Subject: Blove Vic and Tony chapter 5 Blove Victor ad Tony � St. Willie This scribe still resides in another land which still uses a different dialect of English; the language in this story. You’ll understand and I hope you enjoy this “sorting out” and coming-of-age tale. Victor stumbles on the road to adulthood and finds his path clearly with an unlikely compass. St. Willie [email protected] Your donation to Nifty is for your fty/donate.html Chapter 5 Vic woke up with a slight shake to his chest, its darker than usual and Vic eyes took a bit longer to adjust. “Morning” Tony said softly ” Time for the the bathroom” “Thank you” Vic answered back, hearing the soft raindrops falling on the roof. “Use the front porch” Tony grinned and Vic followed the old man’s gaze to his hard boner “And take him with you, looks like he might need some relief as well” Vic then followed Tony’s gaze to Willie hard Willy. Vic grinned as well. Vic had a bit of struggle to wake up his new lover from his deep sleep, clearly he was having a awesome dream of some sorts. Finally Willies eyes open. “Come with me” Vic said softly “I need to pee” Vic could see that Willie had a hard time to adjust his eyes as well. “Me to” Willie said smiling and turning his head towards Tony ” Must we wake his as well, look he got a pee boner as well” saying while pointing to Tony’s tenting undies, barely visible with the darkness of the cabin. “You two just go and pee” Tony said laughing. Victor took Willies hand and lead him to the front door, the smell of wet ground met them soon he opened the door. He continued till both of them came to a standstill, hand in hand, side by side on the edge of the porch. Willie was the first to let go of his arching pee, with a loud moan, Vic followed suit and soon it was a competition on who is peeing the furthers. Both boys giggled as Willie is winning this time, still standing hand in hand, the other on the hip, backs arching. “Are we now like boyfriend and boyfriend?” Willie asked “I mean,….. you know” “Do you want to be?” Vic answered back looking up at Willie eyes “Hell yea” Willie said and turned to face Vic “Hell fucking yea” Vic felt the chubby boy arms folding, lifting him and gently started to kiss him. This time he was waiting for that tongue, opening his lips so it can have clear way to inside him. His erection tight against Willies body, feeling his lover’s erection tickling his balls, still wet from the pee. Vic loved the taste of the tongue inside his mouth, the slight musky smell of his lover playing around in his nostrils. Vic could not remember being carried to the lone porch chair, but he did not mind as he was sitting on his lover’s lap, facing him and not once did he allow the tongue to escape from his mouth. Vic adjusted his sit a bit as his knees was getting hurt against the chair’s armrest and Willie. “Will it hurt?” Vic asked looking into Willie’s blue eyes. “Will what hurt” Willie said sounding confused ” You mean will kissing hurt, hell no” “No silly” Vic could not help as to giggle softly “I mean when you put it inside me, you know” Vic put his hand on Willies dick for the first time, feeling the silky smooth skin of it against his soft hands. He loved it. “O that” Willie giggled softly as well “It might, I know when Tony does me it hurts a bit in the beginning, but when Santa did me the first time it hurt a lot. I am way smaller than Tony so I think it will not hurt” “You talk a lot” Vic giggled again “Have any one told you that yes”But before Willie could say anything, his mouth was smugger with Vic’s. Victor decided to take the lead, this time pushing his tongue into his lovers awaiting mouth, he could taste the mint toothpaste on some of the teeth still. Vic was turned on and started rocking slowly, his hard dick was teasing the whole short length of Willie’s erection. He started kissing with more passion, fighting with his tongue against that of Willie’s , sucking the lower lip and when Willie did moan a bit, a slight bite. Vic never allowed Willie to break of the kiss, feeling the wetness of his lover dick against his. He adjusted his feet to a scatting passion next to Willie’s hips, not caring that the tight fit of them between chair and Willie did hurt a bit. His one hand stroking Willie’s leaking hard cock, he knows about pre cum, has seen it on Mike’s dick, even tasted it. He brought his fingers to his mouth, tasting the sweet nectar of his lover, yes it taste much better than Mike’s. He lowered his hand and started guiding the throbbing cock towards his love hole. “Holy fuck Vic” Willie