Am I An Angel Or A Devil

Am I An Angel Or A Devil

Hi guys, myself Deepthi. I am from Bangalore and am 22 years old now. I am here to share my first real sex experience. In know its bit long but I want you all to know fully what happened to me. So please don’t mistake me…

First let me tell you all about my family. My mom and dad loved each other. Both in my dad’s house and in my mom’s house their parents strongly opposed their love. So they eloped and got married. During that time my dad was working in a private organisation and my mom was a housekeeper. They just led their life happily with sufficient earnings. My mom got pregnant and I was born but the saddest thing is that my mom gave her life to me and passed away.

After my mom passed away my dad was very deeply affected. His only happiness was me. He took care of me and bought me all the things I wanted. Slowly my dad started his own private export and importing business.

At present he always looks about his business and we had very less time to chat or talk normally.

Coming to the incident, this happened before an year that is while I joined my college.

Hmm to say about me I have good figure to make anyone to notice me. Many proposed me during my schooldays but I was not interested during that time. I don’t like to dress in a way to expose my body to others thought I am white skinned not dark. Since my college is liberal I used to wear tee’s and jeans. I never like to appear to be sexy to others view and wanna attract them. I just dress normally and neatly.

I watched porn for the first time when I was in school. My friend riya showed that to me. So I know all about sex. I used to watch porn if I feel very moody. Ah I forgot to tell that I am a virgin. In fact no one touched me till the incident happened.

Sorry if am taking too long to explain!!

As I said I don’t like to present me sexy to others I don’t used to shave or trim my underarm hairs or my pussy hair. So it’s kind of bushy.

I will tell my experience step by step…

As I said my dad is too busy he never used to come to my room which is in the first floor. We used to sit and eat together mostly for our dinner as he will be busy all the other time. That too we used to eat together once or twice a week.

While I am in home I used to wear t shirts with shorts or skirts and tank tops to feel free. I always wear bra and panty. I used to take bath twice a day.

My life went on like that till one day. On that day too I took shower in the evening and I came out of the bathroom with the towel wrapping my body. This like usually I do. But what happened that day was my dad suddenly came inside the room while I was removing my towel to wear my bra. He saw my boobs clearly and I really felt very ashamed and felt very strange too.

He just left the room and told me to join him for dinner after I am ready. I really felt very strange as it never happened before. My maid used to take care of me when I was young. She used to make me bath and took cared of me during my c***dhood. That was the last time when I stood nude before others.

I got dressed quickly and went to join my dad for dinner. I was just thinking that he is my dad so there is nothing wrong in it and I went to have dinner with my dad.My dad used to drink to relieve himself from work tension and to get rid of his loneliness. I know about his habit so he had some bottles or beers and others hot drinks in our home itself. And to tell the truth I sometimes tasted the drinks that too just a sip or two.

While eating I noticed that he was disturbed by what he had seen. He broke the silence by saying that he need to go out of the town for his work. This is usual as he goes to other cities and rarely for some foreign countries too. But he never took me along with him and even I never asked him for that.

During those days when my dad was out of the town my maid used to accompany me. Actually she used to take care of the house and washing dress and preparing food. I never feared as we have a security and the house is CCTV camera monitored for our safety purpose.

Then I went to the bed think about what had happened. To say about my dad he is in his mid 40’s. He had an athletic physic since he was an sports man and maintaining his physic till now. He looks very handsome and manly too. I never had bad intention over my dad nor he.

After 2 days my dad came back. Around 8 p.m he came to my room to call me for dinner. I never used to lock my door. During that time I was combing my hair in front of the mirror. I was wearing a mini skirt that time. He just starred at the mirror for few seconds and called me for dinner. I dint understood what he was starring. After sometimes I just got what he was starring. My pantie was clearly seen in the mirror as I was wearing miniskirt.

Whenever he goes out of the city he used to buy some dolls to me as I love dolls. This time he bought me a teddy bear of 4 feet tall and it really very big. I just loved it at the moment I saw it. I just hugged my dad and said I really like the doll very much. Then we began to eat our food.

During eating he starred my boobs frequently. When I saw him he just moved his eyes somewhere else. I thought something is wrong with him. After dinner I went to my room saying good night to my dad.

