Moms Secret Chapter THREE


Moms Secret Chapter THREENotes: This chapter, written in the POV (point of view) of the mother will retell the events found in Ch.01 and Ch.02. However, she will also describe an event that happens to her afterward, which isn’t found in either of the above chapters.*Ch. 03 does not have i****t. Ch. 04 WILL have i****t.—-Angie’s PerspectiveMy name is Angela and I have been married to my husband, Daniel for close to 25 years. It has been a long marriage, but it was not a happy one. It wasn’t the worst marriage ever in the history of mankind, though. For starters, I was never physically or sexually abused by him. However, he always tried to control me, usually through the use of put-downs. I stayed with him because of my k**s. I didn’t want them to have a broken home. Yes, I have made my own mistakes, but I don’t regret staying for them. I’ve sometimes regretted marrying the man but I’ve never regretted having the k**s that I love so much.My husband started cheating when our son was just two years old. When I first confronted him on it, he told me that he was just having fun and he wouldn’t do it again. When I caught him a second time, he said that he was still young and didn’t want to waste the time. The women meant nothing to him, apparently. I began to believe that his cheating might have been because of me. Because he had always been insecure about himself, he wanted to prove to others that he was someone important. He enjoyed putting this façade to everyone because of the ‘respect’ he was given. I didn’t respect him though. There were times when he tried so hard to impress me, but it couldn’t be done and he hated me for that. It wasn’t that I didn’t support him – I did – but he wanted me to worship him. I couldn’t do it, so he must have given up on me. He even told me one time during an argument that I could go find another man to sleep with, just as long as he doesn’t find out about it! I was never a cheater and I wasn’t going to start! I told him that.Still, I wasn’t ready to break the family up yet. I naively hoped that he’d eventually change, but he never would. In fact, he even became cockier as he met more women and made more money.Eventually, it got to the point that I told him that I wanted a divorce but he accused me of marrying him for immigration purposes and ‘trying to break up a happy home’. I was hurt, but I was also guilty. It was true that I really needed to stay in the country because my student visa was about to expire. I couldn’t risk applying for another visa and have them reject me. I had sacrificed everything to come over here and I didn’t want to go back to my home country empty handed. Back home, we were very poor, barely able to make ends meet. Our living space was a joke. It was basically the size of a small apartment and since we shared it together with my siblings, as much as four people were there. When we came over here, the money was surprisingly able to work harder for us. Marriage would have been a convenient excuse to stay here.That being said, I married him because I wanted to start a family of my own. I came from a broken family myself and I wanted to break that cycle. Most importantly, he seemed to be the most suitable of the men that I met over here. Though he was short and not the best looking, we really got along. He was a great conversationalist. And while he wasn’t rich or wealthy by any means, he was still willing to be generous. I wasn’t looking to leech off him though. I just needed him to help start a family with me. In addition, he seemed to love his mom very much because he lived with her when he could’ve moved out like his other brothers. I figured that he couldn’t be a bad choice. After marriage, I had my siblings come over here too, so that they could avoid the poor living conditions. The good news was that they were able to adapt to their new life fairly well. The bad news was that after they had their own families, there was a large, complicated feud which seriously damaged our family’s cohesion. One terrible trait of my family was their stubbornness. Unlike my husband’s family, this was the opposite. Any feud was resolved promptly. Since I didn’t want this family to break up like mine did, I had to fight to keep it together. I had to prove him wrong. I wasn’t marrying him for reasons other than love. In addition, our c***dren were young and I’d struggle as a single mom. I was scared to see the world like this. Ironically, as I later found out, staying together with him resulted in me raising our two k**s alone, for the most part because he never wanted to bond with any of us. He primarily kept his money so that he could go out and party with his friends. Time after time, I wondered if his cheating had to do with me. Maybe I pushed him away. Maybe I didn’t support him enough. There was also the time when I really wanted a second c***d, preferably a son this time, but he didn’t. I believed wrongly that he could change his mind. So, I lied about being on birth control. After I became pregnant again, he didn’t take the whole situation too well initially, but he never once demanded for an abortion of some sort. I thought we reconciled our differences; however, after my son was born, I discovered that he was cheating! The first hint was that he always seemed too tired to have sex. The confirmation was when I accidentally overheard his voicemail messages from another woman. Regardless, I learned my lesson. I had a tubectomy shortly afterward, so there would be no more ‘unexpected’ k**s.I’ve tried a lot to get him to treat me better. Talking to him many times about it didn’t work and I’ve tried pretending that he wasn’t cheating. No matter what I did, it didn’t seem to work. There was even a short period of time when I openly accepted (but not approved) that he was cheating and I still had sex with him, whenever he wasn’t tired or whenever it was convenient. Regarding convenience, sometimes, the k**s being in the house played a factor as to why we couldn’t have sex, even if we both wanted to. If he went out, he could get it without the worry. Make no mistake, I never once blamed the k**s for any reason. I knew that my problem was with the other women and I wanted my husband back.I read sex columns and looked at porn sites to draw some ideas on what I could do to impress him, though I almost never adopted any of the tips or techniques because they were outside my comfort zone. Unfortunately, as time went on, my sex mood became lower and lower because of the knowledge that he was still constantly cheating – and not just with one woman. It seemed hopeless for me to keep trying. So, instead, I focused on being a better mom and bread-winner, just so that he didn’t have to worry about the family. It was the bare minimum that I could do at least. In a blink of an eye, years went by without too much incident.The day that Daniel got fired from his job was a true test for us as a family. If I still wanted us together, I had to be the one to keep it afloat. My best friend at the time told me to maintain my work ethic because the family was counting on me. That was when I felt that this was my opportunity to be a better wife. I needed to treat him better. Whenever he needed something, I wanted to be the one he could turn to. Oddly enough, we had