How I met my wife


How I met my wifeAlthough twenty five years ago ,this image is still implanted in my head.we met in college as she and I had the same class and I was in know how you look and can tell she is the one ,simply pure. She hasn’t changed much since college,still 5’6″ still around 125lb and oh those hazel eyes and small tits with pretty large soft nipples. Now One day she invites meto this party but I have to work so I agree to meet her there about 1am. So I finally arrive and it’s a pretty wild party and I grab a beer and start looking for the girl who invited me. After almost a hour I’m about to give up and in walks this beauty with about 5 guys from the wrestling team. She litterly walks right by me and she looks drunk . I said hello but she never even looked up me. Reality hits me that she isn’t my girlfriend I mean she doesn’t even know I like her as you can tell I’m very shy yeşilhisar escort . After a few more drinks I decided to look for her one more time but now I can’t find her. That’s it I’m done so I go upstairs to pee and I see a couple guys from that wrestling team so I start talking to them and I almost shit myself when the one gauy says ” did I fuck her too?”I said no maybe later and sat and drank. Here comes three guys out of the bedroom laughing and rubbing their cocks. I was sick to hear that all six of them fucked her,I believed she was so pure too. I decide maybe I’ll check in on her so I slowly open the door and I’m in shock, this beauty that I’m in love with is stark naked passed out on the bed with no clothes on! There is cum every where , in her brunette hair on her breasts and stomach.i went to the bathroom to get some warm water and some towels and return and I had to chase some asshole out of there. I mean he had his cock out ready to just fuck her right there! As I proceed to clean her up, wiping her hair and face down to her navel something came over me I can’t explain.she was turning me on and my cock was hard as hell! All of sudden I have this urge which I can’t explain to lick her well fucked, cum filled pussy. This was a first for me that I would lick another mans cum from her pussy, I LOVED IT! Then I justified rolling her over to clean her up only this time I was making love to her ass with my tongue. A lot of cum was on my face now and thought I need to fuck her so I propped her ass up on the pillow and slid all the way in one shot. I thought I was in heaven until I pulled out and slid my cock in her ass. What surprised me was how easy it went in and realized they must have fucked her ass too. Twenty seconds went by quick and I unloaded another load of cum in her and passed out all cuddled up to her. She woke up first with a look of total shock! I told her it was ok and to lay back down and she did! So I did what any other guy would do and stared rubbing my cock against her ass. She then said something I’ll never forget” put it in my ass as I don’t want to get pregnant ” it was amazing and still is to this day. Fyi after that night she said she was sore and that what she did with me that night was out of character. Why she doesn’t remember getting gang banged at all. I love it, so she thought I fucked her like that? I never said a word and three years later we were married . What a great love story I thought I’d share. I learned one thing over the years if she gets drunk and a little pot ,she does anything and remembers nothing. As I sit hear writing I have my small dick in my hand reliving that moment. Twenty years later she has given me lots of memories ,it’s a shame she doesn’t remember

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