Jake Part XVIII – Creative Anachronism


Jake Part XVIII – Creative AnachronismThank you all for being such faithful readers. I love interacting with my fans! If you want to read these faster, please go to my post on voat:https://voat.co/v/TimeStop/comments/138397I post there first, Reddit second, and here last because it’s harder to get to through work firewalls and it has that long wait time for posting.After all the excitement and sunshine at the beach, Jake wanted to go somewhere cool and relaxing. Petra agreed with him about the heat, but had other ideas about the calm.“Anyplace is calm and peaceful for us,” she argued. “You can make the world quiet whenever you want!”“I suppose that’s true enough,” Jake conceded, kissing her neck and adjusting his grip on her hips to pull her in tighter.“Mmh, Daddy, right there,” Petra moaned, squeezing Jake’s waist with her thighs and clenching her pussy around his throbbing shaft. “Can we go to a club tonight?”Jake leaned back a little to look up at her, letting her move herself back and forth in his lap again. “Why a club?” he asked.“Because I can’t get into any. I’m not 21. I wanna sneak past the bouncer and have some fun.”Jake smirked. “You mean sow chaos.”Petra grinned and winked at him. “Who, me? I’m an angel, a paragon of virtuous behaviors!”Jake slapped her ass, causing her to squeal and grind down harder on his lap. “You, Pet, are the Daughter of Disorder, the Avatar of Anarchy.”“Shoosh! Don’t say that so loud,” Petra said, clasping her hands behind his neck and beginning to bounce up and down on him. “I don’t want these people to hear!”Jake looked around at the frozen cafe. “It’s pretty unlikely they’ll hear,” he said, nodding at the other patrons and the waitress. “Even if they did, I suspect they’ll forget when her blouse pops open and her skirt falls down.”Petra grinned. “She shouldn’t have given you that dirty look for being with me,” she said, reaching over to the counter to grab the waitress’ bra and panties and shove them into Jake’s bag. “Serves her right. Now please, Daddy, stop teasing and fuck me into that countertop.”The darkness of the club was pierced by colored spotlights and moving lasers. Or it would have been, had anything been moving. Petra pulled Jake along by the hand, weaving between frozen dancers as she explored the place.“Just look at them all,” she mused, turning around. “Who should we play with first? The bartender? Or maybe these dancing girls?”Jake frowned. “Petra. We shouldn’t ‘play with’ anyone who hasn’t earned it.” His daughter pouted, but he continued. “We have to be- holy shit.”Jake stared, blinking a couple of times but not believing what he was seeing. Petra moved to his side. “What is it, Daddy?” she asked.Jake pointed. “Those two.” He laughed. “What are the odds?”There by the bar, each holding a drink and apparently chatting over the silent music, stood his two favorite nemises and victims. Marta, wearing a tiny purple dress with a neckline that dipped low between her globelike fake breasts, and Mala, in a businesslike skirt with a blouse unbuttoned far below what was acceptable even on the most casual of Fridays.Petra moved closer to peer at the women. “You know them?” she asked.Jake chuckled. “Do I ever. That’s Marta. From my office. And that-”Petra’s eyes widened. “Holy shit, it’s that woman from the steakhouse!”Jake nodded. “And the train before that. Pretty much a total bitch, near as I can tell.”“What do we do?” Petra asked, looking from one of the women to the other.Jake grinned. “Well, first we see how they’re acting tonight. But if they’re behaving how I suspect… pretty much whatever we want to.”Petra “acquired” some drinks from behind the bar, handing a Guinness to her father and opening a fruit cooler for herself. Jake thought about chiding her for u******e drinking, but considering how they’d spent the rest of their day he decided it was a little hypocritical. Drinks in hand, they found a vantage where they would be out of line-of-sight for both women, then started the clock.The sudden change in volume was nearly deafening, as waves of bass and a hundred voices assaulted their ears. Through the din, Jake could just make out Mala’s voice.“-so anyway, I don’t know what happened at the restaurant but I was so worked up that I barely got him home before I jumped him,” she said, “and you’ll never guess what I found out.”“That you like it in the butt?” Marta asked, grinning. She looked to have had a few drinks already.Mala slapped Marta’s arm. “Shut up, you’re such a whore.” She leaned in closer. “Besides, I already knew that.”Both women broke into a bout of irritating laughter at that. Jake cringed.