frequent sex during this time, as our grown k**s were more likely to be out of the house with their friends and he was at home much more often too. While I rarely did anything too crazy with him, I became more willing to give him blow-jobs than our first few years. It wasn’t something that I liked doing. It seemed degrading to me, which was another reason why I hated taking facials. I’d rather swallow instead, though I’d usually avoid that too, if I could help it. But it was time for me to change things up.The one particular time when I did something crazy was when he had me sucking him at the men’s washroom in the mall! I chose to swallow, for obvious reasons. But I warned him that we weren’t going to do anything like that again. That turned out not to be true; we did the same thing once more, only that we were interrupted by a couple of the men that were waiting to use the booth! There wouldn’t be any plausible reason for why I was inside there with him, so we ran out awkwardly. I was so embarrassed with the way they looked at me. After that, I refused to do anything like that again.His luck would change, for better or for worse. He managed to meet a bunch of wealthy friends that helped him start a business. He spent most of his time networking with people that he usually was too busy to come home. I feared that he would cheat again. And he did. I found out through a friend this time that he was with another woman, hand-in-hand.I was stumped. With two k**s, I never once thought that there would be another man who could love me or my k**s. If I divorced, that would be it; the family would be done. Of course, there were plenty of good men out there, but they were almost always taken. I was too scared to get rejected and I didn’t want my k**s to be without a father figure, so I had no choice but to keep going. In addition, if we divorced, our social circle would be awkward, since we knew numerous mutual friends. I know a lot of this might seem silly.Despite our marital problems, we often went out together and everyone would be fooled. We were social. We knew how to be a part of the party. However, at the end of the night, at more formal parties, there would be some ballroom dancing and he was terrible at it; he’d always step on my feet and he’d never learn how to break the habit. On the other hand, I learned how to do dance and I avoided doing it with him. Furthermore, I preferred dancing with a taller man. I was fortunate to get these opportunities whenever they’d ask, but I didn’t want to lead them on, nor would I want a bad reputation of dancing with other people’s husbands. Anyhow, I just couldn’t get used to a shorter man, especially someone who has two left feet on the floor. I was far from being a perfect person and I wasn’t proud of it.There were plenty of times when my mind and heart would wander, but I’d usually keep myself grounded. I’ve gone to bars in the past, though never regularly, and I’d usually get attention from them, but I never purposefully led them on. As years went by, I was more likely to be at home than not. Meanwhile, he kept going out, as normal and cheating.After saving enough money, I finally decided to move out. I didn’t want to alarm him or anything. I justified it as a real estate investment and not anything else, though it was located significantly farther away from him. He was against the idea at first, but I made some pretty valid opinions about the housing market. I promised that I’d still visit often and I didn’t lie. Despite our separation, I still cared about him. Usually I’d end up helping him to clean the place or so after his constant neglect to take care of it. Once in a while, we’d even still have sex, though it wasn’t quite the same as before. Still, about two years ago or so, before his birthday, I surprised him with my new breast implants, being at 34D. It wasn’t entirely for him though. I was always insecure about my own size, which was at 34C, though I’ve always been told that a woman’s natural size was often the best. The good part was that he loved it and I was happy that he did too. We did have sex that night and I let him fuck my new tits. Yet, it felt like a hook-up. The romance was gone. I didn’t want that anymore.During this period, both my son and daughter were old enough to find some work, but both managed to leave the city. My son had always been the only one that made more regular visits and I always looked forward to them. Despite that, I was usually alone.More recently, I’ve gone onto sites like Craigslist to look at the relationship ads – both the platonic and personal ones. I was not there to date or cheat, but I wanted to see what was out there. Primarily, I wanted to look for friendship, as well as anyone who could give marital advice without being judgmental. I was open to meeting men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Regardless of the gender, I was not intending to meet anyone else beyond friendship.For the personal ads, I always had a good laugh at them because the men usually came across to me as desperate. Also, it was a well-known fact to me that women on Craigslist gave us all a bad name, making dating difficult for both sides. But there was a day when I ran into a personal ad that caught my eye. There was a post that promised to give advice for free that would improve a marriage. I clicked on it and read the ad. The writer promised that he or she would listen and give feedback without being judgmental. I felt that I had nothing to lose and started writing up a short message that illustrated my interest. Consequently, it was a man named Jimmy that replied within an hour using his mobile device. That marked a start of the exchange of email messages between each other. We exchanged our details soon enough.He told me that construction was his main line of work and that marriage and sex counselling was something that he did on the side, as a hobby. He seemed passionate about bringing couples together. Similar to me, he came from a broken family and he said that he tries hard to get them together or advise them to break apart if it really doesn’t work out.Then he showed me a picture of himself and he was in great shape. After I complimented him, I was expecting that he wanted my picture too and I figured that there was no harm. Afterward, he complimented me on how classy I looked. It was definitely one of my better pictures and I was proud of it.It was flattering for a man like him to compliment me. It’s not that I wasn’t used to compliments on how I looked, but it’s always nice to get re-assured on something, especially when there’s some effort made. I always tried to match my makeup with how I dressed, for example. I preferred a clean, professional look. It was something of a relic from when I was working. We continued our conversation. Though my initial goal in talking to him was to look for answers, I found that he was not only a charming person but he was very supportive of me. He thought that I was a good mom. I was happy to hear that. Soon, after a few more friendly emails, I felt that I could trust him. And that was when I decided to take a stab and ask him about how to improve my sex life with my husband.His response was that my marriage was at risk due to sexual disinterest and he felt that his one-on-one coaching sessions