Public Sex in an Elevator

Public Sex in an Elevator

Going Down? … an elevator love story

We’d just had a wonderful dinner at an intimate restaurant. Feeling sated and frisky, we walked arm in arm to the parking garage several blocks away. The meal had been deliciously sensuous since we ate with our hands. Feeding each other succulent fruits and fragrant meats; our fingers slowly pulling out of our partner’s mouths as they ate with voracious appetites.

With Spring in full swing, the air was incensed with flowers and fresh-cut grass. Pausing in a dark alcove, we kiss with abandon; experiencing the foreign flavors of our dinner. Slightly tipsy from the wine, we discretely explore each others curves and hard planes. Remembering where we are, we laugh and continue walking towards our car.

Pausing at the parking garage’s elevator, we nuzzle and kiss while waiting for it to arrive. With a sharp ding! the elevator arrives and a couple formally dressed exits while eyeing us speculatively. He pushes the button for the 19th floor where our car is parked and we start to climb to the top of the high rise. Feeling naughty, I unzip his fly and caress and encourage him to rise. Unexpectedly, we hear a ding! and realize we’re stopping on the 5th floor. I quickly turn around and stand in front of him to hide his erection. He wraps his arms around me and puts an innocent smile on his face to avoid detection. Flustered and encumbered with a baby, the parents get on with their stroller and press the button to go back down to the 1st floor. As we’re going down, I discretely grind my hips in circles against his arousal. Knowing that they could turn around any moment and catch us made it that much more exciting. Emboldened by lust, I reached behind me and stroked his cock slowly to fan his desire.

After they exit on the ground floor, I push the button for 19 again. Common sense suspended by a hormone cocktail, I lift my long skirt and turn around so he can enter me from behind. Smiling mischievously, he plunges his cock inside me with a fierce and steady rhythm. I drop the front of my skirt and lean against him enjoying the ride. Our faces start to flush with desire; our breathing quickens in sync with the penetration. Off in the distance we hear the warning ding! that announces the door’s about to open on the 16th floor. A couple of teenage boys nosily mount the elevator and press the down button. The younger one glances back at us and says “Going down?” We nod our heads yes and pretend to watch the numbers as we descend. With my back to him, fly open, pants buckled, he is still thrust deep inside me. My voluminous skirt hides our indiscretion, but our faces almost give us away. Unable to resist, I gently squeeze my vaginal muscles in a steady rhythm while gently rocking my hips. To our audience, it just looks like I’m fidgeting when I’m really discretely building our pleasure. Eyes closed, I savor the delicious secret between us.

Finally, the elevator reaches its destination and they rowdily exit the car. Leaning forward, I hastily push the button for the 19th floor and say a silent prayer that we’re not interrupted again. Bending over the to the handrail I position myself for easy entry. No more discretion or caution…no more interruptions…it’s time to reach the top of this ride! Thrusting hard and deep he plunges in and out of me with a frenetic rhythm. Moments before we reach our floor, we both explode in orgasm and scream with pleasure. Laughing at our daring adventure, we quickly readjust our clothes and get ready to exit. With its customary ding! the doors open and an elderly couple says “Going down?” We laugh hysterically and shake our heads no as we exit the car.

Getting into our car, we head for home with a warm glow of satisfaction. Now every time I hear the ding! of an elevator arriving, I feel a flush of desire remembering our memorable ride in the sky.

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