Sex with lactating Indian mother- part 2

Sex with lactating Indian mother- part 2
This is the 2nd part of – Lactation & breastfeeding by Horny house wife.

Recap-I……. had been to Temple with my friend and had sex with young lactating house wife Meghana in her van while the rituals were going on in the Temple. She then gave me her number and address in Pune and asked me to come to her city as her hubby was going on a tour on the weekend.

The next two weeks were agonizing ones. I found it difficult to concentrate on anything except on thinking about Meghana. I was constantly fantasizing about what I am going to do with her when I spend the weekend with her. On Friday, a week after my return from Chennai my telephone rang and I picked it up. I froze on the spot when the person at the other end said, “Did you enjoy Amma’s milk?”(In south Indian language Amma means mother) Instantly my cock gained erection and my heart beat increased. I managed to say yes.

Meghana said that she was surprised at my sexual fixation for mother and after a slight pause she admitted that she thoroughly enjoyed her time with me. I told Meghana that I have an incurable obsession for lactating mothers and I was lucky in meeting her. We agreed to speak with each other on Wednesday.

After putting down the telephone I bolted the door, drew the curtains, undressed and fell flat on the bed. Then I fantasized fucking and sucking milk from Meghana’s breasts and slowly masturbated. I had a pleasurable and wonderful ejaculation. Then changed into pyjamas and I busied correcting the test papers and planned the lessons for the next two weeks.

On Wednesday Meghana rang me with good news. “Would you want to spend your time with Amma (Mommy) for the weekend?” I could not believe my ears! Her husband would be leaving Friday early morning and would be away the whole week. I was overjoyed when she told me that we could be together not just the weekend but the whole week.

I told her that I missed her breasts and her milk very much. “Your Amma’s breasts are full. I wish you were here to empty them.” A moment later she admonished me. “Don’t masturbate now. Save your cum for Your Amma.”

On Thursday morning I went to my Principal and informed him that I was urgently required to be with someone in Pune and I requested him to give a week off. The Principal before granting me leave, made sure that there was a substitute teacher in my absence.

I went back to my desk, collected the teaching plan for the next week and handed over to my substitute teacher. In the evening I packed a suitcase with my clothing. Just before I went to bed I shaved off my pubic hair on my balls, cock and the surrounding area.

On Friday, I started at 9pm in the night after having my dinner early and reached Pune in the early morning and searched her place and was at her place at about 9:30 a.m. I parked the car in the parking area of a supermarket and from a nearby public telephone booth I called her land line.

Meghana was surprised to hear that I was in her home city so early in the morning and asked me to come at once and gave me the directions to her house. Her husband had already left to catch the first flight to Mumbai and from there to Dubai.

Meghana’s house was located on the city outskirts area with not much neighbours! Next to her house, the big Tata Sumo in which we had sex was parked. I noticed in that area some cars with Maharashtra registration plates and I parked my cars with them. As I stepped on the portico with my suitcase, the door was opened and Meghana Goankar, My sex Goddess stood there smiling at me.

She looked ravishingly and very beautiful. Her shoulder length black hair was untied and dressed in a maroon colour loose fitting long nightie. My eyes flew to her chest and down to her thighs and I discovered that she wore no bra and panty inside her nightie and she was all ready for me.

I slipped inside the house and she closed the door behind me and bolted it. I dropped my suitcase and hugged her. I was trembling noticing her breasts filled with milk and I was impatient to empty them. I kissed her mouth, sucked her tongue for about a minute and released her. I asked her to show me her baby. She pointed her breasts and said: “First see your Amma’s breasts which are leaking for you.”

My hugging involuntarily released milk from her breasts and stained her nightie. She led me into the bedroom and pointed a small cradle next to a large bed. Meghana was pleased when I leaned and kissed her four month old cute baby who was asleep.

Once again I hugged Meghana and kissed and sucked her right ear. Then I blew warm air into it and whispered: “I’m going to call you Amma (Mommy). Do you mind?”

Meghana replied: “You have a strong fixation for mother. Yes, you can call me Amma.” she said, “Fine. Will you also say ‘Beta, (my son), when you breastfeed me and when I am fucking you in your pussy?”

Meghana smiled, placed her hand on my bulge between trousers and said: “Yes, Beta, aaja teri Amma ko choda na , (come and fuck your Mommy).” My excitement increased. “Amma, please undress me.”

As Meghana took off my clothes I did not leave her in peace. My hands roamed all over her body. When she pulled my briefs down to my ankles, my painfully erect cock rose to ninety degrees. Her eyes widened in surprise when she noticed my smooth cock and balls.

She held my cock in her hand and said: “Oh, My Beta (son) has shaved off his pubic hair. You did that because you want Amma to lick and play with your cock and balls.” There was a broad smile on her face. Then she pulled back my foreskin, examined it, ran her hand on its head a couple of times and said: “You washed and cleaned it. Good. I’ll reward my good son for this.”

I sat on the bed and told her how hungry I was for her body and her milk. What followed next was incredible and mind blowing experience. She sat next to me and I put my left hand around her slim waist and placed my head on her shoulder. She said, “Well…well….You surprised me last time in the temple, horny young Boy.”

I asked her “How?” “I never met a person who brought me to such wonderful orgasms.” The long nightie had four buttons at the front running down her waist. I slipped my hand between the buttons and held her heavy, milk filled left breast.

Meghana took a good look at my probing cock and smiled. “What do you want to do with your Amma now, Beta (son)?”

For the last two weeks I fantasized about Meghana so much I didn’t know where to start with her. “First, I want to kiss Amma’s mouth, suck her tongue for ten minutes and after that I’ll request her to widen thighs?”