could help tomarza escort and they wouldn’t cost a thing. In his experience, he’s seen women like me before and he’s had success with them. In these sessions, he’d provide a male’s perspective on what women should do to please a man. He’d also provide all the teaching materials. It certainly sounded “hands-on”, no matter how he spun it, so I had difficulty accepting it at first glance. I didn’t want it to seem like I was cheating or something.But he had a point. Since our move away, the sex was almost non-existent and stale. Naturally, I hated knowing that there were women around him doing what I was supposed to be doing as a wife! A part of me wanted to know what I could do to salvage it, yet the other side of me gave up.Jimmy was really sympathetic with me. He said that he hated the fact that I was treated so poorly and that I deserved much better. He even said that if I wasn’t married, he would’ve definitely tried to ask me out. I was flattered and surprised by his advance.After thinking about what he said about his coaching sessions, I decided against the idea, at least for the time being, because I wanted to talk to my husband first. So, one day, I tried to ask him about the direction of our marriage – or what was left of it. I told him how much I hated that he was going out with other women. But he thought that I had accepted him cheating all this time, which wasn’t true. I never approved of him cheating! He knew better but he just didn’t want to change.To add salt to the wound, he added that the women that he was seeing were all more successful than I was. They had their own business and were making lots of money. On top of that, they understood him and satisfied his needs, something that I apparently never did! He never appreciated me all along! The stress was too much and I left, crying.Out of frustration, I wrote to Jimmy to vent about what happened. He said that he’d be willing to talk to me in person at a local pub about how he could help. I didn’t see any harm so I agreed. It was going to be my first time to meet him in person. I met with him at the said location and then I had realized that he had brought along his friend, Cyrus, who also coached couples to success. Despite his credentials, I felt that I was misled. But I didn’t care at the time – I just needed someone to be with me. So, I bawled to them about my story with my husband and, fortunately, both were very patient with me. The men gave their thoughts on the matter – and both of them agreed that he was in the wrong. That was a good sign.Out of desperation, I asked the men for help on what I should do. Should I leave him and take the k**s with me? Or could this marriage be salvaged? Jimmy thought that I could still stay with him – but Cyrus thought that I should leave. It was really interesting that they were disagreeing with each other and I liked that because each had his own perspective on it.Regardless, the men suggested that I should re-consider using sex in order to seduce him. I wasn’t entirely against the idea but I admitted that I wasn’t sexually experienced at all. I only had a long-term boyfriend before marriage, after all. So, they told a few tips here and there and I was really nervous that people would hear us. Jimmy agreed that the pub was no longer a good place to talk anymore. He suggested that we should stop by his place. I agreed to it, though I said that I wouldn’t be able to stay for too long. He said that it wouldn’t take long.The truth was, I wanted to be cheered up and he was doing just that. I enjoyed his presence, strangely. He talked me into trying out one of his lessons, with no obligation. He wasn’t pushy but there was a way about him that I couldn’t say no. The result was that I ended up staying a lot longer than I wanted! They had me slowly taking off my clothes and he examined me quite thoroughly, which I was scared of. What made it worse was the camera too. I wanted it to go away but he said it was to be used for instruction and I’d be given a copy to review it later. Jimmy licked and played with my vagina as a form of warm-up! This wasn’t something that Daniel had ever done with me. The more he did it, the more it tingled. He really knew what he was doing and I hate to admit it, he had me wet really quickly! He then started making out with me and I didn’t push him away. I was under his spell.I mindlessly watched him going through the motions of taking out his penis. Although I deliberately looked away, I never stopped to ask why he was doing it. He told me to look in his direction and I reluctantly peeked to see a limp but fat penis. He told me that I was supposed to use it to demonstrate how I’d normally please my husband! I couldn’t do this! I reminded him that I was a married woman, yet, he wanted me to do it because he’d give me tips on how to please my husband! I asked if this would be okay to do, because I wasn’t a cheater and wasn’t planning to start. However, he promised that all of this wouldn’t be considered cheating because I was merely learning. So, I did it. I touched his cock for the first time and stroked it repetitively. I was mentally comparing his penis with Daniel’s until he interrupted me, telling me that I was doing it too slowly! As a result, I went faster! I noticed his cock vibrating in my hand, growing in size! He was a lot bigger and thicker than I had expected!Then, he wanted to use my mouth! I wasn’t initially sure that I could do this, but he somehow talked me into doing it! He just told me to let it come naturally. I needed to do this so that he could gauge my abilities. So, I pleasured his cock as how I’d normally do it, but he basically said that I wasn’t doing it well enough. It was certainly humiliating to hear that, but I felt an urge to prove myself. I did it faster and harder, which seemed much more preferable compared to before! This somehow caused me to feel turned on. I liked hearing that I was making him feel good. I kept up this pace until he called me a slut, which caused me to stop completely. I was really upset with him. I even asked him if he was just using me all this time to be his ‘sex toy’. However, he told me that there was nothing wrong with being that for my husband. In fact, he told me being that being ‘sluttier’ would please my husband. I didn’t agree with him but Jimmy mentioned that he has changed wives like me before, for the better. It made me consider the possibility that I wasn’t pleasing Daniel in the way that I could. Because I’d stopped jerking Jimmy during this time, it caused him to go limp. He blamed me for it and I somehow felt guilty about it. After all, he was the one that made me wet in the first place! So, I apologized and desperately stroked him to back to life. When I had him ready to go, he told me to be a ‘proud cock-sucking slut’. I decided to put aside my fears and doubts. This was my chance to make it right. This would be the way that I’d do it if ‘he’ were here.I sucked his cock while telling myself that I was a ‘proud cock-sucking slut’. I tried to copy what I had seen other women do during porn videos. I even licked him too! Anyhow, all seemed well for a while, especially when he caressed his hands through my hair, out of appreciation. It felt good.Then, he unexpectedly pushed me deeper, causing me to gag. At first, I panicked