“Well what did you find out, then?” Marta finally asked. Mala shook her head. “It’s weird. But I’m all over him, we’re at the door and I turn around to unlock it, and his hand goes up between my legs… and my panties are gone!”Marta looked surprised. “Gone?”“Yep. I swear I had them on before. I know I did. But they weren’t there anymore. And that’s not the first time it’s happened either.”Marta grabbed her friend’s arm. “That is so freaky,” she said. “It sounds like something that happened to me, uh… a couple times. Did you find a note?”“A note?”“Yeah. Like, from… yourself.”Mala laughed. “Honey, you need to stop drinking.”Marta shook her head. “Fuck you, I’m fine. So how was it?”“What?”“The sex, slut!”“Oh. Meh. To tell the truth, after that weird spell in the restaurant, I felt kinda like I’d just been fucked by a guy with a bigger dick. Like, it was nice but smaller than I expected, you know? Anyway, I didn’t call him back. If he can’t please me on the first date he doesn’t deserve a second!”Both women got a good laugh out of that. Jake and Petra looked at each other and rolled their eyes.There’s a disparity between the sexes, and it took effect quickly in the club. Simply by virtue of being women and not looking angry or sad, Marta and Mala were already turning heads. Petra was, too, but the looks there were of jealousy, as she made it clear that she was with Jake.They watched in a sort of unsurprised incredulity as the two women hovered about the end of the bar, collecting free drinks and compliments. “What do you think?” asked Petra.Jake smiled. “I think I’m tired of watching the princesses hold court. I also think Mala hasn’t noticed yet that two of the buttons on her blouse fell off five minutes ago.”Petra moved away from her father, stepping around to get a better view. Sure enough, Mala’s blouse was hanging open, exposing her modest breasts and plain black bra.“Daddy, you’re awful!” she explained. “I didn’t even notice you doing that.”Jake chuckled, handing the buttons to her as a trophy. “Doing what? I’ve been over here the whole time.”Petra smirked, then looked at their marks again. “Ooh, stop now,” she said.Jake stopped time immediately, breathing a sigh of relief at the sudden quiet. “I don’t know how anyone thinks this is comfortable,” he said.Petra giggled, returning to his side and kissing him. “They don’t,” she said plainly. “Look around. This is a meat market. The noise is to keep people from talking so they don’t realize how much they don’t like each other. Speaking of talking…”Jake looked where Petra was indicating. A couple of guys had approached and were talking to Marta and Mala. Moving closer, it was pretty obvious that both men were looking at the ladies’ visible chests. It was also obvious from their posture that that both Marta and Mala had planned it that way.Petra was already at work, kneeling down and pulling both womens’ thong panties down to their ankles. She carefully lifted one foot after another to free her prizes, then tucked them between the cushions of a nearby booth. “We can come back for these later,” she explained.The sight of Petra stealing panties excited Jake more than he liked to admit. She noticed, of course, and smiled at him. “Don’t worry, Daddy,” she said, swishing her skirt girlishly. “I’m not wearing kırşehir rus escort any either.”Jake laughed. “Let’s not get distracted, Pet,” he said. “We have important work to do, don’t we?”Petra giggled. “Yes, yes we do.”When time started again, neither Marta nor Mala noticed anything different right away. They went on flirting with the men, who in turn went on staring. Jake had to bite his cheek to keep from laughing, because usually when a woman’s bra or dress has “slipped” down to expose her nipples, she feels a draft. These two sluts must be half numb or something.Eventually, Marta noticed, gasping in surprise and covering herself. Her sudden movement made Mala look down as well, finally noticing that her blouse was mostly open and her bra had been pulled down. She yelped and turned toward the bar, fumbling with her clothing. In the end, lacking the buttons necessary to cover up, she had to settle for unbuttoning the blouse and tying it in the center, cowgirl-style, leaving her cleavage and stomach exposed but covering her bra up.Of course, while Marta was busy apologizing to their suitors for the flash and playing it off as a funny accident, the knot in Mala’s shirt came undone a