The Future


The FutureIt’s the thirty first century and I’m a cop who just completed an assignment. Me and my parner busted some d**g kingpin importing d**gs from another planet making a killing. The d**g was similar to cocaine but only stronger and the both of us came and closed up shop permanently. Afterwards I went straight home and took a long warm shower. I stood there and let the water come crashing down my body feeling all the tension float away after a long day of catching the bad guys and kicking ass. In the kitchen my girlfriend was making dinner and I could smell it all the way in here. When it came to women I enjoyed every race and color but this was something quite different. My girl was from another galaxy from a planet whose name I couldn’t pronounce. She had dark hair, cherry red skin, and these little things on her forehead that look like horns. I wasn’t dating a demon but she was one horny little she-devil. Her species had a rather high sex rate than humans where the sex lasts longer. As I’ve learned in the past those facts were correct. The sex was longer and intense and worth experimenting. After I was done I wiped myself down and wrapped the towel around my waist. I entered the kitchen where my girl, my little chef, stood by the stove making her home cook special wearing nothing but my pajama top. I came up behind her and kissed her neck, feeling her pulse rate at the tip of my tongue. “Hmmmm”, she purred like a kitten. “Something smells good”, I said. “Me or dinner?” “Whichever, they’re both good. How much time you need?” bilecik rus escort “Just a few minutes.” “Great. Let me get dressed.” I was on my way to put some pants on until she alerted my attention. When I turned around she had that look in her eye and she was salivating. I already knew what I was in for. “You don’t have to get dressed on my account”, she said, approaching me step by step. “Oh no”, I said, “now’s not the time. We’re about to eat.” “Dinner can wait. I want my dessert.” “Come on I just showered.” “So take another one, stud. And this time let me do the scrubbing.” What could I say? She was hungry and I was the meat she craved, and that’s the story about her species. She grabbed the towel from my hands and tossed it aside leaving me completely nude. My prick was already swelling and getting hard and she stood there gazing into it, admiring it like a work of art. Her forked tongue wiped some of her saliva off her lips. “Okay, red”, I said, “I surrender.” She grabbed my shoulders and slammed me against the wall, planting those intense kisses of hers. She gave me lots of tongue as I felt the tips of that forked tongue of hers. It was like kissing a snake. She kissed and licked exploring every part of my body. From my neck and chest then down to her intended target. Her forked tongue wrapped all around my dick practically smothering it and shoving it into her mouth, giving me her version of deep throat. Blow jobs were her specialty I can tell you that. She stayed on my dick bilecik rus escort bayan so long you had to get out the jaws of life to pry her loose. I was breathing so hard I thought I was hyperventilating. I pounded my fist on the wall and felt like begging for mercy. She was good, sometimes too good. “Shit! Shit!”, I yelled. After she was done it was my turn to have some fun. I pinned her to the wall, ripped open the pajama top and letting it slide down her smooth arms. I sucked on her neck making her purr once more. Then to those luscious titties of hers so red and ripe for the picking. Her flesh tasted sweet almost like wine. When it came down to sucking her pussy it was always the highlight of the evening. Instead of me putting my finger inside or stretching it her pussy opened up like two revolving doors allowing me to enter. I always enjoyed that and so did she. Her pussy was so deep my tongue could go all the way through. Once my tongue entered all hell broke loose. My girl screamed and actually roared like a wild a****l. She pounded on the wall only harder than me. Her claws were leaving scratch marks. She started cumming and I felt it in my mouth. The taste was smooth and stronger than her flesh. “I want more!”, she yelled, “now!” I carried her to the bedroom. I was right on top with our fingers locked to one another’s. I didn’t have to see her pussy open up before my dick went in. I already knew it was open until I was done. I shoved my six incher all the way down and rus escort bilecik the screaming grew louder by the minute. The neighbors next door were pounding on the walls telling us to keep it down. One time they actually called the cops because they thought I was hurting the poor girl. Of course there were times when I thought she would hurt me or worse. Face to face I see her eyes turned blood shot, her teeth growing into fangs, and her tongue lashing at me like a whip. In time I learned to trust her instincts. She assured me her transformation is due to a****l lust and she had no intention of eating me alive. I shudder to think. “Fuck me!”, she roared, “fuck me!” She was a scary sight but even so she was smoking hot. I turned her over and shoved my dick so far up her ass she took screaming to another level. She didn’t sound like herself at this moment. She was more like a rabid b**st on the prowl. Her claws started ripping the sheets to shreds and drenched from her saliva dripping down her chin. After that it was over. I collapsed on the bed gathering the air back into my lungs. My girl changed back to her old self and landed right beside me. We were both drenched in sweat and cuddled for awhile forgetting all about dinner. “Wow”, I said, “that was amazing. I think we broke the record.” “Yeah”, she giggled, “I can see the headlines now, ‘interspecies couple breaks sex record downtown.'” We both had a good laugh. “Dinner must be cold by now.” “No way. My hometown special stays heated until eaten.” “Sounds like you.” She laughed and gave me a wet one on the cheek. “Hmmm”, she said, “still tasty.” She headed back to the kitchen wearing nothing but a smile on her face. Experts were right. The sex does lasts longer with many more to cum. I mean come. And if this was the future of sex I welcome it and recommend it to anyone who wants to add fuel to the fire.

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