for air, but after he released me, I was able to recover. He wanted me to keep trying, so I gathered myself up and tried again. However, after several attempts, I really didn’t think I’d ever be good at this. I knew that the goal was to take in as much cock as possible, but I was only about half way. I was unsure if I did anything wrong. I must have because he promised that he’d teach me how to deep-throat later. At this moment, he was content with me keeping him hard with my hand-jobs.As I did it, he made me divulge my most embarrassing moment with my husband. It was the time when I reluctantly agreed to give him a blow-job in the mall washrooms, which I later told him never to force me to do again. I didn’t tell him about our failed second time. Jimmy basically told me that incident showed that I lacked devotion towards him. I needed to make him feel special and that I needed to offer anything and everything that I could give. He told me my breasts were beautiful, which then led to him quizzing me on what I could do with them. I suggested nervously that my tits could be used. So, I let Jimmy fuck them as I pushed them together, which unintentionally made me feel intimate with him at this point. I started to feel more relaxed. After he pulled on my nipples with just the right amount of strength, it turned me on!I didn’t argue when they wanted me showing off my wet pussy. I was pretty horny and they had seen everything anyway, though that didn’t stop me from feeling shy and embarrassed. When they told me to masturbate, I did it. Each rub made me feel better about myself!Jimmy took this opportunity to try and put his cock in me! I shrieked at him, asking what he was doing! He claimed that he was going to boost my sex drive. The reasoning was that if I was constantly horny, I’d rely on my husband all the time. It surely was a flimsy excuse but, at the same time, I was secretly curious as to how Jimmy would feel inside me. I was quite horny after all.Instead of rejecting him outright, I told him that if he was to do it, I’d want him to use a condom. I hoped that the sex would seem less personal; it would serve as a barrier between him and me. Yet, he rejected my wish. He said that the condom would ruin the experience. I guess I just had to take it as it was. I remember how conflicted I was. There was the anticipation of his entry and there was the guilt. Despite knowing that were supposed to be ‘lessons’, I inexplicably longed for him in me. I worried that he’d turn me into some kind of a sex addict after tonight.Soon, he entered me and it was electrifyingly pleasurable! I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt! As he started thumping me, I grunted! I just knew he had me. Very soon, I was screaming for more, on my own. There was a certain way as to how he moved inside me. It seemed to reach places which triggered different sensations. Not long after, I became completely honest about how he felt inside me. I had never felt this good before!Everything came to a pause when Jimmy pointed out that Cyrus wanted my mouth too! He never told me that these lessons involved him too! He claimed that he was teaching me to submissive. If I could do this here, I could do anything and everything that my husband would want me to do. He warned me that if I chose not to do it, I’d be a disappointment. Looking back, I admitted that I must have disappointed my husband somehow, so I was going to end that here.I opened my mouth and boldly sucked Cyrus! As I did this, I recalled a memory of how my husband, at one time, wanted me to help close a business deal by ‘entertaining’ his wealthy client. Though I was a real estate agent, I wasn’t actually part of the land development project in which my husband was in charge of marketing. I doubted that he would’ve needed another real estate agent to advise him, which would’ve been a conflict of interest on my part. Therefore, my role, most certainly, would’ve involved sex of some sort. As a result, I refused to participate! I didn’t want to be used like that; I had dignity and self-respect. However, the consequences of my decision must have resulted in the transaction failing to go through. My emotions started to run wilder in me. Jimmy banged me harder and harder, which felt incredibly amazing! When I wasn’t sucking Cyrus, I screamed some very wild things, making me admit how much I was really enjoying this. I didn’t even say those things with Daniel!I basically let them do whatever they wanted with me. I didn’t even mind that Cyrus had a chance with me too! Even when they called me degrading names, I accepted it, as long as they were happy. Jimmy took advantage of my helpless state. He talked me into giving up my anus, though it wasn’t like I agreed to it right away! After all, I didn’t even let Daniel use it! Anyhow, I regretted it right away as soon as his cock head poked through! He was so big! Despite the fact that he lubricated beforehand, every inch that he gave me made me wish that it’d be done soon. Finally, he managed to fit his entire dick inside me. It was so deep and so wide! He slid in and out of me for what seemed like forever. After he pulled away, Cyrus wanted his try. I actually begged him to fuck my pussy instead because my butt was so sore. Neither of the men took up that offer though. Jimmy said that the more I’d do it, the less sore it’d be. In addition, there was a remedy available to help ease the discomfort. If I rubbed my own pussy, it would help a lot. It was true. As Cyrus fucked my anus, I felt better while rubbing my clit and pussy. His cock felt tight in me, especially when he rubbed against my walls. It was a good sensation that I had never felt before! Soon, I found myself telling him to fuck me harder! I never felt like a bigger slut than that in my life! The end was fast approaching after they pulled away from me and were about to cum. I got down to my knees then Cyrus told me to open my mouth, so I fully expected his cum there. Instead, his first few bursts missed and splattered my eyes instead. I was fortunate to close them just in time, but I hated taking facials! This seemed to give me another reason for hating them. Nevertheless, his follow-up bursts did go into my mouth, in which I pushed it back out with my tongue. The taste was disgusting! He was still cumming and I squirmed away in disgust of his overwhelming amount of loads. However, he unexpectedly yelled at me to turn my ‘fucking face’ back, which startled me into obedience. I reluctantly let more and more of his hot cum splatter onto me! I just couldn’t believe how much he had saved up within him! I was actually impressed, despite being peeved.After he was done, I started wiping the cum that was on my eyelids and at the corners of my eyes. I commented with some enthusiasm that it was a lot. Jimmy told me that instead of rejecting the cum that went into my mouth, I should’ve just swallowed it. Afterward, he told me to try it again. I knew what to do.This time, Jimmy’s cum streams went into my mouth and onto my tongue. The warm sensation of it, mixed with the bitter taste and rancid smell nearly made me puke. He, too, came quite a bit, as I held my mouth open to catch everything. By the time everything was done, I was told to show off the load to them and the camera, which I was sure