couple times. Entirely by itself, or at least as far as anyone could tell. Finally she got annoyed and tied a double-knot in it, so Jake let her believe her wardrobe malfunctions were resolved.Despite – or maybe because of – the generous exposure of flesh, the men soon convinced Jake’s targets to join them dancing. Jake was a little disappointed; it was tough to make a dancer more sexualized than they were already in a place like this. But Petra was, as ever, a font of creative thought. “Look at her,” she said, indicating a time-stopped Marta. “What do we see?”Jake shrugged. “A bitchy slut grinding her ass on some guy’s package?”Petra giggled. She moved closer and peered at the couple’s hips. “Hmm, he’s pretty big,” she said. “Explains why this dress is riding up so badly.” As she spoke, she slid Marta’s dress up in the back, exposing her legs and ass.Jake chuckled. “What about the other one?”“We’ll give her a minute,” Petra replied, giving him the signal to start time again.Again, Marta didn’t notice anything was amiss at first. She kept moving to the music, angling at her waist to grind her now bare ass against her new friend’s hardened bulge. It wasn’t until he moved his hands to her hips that they both seemed to notice the bare skin.Jake stopped time immediately, then wound it back a second or two, pinpointing the exact moment that Marta’s eyes had widened.“You can go back that easily?” Petra asked.Jake winked at her. “I’ve had a lot of practice.” He pulled up the front of Marta’s dress, rubbing her pussy with his fingers. “I think I could go back or forward further, but I’m worried about trying it.”Petra moved in to play with Marta’s nipples at the same time. “Wow, you’re right, these are really fake-looking,” she said. “I wonder why she’d do that, they were probably pretty before.”After a few minutes of touching and teasing, Jake replaced the front of the dress. Moving back to their position at a nearby table, Jake started time. He had to squeeze Petra’s hand pretty hard to keep them both from laughing out loud at the result.Marta’s eyes widened as before at the realization that her ass was showing. As far as she knew there was still a thong there, but it was still a less-than-dignified turn of events. Of course, before she could react, the sensations from Jake’s interference hit her. She bit her lip to stifle a moan, but was unable to keep her body from responding; her back arched and her hips rolled slowly, grinding her bare pussy against the man’s crotch.Regaining control, Marta turned around, saying something of an apology to her dance partner. The man grinned at her, however, apparently having decided that no woman could possibly be so prone to sexy “accidents”. He seized her by the hips with both hands and pulled her against him, grinding his apparently very hard package against her crotch again and pressing his mouth over hers. Marta was startled for a second, then raised her hands to push him away. Jake stopped her before she could, of course.As soon as the music stopped, Jake began hearing Petra’s stifled laughter. It got louder until she was cackling with breathless glee, clinging to his arm and shaking. “Ohgod… ohgod Daddy,” she said, “This is hilarious! Can I do it this time?”Jake chuckled, resisting the contagious laughter. “Be my guest, Pet,” he said, leaning back in his seat.Petra bounced over to Marta’s side and considered the scene. She carefully pulled the couple apart, giggling again at the sight of the man; he’d pushed his tongue pretty aggressively into Marta’s mouth, and without her there he just looked silly.Kneeling down, she pushed Marta’s dress up and felt her slit softly. “That sure didn’t take long,” she said, holding up fingertips glistening with moisture. “She’s already wet.”There wasn’t much to say to that, so Jake said nothing, simply watching as his daughter went to work. Petra first rubbed at Marta, then leaned in and began to lick her skin, starting from the inner thighs and working her way up. She moved left, right, and left again, cleaning the moistened flesh, until she finally arrived at the woman’s crotch.Looking sideways and making eye contact with Jake, she began to suck at Marta’s wet folds. She rolled her tongue across her clit, humming a little to vibrate it, then sealed her mouth over the pink lips and drove inward.At the same time, Jake realized, Petra’s two moistened fingers had moved around behind Marta and were doing something. Jake raised a brow and leaned over. “Petra… are your fingers in that woman’s asshole?”Petra giggled into