After I left my dad drunk too much more that his usual. I went to sleep. During sleeping I used to remove my tops and sleep with my bra and shorts. Its my usual.

Around 10.30 I heard some footsteps. Before I could get up from my bed my dad entered the room. I switched on the lights.

Me: (by covering my upper body with the blanket) what happened dad? Is there anything wrong?

Dad: no dear its nothing wrong. I just came to have some words with you

He always used to call me dear or darling. I can see that he is very drunk than his usual and also he never used to come to my room after dinner. So I was very confused about the situation.

Me: (still closing my body with the blanket) please tell me if there is anything wrong dad

Dad: no dear just liked to talk to you about your college and friends

Me: oh its very great dad and I am totally fine

Dad: nice to hear that dear

Me: just wait a sec dad I will change and come (I just took my t shirt in my hand)

Dad: don’t worry darling you are my c***d. Don’t be worried.

Me: its okay dad (still covering my body)

Dad: just remove the blanket don’t feel shy

I just left the blanket and was in my normal pink bra before my dad. I was thinking that he is my dad and so I don’t wanna feel bad or suspect him.

Dad: (by seeing my boobs) you have the same pair of boobs like your mom

I blushed and my face turned pink as I do so.

Then slowly he hold my hand and said “you are very beautiful darling”

Me: hehe. You are saying this since I was c***d dad

Dad: not so dear. You look beautiful in your bra

I don’t know what to say and I was feeling shy.

Dad pointing my underarm hairs and said “why don’t you shave or wax dear”. I was speechless and winked at him.

Dad: rise your hands darling let me see your underarms

I raised my hands and there was little lengthy hairs as I dint shaved for a long time as I said before. My dad sniffed the smell and said the perfume smells good. I felt something strange as it never happened before. And I was doing what my dad says as I know he is my dad and so he does everything for my good only.

Dad: do you have a bf darling?

Me: no dad

Dad: why dear? You look so beautiful and I am sure any boy will die to have you

I dint said anything and was confused to see whats happening

Dad: I am very drunk today dear so will you please help me to take me to my room?

Me: ok dad

He put his arms around my shoulders and tried to get up. He was too much for me to handle him. So we both felt on the bed. He was above me and our body crushing each others.

Me: I cannot take you to your room dad. Please sleep here I will go to your room

Dad: no need darling you too sleep here

The alcohol begun to do its work and my dad lost all his conscious and slept after few minutes. I too slept besides him by wearing my t shirt.

Morning when I woke up I found my dad left for the office. I too went to the college. But I was thinking about my dad and our body crushing and everything.

Evening too I was thinking about the same things. For the first time I got sexually aroused by thinking of my own dad. At the same time I was thinking that its wrong too. I begun to watch some porn videos from my laptop. I was totally aroused and in my peek of my excitement. I heard someone knocking the door. I thought it might be dad. When I opened the door I found my maid calling me to have dinner with my dad. So I went to have dinner but was in full of sexual excitement.

Dad: please sit and have food darling.

After few minutes the maid left our home. Before I could finish my food my dad finished his food and took some bottle of alcohol and asked me is there is any problem if I drink here. I said no its okay dad. I will accompany you. After taking few glasses he told me to have some too. But I refused. After taking full of alcohol…

Dad: you look very sexy dear. (I thought alcohol is making him to talk)

Me: I thought something is going wrong so I said I will go to sleep

Dad gave me some orange juice to drink and also I drunk it as its juice. But the taste is very strange to me. I felt something dizzy.

Dad: please take me to my room dear

I took him to his room. He was holding my waist and my shoulder. He is not fully drunk but half drunken state. But the juice made some worse effect inside me and I felt in the bad with my dad. I was feeling comfortable and dint get up.

Dad slowly kept his hands in my boobs and began to massage. Its totally very strange to me but its very pleasurable too. So I was enjoying by closing my eyes. He slowly slid his hands inside my t shirt and began to hold my boobs. I was just enjoying and I was in semi conscious state because of the juice which is mixed with alcohol which I late came to know. He then removed his shirt and pants I was confused what was going on but enjoying a lot.

Dad: remove your t shirt darling.