whispered “I am so fucking horny right now” “Me to LOVE” Vic whispered before closing his mouth on Willie’s again. Vic let Willie dart around inside of his mouth, he was concentrating on letting Willie inside his love hole. The first two attempts was close, but miss, the 3rd one was on target. He felt the pressure of Willie’s cock against his hole, lowering himself just a bit more to increase the pressure, feeling his tight muscles parting. He no longer smelled the fresh wet dirt, nor did he hear the splashing of the rain, all he wanted was Willie inside of him. He pushed lower on his lover’s cock, feeling a slight pain as he did so, but the pain was quick to disappear and he sat down with his whole weight on the throbbing cock. It was true, Willie’s real length was hidden away behind the pubic fat and it was inside of him now, hitting something that gave him real pleasure. He started lifting and lowering himself, letting Willie slip from him in the beginning, but he soon did get the hang of it and every time as he lowered onto that cock, it hit that spot again. He was not the only one moaning, Willie’s did as well, causing Vic to slam down harder. The sound of skin meeting skin exploding into the air. Vic did not understand what was happening now, for deep inside him was building something that felt like the dry orgasms he always had, but just much much more intense. He lowered his kiss to Willies neck, feeling this inside of him building and building. He no longer heard Willie’s moans nor could he smell him, he was death with the smell of sex in the air, his lover’s neck tasted like sweat and musk. Its building and building, Vic wanted to scream at the intense pleasure it was giving him. He wanted this feeling inside of him as long as he could, but he could no longer do so. He let out a loud scream as he start feeling something like a gel ball move from under the base of his balls, upwards threw the tube of his pulsating cock and exploding as it excited his body. He collapsed on Willie, his breathing out of control. “Fuck, fuck” Willie said folding his arms around Vic’s naked torso, pushing upwards one last time as he exploded inside his lover. Vic laid their on top of Willie, welcoming the warmth from his embrace, relaxing as never ankara türbanlı escort before. Never in his life have he experience such deep pleasure with in his own body, feeling Willie’s cock slipping out of him. He looked up into the blue wide eyes of his lover, feeling more in love as he ever has. “You ok?” Willie asked “O yes love” Vic said while adjusting himself “I am perfect” “This was my first time” Willie said adjust Vic’s legs so he ended up cradling Vic “I mean, first time to have sex, No, to put my. O for fuck sake. To fuck someone” “Mine too” Vic said “Stop talking and just hold me” Vic felt safe and warm in his lovers arms, his own around the neck of Willie. How can this be true, never in his life he would think he would fall in love with a fat person, never alone a fat boy. Every thing felt just perfect with Willie, how could he ever been so stupid to try and impress a perfect boy with a perfect body. But in the end its everything of Willie that was not perfect that made him perfect. Vic gave Willie a kiss, just a soft one on the lips, but his attention was soon on Willie’s actions. Willie lowered his hand, playing with Vic’s dick head before putting his finger in his mouth. “You taste awesome love” Willie smiled. “Taste?” Vic was confused, he knows he can’t come yet ” I can’s cum” “You did, promise” Willie said grinning ” And that with a loud scream as well, that was fucking hot” Vic looked down at his flaccid member, seeing that his head was all shiny. All he could think of was the gel ball that moved threw him, must have been cum. “I love you Willie” Vic gave a quick kiss ” You are perfect just the way you are” “And I love you” Willie said touching his neck ” even if you are a vampire of some sorts” “Sorry, I did not know what I was doing, sorry” But Vic didn’t really care, he just had his first time sex and it was perfect and with a perfect man. Yes a man as Willie was all man to Vic, he did not see a boy anymore. “Why don’t you guys use this to clean up” Tony said suddenly from alongside them, putting a bowl of warm water and soap next to them. “I will make some coffee and start a fire, we need to talk about a few things” “Shit you gave us a fright” Willie said holding tightly on to Vic ” Think its to late about the birds and the bees” “No knuckle head” Tony looked at Willie with his green alien eyes ” Just finish up so you can