot so well that I ordered up two more quickly. The black bartender, at least, seemed to be treating me politely enough and no one had made any threatening moves. Feeling a little buzzed, I decided to get up and walk around a bit, maybe check out the pool tables.

Before I could move away from the bar, however, the bartender called out to me. He said I needed to pay my tab before I left the bar. I reached for my back pocket but my wallet wasn’t there. I froze. The bartender looked pissed when I told him and used a phone behind the bar to call the owner, Darnell, out from the back office. A tall, muscular black man in a wife beater shirt came out a few minutes later to find me sitting nervously at the bar trying to think of some way out of this. He looked like a massive drill sergeant and he looked pissed. He told me to follow him back to his office.

Once inside we sat down on either side of his desk. He looked me over for a minute with a furrowed brow almost as though he was sizing me up.

Finally he spoke up, “So I’m guessing you just forgot your wallet, because no one would be stupid enough to do something like that at my bar on purpose. So I’ll make you a deal son. I have a private party coming in tonight that I need some servers for it. You help me out tonight and I’ll forget about this little incident. If you don’t then I’ll set your ass up and turn you into the police for armed robbery, and I know plenty of people here who will corroborate just to send a little white boy like you to jail.”

Realizing he was serious about turning me into the police I said okay. His face split into a huge smile and he got up and told me to follow him. He led me down a hall into what looked like a frilly dressing room. As soon as the door closed he turned around and said one word, “Strip. There’s a uniform you’ll need to wear as a server.” Still too stunned to do anything else I just did what he said. While I was undressing he had been going through a closet behind him and as soon as I was finished he just turned and tossed what he had pulled out on the ground in front of me. He told me to get dressed and then knock on the door when I was done and he would come back for me. As he left he locked me in the room.

I started going through what he had given me and grew even more confused. On the ground in front of me was a white, clingy, real short v-neck dress with a flirty ruffle around the hem and cleavage. It was covered with little red hearts! It had flutter sleeves and a little tie-back that made it one of the girliest little dresses I’d ever laid eyes on. There was also a red powernet thong panty and white fishnet stockings with red hearts running up the backs that were meant to be attached to a red, heavily-padded waist cincher that had lace all over it. There was a red lacy full slip there too that was a little longer than the hem of the dress that would make the slutty fuschia lacework peek out from under the white ruffle. The shoes he provided were red 5 inch ankle-strap stiletto heels with dangling hearts. Two little white lace gloves topped it all off. I checked the room out and there were no windows and he had locked the door solidly. There were no ceiling tiles just solid ceiling. I was stuck.

Suddenly a phone on the make-up table buzzed. I didn’t know what to do. It buzzed again so I picked it up with a cautious, “Hello?”

It was Darnell. “In the vanity table drawer there’s a shitload of make-up and some pictures. Follow the example in the pictures and make yourself up. You better do a good job mutherfucker. And put on all that jewelry in there too.”

I looked and there was a choker with a dangling heart that read “B.J.” There was an anklet with hearts hanging off it, a jangly bracelet with hearts hanging off it and two huge clip on hoop earrings, as well as a hair clip shaped like a heart that also said “BJ”. The picture was a of a whorish blonde bimbo with big hair, lots of mascara and eyeliner, big false eyelashes, tarty rouge and fire engine red dick-sucking lips with a beauty mark right near the side of the lips. She looked kinda like a modern-day Marilyn Monroe but made up for a sexy night out. There was an up-close face shot and a full-body curvaceous bombshell pose. I was to duplicate that look. I wasn’t a make-up person but I was a pretty competent artist. Still, it all sounded a little nutty.

“But I can’t – ”

“Do it before I call in the police! You got 45 minutes.” Click.