Her eyes widened in mock surprise. “Why, do you want Amma to widen her thighs?” My breathing was heavy now and I was overcome with sexual desires. My restless right hand gently pressed her right breast and Meghana gasped. The milk sprayed at once staining my hand and her skirt at the front.

“Because I want to eat and lick Amma’s beautiful Yoni (cunt) and later I want to put my cock into Amma’s tight Yoni.” She smiled. “How long you want eat Amma’s Yoni?” I was getting restless. “Amma, I want to suck and eat your Yoni, lick away until you empty your juices in my mouth.”

Meghana at once pressed her thighs together and caressed my cock. “And after that what do you intend to do, Beta?” I knew we are nearing the end of our small conversation. “I want Amma(Mom) to breastfeed me and feed me her sweet milk,” I paused and squeezed the breast again, and continued: “I want Amma to guide her Bata’s (son) cock into her Yoni.”

She fell back on the bed laughing and said: “Kiss Amma’s mouth and suck her tongue now, Beta (son).” I fell next to her and my mouth pounced on hers and she opened her mouth voluntarily.

We sucked each other’s tongues, kissed each other mouth repeatedly. I was also telling her repeatedly ‘Amma, Mein tera beta hoon ’ (mommy, I’m your son) All the while my hand was in between her thighs, caressing her moistening cunt and she in turn held my cock in her left hand.

We went on like this for some time. She pulled her face away from me and said: “Take Amma’s gown down.” She lifted herself up slightly and I took it off. Her skin was white, her stomach flat with narrow waist, and her milk filled boobs shook gently. I went between her legs and spread them.

“Amma, you have a beautiful Yoni (cunt),” I said looking at her bald, moist pink cunt. Then I buried my head between her thighs and placed my mouth on the inviting soaking cunt. I licked and sucked, inserted my finger and kissed it repeatedly. Now and then I said, “Amma, what a pretty pussy you have!” As I ate her pussy, Meghana raised her hip, now and then, held my head pressed to her cunt and I mumbled in Hindi: “Amma, mein chodna chahta hoon,( I want to fuck you).”

Meghana replied: “Jaanta hoon.” (I know)

Then she screamed Beta…Beta and then pressed my head deep into her thighs and convulsed as she came and I lapped up her juices. A moment later, I moved up and fell next to her to her body. I was surprised when I saw her breasts leaking non-stop. She turned to my side and I mouthed her left breast and began to suck. She held my stiff cock in her hand and encouraged me to suck and drink.

I was thoroughly aroused when said repeatedly: “You made Amma(Mom) to cum. You know how to satisfy Amma. Papa (father) is not good. Fuck me, Beta, empty her tits today like you did that day. They are full of milk only for you.” While I sucked her tits I kept caressing her cunt. A while later she asked.

“Don’t you want to park your cock in Amma’s pussy?”

I said yes and mounted her. She took my erect cock and I slipped into her slippery tunnel.

“Amma, your pussy is so tight and it’s wonderful to fuck you.” I went on sucking her tits and kissing her. My feelings and emotions are impossible to describe or write. The sweet, warm milk flowing into my mouth and the sensation of my cock pulling and pushing into her cunt is left to anyone’s imagination. She sensed my coming and said, “Come, come, it’s good. Ooohhh…….My son is fucking me…….. Fuck Amma,……… fuck Amma, fuck her GOOD.” I flooded her womb as I sucked her milk from her tits.

We relaxed in each other’s arms for about ten minutes. Meghana asked me about my fantasies. I hesitated to reply but Meghana asked me once again. I told her: “I wish I had two lactating mothers. I want to lie down in between them and suck milk from both women’s breasts. They should caress my cock, suck my cock and I in turn want to eat their pussies, and fuck them.” Meghana opened her mouth in astonishment and shut it. “Do you really want two Amma’s?” I replied: “Yes.”

Then she smiled and held my cock that had regained erection. She kissed my mouth and said: “Tell your Amma your unfulfilled fantasy. I’ll not be angry.” I gently squeezed her breast. “I want to fuck two sisters in the same room and in the same bed.”

Meghana pulled back her head with a jerk. Then she took off her hand from my cock and laughed and laughed. I took her hand and placed it on my cock. “I want her sister to be younger than her and lactating and her sister should be about twenty five with big tits like her.”

“Anything else, Beta?” Meghana whispered.

I let loose my imagination. “While fucking the sister I want to call her mommy, mommy.” Meghana applied pressure on my cock and asked: “What about the other sister?” I moved closer to Meghana and said: “I want the elder sister to hug me from behind and hold my cock while I suck milk from her sister’s breast. I’ll tell the sister while fucking her, ‘you’re my Saali.’” (Saali means wife’s sister)

Meghana stared at me for a second with a smile on her face. “You want to fuck two nursing mothers.” I placed my hand on her stomach and caressed it. “Yes, that will be wonderful sucking milk from two lactating mothers.”

My hand travelled up to her breasts and squeezed them. When the milk appeared I sucked them. Meghana smiled and said: “You have an addiction to mother’s milk.” I didn’t reply but began to suck her left breast.

A minute after she pushed my head away from her breast and asked: “You really want two mothers?”

“Let me suck milk from your nipples and then I’ll answer.”I replied.

She came closer and pushed her breast in my mouth. “No, not like this,” she said and sat and leaned on bedpost. “Come and put your head on Amma’s(Mom’s) lap.” I moved and placed my head on her lap and began to suck.

Meghana leaned and held my cock and caressed while I nursed. Meghana said, “Slowly. Mera Beta, (my son) suck your Amma’s tits.” I said: “Oh, Amma(Mom),” As I nursed at her breasts she caressed my head and said, “My son knows how to fuck and satisfy his Mommy.” Once again I fucked her.

The story continues in chapter-3…….

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