Car to Booth


Car to BoothToday I made the trip to a visiting town with plans to go to an ABS there. I almost didn’t make it on account of an incredibly hot incident right outside the store. This place is in the industrial part of town, and as it was a Sunday, things were pretty calm. There were only three other cars in the secluded parking lot and as I drove up and parked between two of the cars a man was coming out of the store.I turned off my car and waited while he got in his vehicle. He glanced at me quickly and then squeezed the bulge going down his left jeans leg. That was all the encouragement that I needed, as I swung out of my car and took a step toward his. I saw him reach toward his car door toggle and heard the click of the doors unlocking. I opened the passenger door and slipped in as he turned to kiss me, deeply offering me his tongue.We made out hotly, but when I kept asking him if he had a place to go, his reply was no. I suggested going into the store to get in a booth, but he was concerned that it would look pretty obvious if he came right back in with another guy. Meanwhile it was getting hotter and hotter in his car all the time with a religious radio station on, playing music. He had pulled his cock out, so I bent over to give it a quick suck. The thing was massive, at least in girth. It was thick and fleshy as I took it in my mouth. He was uncut, so I pushed his foreskin back with my lips and tongue. His cockhead was shiny and smooth, and the tiny bit of pre-cum issuing forth from his dick tasted superb. By this time I had my big 8-inch cock out of my pants to let him have a go at it and he didn’t waste any time. He leaned over and took the head of my cock in his mouth and swirled his tongue around it. I kept pushing my pants lower and lower so he could have a go at my balls, too. The fact that we were in the front seat of a sedan in broad daylight made things all the more exciting as did the dirty things we were saying to each other. Finally he said, let’s go into a booth, but you go in first so we don’t look like we are together.I pulled my pants kahramanmaraş escort up right as the driver of the 4th car in the lot came out. He walked past the front of our car without a glance, however. I enter the store and there was no one around, but I heard a woman’s voice say that she was in the back cleaning up. When I got to the back, she was coming out of the only booth with a glory hole, so I wondered if maybe she had been giving head to the guy that just left the store. Since she then went to get a scoop broom, I was even more suspicious that she had been doing something other than cleaning up the booth. If I hadn’t already made a date with the guy in his car, I would have gone into one of the glory hole booths to see what developed. I must say that sex with ABS clerks is one of my absolute favorite things—I’ve gotten lucky that way nine times in the past, and I wonder it this gal could have been my first woman clerk!As it was, I continued back looking for an appropriate booth when I heard the front door open and my friend offer the excuse that he was back because he found some more singles. I waited for him in the video booth room, slipping into a booth and having him follow me. We returned to making out as we both dropped our pants.I dropped down to get a real appreciation of his plus-sized and really thick dick. It tasted wonderful when I had a whole mouthful of it. His balls were magnificent hanging things that I cradled as I sucked him. Then I worked a finger back toward his asshole. He pulled his ass cheeks apart for me so that I could finger his smooth hole. Then he pulled away from my mouth and turned his back to me. I eased my dick into his hot anus and fucked him slowly for a bit until he pulled of me to spin around and swallow my meat. He sucked me for a while until I pushed him off to bring about my climax—shooting clear across the booth with the force behind my cum.I leant against the booth wall, totally spent from the experience. Then I pulled up my jeans and thanked him as I slipped out of the booth. As I walked out of the store, the clerk smiled at me and said, have a good day as I gave her a wink while I left.

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