Oh yeah. The police. I reluctantly put the gear on and hoped this all might be some kind of stupid joke on the white boy. When I finished I couldn’t believe the job I had done! A blonde doll curvaceous bombshell looked back at me in the mirror, except for my fucked up short brown hair. The corset had to go tight in order to get the look in the pic but I was trying to make sure I had the curves I thought this guy was going for in the picture. I knocked to get let out and said, “I’m dooone.” I heard footsteps and the door opened up and he was standing there. I felt really weird.

“Fuck you look good, whiteboy! Walk down to my office.” He motioned the way.

I quickly made my way down to his office, sort of teetering a little on the high heels, jingling and jangling the whole way. He teased me by saying, “Ooo, baby.” There was a long blonde wig on his desk. “Sit down so I can finish your outfit.” I sat in an armchair next to two walls that had mirror tiles all over them. He walked up right in front of me and put the bombshell of a wig on my head. Kind of a Veronica Lake look.

“Fuck, you look hot! One more thing you’ll need! Don’t move.”

And with that he leaned down and pulled two straps out from under the right arm of the chair, quickly pulled them over my wrist and clicked them together like a seatbelt, pulling the strap tight. My wrist was anchored to the arm of the chair!

“Hey!” I protested lifting my left hand over to unbuckle the locked strap. He was too big and too fast. He grabbed my left wrist and held it down against the left chair arm with ease and worked the same buckle into place on the other side with another click. I was anchored into place.

I tried to stand up with the chair attached but he simply placed his hands atop my head and pushed me back down. The chair landed with a “Clomp”. I turned and looked in the mirror tiles and couldn’t believe this hot, dolled up blonde was staring back in a short little dress, bound to an armchair!

“Sit your slutty ass down, you little cocksucker.”

He stooped down and just as quickly strapped my ankles to each leg of the chair. I was trussed up tight now. My skirt had hiked up a little bit showing my garter straps and nylon stocking tops.

“I’m not a – please. I’m not gay. What are you –”

“Shut those dicksuckin’ lips!”

He seemed to be pleased with my look as he towered over me staring. “Fuck, I knew you’d look indistinguishable from any other bar slut!” He laughed at that. His crotch was at eye level but I tried not to look at it.

Even so it was apparent that there was a good sized bulge in his pants. He looked down on me with a lecherous grin and smiled showcasing a few gold teeth. “B.J.” he said.

I fronted to try and be cocky, “Is that supposed to be my name now?”

He corrected me. “No. That’s what your going to do now. He reached down and pulled down his zipper, and took out his cock.

It was big at about 8 inches long and 2 inches thick and hard as a rock. What a fucking scary-looking log!

I squirmed to no avail. “Dude, I’m a guy…don’t do – ”

he interrupted me. “Fuck that! Look at the way you dressed bitch!”

I was floored. “What? But you – you ”

“Anyone dress like THAT for a black man is a blowjob slut! No doubt!”

“But you made – ”

“God dammit shut the fuckup, and start sucking this shit!” His dick pushed against my lips but I wasn’t going to open my mouth. He insisted that I was. He grabbed my head with both hands and anchored it in place. He took his two thumbs and started applying pressure to cheeks. It hurt like hell and my mouth flew open to yell, “Ow!” but it became a muffled, “MMMMPH!” as his hard black cock plunged between my lips!

It came with a warning. “You fucking bite me and it’s all over bitch!”

That killed my next idea, even though it would probably have been a bad move given my bound state. His cock was big but he was kind enough not to choke me with it too badly, a surprisingly merciful move given everything that had transpired up to the moment. With about 5 inches in he started sawing it back and forth, mouthfucking me like it was his wife’s pussy. I tried to move my head, my hands, anything but I my head was anchored in place, his big meaty hands preventing my mouth from being anything but a glorified pussy, the chair straps making sure I couldn’t do anything about it.

“Suck, girl, make me some juicy suckin’ sounds and don’t stop!”

I was powerless to stop the madness and moaned in resignation as I made the wet, juicy sucking sounds he insisted upon. He loved it.

“Aw, yeah, moan like that, keep moanin’ and slurpin’ babydoll, don’t you fucking stop!”