Marta’s pussy, turning a little to answer. “You heard them before. She probably does butt stuff all the time.”Jake chuckled and tossed a disposable wipe from the table toward her. It stopped moving the moment it left his hand, but a moment of concentration sent it on its way. He stopped it again in midair as it reached her. “Just clean your hands when you’re done,” he said.A minute later – or no time later, depending on who you asked – Petra was again at Jake’s side. Her hand found its way into his lap, and she squeezed his cock through his jeans as they watched Marta squirm.Marta had been about to push the man – Kyle, his ID revealed – off of herself, when another “mysterious” orgasm and a wave of strange sensations buckled her knees. She moaned into his kiss instead, held up by his forceful grip on her hips, grinding against him lewdly.They didn’t need any more prompting after that; accepting the will of her “subconscious”, Marta eagerly returned Kyle’s kiss. A little tug in between moments by Jake, and her dress rode up in the front so she could press and grind her bare and wet pussy against him, all concerns about her missing panties forgotten.”Wow,” Petra said, rubbing Jake through his pants while they watched, “That’s crazy. I wonder if they’re more suggestible when you stop them?””Could be,” Jake mused. “I’ve also put a lot of time into training her.””There they go,” Petra said. Sure enough, Kyle was presently hauling Marta off toward the Mens’ room. “Should we follow?””Give them a second,” Jake replied.A second was about all it took, apparently. When Jake and Petra entered the frozen Mens’ room, the horny couple were nowhere to be seen. Nowhere, that is, until one looked under the stall doors.The first stall had four shoes plainly visible: two black loafers, and two strappy high heels. All facing the same way, toward the wall.Before Jake could say anything, Petra was down and wriggling under the wall to get into the toilet stall. “Holy shit,” she said as she turned over. “You gotta see this.”Jake whistled as the door swung open. “Shit, Kyle,” he said, “You don’t waste time.”Indeed, given kırşehir rus escort bayan the time frame, it seemed that Kyle had dragged Marta into the stall, bent her over, and shoved his cock to the hilt in her. Her hands were braced clumsily on the back of the toilet, and it looked like one of her breasts had flown free of her dress from the force of his thrust.Petra moved to Jake’s side, pressing against him. “What do we do now?” she asked.Jake chuckled. “Now we get to punish her.”First, he started time. Just for a few seconds, long enough to see Kyle drive into Marta a couple times and hear her moan. Then he stopped them again.”What was that about?” Petra asked.”Just getting an idea of the situation,” he replied with a wink.It was a strange matter of angles and logistics to disengage the two lovers, but much easier now as Jake had managed to freeze Kyle on the backswing. Petra had been right; Kyle’s cock was as big as Jake’s, and clearly rock-hard.Petra knelt down and peered into Marta’s gaping sex. “That is so cool,” she said admiringly. “You can see all the way up inside her.”Jake nodded. “It never really gets old, does it? Now move a second, I have to- hey!” Jake shivered in surprise as Petra struck. She was like a viper, except instead of hissing and burying her fangs in his flesh, she’d pulled down his jeans and shoved his cock into her mouth. Jake leaned a hand on Marta’s ass on reflex to keep from tipping over. “What are you- mmm. Is someone excited?”Petra grinned, looking up at him and stroking his shaft with her fingers. “That too… but I can wait. Right now is for you.””What’s for me, Pet?”Petra leaned down and bobbed her head on him a couple more times. She looked beautiful down there, like the Goddess of blowjobs. Jake moaned, squeezing Marta’s ass and bucking his hips a little.Petra shifted over a little, and it became obvious what she wanted. It wasn’t exactly Jake’s plan, but what the hell, he figured, Marta was a bitch, so she was free game. He closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation of his daughter’s lips and tongue sliding down and up his shaft, and then as he started to feel his pleasure rising, there was another shuffling. Petra’s lips pulled back and she was turning him, guiding him; in less than a second, she had him sliding deep into Marta’s pussy. She was warm and wet, offering almost no resistance at all as he slid home. Grabbing her hips where Kyle’s hands had been, Jake started slamming into her hard, slapping his hips against her ass again and again. It felt great to use her like this, and Jake poured all the annoyance and hate he had for her into fucking her, but it wasn’t quite enough. Fortunately, it was easy to get what he really wanted.Marta never knew the difference when Jake pulled her out of time; she was too busy getting fucked to realize how quiet the washroom had become. She didn’t realize it was Jake, and not Kyle, pounding into her; they were of similar size, and Jake drove just as hard as Kyle had been. Marta’s cunt squeezed tight, well-practiced muscles milking his dick, and she braced harder on the back of the toilet, shoving back to meet his thrusts.