My Hot Mom

My Hot Mom
Sue got lost looking at the five young boys by the pool, thinking back to when she was that age. “God, their cocks were rock hard and persistent.” She felt her pussy throb remembering Frank, biggest cock she ever saw…had. Actually, she really didn’t like him, but whenever he came over her legs opened up without much prompting on his part, no foreplay, no conversation, no rubber. Sue slid her hand into her shorts thinking about Frank’s cock and how he would just show up, somehow knowing her parents were out, dropping his pants right after he come over knowing I would drop to my knees immediately getting him ready. How he would often stay hard after cumming and keep pounding her until he came again and without a word, get up and leave. The time he brought over four of his friends. Why didn’t she protest, why did she let them stay the entire weekend while her parents were away? How did she go all weekend without sleep? Why did she not get upset when they bragged to all their friends? Christ, the boys sure started coming over. But it was Frank she always hoped would knock on her door. “Where is he now? I’ve never cheated on Drew, but if Frank knocked on their door…” Her fingers worked her clit, sliding up into her slit…her nipples aching. “Fuck,” she thought hearing the boys arguing, “so close…”

“Fuck you, she is not!” Mark said hotly, “Go home and jerk off, you assholes!”

Sue yanked her hand out of her shorts as she watched her son come storming into the house and without looking at her pounded up the stairs to his room. She heard his bedroom door slam angrily. She looked back out the window at the four boys walk out the back gate laughing at an apparent joke as they disappeared around the corner. “What was that about?” She thought. “They never fought or got in an argument before…what could have caused this?”

Sighing, she decided to go her bedroom and take a bath and finish what she started. While the bath was filling she slipped off her shorts and top. Looking in the mirror, she was amazed how her large, tear-drop breasts showed no sag, she had no discernable fat around her waist. Turning, she admired her ass, or as Drew called it, her bubble-butt. “I could pass for 20 still, in fact I still fit perfectly into my cheerleading outfit. I’d sure love to model that for Marks’ friends…like I did with Frank. He sure loved that short skirt without panties.”

Groaning, she turned away from the mirror and slid into the steaming water. Her fingers went right to her swollen lips, her aroused clit, her slippery hole. She closed her eyes and imagined the four boys coming back into the house to apologize to Mark, but hearing her moans they creep into her bathroom to see her, to see her large breasts bobbing in the tub, her legs wide open with her fingers pumping in and out for her sopping cunt. Their cocks tenting their baggy shorts…pulling those shorts down…those 18 year-old cocks pointing at the ceiling…Frank’s cock, big and fat…”Uhhh, uhhhhh…uhhhhhhh, yesssssssss…Oh Fuck!”

Sue slid down and felt her whole body go limp. “Shit, that was nice, but not great like being pounded by a young stud urgently driving into me with one goal, to empty his balls into my tight pussy.” She thought. Realizing the water was cooling off, she reluctantly pulled herself out of the tub and dried off.

She tightened the belt on her robe and went out to the kitchen to get some water and as she passed the stairs she realized she hadn’t heard a peep out of Mark since he stormed upstairs. Wondering why he wasn’t even playing music, she decided to check up on him.

Knocking on his door, she heard scrambling inside. “Hang on!” She heard him yell. Finally, after 30 seconds or so, Mark answered the door. She noticed his shirt was inside out and felt guilty for interrupting him. “I’m sorry to bother you, I know you were busy,” She said with a grin, “but can I come in?”

“Sure, mom. I was just getting ready to do homework, so any interruption is a good one.” Mark said while opening the door.

Mark walked over and flopped on the bed and when Sue went to sit, she realized she was wearing just the short robe and had to be careful not to flash her son. “So, what were you boys arguing about? I’ve never seen you argue before. Are you ok?”

“I’m fine, mom, don’t worry about it. What are we having for dinner? Can we order pizza? When Dad’s out of town, we always do pizza one night.”

“Sure, pizza’s fine, but don’t change the subject. Tell me, what was it that pissed you off so much. I’ve never seen you that mad.” Sue turned and put a hand on her son’s thigh.

“I was nothing, it really doesn’t matter, you don’t want to hear, anyhow.” Mark said, looking down at her hand.