My answer was a helpless, “Slurpa Shlurpa Mmmpph Slrrpa MmmmMMmm Slurrpa Shlurpa MmmMMmmm Sslurpa Mbfgmbl Mmf Sshlurp!”

“Love the way you got all dolled up for your man! That’s why you my blowjob slut! That’s right! You gonna get all dolled up and suck my dick every day!”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and recoiled in horror at the notion, but it all came out as, “MmmMmmmfff!” he misinterpreted that as me loving the idea.

“I knew you’d like that idea, baby! Those lips of yours were born for this shit! Look at yourself in the mirror there baby!” He stopped for just a second and relaxed his grip on my head enough to turn slightly toward the mirrored tiles and peek out of the side of my eye. A bombshell blonde sat there with a big black cock plugged between her whorish painted lips. She stared back in shock but there she was.

“That’s your future baby! You my girl now! My personal blowjob slut! And I looooove me sum blowjobs, baby! Don’t give a fuck bout no pussy. Just blowjobs and you going to take care of me from now on! I got dresses and outfits lined up for you that you will not believe!”


“Yeah, I thought you’d like that!” And with that he aligned my head again and resumed fucking my face while the juicy slurping sounds and moans ramped up again!”

Another male voice came from the doorway. “What the fuck’s going on back here?” I could just see it was another black guy who looked like a corn-rowed Snoop Dog’s younger brother. He then pieced it together. “Aw, Dawg, zat you new blowjob slut?”

Darnell grunted, “Aw fuck yeah, dawg. Listen to that shit. She suck like a Hoover and loved every inch!”

“Goddamn she got all dolled up like that for you? Look at them stockings and lingerie and shit. She way more girly than the last one, man! But you said you was going to let me try out your next blowjob girl, bro. I mean what the fuck?”

Darnell was fucking my mouth feverishly now and his dick was getting hard like steel. His cellphone was sitting on the desk and it rang out. Darnell stopped for a moment with my lips stretched around the girth of his black cock and cursed the interruption. I moaned a sigh of relief for the moment. I tried to look at the other guy in the hopes that he would help me but he was just staring at me with lust in his eyes.

Darnell yelled at his buddy in an annoyed tone, “T-Dog, hand me the phone, dawg!” Okay, this guy was named T-Dog, not that it helped me any.

“Hey, man, look .She want to suck me off too. Look at her lookin’ at me. C’mon dawg, gimme some of that. Here, here’s the phone.” T-Dog handed him the phone while Darnell’s swollen cock continued pulsing in my mouth. My lips were stretched to capacity. This night was not going as I had planned.

Darnell answered the phone, “Yeah? Naw. Naw, man. Breakin’ one in right now, dawg. Can’t you hear that shit?” And with that he pushed his cock in and out of my mouth enough to make those wet sucking noises and put the phone right by my lips to catch the audio magic for the person on the other end. They got an earful of my sucking and moaning. T-Dog unzipped his pants and pulled out his black dick too. It too was hard already and my eyes grew wide as saucers at the thought of another cock invading my mouth. His was also about 8 inches but not quite as thick as Darnell’s, but it had a huge head on it. Darnell was sawing in and out as he resumed on his conversation. “Oh, yeah, getting it all. Alwayz man. Yeah.” Saliva and pre-cum started oozing out from all around my lips as I struggled to cope with the volume of liquid in my mouth. I had to start swallowing the salty mix just to be able to breathe.

“Look at her swallowin’, dawg. She want to suck my dick too man. She want another mouth-fuck, man! C’mon dawg you owe me.”

“I’m on the phone mutherfucker! This shit’s important.”

His buddy was persistent. “That’s what I’m saying, dawg. You ain’t doing her no good! Lemme in there while you on the phone, man! Y’feel me? I’ll make it good!”

I moaned in protest but only got the usual “MmmmFFFFf!”

“See, even she want it, man!”