they were impressed with. After being told to swallow, I gulped it down, but the aftertaste remained. I couldn’t hide my facial expressions to that. He told me that I’d have to learn to enjoy the taste of it because the disgusted look I gave off would look bad on me. For practice, he told me to clean up the cum that was all over my face using my fingers. Then I had to tell them how good it tasted, even if it didn’t! Each scoop that I placed into my mouth, I lied about how good it was! I was either a good liar or they simply didn’t care, just as long as I said it. They examined my holes. Both were looser than I ever had them. Though there were more lessons to go, they would give me a couple of days rest first. During this time, I wasn’t allowed to interact with my husband in any way, until the lessons were done. Since I wasn’t seeing him that often anyway, it would be easy. Just before they left, they gave me a sex toy to play with. It was small and purple. I never had used one of these before. While I was very interested about what other lessons they had planned for me, I was uncertain if I should be doing this anymore. I was very distraught with emotions. For the whole day and night, my holes were sore. The soreness was a bit of a welcomed feeling since it never let me forget about what happened. Incidentally, it also helped me forget that I had cried over my husband earlier. I had flashbacks of the sex and hearing the groaning of the men. It was wrong and I knew it. Ironically, at the end of the night, I slept very well – far better than most other nights. The next morning, I woke up feeling wet and I knew why. It was at this time that I was ashamed. How could I get wet so easily? Even when I had this free day off to do other chores, I kept thinking about the sex! I was looking forward to what they’d make me do next – it was crazy! So, I played with myself, trying to re-live the events, which made me cum. Only then was I freed, which allowed me to have a normal day.The next morning, I wasn’t wet, like the previous morning. I felt a sense of relief that it was just my body’s reaction to what happened and it was adjusting itself normally. Furthermore, my holes weren’t loose anymore. Then I got a call – it was Jimmy and he was heading over here, as in my place, in two hours!Truthfully, I had always hated having guests over. It was always tough to accommodate them because I hated making fake small talk. However, this time, I was excited that they were coming over – and so was my body! I couldn’t believe how I was acting this way!When they came over, they brought over Simon who seemed to be just working the camera, instead of either Jimmy or Cyrus doing it. Next, they told me to take my clothes off, which I did, without even questioning them. Next, we set up ourselves in the family room. They had me walk over to the couch to start. I saw that they were taking off their clothes too, but weren’t joining me, at least not immediately. A few questions were asked about last time and I answered them honestly. They asked about the toy which I never used. Predictably, they came to join me by sitting on both sides of me. I got them hard with my hands, as I wet-kissed Jimmy while Cyrus rubbed my clit. It really felt good.Jimmy nudged me in his direction to suck him. Even though it was physically uncomfortable with the way I was sitting, I did it anyway. I bobbled up and down on him, knowing that it would lead to something more. I did the same thing with Cyrus. However, Jimmy asked me to invite Simon in too! Simon was a tall, athletic black man. He wasn’t a stereotypical gangster looking guy at all, from how he was dressed. Regardless, I had never dated anyone from his race before, yet I was about to suck him in my family room! Before I actually did, Cyrus ordered me to bend over so that I could take his cock too. Soon, everything came flooding back – all the pleasure and memories of the first day. Jimmy was next in line and I let it happen. I felt so good that if there was another cock coming, I would’ve wanted it!Simon wanted me to ride him and I was more than delighted. I was going to fuck my first black cock and I told him that! I never thought I’d ever get to do it. Simon said that it probably wouldn’t be last one either. He was probably right.His cock filled me up! I grunted loudly with each hop. I wanted more and more! The way that he grabbed onto my hips also satisfied me. His hands seemed to slam me down with greater force, even though he was giving me his best thrusts. He fucked the hell out of me!Jimmy was about to fuck my anus. But before doing that, he lubricated himself and my hole. I imagined how it might feel with two cocks inside me, as Jimmy applied the lube. I had seen this being done in porn but again, it wasn’t something that I’d ever get to do. I didn’t even protest against it, though I was a little scared.Before I knew it, I felt both of them rubbing inside me! It was a mixture of discomfort and pleasure! I felt so stretched out and full! Simon loved how my pussy snuggled him, though I didn’t really know how to control it! After I sucked Cyrus, three men were in me at once! Eventually, all of them switched around and tried out my holes. I had my moments of pleasure, though towards the end of it, I was very sore.Then, Jimmy had me on the couch and started finger-fucking my pussy! His fingers moved in a beckoning motion, which made all points of contact, with an emphasis on the G-spot. It was very pleasurable, although there were times when I felt like I had to pee! I knew that this was the precursor for squirting, but the feeling felt so foreign to me and I held back. Yet, he never gave up on me and kept telling me to relax. His pulsating techniques were so rapid and precise that it actually made me want to squirt! The build-up was amazing, but the release was even more so! I ended up squirting so much that I made everything wet! Although I’d need to clean my couch and the floors later on, I regretted nothing.Cyrus ordered me to jerk him off, which I was more than happy to do. I took pleasure in hearing him groan as my hand encouraged him to go further. I made him blast his loads all over my face! The culmination of being slapped with his hot loads, feeling his trembling cock in my hand and hearing his orgasmic grunting, made me feel inexplicably satisfied! Next, Jimmy told me to drain him dry but not swallow right away. So, I agreed and blew him enthusiastically. Within seconds, I felt his vibrating cock and his hot loads! Although I didn’t think his taste was noticeably better than before, I somehow felt content that it came from him! After he pulled away, I showed off the big salty load until being told to swallow. I gulped it and stuck out my tongue to show that it was all gone! He was proud of me and that made me happy.Finally, I thought Simon was going to cum right away, but he didn’t. Instead, he asked to fuck my tits. Jimmy offered lube for this and I rubbed it everywhere on my tits. The moment that he slipped between me, I loved that feeling of having him so close to me. I knew then that I’d be offering to do more of this later on! After a few minutes of this, he surprised me by pushing me on my back to be fucked in the missionary style!Even after all that sex, my cheating pussy still welcomed