get indoors, we do not need any sick boys around here” Vic did not know on why they had to clean up, he knows he all sweaty, but who will not be. “Love” Willie whispered into the ear of Vic “You must quickly go take a dump, My cum is leaking from you,” Vic looked down, saw nothing, but when he felt his behind, he understood. Vic starting running to the outhouse, wishing he had a lamp with him, lucky the rain did stop for a bit. He sat down and started pushing, feeling Willie sliding out of him. At least the toilet did not smell as bad as before, clearly Santa did pour some chemicals in to the bucket. He listened at the soft exploding sounds as his droppings hit the chemicals below. He finished up, struggled to find the toilet paper to wipe, but he did so in the end and set of to wash his hand. He went threw the cabin to the front porch as it started raining again. Vic was surprised to find Willie waiting on his there, he thought he would have finished up by now. There was a oil lamp burning outside, standing on the chair. “Why you not finish” Vic asked “Because I waited for you dummy” Willie soaked the green face cloth in the bucket of water before soaping it up ” I want to clean you, just because I love you” “Can I clean you as well” Vic said feeling the warm soapy cloth against his chest. “I would love that” Willie smiled. Vic felt like he was in seven heaven as his lover washed every inch of his body, getting excited again when Willie made triple sure that his dick and love hole was extra clean, before rinsing him of. Vic could not believe on how gentle this big man of him are, not only with the washing but with the drying as well. Last time he felt so much loved in being dried by someone, was when his father was doing so a year ago when he broke his arm. “Willie” Vic started “Why does grandpa want to talk to us” “I do not know, but I think its because we did it with him awake” Willie stood in front of Vic, giving him a quick kiss “but you know grown ups, always so serious. Now your turn” Vic rinsed the face cloth before soaping it up for the job at hand. He started slowly with the face first, the chubby cheeks feeling so soft under his touch. Then to the neck spotting the huge red mark where he has sucked on his lover’s neck. “O fuck sorry” Vic said washing softly over the red mark “I left a huge red mark” “I thought so” Willie giggled ” My first love bite, mom and dad will not be happy with me thou, you little vampire” Both boys giggled. Vic enjoyed washing the torso and back of Willie, kissing the fat roles just as often as he could. He did not mind that he was fat, for him he is the most beautiful man he ever saw, loved every inch of him. He came back to the tummy, giving it a slight push, watching as it dance like jelly under his touch. “You tickling me” Willie giggled “I know” Vic smiled ” Hey? Whats this ring around your cock” Vic pointed towards it. “What?” Willie asked looking down to his willy, pushing his tummy back ” O that. Well you did not clean yourself before we did it” “Huh” Vic asked looking closer, it smelled like shit “How you mean?” “That’s your shit” Willie giggled ” disgusting shit, but next time we do it, I will show you how to clean before so there is no,… well….. shit again” “Holy crap” Vic said pulling back ” Can you get sick from that?” “I don’t know” Willie said with a smile ” but I thinks that’s why Tony always say we must clean up afterwards” Vic slowly started washing the penis, making sure that he rinsed the cloth 3 times before soaping it up again and washing the penis,again. When he was satisfied he washed the legs and returned to was the butt again. “I love your bubbly ass” Vic said giving it a few kisses before washing his lover’s dick once more “i am sorry about the ring” “Nah, its all good” Willie grinned ” Look at how shiny and red it looks now, not to mention the boner I have” The boys giggled. Vic tried his best to rinse and dry Willie in the same way he did for him, as he dried every inch he gave a quick kiss to the bare and dry skin. He made sure to dry the penis last, patting it dry very softly before giving it a quick suck, sending Willie in to a few soft moans. “Come, Tony is waiting for us” Willie said knowing if he did not stop Vic now it will lead to round 2. Willie threw out the water on the grass in front of the porch while Vic dried out the cloth and hanged it over the chair. Soon they where in tuzla escort the cabin, Willie with the empty bucket and Vic with the lamp. Tony took the lamp and placed it between the two armchairs, next to the three cups of hot