“Oh god yes,” she cried shamelessly, “fuck me harder! Fuck, fuck, fuck me!!”Jake groaned, pulling back on Marta’s hips harder as he felt himself nearing the edge. He bit back on a moan that might have identified him to her and kept hammering into her even as he started to cum, shoving his seed deep inside of her. He finally froze her again as he felt his orgasm subsiding, not wanting her to notice his pace slowing. The moment he did, Petra was on her knees again, pulling him out of Marta’s well-used cunt and sucking the last spurt out of him.“Mmm fuck, Pet, that feels good,” he said, stroking her hair. “Totally not what I had in mind, but damn.”Petra giggled, standing and kissing him. “What did you have in mind, then?”“Let me show you.”Kyle could barely believe his luck. He’d hoped this girl was down for a BJ or something, but holy shit, turns out she was a total slut! And good, too; her cunt gripped him like a glove, but she was wet enough and passive enough to let him fuck her like a cheap whore. He wondered if that indian girl with her was as loose; maybe he and Chet could get some foursome action going tonight.He could feel himself getting close, and wondered if this bitch would want him to jack it on her ass or if she’d turn around and take it across her face and tits like a good girl. Either way, he was about to blow a pretty substantial load on her. He moaned, shivering at the image of it as he kept slamming up into her. Another few seconds, and he’d find out…There was a strange speedbump feeling in his gut as he pulled back for another thrust, but he ignored it and slammed home anyway, gripping the slut’s hips and pulling her back against him hard. Fuck, she felt tight! And that was when the screaming started.He was three or four pumps in before he realized she wasn’t screaming from cumming, but from the pain. He was cumming himself, he realized, which came as a surprise, but damn had she gotten tight all of a sudden! Holding deep inside and grinding against her, he groaned as he pumped his load into her pussy… except, looking down, he realized that he wasn’t in her pussy anymore. He was somehow lodged balls-deep in the girl’s asshole.Jake found it almost impossible not to laugh as he heard Marta’s screaming from outside the stall. Even funnier was Kyle’s groans and thrusts; when he’d lined up the shot, so to speak, he’d expected the guy to stop once he shoved himself up Marta’s ass. Clearly this wasn’t the case; he was in it to the finish.He ushered Petra out of the washroom as soon as the sounds of sex stopped and the screams turned into curses. Although part of him was curious how she would react to discovering cum dripping from both of her holes, there was no part of that scene that he had any desire to be involved in. Especially once Marta found out that “someone” had written on her back again about how much of a bitch she was. Instead, they returned to the dance floor to check up on Mala.They found her sitting at the bar, nursing a drink. Her dance partner had apparently wandered off in search of another conquest.“Aww, p*o,” Petra said, disappointed.Jake didn’t like seeing his princess unhappy; didn’t like it one bit. So he did what any father with impossible magical powers would do.Petra clung to his arm in surprise. “Daddy, are you doing this?”Jake smiled at her. “Anything for you, love.” He pulled her out of the way as a backward-walking woman passed by them. “We wouldn’t want to miss anything, after all.”He followed Mala, running time in reverse carefully. There she went back to the dance floor, and now she was dancing with her suitor again. It looked pretty tame, which was probably why he didn’t stay with her afterward.Jake stopped time again. Petra nudged him and pointed toward the washrooms. “Look, Daddy,” she said, “that’s us!”Jake chuckled. “Hmm, maybe later we should have a double-date.”Petra