Dear Serena Sutherland,


Dear Serena Sutherland,So it would start that you come all the way, from Texas to bring me back, an to be your husband, we’re sitting in a McDonald’s eating, and you tell me “Well for one Mr. Willis, all of us in the lone star state absolutely love your music and your type of entertainment, and I was wondering if I could persuade you of coming back to Texas with me, and letting me help you start your record label on a bigger platoe.” I say “Well I love the West Coast, I’m born and raised in San Jose, I don’t know if I could turn my back on my hometown.” You say “I’m sure they love you out here, but you’ve been working’ mighty hard for some years trying to break into the business, I think its mighty time for a change.” I say “I hear what you’re saying’ but….” You interrupt “Well Mr. Willis, what would I have to do to talk you into coming down to Texas?” I say “I notice that you were a film star.” You say “Yes, but that was the past.” I say “I liked, better yet loved your scenes, I also love those big ass titties you got.” You say “Oh, well if you like these big titties, you’re gonna love Texas. Since we’re both done eating how about we go to the Escalade parked outside and back to my Almaden Mansion, so you can get more acquainted with these big titties.” We both head outside, you pass me the keys an say elazığ rus escort “You drive!” We get into the Escalade, and you say “Were you talking about these big titties?” You pull out both big ass heavy fat white grandma titties, an say “How about we park down the road, so you can play with these big fat ass grandma titties.” We park under a tree, you say “Wow Mr. Willis that’s a mighty big dick!” I say “Those are some gigantic granny fat titties!” You say “Let me jiggle and shake these fat titties for you, Mr. Willis.” I say “How bout you bring yo mouth to this big dick!” You say “I’ve been thinking about you’re big black nigger dick and balls since I first seen you!” You lean towards me sucking my big dick then say “Oh, my Mr. Willis you have some mighty long black balls!” Then you start stroking my dick an suck slobbering on my balls, popping them out of your mouth, then I pull you’re dress an start slapping that fat ass up, you say “Oooh Mr. Willis, yeah slap that fat ass up, ooh!” I continue an say “Call me John.” While plunging my big black nigger dick up you’re your throat, you say “Glurp-Surp-Glurp’ ooh that’s what I needed a big hardy dick in my mouth!” You keep greedily sucking my fat black dick, while I’m shhlapping up your big fat ass, you say “Glurp-Slurp-Glurp elazığ rus escort bayan I love your black nigger dick, let me suck on these black saggy nigger nuts!” You start shlurppin’ on my big black dick an balls, we drive to Almaden an up a hill, where I notice my ex girlfriends house, I say “Whoa this is Aimee’s old house it just looks bigger.” You say “I know this is my house, I told that bitch 15 years ago to bring your big black saggy balss and dick to me, so now I’m taking things into my own hands.” Coming around to the side of the car, stroking my dick an balls while we French kiss, we back into the front door, you say “This is all of yours, an everything I have in Texas, you just gotta give this big black cock, baby.” We push through the doors, I fall back onto a tan sofa, you say “Awhll, nigger I been waiting 15 years to suck your young balls, but look atcha , damn near as saggy as a old man, give me this dick.” I say “Awhll shit ooh.” As you begin to go after jolly lolly suck my dick, then you stop an say “How bout you tittyfuck, these big basturds, hah-hah, yeah baby fuck these big cantaloupe titties, yeah slide that nigger dick through this valley.” I grab the back of your head as my dick is super sliding through them titties, you say rus escort elazığ “Ooh baby yes, fuck these big ass mountain titties, love it baby, its all yours!” Then you stand up taking off ya dress, an say “Lay back, so I can ride this big black dungeon dick!” I lay back an you start riding, slamming ya fat ass down on my dick, you say “Ooh, suck those granny titties baby, pump me full of that fat cock baby.” I grab you around the hips and start super slope slanging big nigger dick into you, you grab your titties an say “Do you like when I swang’em, when I swang my big ole titties for you, daddy. Ooh good God I love riding your big nigger dick daddy.” I say “Let me see that fat granny ass from the back.” You say “O.K. daddy how do you like fat white country ass from the back, slap my fat ass daddy!” I start slapping you’re fat country ass up, then I Slade my dick deep into you’re ass, an start plowin’ that fat ass doggystyle , you Say “Hah-hah, dig in that fat ass daddy, fuck that ass daddy, yeah.” I say “Awhll bitch, let me dig in this ass, ooh!” You say “Splash in my ass daddy, dig big nigger dick in my ass! Awhll nigger, Awhll shit nigger, I’m gonna cum from you’re big dick in my ass! Fuck that fat ass daddy, Awhll nigger , fuck my ass nigger- fuck that fat white country ass.” I say “Oh shit bitch, I’m about to cum In that fat ass!” You say “No daddy, No, I want to suck the but out of that big black nigger dick daddy!” So then you turned around an start jolly lolly glurpy sucking my dick, an say “Ooh daddy blast that hot nigger but down my old throat.” So then I splashed a ton of but down you’re old freaky bitch throat.

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