“C’mon, I’m your mother, you’ve always told me everything. I can take it. I’ll order the meat-lovers if you tell me.” Sue said, absent-mindedly stroking her son’s leg.

“Promise you won’t get mad? I mean, you can’t get mad at the guys.”

“Why…I mean, yes. I promise not to get mad at your friends, what did they do to you?” Sue asked.

“Nothing, I mean nothing to me. We were talking about girls, you know, guy talk. Anyhow, Chip said he preferred women, women with…you know…large…” Mark tailed off beet red.

“Large breasts? Big tits?” Sue said with a smile. “Why is that bad? I know you boys look all the time.”

“Yeah, well…Chip said you were a MILF and wanted to see your…” Mark said softly. “Anyhow, I told him to take it back.”

“What is a MILF? I am? Is it bad?” Sue asked.

“I guess it is not bad, but no k** wants to hear their mother called a MILF.” Mark said angrily.

“So, what is it? Why shouldn’t I be called that? It must be some sort of insult. Why would your friend insult me? I thought they liked me.”

“Oh, they like you, believe me, they do. It’s not an insult, just crude. MILF stands for Mother I’d Like to…F…” Mark answered, “you, know fuck.” He said blushing.

Sue looked at her son, thinking about his friends wanting to fuck her. “That’s it? I think it’s flattering. Someone thinks that about an old lady like me? Why did you get mad?” She felt her pussy throb again as she shifted around on the bed.

“Mom! You are not an old lady, but I don’t want my friends thinking that way about you. You’re my mother, not…” Mark protested.

“Not what? Not hot? Not sexy…not fuckable?” Sue said glaring at her son.


“Yes, I mean no…oh Christ, can we drop the subject?” Mark stammered.

Sue got off the bed with an angry look on her face. “Sure, we’ll leave it with my son disgusted with his mother…grossed out thinking that someone would find her sexy.” She spun and headed for the door.

“Mom, stop, mom, please…I do find you sexy…really. I think you are the hottest woman I know.” Mark said pleadingly.

Sue turned and looked at her son. “Are you just saying that because I’m pissed at you? Or, do you mean it? If you mean that, why did you get mad at your friends?” She stood with her hands on her hips glaring at the young boy.

“I got mad at them because they wanted to know if I’ve spied on you, they wanted to know what your bra size is, if your…never mind.”

Sue came and sat down on the bed again, unaware that her robe opened up between her legs, “My what? I want to know what else they wanted to know.”

“They wanted to know if you were a natural blonde, if your bush was blonde also, and also if you shaved…” Mark looked between his mother’s legs to make his point and saw her fully exposed pussy lips. He stopped and stared amazed how beautiful she looked.

Sue looked where her son was staring and started to close her legs, but as she looked back at her son, she saw a large lump growing in his shorts. “Nice to get confirmation you think I’m sexy.” She grinned at him pointedly staring at his crotch.

Mark pulled his eyes away from her shaved pussy with the soft blonde patch of fur above and blushed. “Sorry mom, I mean, you…you are showing your…”

“My pussy? My cunt? My vagina? I guess you can answer them now that you’ve seen me. Go ahead and look, I don’t mind.” Sue said and she opened her legs wider feeling the sun from the window warming her pussy. “You like?”

Mark couldn’t believe his mother was doing this, but wasn’t going to argue. He took in the smoothly shaved lips, drops of moisture leaking through; the small nub projecting out above and the bright, golden pubic hair neatly trimmed on top. His cock throbbed in his shorts and he really wanted to pull it out and finish what he was doing before his mother knocked…finish fantasizing about her amazing cunt and huge tits. His eyes roamed up her robe and tried to imagine what her nipples looked like, how big were her tits?

Sue watched her son’s cock grow and slither up under his shorts, she saw his unblinking stare…his focus switch to the vee in her robe showing considerable skin. She reached up and slowly pulled the robe open revealing her creamy smooth breasts topped with huge pink areolas. Cupping her breasts and letting them bounce, she was excited to see the expression on her son’s face. “Still think I’m gross?” She purred. “What are you going to tell your friends when they ask again?”

