First Anal Experience


First Anal [email protected] is a follow-up, it explains the ‘two other things’ that came from my m*****s severe punishment paddling.Enemas and popping her anal ‘cherry’.Wednesday or Thursday of the week following the severe paddling Evelyn asked me to please go to a pharmacy and get her a laxative. As she put it during dinner “I haven’t had a BM since Saturday…I think I’m constipated honey and…I don’t want to…uh…wait too long.”I thought about that; when we were k**s she gave us enemas and, we had nothing to hide from each other now. Why wait for a laxative to work? An enema would solve the problem very fast…After dinner I let her do the dishes (standing was still the most comfortable position for her anyway) while I went to a large local pharmacy. The small Fleet enemas were out of the question, I picked up a nice fountain syringe set, a fresh jar of petroleum jelly and some KY. This would be quite an experience for both of us.Returning home I found Evelyn on the living room couch (on her tummy) watching TV. I sat down beside her, gently gave her panty-clad bottom a little rub and told her “Laxatives take too long, I’m gonna’ give you an enema.” She moaned about it a little as I said “That way you won’t have to sit too long and you’ll be completely cleaned-out for a few days.” There was some more moaning and pouting but she knew I was going to give her the enema, there was no way out of it. I unpacked everything then went to the powder room down the hall to get ready. It took only a few minutes to set things up, fill the bag with a warm soapy solution, hang it up and bleed the air out of the hose. I put a towel on the carpet and summoned Evelyn…she walked slowly down the hallway, still walking a little ‘funny’.Without being told she slipped out of her panties, kicked them aside, got on her elbows and knees – on the towel – and then pulled the dorm shirt up around her small breasts. It was quite a sight in that position. Head down, bottom in the air, knees spread, she was wide-open. The damage to her bottom looked pretty nasty, the bruises and welts made it hard to walk comfortably. The other thing (now evident in her position) making walking uncomfortable, were two little lines of bead-like welts just inside of her cheeks. These are caused by the paddle and, walking dikmen escort rubs them together causing great discomfort for a while.I used the petro jelly to lube her rectum a little then dipped the enema nozzle into it. When I inserted the nozzle Evelyn gave a little moan then relaxed; when I started the flow she gave a bigger and longer moan, arched her back a little and let out a long gasp. There were a lot of gurgling sounds coming from her gut followed by “Oh shit…ohhhh…I’ve got cramps! OoooHHHHhhhh God…please…I’ve got cramps!!” I had to stop a few times to let the cramps go away then begin again. After maybe ten minutes the bag was empty and Evelyn’s bowels were full…very full. Although she wanted to get on the toilet right away I told her to just stay in that position and let the enema solution work for a while. This was a chore for her; I was telling her to stay in position and the cramps were telling her to get to the toilet NOW! She obeyed me, stayed on the towel and clinched her rectum/cheeks HARD, very hard. The gurgling sounds went on. I let it work then helped her up, she moved quickly to the toilet, sat down a little too hard, there was a sudden gush of water then she emptied herself while flushing. Quickly and violently she was empty…totally empty. She sat for a few minutes moaning, gasping and breathing hard.While I waited I made-up another clear water enema, filled the bag and got ready to give her a good ‘flush’. This time a full gallon. She protested but took it then held it until I allowed her to use the toilet again. This time the ‘gushing’ was almost all water but; it was a good fifteen minutes until she was finished…and…really didn’t want to sit anymore.I helped her clean-up, lubed her rectum a little then had her put her panties back on and sent her to bed. My mother had a very tight little rectum, even after all of that, nice and tight!This started two things; the enemas and soap suppositories (which were effective but nasty in ‘adult’ size) and Evelyn’s introduction to anal sex.I waited at least a week, until her bottom wasn’t too tender to the touch. The cold towels, once in a while, helped, baby lotion helped too. The bruises and welts were still there but she, after about 4 days, could sit with little discomfort eryaman escort and walking became easier. The thing that took the longest to clear-up were the marks left by the holes in the paddle. Because of the limited area on that little bottom many overlapped and those remained nasty looking for a while. Every time she sat there was a good reminder of the punishment and what had caused it to be given. The good part was that she was a model partner; contrite and obedient for a change. She was still ‘grounded’.Following that enema treatment I’d been thinking about anal, we’d also talked about it a little, not much. I’d found out that she had tried it with my father a few times…it hadn’t worked at all. The next Sunday was a lazy day, I had some things to take care of around the house and Evelyn just relaxed. She was finally sitting without too much discomfort and back in a better frame of mind. After lunch I finished one thing that I’d started in the morning then cleaned up, found her, took her hand and had he go to the bedroom with me. When we sat on the bed her first question was ‘are you going to give me a spanking?’ She knew there was a ‘reminder’ coming but I assured her that it wouldn’t be for a little while. I got her to lay back on the bed with me and we talked some as we cuddled and kissed.There was one long hard sloppy kiss in there as I fondled her then, I brought up the subject of anal sex. After my assurance that I wouldn’t just ream her – that I would take it easy – she did agree to try again. She was anxious to please me after what she’d done and the punishment so getting her to agree was pretty easy. We shed our clothes during foreplay slowly working down to being nude; she was nervous as I worked on getting her aroused. I got some lube at some point and began giving all of my attention to her tight little rectum. She played with my cock a little but it didn’t take much to get me rock hard. Just thinking about being inside of that hot little ass already had me going pretty well!I knew that she’d spent some time in the toilet earlier in the day. Once I started finger-fucking her rectum I was pretty sure she was empty. I used a lot of lube and worked at it slowly, gently until I was using all of my middle finger. Evelyn clung to me etimesgut escort moaning and gasping a little as I worked. Using two fingers got a sharp gasp of pain from her, it was very uncomfortable. I used even more lube, helped her relax more and just gently pumped for a while…her gasping was replaced by moaning and heavy breathing. Working around and finding her little nut of a prostate I messaged a little; that had her wiggling even more! When I figured she was relaxed enough and ready (I was way past ready at that point) I had her get on her knees and elbows so that I could mount her.Placing one hand on her upper thigh, so she couldn’t get away, and guiding my cock with the other; I told her to spread her knees. As she obeyed I pushed the head of my cock against that little hole and gave a short easy thrust…Evelyn let out a shrieking gasp and lurched forward! I pulled her back and kept the head of my cock just inside of her rectum. She began to tremble like hell as I pushed deeper! When at least half of my cock was buried I stopped, grabbed her by her hips and told her to relax…“Take a minute to relax dear…then…when I start to push again; push like you’re going to the bathroom.”When I stopped again I was buried to the balls in that little ass.My m****r wiggled around, flexed her rectum while gasping and moaning. She was breathing very hard, gasping and trembling like hell! My god was she ever tight!I took my time fucking nice and slow; withdrawing until only the head of my cock was inside then slowly pushing in good and deep. I wasn’t hitting bottom but she was full! She trembled, moaned and gasped like hell but didn’t try to get away…she did a lot of wiggling and managed to keep her knees under her until I got close and began to fuck a lot harder. At that point the moans turned to a constant squealing with almost every stroke until I buried myself at last and filled her with cum. My orgasm was so violent and long that it actually hurt. By then her face was in her hands and she was crying a little. I stayed in until my cock started to get soft then slowly pulled out.We hugged, kissed and cuddled for a little while. Even though there had been some pain her juices were flowing and yes, that little rectum gaped for a while after. We talked about the experience and she agreed that; even though it was uncomfortable, it wasn’t that bad.After a while there were some ominous sounds coming from her gut. She moved around a little moaning a little then scrambled away, jumped out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Yes…when she returned she was now completely ‘empty’!

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