Dateline…I’m going to try and make this quick. This is a fucked up sarcastic fantasy, and if it turns you on, um, wow.I’m chatting on some sleezy alt site with some chippie who is obviously a cop. Cute misspelling and cartoon references that showed he studied.I dance around the issue for weeks. I’m not sending any dick pics, asking for specific info like age etc. I was real cagey. I’m not into that sort of thing but i got another agenda, so eventually i agree to meet.I know what this is. I’ve made preparations in advance, including high end lawyers and a private investigator. I even rented a news crew from a local tv station.I also packed my asshole with enough grass to live like a rockstar in jail while i wait.Anyway, same old story. Quiet neighborhood. Big yards. I was given an address in the middle of a nondescript block, belonging to a nondescript house. But, like i said, i knew what this was. I circled a 12 block radius, doubled back, and moved in one row of blocks. As i scanned the neighborhood i noticed amped up police presence all over. It was sloppy. They were lazing around like they were obviously waiting for something, not engaged in their normal activities, oppressing the poplace. I was in a rental car so by the time i neared the house i could pretty much yell yoo hoo suspect here!I parked, lit a joint, grabbed ankara escort a bottle of poppers, and a slightly bigger bottle of jack and walked up to the baited house. Figured what the fuck, might as well have fun with it.I knocked on the front door and heard a fake young voice call out, instructing me to come in and have a seat. My fake felony was getting ready.The next thing i know in he comes, Chris Hanson, from dateline.Perfect.He starts out predictably asking me to have a seat, without even looking. At first he was taken by surprise, but i was already kicked back in the recliner, smoking my joint with my other hand down my pants. The look on his face was worth the first parole flop.He tries to introduce himself for the sake of the show but i cut him off. I knew exactly who he was as i stared at him with smoldering eyes. This put him off track so he tries to continue his spiel by asking me why i came here. I asked him why did he think i was there. He stumbled through trying to reference the texts we sent back and forth, even though they had nothing. I told him he and his friends thought i came here to anally **** some u******e whatever, but really i came to meet him. He asked me why would i do that, so i told him i want to stick my dick allllll the way down his throat, and then worm my cock up his ass dry, ankara escort bayan so i could mix up a neopolitan. All this dirty talk threw him totally off his game, and eventually he kinda gave up and told me i was free to leave whenever i wanted. I got up and moved to kiss him and he jumped up and left the room.I called out to him as i left to let him know he’d see me again and i couldn’t wait. As i walked out the front door, i let my arms and legs go limp in preparation for the impending four man tackle coming up. Boom, right on cue my face is in the turf and two knees are in my back. While they cuffed me i started struggling but as they rushed to get me under control and started grinding my ass against the biggest one. Oh is that your maglite or are you happy to see me. Boom bang pow. Yeah they fucked me up pretty good but it would all be worth it. I got one rookie cop to let me blow him in the holding cell and the dumb motherfucker didn’t even know the cells are under camera surveillance 24/7. The judge said it was the clearest case of entrapment in her 30 years on the bench. I came in not guilty in f******n minutes. It took longer for the jury to leave and return then they deliberated.The judge yelled at the county sheriffs, she said something crazy about the flutterbug city cops, she yelled at Chris escort ankara Hanson and he wasn’t even there. Then she yelled at me. Basically she said even though i was not guilty of a sex crime, i was still a fucked up individual, and she still charged me for misdemeanor d**gs and put me right back into county jail.Like i said…perfect.There i am for a couple months, still living high inside. I got four sissies taking care of me. I can get one to rim me to completion for a bag of coffee. I got a guy in the jail kitchen cooking real food for me separately from the rest of the slop. All i needed to due is wait for the lawyers because we’d sued the tv network and pretty much everyone associated with the show.While hanging out in my room ticking off time when my bottom bitch comes running up to my room screaming that Chris Hanson is coming to jail. Bitch wouldn’t shut up. I was getting annoyed because i knew it would happen.After his little debacle with me, the show cancelled, he lost his job, and at some point while he was consolidating his resources after his fall from grace, it somehow came to the surface that he had a ton of sketchy investments stashed away for a rainy day. That was something he’d already been into, but nobody ever thought to shine a light on it.When the fbi raided his house looking for gold ingots and smuggled diamonds, who or what they found in his basement…So he’s pretty much done forever. He’s on his way to MY jail on his way to more of the same in prison. And i get out about 2 weeks after he gets here.I think I’ll take care of him in part 2.

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