giggled. “That’s so weird.” She turned toward Mala again. “We’ll worry about that later. What do you want to do to her?”Damn, Chet thought, why do I always get stuck with the frigid one? Kyle’s plan had been to get them both some action tonight, but Kyle and that slut with the huge tits had run off and this desi-looking girl wasn’t really getting into dancing with him. And if she wouldn’t get into dancing in a club, how was he supposed to get her to take off with him?She was pretty hot, too. She had that “came here from the office” look that really turned his crank, and after her shirt problems she’d cinched her top on so tight that it pushed her tits up and together in a way that he really enjoyed. Not to mention her flat stomach – a rarer and rarer thing these days – and that really prominent nose that gave her face that mysterious look. rus kırşehir escort Damn, he was hard just imagining what she’d be like in the sack. Or against a wall. Or here on the dance floor.Not that it mattered. She was dancing half-heartedly, barely making eye contact, and didn’t seem to want to touch him. He’d tried to grab her hips before to grind with her and show her what he was packing for her, but she’d just pulled away and turned around. And to make matters worse, she’d had a look in her eye that almost made it seem like she was having fun wasting his time! Oh well, he thought, at least Kyle was getting his dick wet; after he was done in whatever dark corner he’d dragged that slut off to, he’d come back and hook a brother up with an easier mark.Chet was just about to scan the crowd for more babes, when he noticed a dark flash of skin. He turned his eyes back down to the desi girl and smiled. Her tit was out again! Well, not out-out, but the nip had slipped. It looked like her shirt was less tightly-tied than he’d thought, and her bra was definitely fitted weirdly to be riding down like that. Not that he was about to complain… or to tell her about it.The weird thing about it was that the girl seemed to be perking up now that her nub was showing. It was almost like somebody’d come by and turned her on, because she was moving more smoothly and gyrating her hips and… oh hell, the girl knew belly-dance moves. Chet grinned at her and forgot all about the other girls in the club, forgot all about Kyle too. Staring at this girl as she twisted and moves, he felt more than a stirring. In fact, he almost moaned; there was a sudden, vivid sensation of something warm, tight and wet wrapped around his cock. Just for a moment, as if a throat or a pussy had appeared on top of him and then vanished again.The girl must have felt something too, because she gasped and visibly shivered. She looked up into his eyes and smiled, finally dancing closer and clasping her hands behind his neck. Chet slid his hands down her sides to hold her hips, but she kept twisting and moving about. Any other girl he’d have been able to get some dry-humping happening by now, but this bitch seemed to want to tease him, keeping her hips a few inches away at all times. Oh well, he thought, she was shorter and the view was great… especially since her other nipple was now peeking out at him, too.Yep, he could stare at her for a while… but then something happened. Chet blinked, and the girl was naked! Right there in the club, completely nude and still dancing like she didn’t know it! He blinked again, opening his mouth to say something, but the vision ended. At least he supposed it had been a vision. Or something. Because now she was fully clothed again; even her nipples had gone back into hiding.He didn’t mind too much, though, because her hips finally brushed against his, and once again he had a sudden flash of hot skin against his hips and even hotter flesh wrapped around his dick. He shivered hard at the brief but intense sensation.The girl must have felt it too, because she suddenly opened her mouth in surprise and stumbled in her twisty exotic dance. Her knees gave out and Chet shot a hand down to catch her, cupping her ass and pulling her hips tight against his own.“Sorry,” he said, loud enough for her to hear over the music now that they were close together and she wasn’t pulling away.