I was not able to remove it as I was in drunken state. He removed my t shirt and my shorts too. I slowly began to get my consciousness as I drunk only very little alcohol mixed juice. He came near me and begun to kiss my lips.


I am kissing a man for the first time in my life and feels very good. His kiss was warm and I liked it very much. He was kissing me for 10 minutes when we both were fully out of our drunken state. Suddenly I pushed him away and began to take cry.

Dad: why are you crying dear. Don’t worry

Me: how can you kiss your daughter and remove her dress?

Dad: forget everything this is the time to enjoy. You know after your mom died I never had sex with anyone
Yeah he is right. He is not the man who has affair with other women. while telling so he kept hands in my bare stomach and started to slowly rub. It turned me on again and I liked it very much.

Dad: forget everything and let us enjoy our time dear.

I nodded with confused feeling in my head. Now he kissed my boobs with bra and licked my cleavage. While doing so I raised my hands in pleasure and was closing my eyes and enjoying. Seeing that he played with my underarm hairs. I felt very ticklish and it feels pleasurable to me.

He then slowly removed my bra hooks and took my bra and threw it away. I felt little ashamed and covered my boobs with my hands. He pushed my hands aside and started to suck my nipple. I was just in a very excited state and was moaning with a very less voice. He was licking sucking and finally bit my nipples. I just shouted in pain. He then slowly moved his head down to my stomach and was licking all my body like a hungry cat licking milk. He then slowly removed my panty and said

“You don’t shave your pussy hair too darling?”

Yeah I don’t shave my pussy hair..

Dad: I can’t wait anymore (saying so he removed his panty too)

For the first time I saw a man’s penis. It’s really very big.

Me: are you going to insert this into my pussy?

Dad: why darling you never did this before?

Me: no dad I am still a virgin and never crossed my limit with any boy

Dad: don’t worry darling I will do it gently and slowly

Me: will it pain?

Dad: yeah sure baby but later it will be very pleasurable

He then touched his head of his cock into my pussy. I was there lying in bed just watching him do. He slowly pushed his cock inside my pussy.

Me: awwww.. it pains dad

Dad: don’t worry my little girl just hold the pillows it won’t pain much

I was holding the pillow tight while he was slowly pushing his cock inside my pussy. After he pushed almost half of his cock I got very much pain and told him to remove it quickly. He said

“That’s your hymen darling don’t worry I will tear it without causing you much pain”. I know about that as I saw it in porn videos.

Again he was slowly pushing his cock inside. This time he told me to hug the pillow tightly and close my eyes. I did so.

Suddenly he pushed his cock inside.

I felt a very terrible pain all over my body with tears rolling down eyes I cried with much pain. I cant bear that pain I said.

Dad: don’t worry my little girl its done. You felt the pain but now you will feel heaven

I could see blood coming from my pussy. It was very much painful. Now my dad began to move his cock inside and outside my pussy. After sometimes I felt a strange feeling something I never experienced in my whole life.

After doing this for 5 mins he cummed inside me. I felt a warm fluid running inside my pussy. As I was in much pain I dint got up and my dad too collapsed over me after he cummed.

He told me to sleep in his same room. I slept there without even wearing my dress as I was in such a pain. Morning when I waked up the time was 10.30 A.M. already my dad left to the office. I was still nude. I then wore my clothes and went to my room and slept again..

This was my first sex experience. I am very sorry if it was too long. I just want you all guys to enjoy reading and know my full experience. This is just the beginning of my sex experiences and I had a lot more till now after that.
Thought I had my first sex with my dad it’s not like you see in porn movies. Nothing happened like that. He just deflowered me and nothing else happened.

After I woke up at 10.30 A.M and then begun to sleep after that too I was not sleepy. I was just lying in bed and trying to sleep and I can’t successfully do it. I was just thinking about what happened is right or wrong. After a lot of thinking I came to one conclusion that’s its nothing wrong. To prove my thought I had many points.

My dad dint even married after my mom passed away just to care me. He never even touched any other girl other than my mom and after all he is still living and earning only for me. So I thought its nothing wrong to give some pleasure to my dad who sacrificed his own life for me. And also I am ready to give the same pleasure how much he want.

