Hello guys bbc story happen


Hello guys bbc story happenSorry guys my stories r truth so some time takes time big event happenSorry in advance my English and grammar not good As u guys know I’m shemale skinny and cute pic in my profile Lately I start my new business remodeling small business retail stores I meet this client 7ft tall very muscular and very rich and yes his black from Africa some island and he open new shop here in my city for female clothing and undies and after my team finish Remodel his store they left I’m at his waiting for him to come over pay me rest of money we agree on its was late around 9:27 pm he knock on glass door I kept the store door lock I was scare not going to lie he was in dressing pants and shirts tall look very handsome I’m in white jumpsuits lace bra and no panties high heels as I let him in he lock the door as I walk him throw his store showing him all the area fitting room and back rooms his office employees lunch room he was very happy satisfied customer as we sit in lunch area he hand me check with extra $1000 I was surprised but anyway he start flirting with me even I told him I’m not a female im transsexual he didn’t mind he ask me to go out have dinner with him I turn him down as we sitting their his flirting giving me compliments and offer me to do more of his store all over United state as I agree not going to lie I was so turn on because he was tall muscular cute anyway he was keep touching my knees and thighs out of no where he whisper I should let him see my penis I was shock but I refuse he start begging me I grab his hand place it on my small penis he start squeezing gentle my breathing got heavy little as I hear in whispering voice relaxe just enjoy it and slowly he start undoing my button from shoulder let my jumpsuit top fall down sitting in bra as he continue to play with my penis then he got up and pull my arm ankara escort to get me on my feet I was so small standing front of him he place both his hands on my each hips lift me off the floor got my table start pulling my rest of jumpsuit off me I’m sitting in bra and high heels watching him as he undo my bra and start playing with my nipple sucking them butting them gentle and pulling them with his teeth as he whisper I have been driving him nuts next shocking thing he did spread my legs little stare my penis half hard he bend over start sucking my penis I was so surprised see him sucking my penis I was at levels couldn’t say no to him anymore his both hands pulling my nipples twisting them my heart was pounding my left was on his head and in few mins I whisper loud his making me cum and he didn’t stop my hips start moving and I was about to shoot cum in his mouth and he didn’t stop continue to suck my penis hard and I try to hold not to shoot my cum in his mouth but I couldn’t help it I start to shoot cum in his mouth as he continues to suck my penis then he stop smile looking at me I was smiling as I reach for his pants undo his belt and slowly got off the table and he bow down little kiss me as I undo his pants button zipper and slowly I got on my knees pull his pants down with his underpants I was shock its was hanging close to his knees my both hands was on my forehead and I close my eyes in worry face he was stop it just look he don’t bite honestly for second I didn’t know what to do after seeing his long thick black cock and honestly look like a snake lol I step from fear as I reach and grab just the cock head its was heave I whisper oh my gawd as I hear him sweat talking how nice gentle he does his wife was scare first but she love it every time they do I open my mouth wide I could I couldnt get his cok head between my ankara escort bayan lips I was just sucking his penis hole and stroking with hands I look up with smile he was replying don’t worry love as he start getting hard more thicker he got and longer to I think he was 13 or 14 inches he reach for me grab me gentle from my shoulder got me up on my feet as I hold his cock in my both hands stroking he kiss few time turn me slowly bend me down as he spit on my tight asshole start finger fuck me I was so turn on from finger fuck he finger fuck me almost 5 mins or longer he my asshole ready and wet for him and few second letter he whisper just relaxe I don’t like to hurt so just relaxe I knew I’m about to feel his cok in my asshole I did relaxe as I felt his heavy cock head sitting on my asshole as he grab my left side hip and I feel him trying to push his thick cock head between my butts and in my asshole I move few step fwrd I start to get nervous as he whisper don’t move just relaxe he try again with his force peer he was moving me fwrd we try few time I had him stop I turn my head see his cock was to big and I was so turn on I want to get that cok in my ass now so I get on my hands and knees told him don’t hold my hips spread my buts cheeks he spit on my asshole three four times hold my butts cheeks spread wide I felt his muscular grip on my butts holding spread he let go one side of butt start forcing his cok in my asshole I start to feel his going to pop in my eyes was shut tight my hips was moving ford and suddenly he force it in my knees got weak for second I feel dizzy didn’t know what just happen to me I was in shock he was rubbing my shoulder and back saying relaxe as I come back I shake my head hear him saying don’t scream I didn’t know I scream loud when I was dizzy and tears was dripping from my eyes he was trying escort ankara to relate me come me down my ass was in pain I felt something big got in I couldn’t move as he start to move very gentle I was screaming and he stop I reach back feel his cok not even half in I white my tears and he was sweating he spit on his cock shaft and on my butts massaging with his finger very close to my asshole and his cock as I feel him sliding in more and more then he stop again pull out when he did I felt him popping out I help me get back on my feet I couldn’t get up or stand I was weak shaking as I got my on table on my back lift my legs up he force again this time he got in my ass I swear I was in different world and he start fucking me nice and slow still I couldn’t get all of his thick cok in my ass I don’t remember how I got to position I’m standing on my legs and bend down on table his fucking me as he stop for few mins hear his whisper relaxe u r doing amazing job I was so shaking and mess as he start fucking me hard I start to cry and scream I’m holding table very tight my hands was red face was red he pull I collapse on floor and he stand on my face start to cum all over my face I was cover in cum after he was done he dress up and sit next to me got me clothes whip my face Honestly I didn’t have no power to get back in my jumpsuit or walk out of store or drive home he did help me back in my jumpsuit and he drive me home when I was by my self at home I look at my face was so mess and red i didn’t have no power to do anything I fall a sleep in my bed in my jumpsuit without taking shower I slept 14 straight hours when I got up I was in so much pain I couldn’t walk or sit on my ass I barely make it to shower after was I done I look in my mirror my butts had red fingers mark like I had spank by him honestly I didn’t remember my asshole was very dark brown very big round asshole I look my phone his txt was their he says thank you for best 4 hours Anyway I did few more of his store no I didn’t fuck him again Hope you guys love it and please please rate it and leave lots of comments Thank you

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