First Time with Dave and Beryl


First Time with Dave and BerylMe and my partner have decided to write all our experiences down, a bit like photos to look back on. So all True stories My partner wrote this oneFirst Time with Dave and BerylI’ve known Dave and Beryl for over thirty years now, Dave has always flirted with me ever since I’ve known him, and he’s always told me he wants to get into my knickers, he has the occasional sneaky feel or squeeze of my tits when he’s been messing around. And is always asking me to show him my big tits, but I have never done this He has always been obsessed with my tits, I’m a 36g and that was as far as it ever went.One day while visiting Beryl and Dave there was a lot of flirting going on, Dave jokingly said shall strip off and fuck each others brains out, he got a slap of Beryl for that comment, my partner said I’m up for that, so I said me to, Beryl said you are k**ding aren’t you, No I replied we have done it before with friends, you are joking Beryl said, she is a bit straight laced. They asked us all about it and we told them, Dave said he’d love to try it, Beryl said no way but she was a bit curious, I said to beryl wouldn’t you like have another man fuck you, no she said, I would love to see you with another man Dave said, How would you feel about Dave fucking me I asked her, I suppose in a kinky sort of way I would, I got hold of Dave’s hand and placed it on my breast, dose that turn you on I asked Beryl Mmmmm actual it dose, It turns me on said Dave, I thought it would I replied. I sat down on Dave’s knee as he felt my breast, I put his other hand on my other breast, how’s that I asked Beryl it turns me on, but I didn’t think it would Dave massaged türbanlı kocaeli escort my breasts thru my top, My partner asked Beryl if she wanted Dave to stop or carry on, carry on Beryl replied but I’m not doing anything. Shall we just watch my partner said? Beryl smiled. My partner told Dave to unhook my bra, Dave didn’t hesitate, now he could feel my bear tits for the first time ever, I’ve always wanted to hold these, Dave said they are much bigger in the flesh and so firm with lovely big nipples, I took my top off so Beryl could see her husband fondling my tits, Beryl says Pam’s got great tits they are more than twice the size on mine, My partner asked her how far did she want Dave and Pam to go. Beryl asked Dave if he had a hard on, that’s a silly question he replied, she asked if he would like to have sex with Pam oh yes but only if you agree. He tells Beryl. Lets see how it goes she said. I said if you want us to stop just say so. Beryl nodded. And said lets go in the bedroom there’s more room, we all went in the bedroom me and Dave sat on the bed I unbuttoned Dave’s shirt and removed it, we lay back on the bed and started kissing while he was feeling my tits. Dave moved down kissing my breast, then my nipple before licking and sucking on them, I moaned that feels good, I never thought I would ever be doing this Dave said, Me neither Beryl replied, I put my hand down and felt Dave’s cock it was hard. I asked Beryl if she wanted my to get his cock out, she just nodded, I told Dave to lie on his back while I removed his trousers and pants, he was naked now, His cock is about 6 ½ inch long the türbanlı kocaeli escort bayan same size as my partners I leaned over him rubbing my tits on he chest and down to his cock, then I stood up and removed the rest of my clothing, before lying beside him on the bed. Now what do you think my partner asked Beryl. Randy bastards is all she said.I started wanking Dave before putting his hard cock in my mouth sucking and licking the head of his cock, Dave was moaning loudly now, after a while I asked Beryl if she wants Dave to fuck me, I don’t believe I’m watching this she said, but just nodded again,Dave rolled me over on my back and lay on top of me, after a little kissing I spread my legs and Dave lie between them, he rubbed his cock against my already wet pussy before slipping it all the way in me, I moaned as he did this, Beryl moved over and sat on the bed to get a better view, I told her that her husbands cock felt good inside me and I cant wait to feel him shoot a load of hot cum inside me, Dave started fucking me slowly at first then getting faster and harder we were both moaning.My partner came over to the bed and sat beside Beryl and said he loves to watch my big tits bouncing while I’m fucking, Dave said they look great, after a few minutes I was getting ready to cum, I started to cum Dave started pounding my even harder, He made me cum three times, I love Multi orgasms, before he said he was Cumming with a few loud grunts he shot his load in me. I told Beryl that was good and she should try it. Dave rolled of me and lay by my side, Beryl sat looking at my cum covered pussy and Dave türbanlı escort kocaeli wet cock. I asked Beryl what its like to watch her husband fucking another woman.I cant believe I’ve just watched you two she replied, but it’s a real turn on.It’s a real eye opener I don’t know what to say.After a while chatting we got dressed and went in the living room for a much needed drink.The Second Time With Dave And BerylA few weeks later I was down there way again, After visiting family, My partner was not with me, this time, I thought I would just call in for a quick drink and to see how they were.The chat very soon got to talking about the last time I was there, and asked if I fancied doing it again sometime, Mmmm love to I replied. How about now Beryl said I was a little shocked to hear Beryl talk like that, she says since last time and watching us have sex it’s put a new spark of life in to there sex life.And this time Beryl would like to join in the fun.I never thought I would end up in a threesome with Dave and his wife Beryl that day.Dave couldn’t believe his luck two women in bed with him at the same time. We took turns sucking and riding his cock, He fucked us both Cumming inside us and he cum in my mouth once, It was the first time I’d had sex with another couple without my partner being there. It felt very strange and erotic being in bed with another couple, And Beryl had a completely different attitude to sex from the last time I was there.The Third Time With Dave And Beryl This time we arranged to go down and see Dave and Beryl for a foursome with my partner joining in us,So Dave finally got to see his wife being fucked by another man. Beryl was a little nervous at first but she soon got over that, she tried allsorts of things Swapping from partner to partner every few minutes, Fucking both her husband and my partner at the same time she even swallowed there cum, which Dave says she never did that before, I was shocked is this the same woman as a few weeks ago.We now meet on a regular basis For foursome sex.Fin

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