An Interesting Turn of Events


An Interesting Turn of EventsThe other night i had just finished work and was heading home when I got a text from my friend Candice, she told me I should come over and record her and her friend having lesbian sex. I of course text her back for the time (4:00pm) and made sure I turned up there 15 minutes early.I ring the doorbell and wait, my excitement levels were very high, my friend answers and invites me in with a big kiss and a hug as she always does. I was then introduced to not 1 girl but 2 other girls, Janet and Sharon, Janet is a lovely brunette about 5’6″ tall and E cup breast size with a nice curvy figure, Sharon is a red head that is a bit shorter (around 5’5″) with C cup breast size and a nice slim body, my friend Candice is a blonde about the same height as Janet (5’6″) with DD cup breast size and is a little a bit chubby but has very nice hips and very lovely full lips.We head into the bedroom and i get handed the video camera, Candice tells me if I want to masturbate to not hold back and masturbate to them while filming, I started recording and the girls started kissing each other and feeling each other up and swapping between each other stripping one another slowly while teasing their sensitive spots. Once they were all naked Janet and Sharon teamed up on Candice, Janet was kissing her and rubbing her breast while Sharon was licking her nipple and rubbing her clit. Candice was moaning and rubbing Sharons nipple while her other hand was around Janet pulling her closer for more kissing. Sharon then slowly and delicately kissed her way down to Candices pussy and started pleasuring her with her tongue, Janet offered her breast to Candice to suck on while Candice had a finger in her pussy and was fingering Janet slowly.After a little while Janet and Sharon swapped over. Janet started eating Candices pussy and rubbing her clit while Sharon mounted Candices türbanlı bursa escort face to get her pussy pleasured while she rubbed her breasts and played with her nipples, all the girls were moaning and enjoying themselves when Janet stops her work on Candices pussy and walks over the the cupboard, she pulls out a double ended dildo and slides one end deep into her pussy, she grabs Candices legs and throws them over her shoulders and penetrates Candice deep and hard, Candice squeals in delight and starts moaning loudly, Candice then pushes her face hard against Sharons pussy and is going wild on her pussy with her tongue while Janet is fucking her with the dildo. I had been moving around them this whole time zooming in and out and getting different angles, I decided to get up real close to get a nice closeup of Candices pussy getting fucked, I had no pants on and my cock is hard as a rock, when suddenly Janet grabs my cock and starts stroking it while fucking Candice telling me I have to enjoy this too.I was loving this. The girls stopped. Candice got up from her back and leaned over the bed from the side and Sharon and Janet swapped it around, Sharon now had the dildo while Janet was laying on her back with Candices face centimeters from her pussy. Sharon started fucking Candice doggy style while Candice was easting Janets pussy, They kept at it for a while swapping who had the dildo and who was being fucked and licking and kissing. After about 40 minutes of full on action the girls had all orgasmed 3-4 times (by my count) and were weak from the effort they exerted. I was still sporting a hard cock. Janet crawls over to me and takes my cock balls deeps in her mouth sucking hard, I was in heaven as she sucked my cock and played with my balls. After about 5 minutes of getting my cock sucked on Janet lays türbanlı bursa escort bayan on her back on the bed and spreads her legs and tells me “Come have some fun Andrew, I want your nice hard cock deep inside me.” An offer i just could not refuse.I rushed over and put the camera down and slid my cock into her pussy and enjoyed the tightness, I asked Janet “How many male partners have you had?” and she replies “I have only ever had sex with 1 man. You are my second.” I was shocked, I was also very grateful, Janets pussy was very tight and felt like heaven had arrived on earth. Janet layed on her side and put her leg over my shoulder as i fucked her and kissed her, I left her ride ontop at her own pace and she grinded my cock hard and fast and brought herself to an orgasm, I was very close to cumming myself, Then i bent her over and fucked her from behind, after about 5 minutes i asked her to ride me again and she did. This time i cum inside her as she orgasmed on my cock again, she pushed herself hard against me so i would cum very deep in her pussy.Candice and Sharon were looking at me very intently and after Janet got off me and jumped on me straight away and started kissing and licking and sucking on me all over, after about 7 minutes i was rock solid again and ready for round 2 so Candice and Sharon had a quick discussion and decided Candice would get to have my cock first.I had fucked Candice many times before so I knew exactly how she liked it, I threw her on the bed and pushed her face down and pulled her ass up and started fucking her like a champ from behind, occasionally spanking her. I lay down behind her and put my cock in her pussy from behind while holding up her leg and fucking her, she was rubbing her clit at the same time and orgasmed in this position. I finally put her on her back and türbanlı escort bursa started fucking her fast and furiously and hearing her moans and her encouragements to fuck her harder and faster and kissing her I finally brought her to another orgasm, then I pulled out and moved onto Sharon.Sharon was fantastic, she crawled onto the bed and stuck my cock down her throat straight away, she sucked me and licked me for about 8 minutes before bending over in-front of me and telling me “Fuck me like there is no tomorrow. Stick that cock in me and **** me hard and fast like a whore.” I obliged and rammed my cock into her, I grabbed her hair and tugged it so her head was bent back and went wild on her pussy, I whipped her hair like they were reigns and spanked her ass to a nice bright red. Candice brought me a vibrator and whispered in my ear “She loves having a vibrator in her ass while she is being fucked.” So i turned it on an while fucking her i slowly ran the tip of the vibrator up her back, she was quivering with excitement as i was holding it against her asshole, i gathered a large amount of saliva and drooled it over her ass and then slide the vibrator slowly in her ass. The effects where instant, she became tighter and was a lot more friskier than before. I kept this up for another 5 minutes until she orgasmed hard, she was flopping around like a fish on the bed and her juices were squirting out of her pussy. I grabbed hold of her and put the vibrator back in her ass and pushed her onto her back and held her down as i fucked more, she was squirming and moaning hard, resisting me, but she never told me to stop so i kept fucking her more and more and she orgasmed again, this time though i also orgasmed and cum inside her twitching wet pussy as deep as I could push my cock.Afterwards I looked at the time, It was almost 9pm, so i said to the girls that we should freshen up and get some dinner. I helped Candice cook some dinner and we all have a nice meal of Chicken Kiev an vegetables with some wine, Janet and Sharon both game me their numbers and I gave them mine before they headed home. I spent the rest of the night at Candices house with more sex and tv shows and even more sex in the morning after we woke up.

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