I then wake up at 12.00 and then took bath and had my brunch. I dint went for my college that day. I was just watching some tv series in a confusion and again I slept at 3.00 PM as I was still in pain. While I was in my nap I heard someone waking me up. When I opened my I saw my dad.

Dad: wake up dear its already 7.30 PM.

Me: have came little before dad?

Dad: yeah darling just to have some words with you. So please come downstairs.

Me: ok dad I will come.

I got up and washed my face and went down. When I went downstairs I saw my dad watching TV. I went near him and sat near the sofa.

Dad: I am sorry dear. I was totally lost yesterday.

Me: shhhhh. Don’t say sorry dad. You dint do anything wrong.

Dad: what? (in a confused state)

Me: yes dad you sacrificed you whole life for me. You dint marry another girl just to care about me. You earned a lot and raised me like a prince. You did all this just to me. So I am ready to give up myself to you. So please don’t say sorry dad.

Dad: (with tears rolling down his eyes) I am sorry thought dear

He bends his head and kissed me in my forehead. Later having some conversation we went to have our dinner. I am happy that my dad is happy now after having the conversation. After dinner I went to sleep. I too had some clearance in my mind after having some brief talk with my dad.

Then the days rolled like before. But we never had sex after that time. But things changed a lot after that. Morning we had breakfast together and we had our dinner daily together. I just saw some difference in my dad.

After two weeks while having dinner….

Dad: baby I am going to US to meet an agent there, to export goods from here and I will come after a week.

Me: I will too accompany you dad as I am in my vacation

Dad: no baby you better enjoy your vacation with your friends as I am just going for my business purpose and not for tourism

Me: no dad I want to come with you.

Dad: (after thinking for sometimes) its okay dear you can come but I will introduce yourself as my personal secretary to my clients there.

Me: ok dad whatever. But I will accompany you.

Dad: but you have to do something before you come with me

Me: whats all that dad?

Dad: still 2 days to go. So better go to shopping to buy some clothes to present you as my secretary in the meetings

Me: ok dad. Tomorrow I will.

Dad: and..

Me: and what dad?

Dad: buy some nice bikinis as our hotel is near a beach so you might need that.

Me: ok dad. I am happy that you said it.

After we had our speech I went to my room to sleep. I was in total excitement as I am going to US after a long time. So I was preparing myself to stay there. With the excitement I went to sleep.

Next day I woke up in the morning after taking bath I went to shopping. I bought some dresses and some bikinis. And also I bought all the things I might need there.

After shopping I went to my house. While I was lying in my bed to sleep I was just imagining myself in bikini in the beach. Suddenly I just lifted my hands and saw some body hairs that I need to shave.

So next day I went to the beauty parlor and waxed all my body hair. When I came home my dad was in home packing his things. He said the flight is around 9.30 PM and we have to be there around 8.00. so as planned we went to the airport at 5.30 PM and reached Mumbai around 6.30. we were just waiting in the airport and we boarded the flight to New York. When we reached New York it was 7.30 in the morning according to their time.

From there we went to Orlando by the car arranged by our clients there. As my dad said we had stayed in the hotel which is in Miami Beach Orlando. I was so excited to see that.

Next day we went for the meeting. I was wearing a white shirt with a grey skirt to present myself as my dad’s secretary. We had the meeting at their office which was 6kms away from our hotel. The main purpose of the meeting is to talk to the owner of the company who is interested to do business with my dad. If my dad gets his business partnership he will get to the next level in exporting.

After talking to them about their business, the owner of the firm said to have some personal conversation with my dad alone. So I went and stayed outside. I was not interested to know whats they were talking as its none of my business. After half an hour my dad came outside and said that the meeting is over and so we can leave to the hotel. But I noticed something is wrong with my dad. When we reached our hotel I asked what is wrong with him

Dad: nothing dear. leave it.

Me: no dad. Please tell me.

Dad: did you know the person whom we had meeting today?

Me: yeah dad I know him. Hs is the owner right?

Dad: no dear he is the owners PA. Only if he recommends us to the owner, company will have dealing with us.

Me: so what he said dad?

Dad: he said they will have our partnership but on one condition

Me: what’s that dad?