coffee. Its only then that Vic realized that Tony had a new set of underwear on, blue ones that was not so loose fitting as those ugly white ones. Tony sat down in the one chair, Willie on the other with Vic on his lap. The glow of the fire place dancing around the cabin. “I like those undies better” Vic said taking a sip of his coffee, almost burning his lips, he placed the cup down again. “I hate them” Tony looked at the two boys and smiled “way to tight” “Are we in trouble?” Willie asked “We are sorry if we woke you” Vic looked to the floor feeling embarrassed about their actions. “Nope” Tony said still smiling “I think Victor woke the dead, but I was awake. I must apologize now” “Why grandpa?” Vic asked “Just like the two of you yesterday” Tony grinned now “Did I do this morning, I did peep on you threw the open door” Vic started to laugh as he knows now why Tony had new undies on. Willie joined him and so did Tony. “It was not planned that way” Vic said with a grin looking at Willie “It just happened” “And that’s what I want to talk about” Tony’s face became all serious ” Willie we had this talk before, and now its Victor’s turn.” “O here we go” Willie pulled his face a bit ” Safe sex” “Yes Safe sex” Tony pointed out. ” Victor, when you had sex with Willie here, you had sex with me and Santa as well” “Huh, I do not understand” Vic said, frowning so confused he was” “Not literately” Tony looked as if wanted to burst out laughing “I meant that, how can I put it as simple as possible” “He meant” Willie interrupted Tony “That sleeping with someone with out protection, you can get sexually transmitted diseases of some kind, any one that your partner had sex with could have given it to your partner. He might not show any signs of that STD but you can catch it from him” “So you mean I could have caught virus or something?” Vic asked “Yes, you could have” Willie said kissing his lover on the cheek ” But Tony and Santa always wears a condom when we have sex, So we are safe” Vic sat and thought about it for a second, he remember that Tony was not wearing a condom yesterday,but what Willie said made so much sense. “I understand, but grandpa, you did not wear a condom yesterday” Willie started “And I don’t think there is condoms in our size, you know very small” “Yes, you are right, we did not” Tony took a condom from his undies and gave it to Vic ” Santa and me is lovers, we are boyfriends, just like the two of you are. But it happens that you will have sex with other men, when that happens you must make sure that you always have protection, not only for you, but your sexual partner as well. I have a small one, barely bigger than yours, as you can see those are the ones I use. When you and your boyfriend here, Willie, have sex and the two of you are exclusive, no need to wear them then, but if there is more than 1 sexual partner involved, please always wear one.” “I promise grandpa” Vic said looking at the condom marked small. “Me to grandpa” Willie smiled “O I will call you that as well because you are my boyfriend’s grandpa” Vic looked at the old man’s small teeth as he laughed open mouth, head backwards, he joined in, not knowing why. “Willie, you are so special” Tony said between laughing and catching his breath ” please never change” “Yip, that’s me” Willie said smiling. “But seeing that you have a tent there, why don’t you show us how to put on a condom” “Its you boys fault” Tony covered his erection with his hand ” I am just human” Vic saw the look in Willie’s eyes, knowing something was up. With a show of the eyes he asked his lover what’s up. “If you want to” Willie whispered in Vic ear ” we can have a little fun together with he old man, promise you will enjoy it, but if you don’t wanna, just as good” Victor looked at Willie, wondering why he will suggest it just after they had sex, then he looked at Tony covering his privates. He could not help as to wonder how a even bigger dick will feel inside him if Willie’s small one gave his so much pleasure. He even cummed with out touching his own dick. He gave Willie a wink and took the condom he held in his hand and walked over to Tony. “Yes please grandpa” Vic said lowering himself to between Tony’s legs, sitting on his knees on the floor ” Please show me” “Willie!” Tony aid loudly “Is this your planning, you know that I do not force anyone” “Nah” Willie lied “Its all him” He pointed to the grinning Vic sitting between the legs of the old man. “Vic are you sure” Tony asked ” I know where this will end, and I am not your boyfriend, Willie is” “Yes I know who my boyfriend