“It’s alright,” the girl replied. She shuddered again for no apparent reason and then bit her lip, looking up at him. “Why don’t you take me out of here?” she asked.Chet was having a lot of trouble focusing on the road. As soon as he’d got this girl into his car, she’d started squirming like a hormone-flooded teenager after a few wine coolers. He’d barely got out of the parking lot before she went down on him.Of course she was still being a teasing bitch about it; any other girl would have been bobbing on his rod like you’d expect, but not her. All she’d do was lick and kiss and tease his dick or trail her fingernails up it or whatever else she could think of. She was driving him nuts.He was going to fuck her like an inflatable doll when he got her inside.“Mm baby… you are getting fucked so hard when we get there,” he told her.“I better,” she said, breathing hot air on him. “I wanna feel it so bad.”“You’re in for a treat, then.”“But tell me if you’re gonna cum,” she said bluntly.“What?”“You heard me.” She stroked his dick, smearing her spit on the length. “Tell me when. I’ll finish you off but you don’t cum in me or on me. Not on the first date, at least.”“You got it, baby,” he conceded.Finally, after the longest short ride of his life, Chet pulled up to his sidewalk. Well, a little bit on his sidewalk actually, but who can be bothered to parallel-park when you’ve got a bitch in need of a fucking? He got out of the car, walked around, and yanked her door open. She was sliding out all graceful-like, still acting like some prissy princess, but Chet didn’t like that idea. Catching her wrist, he pulled her to her feet and kissed her hard, muffling her protesting yelp. Then he scooped her up off her feet and power-walked up to the door, pushing inside and slamming it behind him.He put her down on her feet long enough to turn on a light; he meant to see everything that was about to happen. And oh man was a lot about to happen. It would be an hour before he gave this bitch a break, at least. He shoved her against the wall and kissed her again, pulling up the front of her skirt and rubbing what turned out to be her bare pussy. She didn’t have any panties on! What a slut!Yes, it would be an hour before he was done for sure, but it would only be a second before he got started. Chet shoved his pants down, lifted one of the girl’s legs, and rubbed the head of his dick against her dripping-wet cunt. She started to make a sound like a protest; maybe she wanted to be more comfortable or in control. Chet didn’t wait to find out what her problem was. With a grunt, he shoved up and in, burying his dick in her fuck-hole.And came.It wasn’t even a good cum, either. It was like a split second before entering her, he had another of those weird flashes of sex-feeling along the whole length of his cock, and then when he shoved into her, not only was he already cumming from that sensation, but she felt loose as hell, too. Or at least she did for a half a second, because after that she tightened up like a damn vise around him, gripping his dick way too hard. She moaned and he sprayed, unable to stop himself from shooting until her cunt overflowed and cum dripped down her thigh.“Ooh yes, fuck me!” she cried. “Fuck m- hey, what the FUCK?!”Jake gathered Petra into his arms and kissed her hard. He loved the look frozen on Mala’s bitch face, loved how well this joke had gone, but seeing his daughter bouncing on that guy’s frozen dick to get him ready to blow had made him feel insanely jealous. Not to mention hard as a rock. His mind was reeling as he tried to decide how and where to fuck her brains out. Based on the way she pressed against him and kissed back, Petra clearly felt the same.Still, some things are worth waiting for, and it had been a hell of a day. “Let’s go home,” Jake said, leading Petra out of Chet’s house and down the street; their own house was not far off.Petra giggled. “You don’t want to fool around out here?”Jake shrugged. “It’s been awhile since we were in your bed. I think I want to reward you for today, before I lose all control and fuck you senseless.”Petra pressed close beside him. “That sounds great, Daddy,” she said.“You mind if we postpone that a little? We need to talk.”The voice was female, and familiar. As well it should have been; its owner stepped out from behind a tree and stood before them on the sidewalk.“Carol?” Jake asked.“Yeah. Hi.” Carol Dane, the woman who had helped him after the traffic accident all those long weeks ago, gave a crooked half-smile. “Sorry I never called you back. I’ve had a lot on my plate. Anyway, there’s some things we need to discuss. Mind joining me at that cafe over there?”Jake looked where she was indicating. It was a small place, well-lit; from here he could see a girl cleaning one of the tables.Which was odd, because he hadn’t started time.Carol had.

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