Dad: dear….

Me: what dad? Please tell me

Dad: he said he want you honey

Me: what dad? (Shocked)

Me: he wants me to marry him?

Dad: no honey he wants you for one night

Me: (still in shock) what did you said dad?

Dad: I dint said anything. But only if that happens he will have our partnership

Me: (after thinking for a long time) I am okay with it dad..

Dad: what? (In a very shocked face) are you okay? But why?

Me: because it brings benefit to you

Dad: but for you honey??

Me: don’t worry about me dad. All I concern is only you.

Dad: (after thinking for some time) I really don’t want to get you into this but I am sorry dear I have no other way.. I am really very sorry honey..

Me: don’t be sorry dad. I am okay.

After that my dad called him said that I am ready to have him. He said he will be there after 2 hrs and told me to get ready.

After 2 hrs he came. To tell about him he is not total American. He is half American and half Indian. My dad went down to pick him up and showed our room and he went to the open bar in beach as he doesn’t like to see it. I heard the door bell ringing. I opened the door and saw him standing outside.

He came in and I closed the door. Without saying any words he just grabbed me and kissed me. He is really a very good kisser.

He: I am your master for you today and you have to obey me and call me as your master

Me: yes master.

He: remove your shirt and skirts

I have removed my dress and I stood before him in my white bikini. He too removed his dress and was totally nude before me sitting in the bed.

He: bend down and take my cock in your mouth.

Me: I never sucked anyone’s cock before. So please fuck me an leave me.

He: so you are virgin for oral sex?

Me: yes master.

He: okay then I will teach you.

He instructed me to bend down and stand on my knees before his cock. He said to open my mouth and I did so. He slowly pushed his cock head into my mouth. It tasted little salty but I liked it taste. He then told me to open my mouth little wide. He then inserted his whole cock into my mouth. He had a very big cock which my mouth struggled to have it. Its really VERY BIG TO HAVE..

After that I began to suck his cock. I was sucking his cock for 10 mins. Then he told me to lie in the bed. He removed my bikini. I was lying nude before him. He came near me and began to kiss my boobs. He slowly started to lick my tits and suck them. Then he bit my nipples hard for which I cried in pain. He then played with my boobs for about 10 mins by sucking licking biting and pressing very hard.

Then he parted my legs apart and slowly inserted his cock inside my pussy. His cock is really very big and my pussy is struggling to eat it we both cried in pain. I cried in a very loud voice.

He then slowly had begun to move his cock inside and outside. I was just moaning like pornstars as I cant bear the pain later fucking in the same pose for about 5 mins he told me to change into doggy style. He fucked me in doggy style for 10 more mins and told me to open my mouth. He cummed inside my mouth. It tasted something salty and totally strange and he ordered me to drink it fully. I drank it all.

He then kissed me and sucked all my saliva and then he wore his clothes and kissed me and said good bye and left the room.

I was lying in the bed. He then called my dad. My dad came after 15 mins after he left.
After he left my dad came to the room.

Dad: I am sorry dear. I never wanna do this to you. But I was in a situation that I can’t avoid.

Me: its okay dad. I even enjoyed it. So please don’t worry.

While talking to me my dad’a phone rang… after he attended the call..

Dad: you know who called dear?

Me: who dad?

Dad: the owner’s P.A. he said the company is ready to have our partnership.

Me: oh that’s great dad.

Dad: its all only because of you baby. Thanks a lot..

Me: its okay dad..

Me: come on its time for celebration..

Dad: yeah its time. Come lets go to the beach party.

Really I never had been to beach party yet. That too in US I even don’t know what will happen there. But I agreed.

Dad: change yourself to some casuals dear and I will be waiting outside.

Me: it’s okay dad be here. No problem and help me choose my dress..

I begun to search for the right dress. My dad suggested me to wear some nice t-shirt and shorts with contrasting bikini. I was wearing a pink t-shirt and a sandal shorts with pink bikini.

Dad: lets go to the party dear.

We went for the party. There were full of couples just drinking and dancing in the beach. Its like a open beach party. We joined then too.

First we sat in a table and my dad ordered for some drink. He suggested me to have some vodka and I said okay. I took few shots of vodka and feel to enjoy the drink. He had some drinks too.