His buddy got up close to my face as Darnell withdrew his big black rod. I had a half-second to try and say something but I used it to catch my breath first. As soon as I could utter a protest, T-Dogs black cock was already filling my painted whorish lips.


Like Darnell, T-Dog grabbed my head with both hands and started fucking my mouth while Darnell sat at his desk, his big black dick rearing up over the desk top like a curious cobra. “Naw, I ain’t shittin’ ya. Hold on, man.” With that he held the phone up in the air and pointed it at me and used the camera feature to snap off a pic. I was mortified. He pulled it back and looked at it for a moment. “Fuck, that’s hot!” Darnell grabbed his dick at how hot it all looked. He then pressed a few buttons and sent it over to the guy on the other end.

T-Dog looked at the ceiling and grit his teeth while his cock fucked my lips. Every now and then the huge cock head would almost leave my mouth when he’d plunge it back in making an occasional fleshy popping sound wrapped around my rhythmic moans.

“Aight, BJ, you a good girl.” He must be reading the choker initials, “BJ.” Maybe all their girls are called BJ.

“You the best cocksucker I ever facefucked, girl. But need ya to do something for me.” He stopped. “I’m going to reach down here and un-do your right hand only. If you fucking try anything, you gonna regret it!”

Darnell looked up from his desk and chimed in, “Got THAT right.” And went back to his conversation while he stroked his dick to keep it hard.

T-Dog reached down and unbuckled the strap on my right wrist but my other wrist and ankles were still bound to the armchair. If I wacked him in the nuts they’d take me out before I could blink an eyelash.

“Grab my dick, BJ.”


“GRAB MY DICK! Damn you one dumb blonde bitch.” And he grabbed my gloved hand and put it on his super-hard cock.

“YOU jerk it.” I started moving my hand up and down sort of timidly.

“No, goddammit! Hard and fast! Go. Jerk it back and forth as fast as you can!” I figured this was better than having that thing in my mouth so I complied. I looked up at him to see if I was doing it right for him and he looked like he was really enjoying it. Whew.

“Now put your lips over the head. Hurry! Do it!”


“GODDAMMIT!” T-Dog grabbed my head with both hands and pulled my face to his cockhead. He yelled so loud I was startled into just doing what he said and my lips locked around the end of his dickhead while I kept jerking it for all I was worth.

T-Dog grunted his approval. “Awwww, yeahhhhhh!” But he didn’t stop there. “Now: Suck it. While your jerking it as fast as you can, suck it so your cheeks go wayyyy in! And start bobbing your head up and down as fast as you can! Do it! DO IT!”

I started rapid movements of my head while jerking his black dick into my mouth while sucking so hard I was making even louder juicy sucking noises than when Darnell was mouthfucking me.

“Make some noise, BJ! Like you love it! Like it’s the only thing on earth you ever wanna do! Make me believe it, girl! Blow me sweet thing. Suck me off!” With both his hands on my head I jerked T-Dog’s black dick between my whorish painted-on lips which were stretched tight around his shaft. His dick grew harder than I thought possible.

I couldn’t believe two hours ago I was a regular white guy watching re-runs of Andy Griffith and bored out of my mind. Now here I was in a black bar, dressed like a hotsy totsy blonde bimbo sucking off the black bar owner and his buddy. It was all too much!

T-Dog had me keep up the jerking and sucking and bobbing and moaning. He kept urging me to act like I was insane with lust for black cock doing exactly what I was doing. It was having the desired effect as I could feel him hardening into steel! His cock bloated outward and he was whispering breathlessly and urgently now.

“Ya like that don’t ya? I know this was all your idea, right? You love sucking black dick don’t you BJ? Your a Black cock blowjob slut aren’t ya? Right baby? Right?”

It was clear what he wanted. I just moaned my agreement with the urgent affirmative “Mm-Hm! Mm-Hm! Mm-Hm!” sounds like I knew he wanted. It drove him nuts and caught me by surprise as a huge load of jism suddenly started flooding my mouth. I started to come off his cock but he locked me there with both his hands on my head.