is” Vic said showing Willie to move closer by a head movement “I want to do this, no we want to do this together” “Ok, but if you want to stop, just say no please, promise me that” Tony said and Vic could see the lust in the alien green eyes “O and no kissing, that is only for Santa” “That’s true”Willie said pulling on the old man’s undies, trying to get it of. “I tried many times, but that mouth is only for kissing Santa and giving awesome blowjobs” Vic looked at his lover, so straight forward and honest, he would have him no other way. Tony stood up and Willie finally got the undies from the old man. Vic eyes could not look away at the hard uncut 4 inch cock with age spots all over it, it was only a few inches away from him. It was true what the old man said, he was not that much bigger than they where, just a inch and a little bit thicker. Vic looked on as Willie took hold of the cock in front of them, started to lick the base and he decided to join in. He cupped the soft hairless balls, skin as smooth as silk, way bigger than that of his own, felt like two dove eggs inside that soft skin. He placed his tongue against the head of the cock, tasting way different than Mike or Willie’s, but he liked it. The two boys where licking up and down the shaft, one on each side, twirling their warm tongues around the head of the dick, Willie pulled back on the skin to give them more access to it. Vic felt he balls in his hand jumping from time to time, mostly when their was a tongue around that smooth old dick’s head. “Fuck boys” Tony said leaving Vic surprised to hear him swearing “Stop before I cum.” Vic stopped and pulled his head way, Willie on the other hand swallowed the whole dick in one go. “Willie, stop” Tony said and as soon as Willie pulled back, he walked over to the bed ” lets get on the bed rather, my knees will give way with you two hanging on my dick. “Love” Willie whispered into Vic’s ear ” fuck me while he looks on please” “Ok” Vic answered, avrupa yakası ucuz escort feeling Willie taking his hand and leading him to the bed. Vic looked as Willie placed himself on all fours in front of him. What must he do, he never did it before. He placed himself between Willies legs, spreading the beautiful butt cheeks so he could see where to go, but he saw a problem and did not know how to handle it. He leaned forward and whispered in Willie ear. “Love, I am to short” Vic blushed while saying it “I mean my dick is to small, yours is much bigger, why not fuck me?” “Yes Willie” Tony stated ” he still needs to grow a inch or so still, sorry” “That’s ok love” Willie turned around laying on his back “But your mouth is big enough” he grinned Vic saw the disappointment in his lover’s eyes, but knew what he wanted now. He lowered his head between Willie’s legs, tasting the pre cum that was offered to him. It was so tasty and sweet and he wanted every drop he could get, he wanted to look into Willie’s big blue eyes, but could not as the tummy was in the way. He pulled back on the shin and the red head appeared fully in front of him, he almost leaped out of his own skin from excitement. He started twirling his tongue under the head before placing his lips to the throbbing dick, hearing the soft moans coming from his lover only stirring the excitement in his even more. He could not help as to wonder why the 3 dicks he have tasted in his life taste so different. There was Mike’s, it did excite him but not even remotely close as he feels now with Willie, plus Willie’s tasted far sweeter than any of the other two, he did not like pre cum on Mike’s and always had to spit it out, but now he is drinking it from his lover, wishing for more. Vic eyes grew big as he felt it, there was a tongue at his hole, a feeling that he never felt before. He looked back and saw Tony standing on his knees next to the bed, face buried deep between his cheeks. “Love don’t stop” Vic heard the lusty voice of Willie ” you can ask him to stop if you don’t like it” Vic wondered for a second on what to do, clearly he liked what Tony was doing to him but someone licking his butt hole was a bit upsetting. Deciding he will see where it goes he dived back on his lover’s pulsating cock, pulling the skin back once more before putting it in his warm mouth. He moved up and down slowly as he sucked and played with his tongue, but stops every few seconds as he felt something new happening to his butt hole. Never did he knew he was so sensitive in that area, having a tongue darting in and out if it send him moaning. He decided he will try the same on Willie, he pushed