him! Each thrust forced a moan out of me! I wanted more and I wanted him closer. I drew my legs around him. Once more, he wanted my vagina to clamp down on him like earlier, so I did the best I could. Just then, I had the urge to have him cum inside me! Finally, when he did, I felt him twitching! I felt a blanket of warmth cover me, like it was another orgasm! I secretly wished that he could do that to me again, even though I barely even knew him!They examined my loosened holes and commented how ‘sexy’ it looked. The cum from my pussy was coming out slowly until they dug it out. I felt the rush of lukewarm fluids going down my backside. I was getting hooked and that scared me. They stayed for a little bit to explore my house. After Jimmy asked me where my toy was, I took it out from my drawer. He told me to use it in front of them, so I shoved it inside my cum-filled vagina and fucked myself with it! I found a place on my bed to continue doing it. I did it because I liked the idea of him telling me what to do. I even faked some moans too just to add some entertainment, though I was bringing myself some pleasure anyway, but I wasn’t close to cumming. After a while, they told me to suck off the dildo! The smell of it, as well as the sight of the white cum stains drew my attention. Still, I slurped out everything, as they cheered me on! Before they left, they told me to rest for a couple of days again, but I didn’t need that much time. My soreness went away after half a day and my pussy became tight again. The only thing that didn’t change was my sex drive, which was much higher than before! During the waiting time, I played with myself a lot, including using the toy that they brought me because they had specifically mentioned about it before. I started making myself cum a lot more frequently because I started understanding my body more, though I didn’t necessarily ‘squirt’ all the time! Regardless, the feelings were incredible. I was ready for a cock, if there was one around.On the morning of the third day, I received a call from Simon that he was going to pick me up. He was told to tell me that I just needed to wear something fancy, minus bra or panties! Although I only had a handful of business suits and a few pairs of high heels that were left over from my working days, I was still pleased with my collection. I had myself dressed up and prepared, ensuring that I paid attention to the finest details, including buffing up my short, manicured nails, as if I was going out to a social gathering. His dark blue SUV arrived. I went out in my soft pink business skirt suit with white closed-toe pump heels. I peered around the neighborhood to see if anyone was watching me. It was like a sense of guilt, especially looking the best that I could and about to do something nasty!I saw that Simon was the only one in the vehicle, who motioned for me to sit in the passenger seat. After he complimented me on how I looked, he started driving. Before I could ask where we were going, he started undoing his zipper. I didn’t even have my seatbelt on yet!”Angie, would you mind using your pretty mouth on me a little? I’m really fuckin’ horny!” I whined, “You’re k**ding! What if people see us?””No one’s going to see us. Most of my windows are pretty well tinted. Please don’t leave me waiting!”Sucking cock in a vehicle was one of many acts that were way beyond my comfort zone, yet I swooped in on him. The conditions of the roads were not always the best and I felt the bumpiness directly, especially during the times when I went deep on him. And whenever we stopped, I was always nervous that we were being watched. A couple of times, he even joked that a trucker was looking, which caused me to panic! I don’t even know why I continued to please that jerk. Maybe I craved to hear him groaning, which he frequently did up to this point. Then he pulled off to the side of the road, urging me to finish him off. “Oh! Oh! Yes! You’re gonna make me cum! AWWW I’M CUMMING! OHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHH!”I felt him trembling as he launched his hot cum into my mouth, similar to that of a volcanic eruption! He held me down while groaning noisily as I gulped three distinct loads. After I was allowed to pull away, I wiped the corners of my mouth and sat back up. My mouth had a strong taste to it but I didn’t say a word about it. He resumed driving again by turning back into traffic.”That was so good, Angie! I’ve been dying for someone to do that for me. Thank you.””Well, I’m glad you liked it. Can you tell me what I’m supposed to be doing today?”He hesitated, “I’m actually not supposed to say, since it’s supposed to be a surprise. We’re almost here though.”I wondered what kind of surprise it was. It dawned on me that we were in the big city, at an upscale hotel! Simon carried his large athletic bag with him, before he escorted me out like a gentleman. It was like I needed to be protected. From there, I thought that I had dressed perfectly for this environment. The lobby was exquisite and full of guests who were undoubtedly very wealthy. I saw no one that I could recognize.The front desk handed us the keys and we walked together, seemingly as a couple, to the elevator. I asked with concern, “This place is expensive! How are we going to afford this place?”He smiled, “Don’t worry. We’ve got that covered. You’re going to have a great night!”After arriving to our room, it felt extremely cozy that it felt like home, even though I had never stayed at a room this luxurious before. It was large and quaint. There was one king bed and even a jacuzzi!Simon cleared off a wooden table and moved it to the middle of the room. After that, he gently put a blindfold on me, which still caught me by surprise, but I tried not to resist. I kept telling myself that I trusted him. I playfully asked, “A blindfold, hmm?””Oh yes, it’s going to be lots of fun.”He wasn’t done though. He grabbed some rope and tied my hands behind me.”…What are you going to be doing with me?””Don’t worry, Angie! Jimmy really wanted to try this out with you! He’s coming soon.”From there, he flattened me forward onto a cold table. I felt as he started tying my feet to the table legs! Soon, I was practically immobile!”