“Keep jackin’ it! Don’t stop! Jack it! Jack it! Jack it! Fast as you can, baby! That’s what you told us you was waiting for right, baby? Right? This is for you baby!” His cum was gushing out of his black cock faster than I could manage. I couldn’t breathe. I needed air. I was jacking it, coaxing it all out, but I had to swallow or suffocate. So I did. Again and again and again and again as cum pumped into my mouth. It was unbelievable and just too much volume. In spite of my desperately gulping lips, hot jism oozed out from around my lips and dripped on my chest.

T-Dog grunted his approvals for a good 30 seconds, “Yeah! Yeah! Ungh! Ungh! Rrrr! Arrrr! Fuck! Fuck! Damn!” and then he used one hand to touch my arm to get me to stop jerking and bobbing like he had instructed.

He withdrew his cock as I gulped down the final load trying to catch my breath again, “Damn, baby, there ain’t anymore. Trust me. Where’d you learn to suck like that, baby?”

Darnell had slapped his cellphone shut and had came up from around the desk as T-Dog back away with his huge spent dick glistening in the air. He grabbed it to stuff it back in his pants.

Darnell was turned on. “Fuck man that was hot, T-Dog, but we got it all. Now lemme back up in here. You know that’s MY bitch, bro, and don’t forget it. You don’t get shit if I ain’t here!” I tried to keep my right hand free but Darnell trapped it and re-secured it to the armchair and instantly plunged his hard black cock back into my mouth. He was leaning into my face pretty aggressively now and hard as a rock. My head was backed up against the back of the chair as Darnell picked up where he left off. He put one hand on top of my head to hold it firmly and then used the other one to jack his dick into my mouth!

“Moan like you want it, BJ! Just like ya did when ya sucked off T-Dog! Lemme hear how bad you want more cum in your mouth! One wadn’t enuff was it? You say you want my cum in your mouth now too? We normally don’t mess with the patrons here, baby, but since you were so insistent…!”

What kind of trash talk was that? This all wasn’t my idea! His talk was freaking me out but every sound I made was either a slurping sound, a sucking sound or a helpless moan that they took to mean I was turned on! I was in a hopeless situation! “MmMMmmMMmffff!” His own hand jerked and jacked and coaxed cum up through his nutsack, building a liquid pressure begging for release. He was getting really worked up now.

“I know you been suckin’ off everybody in the bar! But I own you now! You my blowjob slut. You gonna be blowjob slut forever babygirl! Lets’ start with your first load of cum outta my dick!”

T-Dog piled on, “Fuck that mouth D! Give her what she want some more black cum! Look at that pretty little bitch-ho suck that black dick!”

Darnell yelled, “MOAN BITCH! MOAN LIKE YOU LOVE IT!” He scared me so much that I did. I moaned like the dolled up $2.00 hooker I now resembled. And moments later Darnell rewarded my efforts by erupting a big creamy load that filled my mouth, funneling between my stretched out lips that were wrapped tight around his thick shaft.

“Ahhhh! Arrr! Yeaahhh! Ungh! Ungh! Rrrr! Again I was a little bimbo stuck swallowing or suffocating. With every spurt I had to swallow more. Again. Still more. An impossibly huge load of cream! Spurt. Swallow. Spurt. Gulp. Spurt. Drink. But I was getting better. Only one small stream of cum oozing out on each side. That was it. I has stomached the rest.

T-Dog and Darnell fist pumped each other like it was a high-five or something. Darnell was amped about my apparent skillz as his black cock started to relax slightly in my mouth. “She take that shit better’n any girl we ever had so far. ”

“I get fuckin’ hard just lookin’ at those dicksucking lips, D, and how she dress up! She could keep the whole bar happy for as long as we open!”


Omigod! Did I hear that right? My wife would be home in a week, but what had I gotten myself into in the meantime?

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