“No, God no. You are beautiful. I never said you were gross.” Mark blurted out not taking his eyes off her gravity-defying tits. “I’m not telling them anything, I promise.”

“I’m glad you don’t think I’m gross, and actually, I can see your appreciation. Why wouldn’t you tell them? Boys like to brag all the time, I’m sure they’d want to know.” Sue said as she pulled her robe closed and stood up. “I’d better go and let you finish what you were doing before I knocked.” She said looking at her son’s large tent.

“Wait, mom. Don’t go yet. I could tell them, but wouldn’t that make you uncomfortable if they leer at you, thinking about…you know, about you being naked?”

“No, I think it’s flattering to have good looking young boys thinking about me…wanting to fuck me.” Sue winked at Mark as she turned to leave.

“It sure would be great to tell them I felt them…felt your tits, I mean, every guy spies of their mom, but to…you know.” Mark said to his mother’s back as she reached for the door.

Sue stood with her hand on the door knob thinking. Without turning she said, “No, that’s not going to happen. I’m your mother and I’m not going to just drop my robe…I mean, how would it look if I just let you feel me up…” She said softly as she stood still facing the door. She heard Mark get off the bed and approach her.

“You are right,” He said, “you can’t do that. You should just relax, you seem tense.” Mark said as he started rubbing her shoulders.

“Yes, that feels good…I know, you can fantasize about me, but you never should touch me, feel my breasts, my hard nipples, my wet pussy…that would be so wrong.” She moaned as the son’s strong hands kneaded her shoulders.

Mark worked his hands under the soft cloth and felt the smooth skin on her shoulders and soon had the robe down to her forearms. He couldn’t see her bare tits, but knew they were uncovered which made his cock ache more.

As Mark worked down her arms, massaging her biceps she lowered her hands to her sides and felt the robe puddle to the floor. Her nipples ached in anticipation as she felt his hands work up her sides and under her fleshy mounds, just stopping as his hands pushed into them. “Yes, that feels good, I was tense and this is really soothing. You have very strong, but gentle hands.” Sue sighed.

Mark’s thumbs brushed along his mother’s underboobs and it was all he could do to keep from just reaching up and grabbing them. He stroked down her stomach and back up until he pressed up against the soft flesh then back down. He found himself pushing his rock-hard cock against her uncovered ass as his hands roamed lower, feeling the downy-fur before exploring up, just barely cupping the heavy breasts. As his hands roamed down burying his fingers in the soft down, he noticed his mother’s ass push back against his raging erection so he let his fingers drift down farther across her slick pussy. He pushed his fingers against the hard button as his mother ground against him. Her moans of pleasure filled the room as did the scent of her arousal. He reluctantly slid his hands back up leaving a trail of juices on her stomach as he finally grabbed her large, full breasts, enjoying the weight of them in his hands. Again, she pushed back against his cock wedged between her ass cheeks when he pinched and pulled her hard nipples, enjoying the firm ass grinding against his thrusting cock.

“Oh God, stop. If you don’t let go, we’re going to do something we’ll regret.” She said as she pushed her son off her. “Thank you,” she said as she pecked him on the cheek and pushed her throbbing cunt against the rod in his shorts. She pulled away and picking up her robe, opened the door and left.

Mark looked at the door not believing any of this happened, but tearing off his clothes he flopped down on the bed and began furiously jerking off. He closed his eyes and replayed the entire last half-hour…how she felt…her heavy tits…eraser size nipples…how she reacted to his touch…thrusting against his fingers…how she smelled…how wet she was, her slit… “Why didn’t push my fingers inside her? I’ll bet she is really tight…I should’ve slipped my shorts off…her cunt was right there, I could have slid right in…” with that thought. Mark exploded cum in ropes all over his chest and stomach…he was amazed how much splashed all over his body. He laughed, realizing he even hit himself in the face.

Sue lay naked, panting on the bed. Her fingers still buried in her sopping pussy. “That was really great,” she thought, “maybe I shouldn’t have stopped him. He certainly has a great looking cock…at least I should have given him a hand job…or let him do the F in MILF.” She thought with an aching in her stomach. “But, no. The poor boy will probably need therapy after what I let him do anyhow.”

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