…How long am I going to be like this?” He chuckled, “I am interested to see how long you’d last! You’re going to be challenged, but I don’t want to hear you complain or whine! Do your best to make a good impression of yourself and I’m going to help you out as much as possible to get you through this!”He caressed my vulnerable clit gently at first. As he rubbed it harder, the pleasure started to swirl. It felt good, so I moaned.He whispered encouragingly, “That’s it, Angie.”Next, he went to finger me a couple of times gently, which drew more excitement from me. I was getting more wet with each passing moment. His touch felt good, but the anticipation made it feel even better! I found that the blindfold – and the fact that my hands were tied – seemed to enhance the experience! I could only imagine what would happen later. Then, I heard a buzzing sound. It was then directed at my vagina which at first overwhelmed me with sensitivity! The way that it moved reminded me of a hand-held massage machine that I had at home! In fact, after they left, they must have stolen it from me! I had it out on my dresser, but I hadn’t used it recently. Regardless, I didn’t say anything as he rolled it up and down my slit, which brought me a rush of pleasure! I couldn’t control myself.”Be a good slut like you have been – whatever happens, just do it! This is the goal of the exercise.”Shortly later, the door from behind us opened and I heard Jimmy’s voice, though there were other men in the background murmuring! “Everyone, this is ‘Angie’. She is a loving mom of two and a good wife. Isn’t that right, Angie?”I stuttered, “…Yes.”I was very ashamed and humiliated to be reminded of who I was, but I couldn’t turn back now. I was all tied up and my clit was still being stimulated!He continued, “She’s been waiting for you all – just look at that wet pussy! Use her as you see fit, boys! Don’t forget to use lots of lube if you’re going to use her ass! She likes it there too!”The men sounded extremely giddy and there was a lot of movement in the room. I was very uneasy but I braced myself for what was to come.One cock smacked on my lips and I let him through. Soon, my mouth brought him to hardness. He had me deep-throating him later and I did my best not to choke.The massager was no longer on my clit anymore. Instead, a cock had rocketed into me! My scream was muffled, but it wasn’t out of pain! I heard the man laughing at me because of it!”You’re looking to close a business deal, you slut? You deserve the sale!”I couldn’t respond because I was gargling from being mouth-fucked, but, strangely, I didn’t mind him role-playing with me. In fact, I was feeling amazing from that cock drilling into me, despite being squished by the strange men. It relieved the sexual tension that I somehow had! I quickly lost track of the men using me as they switched over every once in a while. All of them usually said something humiliating before they entered. They laughed about what my husband would think if he were to find out that I was doing this!The whole room was very rowdy. It was full of cheer that I was being used like this! When I unexpectedly felt a rush running through me, I relaxed so much that I almost forgot that I had a cock in my mouth! I gagged on it, but recovered quickly.One difference between a woman and a man is that a single orgasm wouldn’t be enough to satisfy a woman! That was something I learned from reading women’s experiences with their orgasms!Strangely, at this time, someone else was stretching out my anus with his fingers! The cold lubricant that was jammed inside turned warm, as it was being evenly distributed by his fat fingers. He repeated this process a few times, which gradually made my anus ring more pliable. After his fingers were out, a dildo was rammed through all the way! It was used extensively while my pussy was being pounded mercilessly! There were times when they left it buried in me and I forgot about it until it was used again or until it was pulled out of me. A couple of the men surprised me by ejaculating early. One of them came all over my tied up hands! It was so sticky! The other sprayed his loads over my lower back before spreading it around. It was early because the other men periodically rotated to use my holes at different times. Any of the cocks that lingered around my mouth were sucked to the best of my abilities. Every now and then, the men were considerate enough to artificially lubricate either of my holes, which prevented friction and dryness. For my ass-hole, I felt so stretched out and sexually prepared that I could really appreciate the sensations involved with it! Due to how I was tied up to the table, my cunt and ass-hole were never fucked at the same time. I had a number of orgasmic contractions that I couldn’t keep track of either! There must have been something about me being completely helpless that stimulated the senses. Even when they teased me with back-handed, degrading compliments, like calling me a hot MILF or a slutty mom, I somehow felt very turned on from that! Whenever my mouth wasn’t being used, they’d get me to say something that they wanted to hear, which included telling a man that he was a better fuck than my husband. I also got into role-playing with them too. Regardless of what my role was, whether I was a business woman needing to make a sale or being a housewife being pawned off to pay a debt, I participated willingly and had some fun with it. For instance, I begged a man to fuck me harder so that he wouldn’t hurt my husband! A man who was about to cum told me to open my mouth and I swallowed his warm, bitter load. Some of the men called me a good girl.Jimmy agreed that I was, in fact, behaving well, so he cut the rope that was around my ankles, but kept my hands tied and my blindfold on. Someone took me somewhere in the room where my shirt was unbuttoned, but not taken off. They exposed my breasts by opening the shirt as much as possible. I was groped and sucked on by them briefly. They lowered me till I felt a dick pointing vertically into my cunt. Once my cunt took him in, my hips were met with his hands. The overall feeling was glorious and I began hopping on him energetically. At the same time, I moaned at the top of my lungs!”AW YEAH! AW YEAH!”For some reason, he felt particularly good in me. Maybe it had to do with how I sat on him. I could feel my pussy clamping down on him, like it had decided that it was this cock that it wanted! However, I was interrupted because the man from behind pushed me slightly forward. I knew that he was going to use my ass-hole, so I kept myself as still as possible to allow him a smoother, easier entrance. Then, I acknowledged his entrance with a grunt. The man below me bear-hugged me, which made feel intimate. As they shuffled in out of me, it felt tingly! Their cocks scrubbed on my walls, causing me to pant loudly. It was only when a cock was plugged into my mouth that I mumbled instead. The man fucking my pussy hinted through his body language that he was going to cum soon. I was excited for it and so were the men, as they cheered him on to give me the cream-pie! Then with one thrust involving his entire length, he groaned! Coincidentally, I felt a rush going through me as well! I had cum too! It was such a mind-blowing experience that I didn’t realize that the other men, except the one on the bottom, had pulled out of me.I was helped off the cock. Someone played with my sore clit and I felt the fluids pouring out of me! One of the men fed me the cum from there into my mouth. The men laughed.One man said, “I wanna fill her up on the balcony! Maybe we can take her blindfold off, so that she can see the nice views from here!””Oh god…no… I mean… please…do it quickly!””Oh, don’t worry, Angie-slut, you’ll love it!”I wasn’t thrilled about this at all. I let them cart me towards the balcony because I still couldn’t see with the blindfold that was kept on. As soon as I stepped out, I felt a chill. The wind blew in our direction as I heard the busy city noise below. I was bent over slightly, being supported by the cold metallic railing in front of me. My tits were out in the open! At the same time when my blindfold was removed, the man shoved himself into my aching anus!He fucked me as quickly and as hard as possible. Although I could see the scenery in front of me, I couldn’t fully appreciate it. “Please… hurry… cum