up his lovers knees and the hole looked as if it is a little rosebud, just wanting to go in bloom. He slowly stuck out his tongue, licking it, happy he tasted the soap from earlier still on it. He licked it wet and just as tony done to him, blew softly over the wetness. The moaning he was getting from Willie made him dare to do more. Vic shot his head up as he felt something new, Tony was pushing his finger inside him now. He wanted to scream from pleasure as the finger met the spot that gave him so much pleasure, he made a note to self to ask what that spot is. His moans became loader and loader, but he did not want to leave Willie getting nothing. He wet his finger and started pushing it on the blooming rosebud, allowing him to slip his finger in. in a sense he was happy as the tongue in the butt thing was maybe to much for him to handle. “Love, please please suck me while you do that” Willie begged and his moans became louder as well. Vic had no choice, he wanted to please his man, but at the same time it became more and more difficult to concentrate as the pleasure of Tony’s finger was becoming intense, almost the same as it was with Willie inside of him. He fingered Willie while sucking his hard throbbing cock, his moans escaping his lips around that hard dick “I am going to cum” Willie said out loud and Vic sucked harder, moving his finger faster, his own orgasm starting to build yet again deep inside him. “Holy fuck ” Willie let out as he shot 3 loads in Vic’s mouth. It was not big loads but the taste of it was way different than any of the precum he has tasted before, rather liking the weird taste that stung a bit. He felt the finger of Tony slipping out of him, disappointed as he was so close, he looked back just to see how Tony was putting a condom on the hard 4 inch cock of his. “You where close there” Tony said “Hell yea” Vic said just in time as his mouth was met by that of Willie’s. They kissed, exploring each others mouths, tongues fighting with the other. Vic enjoyed the kiss, the weird stinging taste of Willie’s cum lingering on his tongue, right at the back of it. Then he felt it, the finger was back, the pressure on his hole growing by the second, Willie did not allow him to look back, kissing him with so much passion that Vic felt as if he could not breath. Hey, Vic thought to himself, that’s not a finger, its bigger than a finger. He broke the kiss to catch his breath, looking back at the two hands of the old man taking hold of his hips, one on either side. The green alien eyes of the old man was filled with lust and love as he felt him opening up to accept the smooth, age spotted cock of the frail old man. It felt very strange to him that everything felt so slippery in and around his ass, could spit do that, he was thinking. There was no real pain, not more than he had with Willie entering him. There it was again, Tony’s dick was hitting the same spot that Willie did, the same spot that finger was playing with just a few moments before. But this time the dick went just a but further, rubbing against that spot with every movement the old man did, just with more pressure to it. He started moaning out loud again, his voice going higher and higher with each slap of the old man’s balls against his, folding around his balls as to say. “Holy shit this is good” Vic said looking at the blue eyes of his lover. “I wanna cum just listening to your moaning” Willie said ducking his head below Vic torso ” tell me when you going to cum” was the last thing Vic heard from Willie. He felt just as before, the gel ball being released from somewhere deep inside of him, running threw him, below his balls and up his shaft, exploding into the awaiting mouth of Willie who latched on to him, sucking that drop that he just released. “Huuuuuh huuuuh” Was the moaning escaping from Vic’s mouth, every movement of Tony made him dizzy. It was so intense pleasure that he heard nothing , not even the hard thumping sounds of Tony slamming in to his ass. All he could see was little stars flouting in front of his closes eye lids as more and more of those gel balls flowing out of him, exploding into the mouth of his lover, he could not even hear his own screams filling the air. Last think he remembers was Tony slamming his dick real deep and hard in him, keeping it there, arms shaking on his hips. Everything darken as fell into a deep sleep To Be Continued Please email me with comments, good or bad, or just to say ail Thank you V for who I wrote the story, a great friend indeed.

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