Erotic Education #1: Erica-1

Big Tits

Erotic Education #1: Erica-1Erica is ignorant in erotics, slender sexy sweet tender tiny tit tasty teen blonde beautyErica comes along for a walk and a private talk, surely she comes for the very first timeErica shows soon her mix of submissive curiousity for erotic education by sex in practiseErica is born to be my tasty teen sweet sex slave, I hope her siblings share her talents!Erica comes to sit next to me at a sunny bench in Westerpark half way an afternoon in MayErica starts to chat a bit and eagerly answers any questions about her life and siblingsErica is eldest of three and feels lonely, as she has the idea her classmates reject herErica complains “my tits are the tiniest of all, so no-one wants to become my friend!”I inform about her kıbrıs rus escort erotic education, which was none beyond the ‘birds and the bees’ …I invite her for a walk to a quiet part of the park so we can talk openly in privateI invite her to come and see the secluded water-park, which has only one entrance to itI inform her we can feel secure as no-one can hear us now, half high bushes for coverWe look like a granddad and a granddod, at a walk for a lecture about wet-lands natureWe look around us, no-one else is inside this safe sexy wetlands for our lecture of loveWe both kneel down to see from close a rare flower, I see her slip under her short skirtWe both are excited by this sexy situation, she kıbrıs rus escort bayan asks if I have a drink for her to shareErica never tasted beer before, she melts more for me when I offer her a sip by a kissErica never kissed before with the tongues twisting around and sharing tickling bubblesErica needs to relieve her full bladder but is still shy – I notice she rubs her bellyErica needs my advise: “you need to pee, isn’t it? – Just do it here dear, you’re safe”She squats and pulls her panties aside to offer me a view on part of her pretty pussyShe sighs deeply as she lets her water flow over those fine flowers for our first loveShe smiles at me when I pluck some of the flowers to smell at them, rus kıbrıs escort I ask her to let meShe spreads wider to let me lick last dew drops from her hairy cute cunny’s love lips!Erica likes the feeling of her first ever tongue licking at her lovely looking love lipsErica loves it, she presses her pussy into my mouth to munch more and firmer at her fannyErica longs for me to continue her first foxy lesson in love, my sweet sexy teen trainingErica lets her hips take over from her mind, till the yummy young blonde beauty squirts!We want to have a good long look intimately inside that tasty thick tight teen twatWe want her to lay on her back on my black leather jacket with her legs wide spreadWe want to see her hymen as she has confessed her mommy doesn’t let her use tamponsWe want to take a picture of the perfect pretty pussy with her holy hot hymen intactWe will continue this tasty tale very soonWe invite our reader to show their approvalWe welcome your ‘thumbs up’ at this episodeWe warmly welcome all your comments here!Copyright by Poet PETER – April 23. 2015

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