in me now…””Tighten that ass for me, you whore! Show me that you really want the cum!”I did what he told me to do, as best as I could. “Hurry! I don’t want to be seen here!””Aww yeah! Since you want it that badly… here… I come!”I felt his explosion of warmth inside! He groaned so loudly that I was sure that everyone else knew what we were doing. He stayed inside briefly before pulling out and letting me run back inside. My heels rapidly clattered on the way. I could feel the cum rushing out of me.Once I was back inside, I was stopped by the crowd. The men were of different shapes and sizes – and not just their body type. In addition, they were a mosaic of different races, including two Asians. I didn’t know any of these men! I saw Jimmy and Simon as part of the crowd, but they either took part with me earlier or they weren’t even involved, seeing how they weren’t naked like the others, though they were operating a camera. Cyrus, on the other hand, was nowhere to be found. Jimmy asked, “Where are you going? You still have three more dicks to finish off!”Then the last three men converged on me. One of them easily drove me back onto my knees and fucked my face. He was somewhat limp and wearing a condom. Then, the other men impatiently slapped their cocks on my face, rudely letting me know that they were waiting. The scene was a lot rougher than before, but I stuck with it. I knew it was going to end soon.Jimmy went around and cut off the rope around my hands. Once I was freed, I automatically stroked the other guys with my hands, until they each had their turn with my mouth.The man I was sucking on decided to pull out. Though I angled myself towards him and my mouth was wide open, he insisted on shooting his cum all over my face!I was led up to my feet and ordered to go to the bed. Before I was able to go though, they took off my shirt and skirt that had remained on me. One jerk used my shirt to wipe the cum off! Regardless, both were thrown carelessly around the room. Then, I was specifically told to go on my side. When I did, the guy with the condom took my pussy. Meanwhile, I sucked the other guy simultaneously. Identical to what I was thinking about on the balcony, I hoped to have these men satisfied so that it would all be done with. I was very sore.The guy in my mouth pulled out and ejaculated his watery jizz onto my face and hair. I acted like I was happy about it. As for the last guy, he came inside me. After he pulled out, he took off the condom and showed me how full it was, before showing everyone else!”I want you to drink out of this!”So, I took the condom, brought it to my mouth and flipped it upside down while squeezing out the contents! Surprisingly, it didn’t taste all that bad this time and gulped it down with a smile.In a flash, most of the men vacated the room with their clothing and personal belongings, but irresponsibly left behind a handful of used condoms and its packaging everywhere. Despite being very sore everywhere, I started to pick some of them up, but yelled at the remaining men to help. Everyone didn’t, except Jimmy and Simon. Jimmy asked quietly, “Did you have fun?”I angrily replied, “That was fucked up! How many men did I end up fucking?”Simon replied, “Seven, I think.””Seven?! Have they even been checked for diseases?”Jimmy said, “Relax. They’re our buddies and we do check-ups all the time. Now, I want you to take your cut for tonight.”Before I could even ask what he was talking about, he handed me a large stack of bills after he had finished counting them.”Here’s $1500.” “You’re not serious, right? I’m not a prostitute!””You’re right – you’re better than that. You’re a star!””No! A porn-star?”Simon asked, “Would you like to be? You could be making a lot of money!””I don’t need the money. I’m retired for a reason. Also, my son takes care of me if I need anything.”Jimmy sneered, “So you really don’t want the 1500 then? I could use the cash!”I snatched it from him right away. I counted it again to confirm the amount. He added, “You deserve every bit of that, honey. Just imagine yourself getting paid for doing what you love. You love your cream-pies, don’t you? Those arguably make the most money!”I looked at the money blankly.”…So you’re telling me that I’d be getting paid to… have sex?””Absolutely. The demand for healthy, beautiful and mature women like you is very high right now.””How often would this involve? I… this… can’t happen all the time, right? It’s… very exhausting!””No no… there will be plenty of rest periods, like the one you’ll be getting after tonight. Besides, you can do other things during your time of rest, like being a fluffer and still get paid, although not quite as much.””A fluffer?”Simon responded, “Basically, you’ll just be helping to keep the men hard with your hands and mouth, so they can be ready for action for someone else – that’s it!”Jimmy said, “You could also work at home too, if you liked. You can do some webcam shows in the safety of your own home.”I said, “This is all going too fast and too much for me. I’m going to have to get back to you on this.”Jimmy said, “Hey! You can come back to us on this – or anything else in particular at any time. Please do not hesitate. We are always willing to help!”Despite what they put me through, I wasn’t mad at them. I was tired though and needed the rest. After I was properly dressed and cleaned up, Simon drove me back. I took a very hot and long shower, making sure to wash out my filthy and much loosened holes. I saw cum wash out into the drain. I was so dirty!I slept very well that night – and the next few nights after that. The soreness lasted for that long! Also, for the first time in recent memory, I was sexually satisfied! It was wrong, but it was so right. I took some time to consider Jimmy’s offer. Having an extra income might be a good thing, but it also meant paying for more taxes. Therefore, as enticing as the money was, I didn’t want the extra hassle. On the other hand, the sex was unquestionably incredible. I felt rejuvenated as a woman, but I was still married.Later that week, I found an excuse to drop by to Daniel’s place, in the hopes that I’d show him what I could offer to him now. However, I was turned off after discovering what a mess that he has been living in! I almost couldn’t resist cleaning the place, except I realized that he’d just end up wrecking it later. He has been the same irresponsible person that I’ve known him for. He wasn’t going to ever change.I left his place without doing anything. I went over to a pharmacy store to pick up a few things. I needed to get some body lotion and facial wash. As I walked around, I noticed that a bottle of lubrication was on sale, which I picked up. Then, I saw one medium-sized box of condoms left on the shelf – also on sale. I blushed as I picked them up also.When I arrived home, I fantasized about how instantly I’d make him cum with my mouth! Then I’d show him the load and swallow it! At the end of it, I’d tell him how ashamed he should be for not appreciating me. It was fun to think about it.I checked my email and found Jimmy sending me a link of the two videos that we made. I decided that I’d contact him for a porn try-out…maybe I’d try the webcam thing or being a fluffer first…TO BE CONTINUED…

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