The music was quite well and we were dancing and enjoying the night there. The time rolled very fast and its quite close to the midnight. I then saw some couples fucking in the outdoors in the open beach.

We were just dancing enjoying the drinks. While we were sitting in the table we saw some couples fucking near us this raised us. My dad slowly came near me and begun to kiss me. I too responded and was enjoying the kiss.

He then slowly inserted his hands inside my tees and was playing with my boobs. I was like enjoying him. He slowly removed my tee and I was in a bra and shorts in a beach kissing him.

Me: dad lets don’t do it here in open beach. I feel little shy.

Dad: it’s okay dear let’s move to the room.

Me: okay dad.

We went to the room. My dad again begun to kiss me. He kissed me for about 10 mins.

Dad: honey let’s make this a special occasion for us

Me: how dad?

Dad: lets watch some porn and have our sex in a great way.

Me: nice idea dad.

He then begun to open his laptop played some nice porn movies from the internet. We both were watching porn sitting in bed. I was in my bikini and my dad was in his trousers alone.

He slowly kissed me again. This time he was biting my lips and then slowly made me to lie flat in the bed.

Me: last time you were in a hurry while you deflowered me dad. So please be patient this time and me to enjoy my best.

Dad: haha. Sorry dear. This time you will have an unforgettable fuck of your life

He then slowly moved his head to my neck and started to kiss me and lick my neck. I am kind of feeling ticklish. He was now licking my cleavage. He went to the fridge and took some alcohol from the fridge. I was wondering what he was going to do.

He poured the alcohol in my cleavage and began to lick and drink it from my bikini bra and from my cleavage. My entire bra was very wet with the alcohol. He then removed my bra and was licking sucking and biting my boobs and tits after that he moved further down to my belly button.

He again poured alcohol in my stomach and was sucking it from my belly button. I was totally enjoying it. Each and every moment is unforgettable.

He then removed my panties and was licking my pussy. He said he liked my fully shaven pussy much. I replied “it’s only for you dad”.

He was licking my pussy walls and fucking my pussy with his tongue. It felt very pleasurable for me. He then touched his cock head into my pussy.

Me: dad. I wanna try some new position.

Dad: sure hone.

He made me to lie in the edge of the bed and pushed my upper part of the body down while my legs and thigh part remains in the bed. I was upside down with my head resting in the floor.

He was too in the corner holding my legs and now he started to insert his cock into my pussy. He was pulling and pushing me up and down to fuck me. It felt very good in that moment.

After fucking for the same position for about 10 mins I asked him to change the position. He lied flat in the bed and asked me to jump over him and sit in his thighs. He then inserted his cock inside me and asked me to move my body.

We fucked like that for about some time and then we both reached our climax. He cummed inside me which I felt a warm fluid penetrating inside me. I really liked that experience. Then we both collapsed on each other and we slept holding each other.

Next day morning when I woke up I saw my dad still sleeping beside me. We both were totally naked. I was just lying in the bed in the same position for about 10 mins. When I tried to get up, my dad hold my hand asked me to lay still.. so I dint got up and was just holding my dad.

After few minutes he got up and kissed me in my cheeks and went to the bathroom for fresh up. When he came out I was still lying in bed closing my body with the blanked.

Dad: come baby let’s have bath and go to have lunch.

Yeah the time is already 12.30 PM

Me: okay dad. First you bath and then I will.

Dad: no honey we will have together.

I smiled and then went to the bathroom with my dad. We both took bath together and put some nice clothes and then went for the lunch.

After lunch we went to see some few tourist places around our place and then we returned to the room. Since we got no flight to New York we planned to go by car to New York. So after dinner we started our journey to the New York by car.

The next day the flight to India is around 9.30 PM. so we got a day to look new York. We saw Empire state building and Statue of Liberty and went for shopping.

In the shopping mall I bought some cosmetics and they are very good compared to Indian products. We brought some chocolate. Hmm.. a lot.. As I am a chocolate lover. Then after shopping few things we went for the airport to board our flight to India..

I will explain my other stories in my next parts.. Hope you all enjoyed reading my story..

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